[Bps-public-commit] jifty-plugin-recordhistory annotated tag, 0.01, created. 0.01

Shawn Moore sartak at bestpractical.com
Mon Feb 14 23:05:44 EST 2011

The annotated tag, 0.01 has been created
        at  af8a0b352dfc848501b4ec988ebc59650ab6e216 (tag)
   tagging  3af181b60d2f32237d38519eb4e17d61a8094183 (commit)
 tagged by  Shawn M Moore
        on  Mon Feb 14 23:05:33 2011 -0500

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Shawn M Moore (88):
      Begin adding a Transaction model
      Make Transaction->record_is immutable
      Begin adding a TransactionEntry model
      Add record_class column to Transaction
      Fields for TransactionEntry
      Four more columns on txns
      Default created_by and modified_at in ->create
      Begin adding a mixin for actually creating transaction entries
      test layout
      Add a 1; to the end of the file
      refers to -> refers_to
      Add the plugin to the test config
      Export a transactions method from the mixin
      Rename Transaction to Change since transactions is a reserved word
      Add a basic Book model with RecordHistory for testing
      Begin adding tests
      gitignore more test detritus
      A Change having changes is kinda confusing
      More tests
      No need to call ->user_obj to get current_user's ID
      created_on is the column name not modified_at
      Create a Change when we create a record
      after_create is invoked on an unloaded record not a class
      Test typo fix
      Make sure change->record works... and make it work
      First pass at really adding record history on update
      Don't create Change records on create fail, and test for that
      order changes by id ascending
      Trigger args are passed as a ref not a list
      field not column
      Tests for updating a record
      This test doesn't work yet
      Delete changes and changefields when we delete a record
      Give books an author so we can test updating multiple fields
      Begin adding tests for updating multiple fields in one go
      Consult the record for a current_change in the set trigger
      Begin implementing start_change and end_change
      Wrap update actions in a Change
      Test the actual change_field entries
      Test that begin_change; end_change; does not create an empty update
      Defer update change creation until we add a change_field
      Test that start_change - updates - end_change does the right thing
      Begin adding a View class for viewing and customization
      Fix changes template
      Typo fix
      Load record only once and pass it into header, changes, and footer
      Simplify plugin config
      Begin testing the templates
      Put change_fields in a ul/li structure
      Remove debugging save_content
      On second thought, set/get record instead of passing it through every template
      Show a special no-changes template if needed
      Wrap each change in an ol/li structure
      Give output for create entries
      Refactor change ol/li to be dt/dd based on date
      Include some output for record updated otherwise it looks weird
      Include timestamp in the update
      Begin displaying actor for changes
      Promote created_by to a user object if we can
      If we get a string actor just pass it through
      Give CSS classes to everything
      Load View in the plugin so no one else needs to
      Revert "Load View in the plugin so no one else needs to"
      Doc for views
      We now get old_value in after_set callbacks
      Actual tests for the history template output
      Add inc
      Need to walk around ACLs for checking rights on ->record
      Handle create in delegate_current_user_can
      Fix tests declaration
      Need to pull out the change from %args in case of create
      Include change-$type as a css class
      Add a mechanism for hiding particular change_fields from view
      Display the record class name instead of Record
      Better handle the case where the user filters away all change_fields
      Mark up updates with field-name, old-value, new-value
      Remove quotes, they don't work well with whitespace, css will work better
      Tell MI to install_share
      Set JDBI dep to 0.66
      Display undef as italicized (no value)
      Test fixes


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