[rt-users] BCC with no subject creates ticket

Mark Sallee msallee at globe.gov
Fri Mar 7 17:27:44 EST 2008

Our customer wants to be able to send BCC'd messages from their e-mail 
client into RT, but if the message doesn't have a proper RT subject 
syntax, they don't want it to autocreate a new ticket. Preferrably a 
scrip could reject the message and respond with something like "you 
forgot to enter an RT subject; message denied."

This is RT version 3.6.3. Right now help-comment is aliased in postfix 
/etc/aliases. I've tried procmail, but it apparently doesn't like 
filtering Bcc's and the message never gets through to RT.

Has anyone found a solution for this, scrip or otherwise?

Thank you.

Mark Sallee, Systems Administrator
The GLOBE Program - UCAR
msallee at globe.gov

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