[rt-users] Comment notification e-mails dropping characters

Joop jvdwege at xs4all.nl
Thu Jul 4 15:35:43 EDT 2013

Samuel Jones wrote:
> Would the regular upgrade path from 4.0.12 --> 4.0.13 resolve the issues, 
> leave the data where it is and update RT around it?
> 4.0.12 was a fresh empty install and then the data imported as the documents 
> say to do. (just importing the mysql essentially, with some scripting to 
> adjust it from SQLite to MySQL)
No, that won't probably not work. If the imported data is from 4.0.3 
then you'll need to run 'make upgrade-database' and fill in the 
requested pieces of information. In short, you'll need the source 
package and it will apply the updates that are in ./etc/upgrade/.. from 
the version you have to the version you specify or till the last that is 
available, thats is if you have 4.0.13 source it will stop at 4.0.13
Without reading back I'm suspecting that you're using a rt package 
(debian?) and then I don't know if you can run 'make upgrade-database'. 
Someone on the list will probably know what todo then (got some ideas 
but they are rather hackish, I use RT from source, then no such problems)



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