[rt-users] Re: RE: RT issue: Ticket URL wrong after 'Take'?

Robert G. Werner rwerner at usscript.com
Tue Oct 31 13:48:20 EST 2006

Wolfgang.Fuertbauer at ebewe.com wrote:
> Pawel,
> yes we solved; look at the url
>  > Resolved this today, it's a bug, but I could not find an explicit
>  > reference to the code change necessary to fix it until I looked in SVN.
>  >
I have quite a few users who have this flaw in their 'Highest Priority 
Tickets I own' box on the front page of RT.  Is there a way I can edit 
their accounts in the DB to fix this?

Robert G. Werner (Network Systems Administrator)
rwerner at usscript.com


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