[rt-users] queue tag moved from left of subject to right of subject?

Paul Hirose pthirose at ucdavis.edu
Wed Feb 11 19:19:25 EST 2009

This seems to be a recurring issue:
and others.

Using RT382 and we see the same thing.

During the 82186 (this) thread, there's mention of having given every queue its own different subject line tag.  I happen to fall into this category as well.  I have several queues, and each has a different subject tag (Configuration -> Queues -> ClickonQueue then see the "Subject Tag" entry.)  In particular, I've a helpdesk@ queue which has Subject Tag of "Helpdesk Support" and a billing@ queue which has Subject Tag of "Billing Support".

I tried to follow the instructions about changing EmailSubjectTagRegex to Set(...$rtname|helpdesk|billing...) and I just make that change in RT_SiteConfig.pm?

The last msg on 2009-02-02 from jpierce shows "...the other half..." and I'm not sure where that goes.  Does that also go into RT_SiteConfig.pm?

Or do these changes occur in the local/lib/RT/Interface/Email_Local.pm which is referenced at codepad: http://codepad.org/pSthWrxD?

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