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Date: Fri Feb 13 21:38:24 2009
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Modified: Shipwright/trunk/lib/Shipwright.pm
--- Shipwright/trunk/lib/Shipwright.pm	(original)
+++ Shipwright/trunk/lib/Shipwright.pm	Fri Feb 13 21:38:24 2009
@@ -121,13 +121,8 @@
 $ shipwright import ...
-$ shipwright build ...
-If you receive a Shipwright repository but don't have Shipwright installed
-on your system, you can still build and install a vessel with the repository's
-included F<bin/shipwright-builder> script. It's recommended and even encouraged
-to build with this script, as you can change it freely without worrying that
-the changes might affect other shipwright builds.
+$ check out your repository and cd there
+$ ./shipwright-builder ...
 =head2 What's in a Shipwright repository or vessel

Modified: Shipwright/trunk/lib/Shipwright/Manual/Tutorial.pod
--- Shipwright/trunk/lib/Shipwright/Manual/Tutorial.pod	(original)
+++ Shipwright/trunk/lib/Shipwright/Manual/Tutorial.pod	Fri Feb 13 21:38:24 2009
@@ -163,31 +163,13 @@
 =head2 build
-There're two ways to build a Shipwright project, we can use Shipwright's
-I<build> command or use the F</bin/shipwright-builder> in the repository. 
-=over 4
-=item build cmd
-$ shipwright build -r svn:file:///tmp/svnrepo/foo
-You can tell Shipwright the dir to install to by C<--install-base> arg.
-Run I<shipwright help build> to see more options.
-=item F<./bin/shipwright-buider>
-F<./bin/shipwright-buider> lives in the Shipwright repository,
-so we need to I<check out> the repository to some place first,
+We need to I<check out> the repository to some place first,
 then I<chdir> there, and run:
 $ ./bin/shipwright-builder 
 Run I<./bin/shipwright-builder --help> to see more options.
 =head2 ship our vessel
 We call the built stuff the I<vessel>.

Modified: Shipwright/trunk/lib/Shipwright/Manual/UsingBranches.pod
--- Shipwright/trunk/lib/Shipwright/Manual/UsingBranches.pod	(original)
+++ Shipwright/trunk/lib/Shipwright/Manual/UsingBranches.pod	Fri Feb 13 21:38:24 2009
@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@
 if we don't want to change the default branch, we can also supply --branch arg 
 when build:
-    $ shipwright build -r ... --branches Foo=branches/2.0
+    $ ./bin/shipwright-builder --branches Foo=branches/2.0

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