[Pushmi-users] Issues with HTTP svn access

Lee Webb lwebb at clear2pay.com.au
Tue Jul 10 02:07:35 EDT 2007

Hi List,

I've recently stumbled upon Pushmi as a possible alternative to an
expensive commercial solution for SVN replication across multiple sites
& am conducting some proof of concept work with it to determine its
viability as a solution for me (breathes ...)

Both SVK & Pushmi are trunk versions as of yesterday.

Svk was from: svn://svn.clkao.org/svk/trunk 
Pushmi was from: http://code.bestpractical.com/bps-public/Pushmi/trunk

I've successfully got it installed (I think? CPAN + CentOS 5 != a good
time) but am hitting some issues that I can't find good answers for:

=== issue 1 ===

When attempting to sync the master to the slave when the master is using
HTTP I get a sync failure without fail:

lwebb at hamsambo /tmp/SUP-569/bin $ ./pushmi mirror
Mirror initialized.
lwebb at hamsambo /tmp/SUP-569/bin $ ./pushmi sync --nowait
[/tmp/SUP-569/slave_http] locked by /tmp/SUP-569/slave_http:svm:lock:_
Retrieving log information from 1 to 17250
[/tmp/SUP-569/slave_http] unlock result: 1
[/tmp/SUP-569/slave_http] sync failed: RA layer request failed: REPORT
request failed on '/svn/repos/rd/!svn/bc/17250': REPORT of
'/svn/repos/rd/!svn/bc/17250': 200 OK ( at
/tmp/SUP-569/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/SVK/Mirror/Backend/SVNRa.pm line

Apache is reporting the following:

lwebb at hamsambo /tmp/SUP-569/bin $ sudo tail -n 1
[Tue Jul 10 15:47:23 2007] [error] [client] Provider
encountered an error while streaming a REPORT response.  [400, #0]

lwebb at hamsambo /tmp/SUP-569/bin $ sudo tail -n 1
/var/log/httpd/access_log - scmbuilder [10/Jul/2007:15:46:45 +1000] "REPORT
/svn/repos/rd/!svn/bc/17250 HTTP/1.1" 200 2609609 "-" "SVN/1.4.2
(r22196) neon/0.25.5"

When the same master repository is accessed via file:///path/to/master
instead of http:// the sync appears to work properly

I notice that there is some references to the sync failures with SVK,
but none appear to be associated with an apache code of 200.

Is there anyway that I can extract some debug logging from either SVK or
Pushmi to assist me in working out what is at fault here?

Here are my configs for Pushmi:

lwebb at hamsambo /tmp/SUP-569/etc $ cat pushmi.conf 
username: xxxxx
password: xxxxx
authproxy_port: 11211

lwebb at hamsambo /tmp/SUP-569/etc $ cat pushmi-log.conf 
log4perl.rootLogger=DEBUG, Screen
log4perl.category.pushmi=DEBUG, LOGFILE

log4perl.appender.LOGFILE.layout.ConversionPattern=[%P][%r] %c - %m%n


=== issue 2 ===

When the sync is working it is terribly slow without much noticeable
load on the master or the slave.
The master repo has 17325 revisions within it & after some 5 hrs of
running the slave is only at revision 6055.

I'd be happy to blame the hardware but the machine has 2 x Dual-Core AMD
Opteron @ ~ 2Ghz, & is able to svnadmin load the master repo in about 20
minutes or less

Is there anything I can do to analyse the poor performance?

Cheers in advance for any assistance.


Lee Webb 
E: lwebb at clear2pay.com.au 
T: 61 2 9026 0186

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