[Pushmi-users] pushmi and ssh-agent

bremner at unb.ca bremner at unb.ca
Mon Sep 10 11:34:29 EDT 2007

>>>>> "bremner" == bremner  <bremner at unb.ca> writes:

    bremner> Hi Pushmi Users;

    bremner> I am using svn+ssh master, mirrored with pushmi onto a
    bremner> local disk.  I have ssh-agent running, and commits work
    bremner> fine without password to the master repo.

    bremner> When I try to commit to the local mirror, I get asked for
    bremner> a passphrase, twice.

OK, I now understand that this is an issue of svn-deleting all of its
environment. I suppose I can tell ssh-agent to write its info to some
fixed place in the filesystem.  Sigh. More config hacking...


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