[Bps-public-commit] RT-Authen-Bitcard annotated tag, deployed, created. deployed

Thomas Sibley trs at bestpractical.com
Mon Feb 25 18:40:57 EST 2013

The annotated tag, deployed has been created
        at  9f4482ba7f44fcd84a4511e19e3ae42f21607e5d (tag)
   tagging  e66d0b9d559aef11f239dfbf2c93984b6ec18b8d (commit)
 tagged by  Thomas Sibley
        on  Mon Feb 25 15:40:43 2013 -0800

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
deployed point on rt.cpan.org

Kevin Falcone (1):
      ask noted that we need to make the username required info, otherwise

Kevin Riggle (27):
      Created a directory for Bitcard authentication for RT
      * Added the skeleton of RT::Authen::Bitcard
      * Added metadata about which files to ignore
      * Implements the basic idea needed for Bitcard auth
      * Added actual Bitcard auth code
      * Added user verification
      * Now loads users based on the (Bitcard-verified, and therefore hopefully
      * Added create-new-user functionality
      * Fixed user-creation so it actually works (kinda)
      * Made this extension provide supplemental auth, not primary auth.
      * First pass at Bitcard logout
      * Logout through Bitcard
      * Removed hard-coded paths, added a $BitcardToken config option
      * Added a link to the Bitcard account administration page
      * Adds a "manage my account" link if you're logged in with credentials from
      * Added a "Get a Bitcard account" link
      * Regen'd with the latest Module::Install
      RT-Ticket: 7277
      * Updated manifest
      * Added a MANIFEST.SKIP to RT::Authen::Bitcard
      * Removed the .author dir, told SVN to ignore it in the future
      * Added a MANIFEST.SKIP to RT::Authen::Bitcard
      * Removed the .author dir, told SVN to ignore it in the future
      * Added a debug message when $bc->verify() fails.
      * Merged Robert and my changes
      * Changed debug() to warn()
      * Not sure how *that* got in there...

Robert Spier (2):
      - add NewUser callback
      bitcard ssl cert is on www.bitcard.org

Ruslan Zakirov (21):
      use the same return URL for login and logout
      workaround Authen::Bitcard's inabilty to deal with perl strings
      update M::I and related
      delete MANIFEST.SKIP as it's really not required these days
      use everywhere the same return URL so we don't have to put multiple URLs for the same site
      bump version
      use register_url method instead of hardcoded string
      handler method into lib/RT/Authen/Bitcard.pm, so we can get rid of duplications
      use new method
      use new method
      use new method
      use ->bitcard_url method instead of hardcoded value
      flush the current session if user tries to login using bitcard
      bump version
      bump version for release to the CPAN
      don't change session unless we are sure everything is fine
      add a function for error reporting
      don't try to use name on create if it's already in use
      update M::I
      use h3/p tags instead of input-row div
      fix login/register links

Shawn Moore (3):
      Update Module::Install
      Add auto_install to the Makefile.PL
      Update META.yml

Thomas Sibley (4):
      Add dependency
      * Fixed the Logout.html callbacks so they're called and only
      * We want to create privileged users
      More UI friendly link text.  ("Click here" links are a huge pet peeve of mine.)


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