[rt-users] Upgrading RT2 database to RT3 format dilema

Michael Loftis mloftis at wgops.com
Thu Jul 8 23:51:48 EDT 2004

uhm no.

this error is from your shell/os.... check the shebang at the top and make 
sure it references a valida nd working perl interpreter....if not fix it, 
if so run perl -c on the script to check if it can run at all, if it checks 
out there then just run it as perl <scriptfile>


--On Friday, July 09, 2004 12:44 +1000 John <rt_mail_lists at no1.net.au> 

> G'day everyone.
> I have finally succeeded in getting an installation of RT3(.2) to
> work...a week and a half later...3 distributions and countless
> installs....one might say I am almost ready for a drink....
> Now to move the data from the old (dead server), lucky we do backups, to
> the new RT3 format.... a simple task?
> I went and downloaded: *rt*-*2.0*-*to*-*dumpfile*
> I was all excited, I put the mysql dump file into it's own directory
> (bearing in mind I only have RT3 installed) and modified the script
> (user-lib section) and it failed with the following message:
> bash: ./rt-2.0-to-dumpfile: bad interpreter: Permission denied
> I just read a forum which states that the old dump file must be converted
> on a box running RT2? is this correct or am I just missing something
> silly from lack of sleep?
> If somebody could tell me which way to go (hopefully not to go and
> install RT2, that didn't work for me - hence moving to RT3.2)
> Regards,
> John
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