[rt-users] privledged user forwarding someone else's email to create ticket

Jeremy Mates jmates at uw.edu
Thu Jul 25 13:47:06 EDT 2013

* Mike Johnson <mike.johnson at nosm.ca>
> Out-of-the-box, Jane has 2 options:
> 1. Jane forwards the email to RT, goes into the resulting ticket, and
>    updates the requestor to John.
> 2. Jane copy/pastes the email into a new ticket through the web
>    interface and puts in John as the requestor.

3. The "bounce-message" feature[1] of a mail user agent is used to
   remail the message as if from the sender to the RT mail address.
   Might run afoul SPF or other anti-spam measures, depending on the
   configuration of the mail servers that the then bounced message must
   traverse, though.

[1] Might be called "redirect" or somesuch, depending on the client.

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