[Bps-public-commit] r10193 - bpsbuilder/BPB

sunnavy at bestpractical.com sunnavy at bestpractical.com
Sun Dec 30 09:10:01 EST 2007

Author: sunnavy
Date: Sun Dec 30 09:10:01 2007
New Revision: 10193


cleaned TODO

Modified: bpsbuilder/BPB/TODO
--- bpsbuilder/BPB/TODO	(original)
+++ bpsbuilder/BPB/TODO	Sun Dec 30 09:10:01 2007
@@ -1,6 +1,4 @@
 * import from svn directly
-* non-cpan deps support in _require.yml
 * svn backend
 * better log support 
-* should be tracking source of individual deps (exact url or cpan version and filename, for example) so we can tell when we have a dep that's a cpan module that we pulled from svn
 * should be possible to build a bindist that runs on macos, linux, solaris and windows using lib path tricks. (windows may need special love).

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