[rt-users] AutoReply (without creating ticket)

Eric Tamme etamme at gentel.net
Mon Jun 30 10:10:40 EDT 2008

I am approaching stopping spam from a different angle.  Basically I have 
setup my RT install so that you have an RT user to be able to submit a 

For customers who dont have a username and send a support request via 
email, I want to autoreply with a link that says some thing like

  "Could not load valid user!

go to http://blah.foo.com and enter your customer ID to create your 
support account"

Right now when I send email to from a non-valid user i get a response 
"Could not load a valid user"  ... im trying to figure out where in the 
code that is, b/c it doesnt seem to be in a template anywhere..

I also dont think i can create a template/scrip for this b/c a ticket is 
never acutally being created.

Can some one tell me where/how i can accomplish this?


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