[rt-users] Re: RTFM/RT version question

Panu panu at colorplaza.com
Wed Oct 25 09:54:30 EDT 2006

> I'm trying to upgrade from RT 3.4.2/RTFM 2.0.2 
> to RT 3.6.1.  Seems I need to upgrade RTFM as well,
> so I tried 2.2.0RC4, since the dates seems to be similar.
> Kinda works, but not really.  (I'm using the 3.4-retro css
> if that matters.)  I never see the content of the articles,
> unless I view the history, and there is no box in which
> to create content for new articles.

We had the same problem, unfortunately we couldn't leave out a possible 
upgrade error so I ended up reinstalling rtfm from scratch and then 
inputting all old articles by hand. Luckily we didn't have that many...

It would be nice to know a possible solution in case we have problems 
upgrading to the final version.


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