[rt-users] R: Custom Ticket Status and Timing

Mirko Spuntarelli Mirko.Spuntarelli at r1spa.it
Mon Jul 1 11:23:56 EDT 2013

Good evening,

I am sorry to resurrect this old message, but I have left the implementation apart  to follow other tasks, but now I have to get back to RT in order to fix it.

I have fixed most of the "problem" now, but I always retrieve issue with the reporting phase to retrieve the date\time when the ticket has been put in "workinprogress" state (this is the custom status value). The DB has got a transaction table, and the transactions are store there. The issue is that I cannot find the datetime when the workinprogress status is reached in the DB. In which table I can found this data.

At least without scripting in perl (I am a beginner in this field, perhaps almost worse) perhaps I can fix using a join in the DB.

Thank you in advance.


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On Tue, Apr 02, 2013 at 01:17:33PM +0000, Mirko Spuntarelli wrote:
>    I am trying to set up Request Tracker 4 and I have customized with business hours, sla and
>    lifecycle. All I would you like to know if is it possibile to extract timestamp for my custom
>    ticket status when the status has changed from a condition to another? For example: report how
>    many hours the ticket as been in stall, or to store the date\time the ticket has been put in
>    stall and then when it has been reopened. Obviously in my case, the stall condition, is a
>    custom Ticket Status. The picture here attached will explain it better... highlighted you will
>    find date\time datas I need.

Those are Transactions of a Status type.  You can iterate them with perl code (in fact, someone earlier today posted loops for looking through transactions during a debugging session) or you can go in the DB if that's easier to pull into an external reporting tool.


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