[Pushmi-users] svn+ssh svn slave, stop working after some load..

Petr Cervenka Petr.Cervenka at interzonegames.com
Mon Apr 14 03:35:15 EDT 2008

Hi there,

we are using pushmi as backup/replicator solution, one svn slave  
mirror, is using pushmi to access commits as well, we are using only  
svn+ssh, so i had to setup one user which has access to master  
repository and then using post-hook script on master which will  
overwrite author: property , it is quite painful but it worked well,  
after few days of using this system, it stop working, when client  
commits to slave, slave run pre-hook script which will connect to  
master and check if repo is ok to commit/update. Then it hangs, so i  
have running process on slave and master and they both hanged, but  
tracing memcached it looks like it's still talking to memcached. None  
of the slave repository are locked. And all permission are fine, it  
just hang.. I am bit stucked here.. and what's worst after some time  
(2 days of not using the server) it started to work again..

Anybody is using similar setup or have any idea what this might cause?

Thanks for any suggestion.

Petr Cervenka
Interzone Games

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