[rt-users] How to customize/redirect default Logout Page?

Duncan Napier dgnapier at sfu.ca
Fri Jul 12 00:36:13 EDT 2013


I Run RT 4.0.8 using CAS Authentication and when an authenticated user selects the Logout item on the Settings/Logout menu, the web server forwards briefly to the share/html/NoAuth/Logout.html and then re-logs CAS Authenticated users back in. I would like to Logout.html to forward to a URL on the CAS server that causes the browser to clear the CAS login tokens/cookies, and effectively log out authenticated CAS users.

I tried editing Logout.html to redirect to the CAS logout page, but changing the contents of Logout.html has no effect on the Logout page as Logout.html seems to be defined somewhere else. Is there a .po file or something for replacing the RT default with a custom or forwarded logout page?



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