[rt-users] Keeping RT URLs off of port 80

Jason L Tibbitts III tibbs at math.uh.edu
Wed Sep 23 15:50:01 EDT 2015

I've just completed a migration from our ancient RT 3.8.8 install to a
shiny new 4.2.12 install (using the Fedora packages).  Everything went
smoothly except for a few Selinux issues (relating to a domain
transition between the MTA and rt-mailgate) which I'm working out with
the Fedora selinux folks.

There's one issue which I've not yet manage to figure out, however.  I'm
afraid it must be a FAQ but I can't find any solution which applies.  My
web server is configured to redirect any http access to the
corresponding https: URL and RT itself is only configured to use port
443.  However, immediately after login, RT itself issues a redirect that
sends the user to an http: URL.  This is of course immediately directed
back to https: by the web server, but when that happens I see the

[warning]: The requested port (80) does NOT match the configured WebPort (443).  Perhaps you should Set($WebPort, 80); in RT_SiteConfig.pm, otherwise your internal links may be broken. (/usr/share/perl5/vendor_perl/RT/Interface/Web.pm:1308

So far this is merely annoying; everything seems to function properly.
But I simply cannot figure out any way to keep RT from redirecting the
user to an http: URL after login.  I've played with
$CanonicalizeRedirectURLs and $WebBaseURL but they seem to make no
difference in this case.  $WebPort is set to 443 as indicated in the

Is there some magical configuration setting I'm missing, or have I
perhaps messed something else up?

 - J<

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