[Rt-commit] r6344 - rt/branches/3.7-EXPERIMENTAL

schwern at bestpractical.com schwern at bestpractical.com
Wed Nov 1 18:13:07 EST 2006

Author: schwern
Date: Wed Nov  1 18:13:07 2006
New Revision: 6344

   rt/branches/3.7-EXPERIMENTAL/   (props changed)
   rt/branches/3.7-EXPERIMENTAL/COPYING   (props changed)
   rt/branches/3.7-EXPERIMENTAL/README   (props changed)
   rt/branches/3.7-EXPERIMENTAL/UPGRADING   (props changed)

 r25002 at windhund:  schwern | 2006-11-01 17:06:23 -0500
 README, COPYING and UPGRADING should not be executable.

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