[rt-users] Moving RT installation from one machine to another

Michael S. Liebman m-liebman at northwestern.edu
Fri Oct 10 09:13:31 EDT 2003

On Fri, Oct 10, 2003 at 12:02:18PM +0200, Irvine Short wrote:
> I want to move this to another faster box and was wondering how best to 
> do this.
> I've done a working vanilla install of 3.06 on the new machine. I then 
> tried shutting MySQL and Apache down, copying the rt3 database from the 
> old to the new, and restarting the servers but the automagical 
> migrations of everything didn't happen.

If you don't need the data in the 3.0.6 database, try using mysqldump
on the original database with --opt and --all. Then drop and recreate
the database on the 3.0.6 machine and run the dump output back into
that version of mysql.

At least that's what I've been doing when I've totally hosed my
database. You should be doing those dumps as part of your routine
backup procedures.


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