[rt-commit] CVS Update: rt

tobiasb at fsck.com tobiasb at fsck.com
Tue Feb 29 09:51:28 EST 2000

CVSROOT:	/raid/cvsroot
Module name:	rt
Repository:	rt/lib/RT/Action/
Changes by:	tobiasb at pallas.eruditorum.org.	00/02/29 09:51:28

Modified files:
	rt/lib/RT/: Tag: rt-1-1 Attachment.pm 
	rt/lib/RT/Action/: Tag: rt-1-1 AutoReply.pm SendEmail.pm 

Log message:
	I've continued the work on mail sending.  There is still some missing
	1. EasySearch/Scrips issue - currently it doesn't properly output "
	all scrips that has (queue=0 or queue=this) and (type="any" or type=this)".
	2. A serious stub in RT::Action::SendEmail - I don't know where to find
	"interessted parties".  I think it could be nice putting queue watchers
	in the same table as ticket watchers.

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