[rt-commit] CVS Update: rt

Tobias Brox tobiasb at tobiasb.funcom.com
Tue Feb 29 13:58:57 EST 2000

> I was thinking of doing this like
> CREATE TABLE Watchers (
>        id int(11) AUTO_INCREMENT PRIMARY KEY,
>        Scope CHAR(16), #'Ticket' and 'Queue'
>        Value int(11), # 0 for all

Yeah, but I thought that it might make just as much sense having
Queue and Ticket ... at least if you resolve that problem with the Scrips

If Ticket is set and Queue is 0, that means the Ticket should be watched
also when moved between queues.  If both is set, it means that the ticket
should only be watched while it's in the right queue.  If both is unset,
all traffic should be watched.  And finally, if queue is set but not
ticket, the queue is watched.  I'm already about doing the
necessary changes here..

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