[rt-users] Friendly Email Name??

Sean Perry sean.perry at intransa.com
Fri Oct 24 15:14:05 EDT 2003

Stevo wrote:

> Hey Team,
> How can I make the name on the From: field in emails that get generated by
> RT more friendly?  Right now the email header look like this:
> From: <itsupport at itsupport.xxx.com>
> To: <stevo at hotmail.com>
> Sent: Friday, October 24, 2003 12:33 PM
> Subject: [itsupport #355] Testing - IGNORE ME!
> I'd like the from to say User Support for example.  Is this possible?

from RT_Config.pm (which I copied to RT_SiteConfig.pm):

# By default, RT sets the outgoing mail's "From:" header to
# "SenderName via RT".  Setting this option to 0 disables it.

Set($UseFriendlyFromLine , 1);

# sprintf() format of the friendly 'From:' header; its arguments
# are SenderName and SenderEmailAddress.
Set($FriendlyFromLineFormat , "\"Helpdesk Response from %s\" <%s>");

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