[rt-users] customfield rights

lzeyer lzeyer at coframi-massy.com
Thu Mar 2 11:52:20 EST 2006

Todd Chapman wrote:

>On Thu, Mar 02, 2006 at 02:37:34PM +0100, lzeyer wrote:
>>Hi RT users,
>>We need  next behaviour:
>>   * everyone can submit tickets with filled in customfield
>>   * only a ticket requestor can modify his requested tickets (basic
>>     and custom fields)
>>   * only a ticket owner can modify his owned tickets (basic and custom
>>     fields)
>>I tried "modify customfield" owner right but without success (is there a 
>>bug?) and "create ticket" right haven't any effect on custom fields.
>>I don't want to declare "modify custom field" right to everyone off 
>Usually you DO want to give everyone ModifyCustomField right. The
>reason is that in order to modify a CF you also need to have the
>right to modify the ticket.
Hi todd,

Thanks for your help.
However, if i declare "modify custom field" right for everyone ("seen 
custom field" right also), everyone can modify custom field for all 
reached ticket, and without "modify ticket" right. It's open but quit 

So i musn't give "modify custom field" right to everyone. But if i do 
that, nobody can fill in custom field during the submit action. It's a 
dead end! 

Our need is to allow fill in custom field during submit action and, 
allow modification only for the requestor and the owner. For this last 
need, i gave "modify custom field" (and modify ticket in queue role 
right) to requestor and owner global role, but without success.

I'm not hopeless...

best regards,

RT 3.4.4/3.4.5
Ludovic ZEYER
Coframi scm manager

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