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Author: sartak
Date: Wed Jul 16 15:53:51 2008
New Revision: 14173

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 r64442 at onn:  sartak | 2008-07-16 15:53:22 -0400
 Add export/publish/push/pull to the glossary

Modified: Prophet/trunk/doc/glossary
--- Prophet/trunk/doc/glossary	(original)
+++ Prophet/trunk/doc/glossary	Wed Jul 16 15:53:51 2008
@@ -77,7 +77,20 @@
 =head2 Resolution
     When the local Replica 
+=head2 Export/Publish
+Exporting is the act of cloning a replica. The replica uuid (which is its
+identity) remains the same. An exported replica is useful for copying to another machine or USB stick, so that other people may pull your changes.
+Publishing a replica just export it to another machine, usually over ssh.
+Exporting or publishing to an existing replica just updates that replica, it
+does not perform a merge, since the replica uuid is the same for both copies.
+=head2 Push/Pull
+Pushing and pulling merge changes from two different replicas. Pushing to or
+pulling from an empty replica creates it and assigns it a new replica uuid.
 =head1 NON-TERMS

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