[rt-users] Slow quote folding

Petr Hanousek phanousk at civ.zcu.cz
Wed Jun 1 05:04:42 EDT 2016

Dear all,
we have here some users who have such a habit to keep all the
conversation history in e-mails. Some of them have also stupid mail
clients which doubles the number of spaces. This results in looong mails
and therefore long ticket history. So some individuals use, for better
information overview, quote folding.
This works quite well, but when the stuff that is to be quoted in ticket
is too long (or too many of them?), the quoting procedure takes very
long time. I've got here a ticket with 24 replies, each with the full
mail history, and showing the ticket with folding turned on takes about
8 minutes. The ticket history during that time shows only "Loading..."

When I searched in the code to see how this folding is done, it gave me
an impression that it uses some general method which affects the whole
RT. So I am little bit scare to give it some tuning :) Could you someone
please either to confirm a bug, or (if it is a feature) explain me the
mechanism how this should work and what to tune/rewrite?

Thank you, Petr

   Petr Hanousek                   e-mail: petr.hanousek at cesnet.cz
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   CESNET z.s.p.o.                 mobile: +420 606 665 139
   location: Zikova 13a, Praha     room: 32b
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