[rt-users] RT4 Status Report

Sean McCreadie smccreadie at CanyonPartners.com
Wed Sep 9 18:05:48 EDT 2009

OK thanks good to know.  So a release date is 2010?  Ill work on upgrading production to 3.8.4, hopefully there will be some sort of upgrade path to 4.0 when it is released?  Thanks for all the hard work and a great product!

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On Wed  9.Sep'09 at  6:57:46 -0700, Sean McCreadie wrote:
> I haven’t seen a status report since the one in March, are there any updates? 
> I am looking to upgrade my system soon but understand RT4 will be a major
> upgrade, so Im anxious to see it released.  Thank you.

We're hard at work. It's hard work. And clients always come first ;)

You shouldn't be planning to upgrade a production RT instance to RT 4.0
in 2009. It's a fairly serious project with a LOT of code churn.

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