[HTTP-Recorder] Hi List, first impressions and some ideas

knoebi at gmx.net knoebi at gmx.net
Thu Jul 1 17:26:18 EDT 2004

Hi List,

i was visiting the 6. german perl workshop during the last 3 days and linda
talked about HTTP::Recorder. Just returned home and tried HTTP::Recorder
first v0.2 (with cpanp, nothing worked, probably you should go soon to 0.3)
and then the developer release: looks very promising to me.

i plan to use HTTP::Recorder for automated web testing. i used evalid
(commercial, browser input ie) for some time and its really easy to use &
works fine. also worked with java's webtest, which is also an good tool.
but now i'am really really really happy about the HTTP::Recorder.

I looked at rt but there were not so many requests over there, so i'am
posting to the list. HTTP::Recorder should have the best out of those tools.
so i'am off for the weekend (open air and its raining...) but i want to
thank linda for her talk and espescially for HTTP::Recorder. 


Philipp Knobel

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