[rt-users] setting a 'default cc' on a queue, and letting users change their own passwords...

Lee Whalen law at nellymoser.com
Mon Oct 23 09:09:18 EDT 2006

   Greetings everyone, thank you all for your invaluable help so far. 
I've got just a couple final questions, then I promse I'll STFU for 
awhile and lurk on the list to see if I can help out others.  My latest 
questions with RT are: is it possible to set up a default/automatically 
applied CC address for new tickets?  It'd be great if whenever a person 
created a ticket that the email "support at somecompany.com" would be 
automagically added to the requestors.

   Second question: is there a permission I can grant on individual 
users (or even entire groups) that would allow the individual users to 
change their own passwords?  I thought it was ModifyOwnMembership on the 
custom group they belong to ("Users" in this case), but it appears that 
I'm mistaken.  Has anyone else been able to set this up?

Many thanks!

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