[Http-recorder] setting up the proxy....

George Gallen ggallen at slackinc.com
Tue Jun 8 11:56:53 EDT 2004

No. I'm running apache on the same server as my PERL interpreter
which is running the proxy server.

Normally, My PC just goes through a gateway other than the server
I have the proxy on (same gateway the server uses as well).

So, I'm pointing the PC at the proxy server instead, so I can record
some screen entries that are from sites on the internet.

Although, I haven't tried installing the modules on my PC, I can try 
that as well.

any clearer?

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>George Gallen wrote:
>> As a side question to this...Do I need to disable apache 
>running on port 
>> 80, prior to
>> running the proxy on port 8080? This is a live system, so I 
>can't "test" 
>> it by shutting down apache....
>No, that shouldn't be necessary. So you are running the proxy on the 
>same server as the website you want to test? Then you could try to use 
>http://localhost/ to browse the website...
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