[Http-recorder] setting up the proxy....

Roland Giersig RGiersig at cpan.org
Tue Jun 8 11:45:29 EDT 2004

George Gallen wrote:
> I setup and ran the proxy.pl program.
> My PC is a 10.10. address on a network
> the proxy.pl is running on a server on that network, listening on 
> default 8080 (verified).
> I set my IE to use the IP address of the server as the proxy server, and
> port 8080.
> I verified with tcpdump that the IE is talking to the proxy server.
> BUT...every URL I put into the IE browser comes back with a DNS error.

Are you sure IE is reporting a DNS error? IE error messages are often 
misleading. Can you connect to the url in question directly (without 

> The server that the proxy is running on has DNS resolution capability.
> Do I need to reboot after switching to proxy mode in IE? or is there 
> more needed?
> Or does this only work when the outgoing browser is on the same server 
> as the proxy server?

That shouldn't be the case. But I'd try to run proxy.pl on your PC 
anyway, just to find out if the problem lies at the server.

Also, try connecting to the proxy directly via telnet and type in the 
HTTP GET manually so you can see the exact error returned from the proxy.

Hope this helps,


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