[rt-users] Running RT over SSL on Apache

Stephen Turner sturner at MIT.EDU
Tue Oct 3 09:04:04 EDT 2006

Quoting "Schultz, Eric" <ESchultz at corp.untd.com>:

> I'm sure plenty of users here have their RT instance running on SSL.  My
> question is, do you notice that the client experience is slower if the
> entire site is running through encryption?  Has anyone only done
> encryption for the login page, then left the rest of the access
> unencrypted?  If I can get away without much of a performance hit, the
> first choice is obviously simpler to implement from a systems
> perspective.  But if there is a noticeable degradation (10% slower or
> worse), I'd like to see some configuration where if you have to log in
> first, you get sent to the login page, which is the only thing
> encrypted.  Sort of like how you log in to Yahoo mail on the web.
> Eric Schultz
> United Online, Inc.


We run entirely on SSL and have noticed no performance hit.


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