[rt-users] Looking at upgrading 3.6.5 to latest

Kevin Falcone falcone at bestpractical.com
Tue Jul 23 11:44:40 EDT 2013

On Tue, Jul 23, 2013 at 03:35:20PM +0000, Beachey, Kendric wrote:
> I'm investigating what will be necessary to do an upgrade from our installation of RT 3.6.5 to the latest version.
> Currently installed versions of some items we are not looking to upgrade...are we safe here?
> * mysql 5.0.51a
> * perl 5.8.8
> * Ubuntu 8.04 (yes, I know that's way old)
> * haven't been using CPAN, but instead pulling in needed modules from Ubuntu repo
> That last bit was at the sysadmin's request.  What's the general opinion on whether that's a good way to go?

You can build your own standalone perl without touching the system
perl using something like perlbrew http://perlbrew.pl

If you're planning to upgrade in-place, keep in mind that the
UPGRADING.mysql step (more below) generally takes a while.  We almost
always recommend working on a new machine or VM for a larger upgrade.
It allows you to test the upgrade and find out how much downtime
you're going to need.

> Finally...I'm looking at the README files on the BP site and I have a
> question about the UPGRADING.mysql file. The first step seems to apply
> only if you're not upgrading mysql itself. Are there other steps in
> that document that are also not necessary if mysql isn't being
> upgraded? It's kind of hard to tell.

If you're planning to upgrade in-place on that mysql, then you do not need
to dump and restore, but I'd make *really* sure that my backups were
sound before doing so.

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