[rt-users] create mx record?

Jason Long jlong at messiah.edu
Thu Dec 20 10:03:54 EST 2007

Cesar Amaya wrote:
> My question is this:
>     Do I have to add an MX record in the DNS pointing to my RT Server 
> in order to receive the inbound mail for defaults accounts /rt/, and 
> /rt-comment?

Not necessarily. It depends on your network setup.

An MX record *would* be necessary if you want your incoming email to be 
routed through another server (or firewall) before going to your RT 
system. For example, in my setup, I have a centralized email gateway, so 
I have MX records for my RT server that point to that central server, 
and then the central server is configured to send RT-email to the RT server.


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