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>Also, try connecting to the proxy directly via telnet and type in the 
>HTTP GET manually so you can see the exact error returned from 
>the proxy.

This is strange. 

If I telent to my port 80 (apache), and type in a GET response, I get back
  what I'd expect, in this case I put in a bogus page, and got back a page
  not found error from apache.

If I telnet to my port 8080 (proxy) it drops the connection, however, if I
  telnet to port 8080 from the server (localhost), and put in a GET response
  it works. nothing gets put to the log file..but I'll work with that later.

I don't understand why I'm able to telnet to port 80 but not 8080 from the
PC (outside the server), but can telnet to either port from inside the server.

Does the proxy use any form of hosts.allow/deny that I need to set? or will it
only allow localhost to connect to itself (like java)?



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