[rt-users] CommandByMail plugin installation

Olivier Lumineau olivier.lumineau at renater.fr
Tue Oct 7 05:45:38 EDT 2014

Le 06/10/2014 18:00, Kevin Falcone a écrit :
> On Mon, Oct 06, 2014 at 10:03:59AM +0200, Olivier Lumineau wrote:
>> I'm trying to install CommandByMail Plugin and it's not working.
> What version of RT?

Sorry for this missing...

It's RT 4.2.5

>> # make install
>> Installing /opt/rt4/local/plugins/RT-Extension-CommandByMail/lib/RT/Extension/
>> CommandByMail.pm
>> Installing /opt/rt4/local/plugins/RT-Extension-CommandByMail/lib/RT/Extension/
>> CommandByMail/Test.pm
>> Installing /opt/rt4/local/plugins/RT-Extension-CommandByMail/lib/RT/Interface/
>> Email/Filter/TakeAction.pm
>> Installing /opt/rt4/local/man/man3/RT::Extension::CommandByMail.3pm
>> Installing /opt/rt4/local/man/man3/RT::Interface::Email::Filter::TakeAction.3pm
>> Appending installation info to /opt/rt4/local/plugins/
>> RT-Extension-CommandByMail/lib/perllocal.pod
>> Couldn't load RT config file RT_SiteConfig.pm:
>> Can't locate object method "InitPluginPaths" via package
>> "RT::Extension::CommandByMail" (perhaps you forgot to load
>> "RT::Extension::CommandByMail"?) at /opt/rt4/lib/RT.pm line 657.
>> Compilation failed in require at /opt/rt4/lib/RT/Config.pm line 1078.
>> make: *** [install] Erreur 255
> Are you running this as root, or another user who can read
> RT_SiteConfig.pm ?

Yes I'm root

> Also, did you already add RT::Extension::CommandByMail to Plugins in
> your RT_SiteConfig.pm, before running make install?

Yes but not correctly :-[
I've added it like other plugins :

and not :
Set(@Plugins, ( @Plugins, "RT::Extension::CommandByMail" ));

I have now in my RT_SiteConfig.pm :
#Command by mail plugin
Set(@Plugins, ( @Plugins, "RT::Extension::CommandByMail" ));
Set(@MailPlugins, qw(Auth::MailFrom Filter::TakeAction));

So, it seems to be right installed now but... Commands by mail are not 
For example i put this on the first line of a mail ticket :

Status: resolved

I sent it with only text format and nothing appended

I'm sure I'm missing something but I don't know what...


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