[rt-users] Clicking 'Back' in IE goes to Webpage Expired message

Andrew Bruce abruce at hope-st.ath.cx
Tue Aug 18 21:18:10 EDT 2009

I'm running RT-3.6.7 on a Gentoo box, and have just successfully upgraded
from 3.4.5. 

The issue we are having is with the Query Builder. When you
do a search using the query builder, it works fine and shows the results
page. From here you click on a ticket which takes you to the correct

The problem is, when you click the back button at this point in
IE, it takes you back to a 'Webpage has expired' message. Clicking refresh
on this page warns you about re-submitting form data, and if you click OK,
you get the list of results back again. 

The back function works as
expected when used under Firefox, on the same machine. 

I've done a bit of
searching and came across the MS KB article, and tried the fix presented
here for unticking the 'Don't cache encrypted pages' option, but found that
this option was already unchecked on my machine. 

Has anyone experience
this before, or know a fix for it. 


Andrew Bruce
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