[jifty-devel] Jifty on Plack

Chia-liang Kao clkao at bestpractical.com
Wed Feb 10 08:26:33 EST 2010

Hi all,

If you don't know about Plack and PSGI yet, check out http://plackperl.org 

As some of you might know, we (and lots of other framework developers)  
have been porting jifty to PSGI.
The current plack-rebased branch of jifty is now ready for testing.   
Your existing apps should work fine with the branch.

A few things:

1. We do have some API changes (and the old ones are currently  
provided by the Compat plugin autoloaded for old apps).  most notably  
you should not be printing to STDOUT, and the jifty->handler- 
 >{apache,cgi} methods are gone. use the appropriate methods in jifty- 
 >web->request and jifty->web->response.  when you are ready, you can  
bump the configfileversion in config.yml to 5, which will remove the  
Compat plugin.

2. jifty server and jifty fastcgi still works. but you probably want  
to use the Plack toolkit.  a file app.psgi is provied for newly  
created apps.
`plackup` in your jifty app directory should just work.

3. please report any incompatibility, performance regression (gains?),  
and suggestions to the list.  We shall be pushing this branch to  
master as soon as Plack has a non-dev release on CPAN.


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