[rt-users] local customizations: debian packaging?

Adam Clarke adam.clarke at strategicdata.com.au
Fri Apr 29 04:08:04 EDT 2005

Jens Porup wrote:

>>I don't entirely understand the problem. Debian's packaging system is
>>more or less designed to handle files going all over the place.
> point taken.
>>What sorts of bits and pieces are causing problems, exactly?

The bits that cause the problem will not be the overlays or cronjobs. 
That is all pretty standard.

The problem is things like scrips and custom fields. These exist inside 
RT's database and are difficult to version control / package.

I think that a script that is clever enough to add / modify custom 
fields and scrips etc might be the solution.

For simple backup this is not such an issue, just backup the database.

For development it becomes an issue. Currently the workfow here is.

1 Set up a devel RT instance.
2 Copy production DB into the dev instance.
4 Muck around with custom fields, scrips, permissions etc.
5 Test - Repeat 4 - 5 till happy
6 Manually move the final changes over to the production RT

I am thinking about something more like.

1 Set up a devel RT instance.
2 Copy production DB into the dev instance.
3 Hack on cusomisation package adding routines to move from old to new 
version of customisations
4 Install RT customisation package (on dev instance) which
   - Works out what version or RT customisations are installed.
   - Updates RT customisations to latest.
5 Test - Repeat steps 2 - 5 until happy
6 Update customisation package on production.

How do other people do this?


Adam Clarke
Strategic Data Pty Ltd

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