[Rt-commit] rtir annotated tag, 2.4.4, created. 2.4.4

Ruslan Zakirov ruz at bestpractical.com
Thu Jun 17 16:40:10 EDT 2010

The annotated tag, 2.4.4 has been created
        at  b14f74a1ae5f589175dc14e64ee163d1582a2b7f (tag)
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 tagged by  Ruslan Zakirov
        on  Fri Jun 18 00:40:45 2010 +0400

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
2.4.4 release
Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (Darwin)


Alex Vandiver (44):
      Fix RTIR link to point to something existant
      Use the same case in the variable as when we read it
      Fix ompile errors in actions
      Fix whitespace in TicketSQL queries
      Precedence is important, kids
      Add CF ACLs
      Child deps work correctly on create
      The rest of the code wants pipe-separated strings for multiple orderby
      RTFM integration
      Fix limit
      Script to add some default RTIR-related RTFM objects
      Don't scomp unless we have to.
      Correctly hide RTIR CFs
      Don't use deprecated API
      (empty commit message)
      Wording tweaks
      Add <span> tags so we can hide the elements
      Add 'customer' RTIR cf
      Got a hashref where we need a hash
      Add RTFM section, if relevant
      Merge add-rtfm-objects into initialdata
      Update README to remove references to add-rtfm-objects
      Add descriptions to the CFs so they're distinguishable
      Grant DeleteArticle right to DutyTeam
      Show multiple values for Customer field
      One CF for the _RTIR_Customer
      Merge incident reports into investigations
      Use the shiny new TakeOrSteal method
      Revert r4868 -- the Customer CFs are different types (SelectSingle
      Remove .author, so dists don't need Module::Install
      Don't just use random constants
      SavedSearch rights
      (empty commit message)
      Fix <div> in wrong place
      Show Display page after reply
      Hive resolved Incidents when showing links
      Use new core MakeClicky from 3.7
      (empty commit message)
      Use new core MakeClicky from 3.7
      Wording tweak
      RTFM is now required
      Fail fast, and with a nicer error message.
      Logic error -- incident is only required for a block
      Formatting fix -- only show parents if they exist, and don't squish

Chia-liang Kao (6):
      Notes on rtfm db init and misc fixes.
      Make the locking code in incident/display actually compile and work.
      somehow my mason->compile requires comp_path.
      Be more relaxed, computers can be slow.
      document config requirement to get this test passed.
      Fix test count. all tests pass!

Christian Ternus (1):
      Fixing UTF-8 errors by excluding files in .svn

David Glasser (14):
      Suppress bogus "split from" message when creating new IR from scratch
      Add reject/quick reject commands to IRs which you can own even if you don't
      Revive RTIR test suite.
      beginning of refactored test suite
      refactor test suite and add one for new bug
      Don't use TakeOrSteal
      extract new-incident-for-IR into helper file
      Add test to ensure that IR is resolved only when all incidents with it are resolved (fixed in r4791)
      some test tweaks
      add some tests for RTIR/RTFM integration
      oops, forgot test count
      test resolving investigations
      test re-opening investigation
      some QueryBuilder tests, the last of which fails

Jesse Vincent (88):
      Build system work
      The "rtir" program, branch 1.0.
      Trying to understand it
      sketch code for reports.
      Looking into bug from john
      more work on reports
      Work on metadata hilighting and extraction
      integrating first cut of lookup; updating UpdateMessageStanza to use new API
      Fixing failing lookups
      Better handling of error conditions in whois lookups
      reports hacking
      Minor change to fix incompatibility with RTFM
      Updating build process
      Removing a customer specific name
      Reimplemented ShowRTIRField to use faster bits of the API
      Performance work
      Changed how the 'most due' incidents on the homepage is generated to hopefully be somewhat less
      tag as 1.0.3rc1
      A couple small fixes to incident parameter changes for web creation form
      Added a releng configuration file
      Bumped to 1.0.6rc1
      r1999 at tinbook:  jesse | 2004-06-28T15:23:21.837515Z
      Moving the RTIR 1.1 branch to use the bps branch naming scheme
      A number of changes to the README to correct errors and to make it easier to follow.
      Added a big warning saying we can't do RTIR 1.0->1.1 upgrades yet, because Linda hasn't written docs.
      updated releng.cnf to point at the new 1.1 branch location
      Bumped to 1.1.3
      Fixed whois server lookup un the "Scripted Action" tool.
      Removed unused variable
      Removed unused variable
      Improved Lookup tool to use an RT standard API rather than something custom
      Several bugfixes. And compatibility with RT 3.4, RT 3.2.3
      Fixing a basepath issue reported by Peter Haag
      Fixing up install instructions
      Fixes to the checkbox column handler to make it work properly with RT 3.4
      Search fixes. Bulk Reject fixes. Scrip fixes.
      Flush buffer during bulk updates
      README cleanups
      Bumping to 1.1.4
      Addding in module-install metadat
      Autoinstall dependencies for easier user installation
      Removed a debugging statement, spiffed up the README, improved reporting for a basic installation screwup
      Fix for D.3.3.1. RTIR MUST make the state of the other Queues visible in the RTIR Overview page;
      Fix for D.9.1.1. RTIR MUST support customising front page and all main ticket screens to be able to turn off different sections
      Fix for D.3.3.2. RTIR MUST make it possible to move Tickets between the Incident-Reports Queue and other RT Queues. (to allow misplaced Tickets to be relocated to the correct place);
      some cleanup to the search ui
      Bulk abandon was mislabeled
      Bulk abandon gets a special format of its own
      The rest of the custom abandon format
      Switched RTIR to not disable its custom fields. This lets lots of other RT Stuff like "Spreadsheet download" work
      A bunch of cleanup to RTIR query building and display. We now have a working spreadsheet and RSS feed.
      RTIR Defaults MaxInlineBody to "unlimited"
      (empty commit message)
      Doc update
      doc hacking
      Updates to the README pointing to RTIR documentation resources
      Skip duplicated addresses when adding them to the IPs field
      doc update
      Refactored the OtherRecipients parts of RTIR reply ui to use RT
      Fixed RTIR/Update.html to use the ShowUser widget
      continued refactoring of "list of current recipients"
      Locking API
      First pass at locking
      quick attempt to add locking for incidents.
      Locking API
      Cleakup and warning avoidance.
      quieting undef warnings
      Actaully add constituencies to acls
      Quiet a warning.
      Added support for displaying the correct corresopndaddress or commentaddress based on a ticket's constituency.
      I Full tests for the constituency support
      Postgres fixes
      Remmoving mason argument that's incompatible with 1.35
      Add new logo, contributed by Carlos Fuentes at Rediris
      Add better caching to the constituency lookups when loading a ticket's queueobj
      Split out incidents owned by Nobody and the Current User on the most-due views on the homepage
      need to load the extra queue as the superuser to guarantee being able to see it
      Added add_constituency tool
      Added a callback to make use of the new SelectOwner callback in RT so that we can use constituency to make choices in the SelectOwner dropdown
      CSS typo caused css style to not display
      Switch to rendering the constituency with a custom field that skips constituencies you can't see
      Added Correspond and Comment addresses to etc/add_constituency
      made help exit
      Missing blocks item caused acl bogosity
      Updated the constituencies documentation for ruz

Kevin Falcone (28):
      add TicketLocking to the RTIR installation instructions
      restore original index before we prune it again
      not really a readme, this is more of a documentation index
      better readme guide to the docs dir
      Elements/Header says "RTIR for $rtirname" which makes this display as
      point to where in the Constituency docs these algorithms are explained
      add placeholders to AdministrationTutorial
      AppName is from 3.4, killed off in 3.7
      move docs into lib/RT/IR so we can make them available
      we'll move the relevant bits of README into the top level one
      update the MANIFEST
      we'll move the relevant bits of README into the top level one
      update the MANIFEST
      remove docs/ references, add in references to the .pod files,
      remove references to docs/
      make sure all parts of the index are linked to documentation
      bump version
      bump version to 2.3.7
      not the ticket creator, the transaction creator (or actor)
      fix case in the ScripAction Name
      change the pod to more accurately describe what happens in the Commit
      merge the GnuPG sections
      update documentation
      explain what the installed Scrips do
      mention that we don't do key management in RT
      bump version to 2.3.8
      (empty commit message)
      some wording tweaks

Kevin Riggle (4):
      Added a 'test' target for RTIR
      Fixed the Makefile.PL to point to the tests, added the skeleton tests
      Made the milestone test file not fail
      Updated the inc/ files

Liang-Bin Hsueh (1):
      add logo files(svg/psd/png/gif)

Linda Julien (334):
      initialdata changes
      more improvements
      fix launch investigation and new incident report
      more improvements
      reply to requestors
      can't edit custom fields
      additional improvements
      split fixes; consolidate some code
      rtir.1.0: remove /Common/ from urls; fix 'new IR' button; etc.
      move 'link <foo>' to one screen; some menu improvements
      more improvements
      mask base RT status
      fix 'new incident report' button
      menu improvements
      rtir.1.0: update improvements; 'activate' blocks; rename .html files to elements; DTRT with reject,
      fixes 562, 542, 568, 489, 571, Investigation/Display.html problem
      fixes #572, 557, 564, 561, 573, make a State element
      automatically send mail on block and investigation creation
      special handling of _RTIR_ custom fields
      Blocks can have multiple incidents; missing Incidents/ShowBasics file
      fix blocking on traceroute
      585;improve look of Lookup & traceroute
      add LinkToIncident page and use it; add priority & due date to homepage listings
      attachment problem
      workflow improvements
      fix URLs when there's no ticket specified
      show custom fields in PickRestriction
      code consolidation; fix ShowMessageStanza typo
      put email in workflow
      more workflow improvements
      initialdata scrip fix
      new incident from child view; choose owner by default
      allow editing of Incident Report RTIR fields
      mask custom field changes
      unify priorities;pare down pre-populated data
      search custom fields
      MakeClicky fix
      Block States; default priority
      RTIR bulk Update/reject
      default values for fields
      note new email & unresponsive customers
      change title; RTIR in main menu
      send full title
      scripted action
      SetStartsDate scrip (all queues)
      install & README; RT_SiteConfig_RTIR.pm
      better failure if no initdb; drop top buttons
      can't link to 2 Incidents
      README update
      logout goes to RTIR
      Reply & BulkReply links fixing; Take/Steal fix
      ownership requirements for actions
      remove bogus links in TicketHeader
      Scrips fixes
      little fixes
      linking new incidents
      transaction pre-population
      re: in replies
      main page update
      missing file
      small fixes; code cleanup; menu highlighting
      bulk incident resolve; cosmetic fixes
      small fixes for John
      SLA update
      BulkReject fix
      small fixes
      set SLA in emailed reports
      arg to ShowRequestor; lots of cleanup
      expose Constituency
      ordering of whois servers
      Everyone rights; Incident CF changes
      README & Makefile update
      Makefile fix
      Resolve Incident with no children
      set due on incoming reports
      drop JANET
      too many children in showchildren
      Net::Whois::RIPE in README
      Incident resolve
      Incident Create (browser dependent); s/JANET/EDUNET
      no need to refresh after Take/Steal
      ShowDate shows ages, not date
      update fix
      installation changes (in README)
      highlight menu properly after Split
      Download to base RT; Incident Resolve shows proper children
      TransactionData improvements
      merge common Create code (fixes #2907)
      use base ShowHistory/Transaction; Callbacks for RTIR behavior
      defaults and business_hours example in config file
      due dates in blocks; unset due on resolve/reject
      sort ShowChildren; no closed children
      sort DueIncidents properly
      Callback changes; show State changes in Results
      missing file: ListActions
      merge duplicated code
      clicky header callback
      set Started properly
      warn when orphaning incidents
      expose Started field
      Bulk Reject in menu; no State in NewReports
      reopen closed incident on child open
      abandon incident abandons/resolves children
      increase due date
      install and config changes
      README changes
      Scripted Action update
      scripted action: addresses from IP
      Merge should show _RTIR_ fields
      show '<N> of <Total> unlinked incident reports
      $RT::OverdueAfter, not $RT::overdueafter
      title boxes in Display go to Edit page
      investigations use '> ' for included text
      use Business::Hours in Reporting
      use Business::Hours to set due/starts dates (requires Business::Hours 0.04)
      fix Report.html regression
      use business::hours to set due on reply
      business_hours not set_business_hours
      set BusinessHours in config; use if set
      Investigate to only when appropriate
      Bulk Update shows RTIR fields
      Can't resolve new IRs (can only reject)
      README updates
      mark as rc1
      remove unused files
      missing & in ReportTabs
      Makefile & initialdata changes
      fix BeforeMessageBox callback
      fix Extract Article tabs callback
      add 'Block' after IPs in MakeClicky
      Bulk Reject shouldn't Steal; Listings show only open tickets
      missing file from last checkin
      missing file
      show RTIR fields for Incident bulk update
      require Function field for Scripted Action
      break down report classification by function
      SLA handles out-of-hours
      'About RTIR' Callback for Header
      show search results the first time
      Launch a new investigation, not create
      DutyTeam can CommentOnTicket by default
      tag as rc2
      #3164: next/prev/first in Listing
      fix spelling error
      Search Incidents button
      fix '1-0 shown'
      linking tickets from Lookup page
      resolve & reject don't require comment
      [New] incident link on Lookup page
      Reporting offers delimited text
      tag as 1.0.0
      #3350: fix permissions on RTIR_Config.pm
      #3519: Callbacks have wrong permissions
      #3950: show all unlinked IRs
      #3580: don't count deleted tickets in summary
      #3940: fix auto-refresh on main page
      #3558: make title line consistent with RT
      #3742: persistent WHOIS server
      #3548: create new incident POST rather than GET
      #3661: TransactionObj->NewValue not TicketObj->NewValue
      #3565: include signature in ticket creation
      #3187: MakeClicky interpreting numbers as IPs
      #3180: Don't check BulkReject items by defaul
      #3120: don't show requestors for Incident TicketRows
      #3521: Show closed children in ShowChildren
      #3557: Next & Prev menu items
      #3557: Quick Reject link in IR view
      #3559: DueIncidents out of order
      #3984: install in share/html, not local/html
      #2919: Select All and Unselect All links
      minor main page fix
      another minor index.html fix
      tage as 1.0.1rc1
      LinkToIncidents problem
      fix next/prev page links
      change default whois server
      README upgrading: don't initdb twice
      tag as 1.0.2
      Don't escape message when populating new incident/investigation
      DueIncidents fixes
      DueIncidents fixes
      fix SetRTIRState scrips
      #4384: Stealing produces wrong owner
      #4981: only show 'About RTIR' when in RTIR
      $4602: Add Requestor to unlinked IRs list
      update UPGRADING section of README
      #5172: Show requestor in BulkReject
      #5172: don't show state in DueIncidents
      #5194: ShowTemplate permission for DutyTeam
      use LoadByNameAndQueue to get CF id
      Restrictions display when searching for children of Incident
      #5202: add new DutyTeam permission to README
      tag as 1.0.3rc2
      fix XSS security problem
      tag as 1.0.3rc3
      tag as 1.0.3
      don't pass incident subject to title box
      tag as 1.0.4
      Pass Attachments argument to ShowAttachments.
      Mark as 1.0.5rc1.
      Pass in an UpdatePath to the ShowHistory element.
      Branch for porting RTIR to 3.2.
      Type component should support Queues, not just tickets.
      Callback that looks at the queue, and redirects to RTIR's own display
      Remove debugging statement.
      Latest RTIR files (still need some more things).
      Highlight QueryBuilder properly on the menu.
      Consolidate some of the Tabs components, so that there's less duplicated code.
      Actually add the base query to the query.
      Don't put the querystring in the top level menu item, because it will be wrong.
      Switch BulkReject to the new search system.
      Take an argument for the results page (RTIR needs to use alternates).
      Pass along the Queue argument, so that the menus will be right when you add search criteria.
      Pass along Queue argument to the Results page, so that the menu is right.
      Remove more instances of Elements/Listing and Listing.html.
      Files missed in the last checkin.
      Make SimpleSearch work with the new search system.
      Callback for adding checkboxes and radio buttons to TicketList.
      Change the names of the columns.
      Change the hash key, not the title.
      We can use the core TicketList now.
      Merge now uses all new components.
      We don't need check and CheckName arguments any more.
      Initial pass of making BulkLink work with new components.
      Incidents don't have due dates.
      Move "Link to Incident" in the menu.
      States need to be in parens, so that things added will complete the query properly.
      Fix MergeRefine.  Make Merge.html more like Results.html (they should ultimately become one file, if possible).
      Call it $refinetabs, not $mergetabs.
      Don't pass a NewSearch argument.
      Now we can refine the search when we want to link a child to an incident.
      QueryBuilder shows the fields it should show (no queues, but including RTIR custom fields).
      Fixed a bug in adding subtabs.
      Take an argument for states, if you don't want the default.
      We have to set $ARGS{'Format'} to the right value.
      Convert BulkReject to the new format.
      An element for adding a "Refine" submenu to a menu.
      Remove debugging statement.
      Use the new RefineTabs element, rather than each component adding that submenu on its own.
      BulkReject gets subtabs, too.
      Call the argument for LinkToIncidents "id" rather than "child" -- the non-standardness is getting in the way of merging some pages into one.
      These two files look much more like each other now.
      Give an explicit path for Display.html (it's necessary now).
      remove a debugging statement
      Move common elements of Refine pages into a component.
      Nothing calls this file, so it should be deleted.
      Not used, deleting.
      This should have been added with the last major checkin.
      Consolidate LinkReports/Investigations/Blocks into LinkChildren.
      Added new default format for bulk linking.
      Should have been added with last big checkin.
      Checkboxes and radio buttons shouldn't have titles.
      Get rid of old-style search args in ChildSummary.
      Actually, the title needs to be a space if we don't want it to show up.
      Whenever you're linking things in bulk, you can refine your search.
      Since only one file uses the things in Elements/BulkLink now, recombine them to make things simpler.
      Combine all FooRefine files into Refine.html, and use that instead.
      Regular results has a "refine" for consistency.
      We're not using Search/Elements/Refine, so delete it.
      Support Select All/None for BulkReject.
      Don't put RT::WebPath in ->comp.
      Make the title of radiobuttons and checkboxes be a &nbsp;
      We don't use this component any more, so delete it.
      Use full pathnames as needed.
      Remove webrt.css, which wasn't being used.
      We don't need to make overdue things red, because RT core does it now.
      Define default search result formats and use them.
      Updated README for RTIR 1.1.
      added a brief description of 1.1 features
      Tell them we need 3.2.2, since Jesse said we can release one.
      RT-Ticket: 5221
      Don't use ShadedInputRow, as it doesn't exist any more.
      RT-Ticket: 5377
      RT-Ticket: 5395
      RT-Ticket: 5786
      Removed debugging statements and added a comment.
      Added more info about new features.
      RT-Ticket: 6065
      Move most RTIR ScripActions into .pm files, for easier maintainability.
      Removing a file that shouldn't have been checked in.
      Changed the Makefile to install new RTIR actions.
      Make sure we're not trying to load a ticket with id 'new'.
      RT-Ticket: 5285
      RT-Ticket: 5361
      Remove old callback, no longer used.
      Put 'RTIR' in the names of Scrip Actions.
      Updated upgradind procedure for 1.2 beta.
      Call this upgrade directory 1.1.2 instead of 1.2.0.
      Increment the release number.
      RT-Ticket: 6051
      NewReports should have its own format.
      RT-Ticket: 6049
      ShowChildren now used TicketList.
      Checking in a missed file.
      Combine Reply.html and BulkReply.html (one step instead of two).
      Removed duplicate hash entry.
      RT-Ticket: 6047
      Use Business::SLA module.
      Make the name of the Business::SLA module a variable.
      RT-Ticket: 2922
      Change format of SLA configuration.
      RT-Ticket: 6085
      Removed debugging statements, fixed docs.
      RT-Ticket: 6143
      Check for Unix style date, not the string "Not set"
      RT-Ticket: 6096
      RT-Ticket: 6096
      Fix direction of MemberOf/HasMember.
      RT-Ticket: 6149
      RT-Ticket: 6025
      Removing an unused file.
      RT-Ticket: 6055
      RT-Ticket: 6115
      fixed a syntax error: $incident, not $Incident
      RT-Ticket: 6113
      Added a new condition that was missed.
      RT-Ticket: 6117
      Make sure $server variable is set correctly.
      RT-Ticket: 3741
      New objects need a Current User (even if it does work otherwise).
      RT-Ticket: 3741
      It's $Ticket, not $TicketObj.
      RT-Ticket: 6151
      Skipping actions is handled in a callback, so there's no need for this custom element.
      RT-Ticket: 6151
      Incidents don't have requestors.  Don't try to show them when showing a list of incidents to link to.
      Support _Local and _Vendor.
      Say that Business::SLA is required.

Michael Schwern (3):
      The queue to init is "Investigations"
      If we find an existing rtir_test_user, make sure its not disabled and has privileges.
      The specific templates for emailing on the creation of blocks and investigations have

Ruslan Zakirov (839):
      new RTIR branch 1.9-EXPERIMENTAL
      D.9.1.11. When Editing a ticket, RTIR SHOULD redisplay
      makefile update
      jump to widgets support
      (empty commit message)
      get rid of useless component call
      @add_states argument, that allow programmer to add states
      convert format strings to the CF.{FIELD} format
      new element that return available states for the RTIR queues
      (empty commit message)
      fix displaying of results on the search results page
      oops, wrong LoadTicket call
      D.9.1.10. Some of the buttons SHOULD be at the top of the screen,
      @AddStates argument, that allow add additional states to show,
      cleanups, no functionality changes
      state selector
      _RTIR_Check in format:
      use SelectedTickets array instead of scanning $session{tickets}
      $ticket->OwnerObj->id equivalent to $ticket->Owner,
      get rid of code duplication
      invalidating of the ordering cache is task of the SB
      Tabs handling review
      results reporting changes
      better cover for ShowNavigation in search results
      use special component to get states
      move incedent reply form into own component
      initial commit of the bulk abandon feature
      update code according to ProcessUpdateMessage changes
      get rid of unused variables
      prevent errors
      add comments to look later into code
      bulk abandon tabs
      (empty commit message)
      r329 at cubic-pc:  cubic | 2005-11-18 07:23:24 +0300
      (empty commit message)
      switch home page to MyRT component
      Owner -> OwnerName in default formats
      Customzable RTIR homepage
      update callback according to the changes in ShowMessageHeaders
      not only tickets has transactions now
      use SQL to filter owner instead of loop
      new method CreatorCurrentUser
      refactor getting of the current user object
      switch to the CreatorCurrentUser method
      move condition into SQL
      resolve only active tickets
      hash instead of if-elsif chain
      use one time value for all changes
      search for any active status
      use one time() value for all actions
      use Count instead of First to check that CF has value
      move if-elsif chain into hash
      minor changes
      delete double $$
      RTIR_SetState action
      fix typo
      resolved state for IRs
      inc/ update
      get rid of debug code
      add BaseQuery to the QueryString
      build collection only once and send it to RT comp
      fix Refine tabs
      (empty commit message)
      (empty commit message)
      (empty commit message)
      (empty commit message)
      @tempresults definition was missing
      revert Quick argument and redirect to search results after
      uninit warning
      (empty commit message)
      switch to ConditionRow component
      refactor comp to the RT's new variant
      run callback only in RTIR space
      use full path to the comp
      escape URI parts
      uninit warn
      add checkbox [clear|set] all checkbox to the table head
      switch to the new checkbox .js routines
      cleanups, loc, error checks
      applied tidy_html.pl
      create incident and run investigation at once
      Implement 'Reject and return' button (D.9.1.12).
      new config option $TracerouteCommand
      config handling patch
      fix config handling
      jump generic Display.html if it's not incident
      minor changes
      fix some losten variables
      get rid of unused code
      markup error
      hide allready linked tickets from collections
      jump to RT if ticket is not from RTIR
      new Advanced tab in RTIR queues
      show [take] command near list of incidents if we don't own ticket
      (empty commit message)
      "my $transaction = $transaction;" - error in var init
      tidy before changes
      typo in config handling code
      it's harder now to run "keys %RT::ConfigHash", because we should
      allow to hide blocks queue
      don't pass type into callbacks
      config caveats
      forgot ending ';'
      disable blocks via config option
      mason markup errors
      show RTIR CF values in search results (State, Constituency...)
      prefetch rights checks
      config handling changes
      enable make clicky in RTIR area only
      delete debug statement
      ticket's utilities
      use ticket's utility to get RTIR's CF values
      preload utilities
      we should take(steal) tickets in order to make complex actions like
      make display after edit configurable per user
      allow not only super user to see RTIR fields
      other code to make DisplayAfterEdit configurable per user
      fdrop unused code
      fix current user manipulations
      drop unused code because this code couldn't be reached, check for
      page title
      add TabSeparatedValues (TSV) report
      delete unuased comp, use /RTIR/Elements/MakeClicky instead
      RTIR_MakeClicky config option, that allow admin to define
      tabs -> spaces
      new CF _RTIR_Resolution for Incidents
      cleanup states according to initial data
      css file had incorrect content_type
      use subtabs in one place only
      revert CF hack in RTIR, switch user context back to current user
      limit search with SQL instead of perl code
      find unlinked reports as stated in title
      generate tabs for BulkReject with search query
      BulkAbandon tabs with query
      update README with features we've implemented in 1.9
      upgrade data:
      move ___RTIR_{Radio,Check}__ from config
      rename _RTIR_{Check,Radio} in COLUMNMAP to RTIR_{Check,Radio}
      RTIR CFs are not disabled any more, upgrade script
      ReplyToReporters.html was renamed to Reply.html
      properly construct current tab on refine page
      return ref to avoid HTML escaping
      don't allow to change sorting in portlets
      use DefaultSummaryRows config option
      Parse BaseQuery in order to fetch queues list, it's hackish, but
      add leading WebPath to BaseURL if it has no leading slash
      "search refine" refactoring
      update things to new refine tabs
      delete LinkTabs because it's not used anymore
      DBIx::SearchBuilder-1.40 required
      delete duplicated, deprecated and unused files
      add IsStatusChange condition
      use IsStatusChange method
      use IsStatusChange methods
      use IsStatusChange method
      wrong link to update page
      add navigation to bulk reject page
      If a IR is linked to several Incidents, this IR should be resolved
      show resolved children on incedents' display page
      grant right ModifySelf to the DutyTeam by default
      add resolve tabs to the Invs' actions
      check all recipients by default
      when we abandon a ticket, all the IRs are rejected, but this action
      "Take or Steal" column map record
      Status changes was checked incorectly
      allow user to resolve IRs without linking it to an Incident
      show removed blocks(aka resolved) by default in the children blocks on the incident's page
      when take active ticket open it
      don't change status on steal
      fixes for attachments processing
      check rights in merge code
      drop linking to the source ticket while linking with 'MemberOf'
      merge things first and then reload ticket(it has new id at least)
      drop debug statement
      we shouldn't update only the first linked incident, touch all
      allow to unlink children of the incidents
      check state when delete links
      state of the ticket shouldn't depend on ownership, revert change
      take actions shouldn't open ticket
      add callback that allow you to add toptabs to the RTIR's menu
      add RTIR tab to the RTFM's top tabs
      check for non empty value instead of defined check
      (empty commit message)
      (empty commit message)
      shufle things around
      duplicate record
      set due date on queue change
      use new feature of the rt-setup-database script that allows you to create
      set starts date on queue changes
      add new scrips to upgrade script
      (empty commit message)
      (empty commit message)
      (empty commit message)
      (empty commit message)
      (empty commit message)
      (empty commit message)
      (empty commit message)
      (empty commit message)
      minor changes
      get ticket object only once, could be pretty ineffective on merged tickets
      move fast check to the top
      don't duplicate descriptions of the diferent scrips
      add blocks correspondents to reply to all/resolve/abandon incident's pages
      reject is reasonable only when ticket is active
      drop BaseQuery from ARGS, BaseQuery is internal to the component and
      link article to ticket wasn't working with non incidents
      use M::I::Substitute to get rid of RTHOME in tests
      all perl 'false' values should be interpreted as inline all
      svk add RTFM as requirement
      hide rejected instead of resolved incidents
      minor cleanup
      drop unint warnings
      minor cleanups
      merge from upstream
      update RTIR's query builder to the latest RT's. We almost ready to get rid of
      update saved searches tests
      we don't use this component anymore
      don't forget to disable block queue
      add resolution custom field handling
      unint warnings
      add scrip that set Incident's resolution field if there is no value allready
      don't change status/state of the block when reply
      minor changes
      allow to modify Block's state via changes of the status
      Type element has support for TicketObj argument,
      fix typo, thanks Reed Loden
      typo, thanks to Reed Loden
      create all tickets
      allow to [quick] remove Block with action
      add description of the RTIR CFs to the QB page in span tag with label-comment class
      Blocks workflow
      notify on block close
      add special case for situation when DutyTeam member changes block's State from UI.
      blocks workflow tests
      add attachments processing tests
      return to RTIR's home page from Bulk
      report attachments operations in the results box
      split ShowNavigation into two: ShowNavigation and ShowListActions
      show only page navigation
      bulk reject tests
      test that state of the ticket is really rejected
      use httpurl_overwrite by default
      mark overdue things with red
      Add Incident field to the Create page
      oops, silly typo
      tests updates
      finally we have tests files with correct numbers
      correct check for new -> open changes in the blocks workflow
      use respond as default action for switch to 'pending removal'
      return empty type asap if there is no queue
      actually pass query metadata to the format editor
      (empty commit message)
      (empty commit message)
      (empty commit message)
      convert 'On Create Notify Requestors' to use RT default autoreply
      add query to rename templates
      update content of the template according to the latest RT API
      don't display 'unlink' action when Block is linked to one incident only
      allow to skip notification of the requestors on create or split
      show due date for Incidents too
      add 'Activate' tab for blocks
      oops, reverse diff logic
      better check for state
      test for IRs merging
      state may have spaces in the middle
      update state on merge too
      more tests
      don't jump to IRs page when user rejects an IR
      forget to merge new function
      move tab from RTIR->Preferences to RT->Prefs->RTIR Home
      show siblings of the ticket in standalone box for merging
      don't forget about 'WebPath/...' prefix
      if we have ticket context add lookup params
      use scalar context as we don't want to get array or empty list
      reorganize checks on creation
      incident split + investigation launch tests
      split an inc and launch an investigation on the new inc link
      don't show inactive incidents in "most due inc owned *" box
      save query meta between rejects and page walking
      if ticket has resolution already(after reopen) don't drop it to default.
      on split display 'Split' on submit button
      show list of incs with <ul>-<li>
      log errors in autohandler callbacks
      update M::I
      META update
      redirect user to RTIR custom create page if he tries to create ticket
      hide RTIR queues from QueueSummary box, status is useless for RTIR
      RTIR queues summary portlet
      forgot to add comp
      new config option $RTIR_BlockAproveActionRegexp
      add resolution CF to edit page
      drop resolution on re-open
      allow edit resolution on any reply
      don't allow to edit status from advanced page
      (empty commit message)
      use StrictLinkACL config option to get rid of taking or stealling
      * merge latests changes from 1.9 branch
      add check for RT version
      Merge commit
      RelEng update
      show multiple values in RTIR/Elements/ShowRTIRField
      use ShowRTIRField for Customer field as it supports
      _RTIR_IP -> multiple values and apply it to all RTIR queues
      parse IPs from messages
      fix custom fields operators
      as now IPs applies to all queues so show them for all tickets
      store IP in special format
      apply 'Constituency' CF to all RTIR's queues
      add changes of 'IP' and 'Constituency' CFs to upgrade script
      add group per constituency
      update M::I
      return empty base query if queue name is not provided
      filter @add_states argument with "grep $_, ..."
      add generic search interface that has Queues and Status selectors
      really show IPs for all queues
      IP searching
      update manifest
      tests for searches by IP
      drop debug call
      update manifest
      add CFs to edit pages
      add scrips to initialdata
      $Incident is scalar with ID while $IncidentObj is what we need
      drop $msg as it's not used
      use Cols and Rows args
      more tests
      minor changes: uninit warnings
      make a failing test pass
      new function get_ticket_id in utils for tests
      more tests
      don't add constituency groups to the main DutyTeam group
      update 'set constituency' logic according to new tests
      Merge operation
      searches by IP ranges
      fix "Scalar value @_[-1] better written as $_[-1]"
      more tests for IP range searches and other checks
      add merge docs
      IP searching
      add missing requirments
      docs update
      docs update
      Split docs
      docs: Abandon/Reject
      merge op clarification in docs
      CIDR in the message shouldn't add duplicates too
      initial data
      set constituency on create during linking instead of scrips fu.
      sync upgrade/2.1.0/content with initial data
      change fields' descriptions
      manifest update
      upgrading docs update
      version bump
      make upgrade more descriptive
      add check for RTFM to upgrade script
      add forgoten ACLs
      copy CFs' data from etc/initialdata
      add RTFM data to the upgrade script
      figure out upgrade of templates
      autoreply scrips apgrade
      scrips upgrades on 1.1.5 -> 1.9/2.0
      don't use hardcoded @ISA
      rwwrite upgrade.pl a little
      an upgrade dir should match version where we changed schema
      in 1.1.3 we have schema changes, but those are in 1.1.2
      move things back, that was misstake
      in 1.1.3 actions on three scrips were changed. implement this change
      automate 1.0.x -> 1.1.1 upgrade
      minor upgrade scripts changes
      update UPGRADING instruction according to the latest changes
      uUPGRADING updates
      add MANIFEST
      new actions and conditions
      linked IR is open
      update manifest
      bump version
      fix adding saved searches to the RTIR's home page
      refactor things a little
      oops, inerted logic
      add class attribute to the submit button
      add 'new ticket' box to the global page actions
      make the TicketObj an optional argument
      The IP regexp shouldn't match string '355.255.255.256'
      typo in the mason markup
      match only IP that are not followed by numbers
      more tests for IPs
      initial make clicky tests
      fix tests according to latest changes
      match <email> too so we would break text with links
      add ranges instead of IPs
      store ranges instead of IPs
      change tests according to the latest changes
      search by an IP is range search too, now
      docs update
      update manifest
      add shredder link to search results
      load only regexps we use
      fix a copy&paste error in the UPDRADING file
      update upgrading docs
      update upgrading docs
      update UPGRADING
      bump version
      switch to Transaction->Content* methods to get txns' data
      add tests that check behaviour around the Started field
      move things around
      drop trailing spaces
      fetch a default value from config
      add hook in LoadByCols to do serialisation
      show 50 records on bulk reject page by default
      broken formatting
      switch to search by the CF if the lookup type is 'ip'
      add a pattern for the IP field
      validate CFs against patterns on create
      check things on edit
      check CFs on create
      upgrade script
      bump version
      ticket history
      add additional step to UPGRADING
      add glossary
      tutorial update
      switch to TitleBox widget
      update tutorial
      version bump
      very-very simple tutorial for administrator
      bump, meta and manifest
      modules descriptions
      add a replacement for html/RTIR/Elements/Type
      switch to TicketType function
      move html/Elements/States into libs, where it had to be since the beginning
      switch to RT::IR::States
      test syntax of our mason components with a HTML::Mason::Compiler
      docs update, thanks to Jesse
      RTIR 2.2 testing branch
      2.3 experimental
      CF != 'xxx' autmatically adds 'OR CF IS NULL' in RT's code,
      split query into two by OR to improve mysql's plan
      split query into two by OR to improve mysql's plan
      keep the comp in sync with RT's source
      switch to generic ShowUser
      make regexp a little bit smarter
      add RTIR's name instead of rt's one to header
      add __UpdateStatus__ column to the RTIR home page
      send DisplayPath and ForwardPath to the history comp
      add Forward page to RTIR
      use DisplayFormat for Radio and checkboxes instead of riping them out
      add 'attach report' option to the update form
      use DisplayForm for checkboxes and radio buttons
      add Attach Reports thing
      implement named check boxes and radio buttons
      drop a list of RTIR's CFs as we always forget update them, fetch it
      we want to run a code of column map callback only once
      update MANIFEST
      use AttachTickets argument instead of AttachIncident
      UpdateData element has Ticket argument while ReplyForm's using TicketObj,
      search for siblings only when there is a parent
      add results to the forward page
      Merge commit
      add logging
      use warnings
      no NamePrefix in widgets anymore
      use new style callbacks
      return back TakeOrStealFirst functionality
      return TakeOrStealFirst back
      add Sign/Encrypt checkboxes to RTIR/Create
      add Sign/Encrypt to all Create forms we have
      add Sign/Encrypt to reply pages
      hide crypto thing if it's disabled
      bump vversion to 2.3.0
      switch to new API
      update M::I
      bump version
      bump version
      each queue allows you to configure a due for each one, the patch
      show additional CFs for incidents
      update M::I
      bump version
      give different name to different group of checkboxes,
      switch from RTIR's check boxes and radio buttons to RT's
      delete RTIR's implementation of check boxes and radio buttons,
      make ticket object an optional argument so bulk abandon works again
      we renamed argument
      this comp should be the same as RT's one, except s/Requestor/Correspondent/
      get rid of another code duplication of queries parser we have
      switch to new API
      swap merge tickets only if they are in different queues
      the correspondends field is not optional when we launch an investigation
      show page navigation on Link to incident page
      add few tests on IP CF
      add more tests on IP CF
      refactor processing queries and handling parser's errors
      get rid of showing editor of the IP field twice for Blocks
      if we have no constituency in attachment and in parent, then set default
      hide RTIR pseudo-queues from QueuesSummary portlet
      get rid of redefinition warning
      make comparision really case insensetive
      add group only if required group is not there and only if the current ticket
      delete group only if it's name matches 'DutyTeam Some thing'
      fallback to value of a 'real' queue if pseudo-queue has no value
      workaround(hack) a problem until we find the right way to deal with it
      use M::I::Substitute in etc/add_constituency
      bump version
      we have no page navigation so always show all siblings
      add NamePrefix argument
      do smarter (read crazier) things with CFs during 'create inc with inv'
      use Getopt::Long
      add load_queue as we want add addresses updater
      add POD
      in mason 1.36 comp_path is requred argument
      use login method from new RT::Test::Web
      use __Value instead of getter on queue as we really need the value regardless ACL
      add more tests
      fix create_incident_and_investigation, was not returning IDs
      new folder for tests of constituency functionality
      we moved things into core
      split up tests
      add new function to rtir-test.pl
      more tests
      don't fail if principal already has a right, just skip with debug note
      make script verbose by default
      start implementing constituency propagation algorithms
      add tests for inheritance without propagation
      fix some new failing tests
      skip everything if we have different propagation algorithm
      don't run tests when we load t/rtir-test.pl, this doesn't
      add t/constituency/propagation-inherit.t
      update constituency tests
      constituency propagation 'reject'
      vanish RT's lib/t/utils.t
      split create_rtir_ticket into create_rtir_ticket and create_rtir_ticket_ok
      tests + implementation + fixes
      more tests and implementations
      more trick around constiruencies
      add constituency related acl tests
      remove tests that depends on constituency propagation algorithm
      update docs
      implement reject algo for constituency propagation on Edit pages
      update docs
      add IsStaff check to ::Condition::RTIR
      switch conditions to IsStaff
      a little bit of debugging
      get rid of go_home
      drop legacy of copy&paste
      add tests on due date
      another step to RT::Test
      load or create rtir test user before login
      don't fail there is no more incidents to abandon after abandoning a group
      don't pass %ARGS further as we've done everything we need
      add abandon.t
      move some tests into new dir
      fix number of tests
      ARGSref -> ARGSRef
      we don't want to pass original arguments into Display.html,
      forget to call function after refactoring
      check that constituency already exist and ask if user want proceed
      always ask for confirmation
      update constituency docs
      fix constituency tests, now pass all with all propagation algorithms
      add more docs about constituency specific groups
      more docs about users' membership in constituency specific groups
      update manifest
      bump version
      get rid of uninit warning
      add key selector to RTIR's Create.html
      delete font tag without closing part
      add checks for keys to Incident/Create
      use infrastructure in a test file, quite tricky right now, but
      cheat all the way, we want this test to work, first of all load RT::Test
      delete css related to tickets locking
      add 'use warnings'
      fix activation of Blocks after reply
      merge IPs on ticket merge
      don't duplicate IPs
      update addresses when queue exists
      add 'require XXX' before wrapping or overriding something
      add tests for consituency specific email addresses and autoreply message
      add test for functionality of "Don't send any emails to correspondents."
      update tutorial with description of 'Don't send any emails to correspondents'
      use redirect instead of calling the comp
      make sure all ways to reject an IR leave alone links to incidents
      allow user to make different choice when
      pass args to save entered values on attachment management
      add support for handling multiple queues in RT::IR::States
      minor refactoring
      flush constituency cache on each request
      add checks for keys during 'Abandon', 'Reply' and 'Reply To All' actions on Incidents
      apply the code if we're going to sign a message
      run code only when it's required
      add tests for interaction with gnupg on updates of Incidents:
      we don't add reply to the incident so we don't have to sign using queue's address
      Queue's CommentAddress and CorrespondAddress methods may return
      apply the check only when we're going to create a new ticket not earlier,
      fix number of tests
      version bump
      update Constituencies.pod
      update Constituencies.pod
      fix From/Reply-To addresses in autoreplies constituency specififc queues
      update Tutorial.pod
      fix constituency rights check
      Title is not an argument anymore
      turn on debug mode in Net::Whois::RIPE so we'll get errors as warnings in the log
      turn on debug mode in Net::Whois::RIPE so we'll get errors as warnings in the log
      $whois->query can return undef
      close 'a' tag or it breaks following tags
      don't show a box if there is nothing to show
      $query->can('...') fails, most probably the module uses AUTOLOAD
      improve error handling, it's not always connection errors
      perl structures never should be in the ARGS
      on error whois->query method returns list with undef element
      next without loop is dangerouse :(
      cure from alzheimer (server field)
      bump version
      improve tests
      styling, no more
      MIME tools returns not chomped value
      use redirect instead of $m->comp
      fix RTIR_BlockAproveActionRegexp
      restore original subject argument
      fix using of templates in ScriptedActions
      restore original content
      fix ScriptedActions when template hasn't been selected
      add --rename option (sub-command) to add_constituency
      fine tune showing of Steal/Take actions according to rights
      update M::I
      fix Forward tab in RTIR
      add 'Results' subtab to all /RTIR/Search/Elements/RefineTabs
      don't pass %ARGS to Display.html, but only id and results
      use new API
      get rid of a lot of duplicated code by using new GnuPG widget
      Firefox doesn't like <a ... />
      add /RTIR/Elements/AttachReports
      allow user to attach reports on an investigation launching
      more tests of From: address in constituency autoreplies
      add more info about operation
      delete debug statement
      pass widget to comp to get inputs
      select default constituency using user's rights
      fix constituency defaulting, add more tests
      return id of created ticket even if we can not see it
      add more tests
      adjust constituency defaulting for incidents
      inherit IPs in the forms when parent or child is available
      IP inheritance for Incidents
      8 on linking prefer parent's constituency
      store and restore rights
      bump version
      update manifest
      add more constituency tests
      load RT::IR using callbacks registration
      revert the latest change
      add loading of RT::IR to the bottom of config
      make two constituency comparisions case-insensetive
      remove test file without tests
      delete some notes from the doc
      fix another case-sensetivity bug with constituency
      for 'total: ...' we must use CountAll
      bump required version of DBIx::SB
      move code to the place where it's only required
      set up defaults to avoid wrong highlighting later
      add NoTicketsLabel
      add /RTIR/Incident/Elements/ShowChildren
      replace duplicated code with new comp .../Incident/Elements/ShowChildren
      adjust WebNoAuthRegexp according to RTIR's needs
      not really important typo in argument name
      allow users to edit additional Incidents' CFs via 'Edit' page
      fix CF inheritance when we create inc with inv at once
      fix NoAuth regexp
      url_overwrite should override url_overwrite instead of url action
      add another Investigate button that redirects you
      bundle scrips to make it easier to analyze data
      even if $query is not empty $iterator can be,
      add html/RTIR/GnuPG.html
      add id to its place
      update manifest
      bump version
      update docs
      fix merge according to constituency propagation modes
      fix links in QueueSummary portlet
      disable default escapes as those are applied before our custom
      update tutorials with info about managing "at glance" pages
      update a tutorial
      delete trailing spaces in the latest string of a txn
      bump version
      redirect to RTIR even if user has no rights to see queue,
      report correct type of the ticket all the time, even if user
      fix test
      use redirect instead $m->comp
      fix escaping
      update M::I::RTx
      bump version
      fix etc/upgrade/upgrade.pl script
      update UPGRADING
      update Makefile.PL
      bump version
      adjust find ip regexps and add tests for false positive matches
      add '[Add IP]' link near IPs in the content of tickets
      add Comment box on activation
      we must use internal redirect, otherwise we don't get footer
      add HasNoQueueCache as we don't cache attempts to load record
      add additional boundaries to searches by IP to allow
      bump version
      MaxValues of response CF should be 1 instead of unlimitted
      update UPGRADING
      we create Text, not wikitext
      a branch for RTIR 2.4.0 that will be compatible with 3.8 release,
      result messages after linking have been changed
      'Next Page' -> 'Next'
      use clean_caught_mails instead of unlink
      use Plugins
      protect from a bug in RT 3.8.0
      use new API of html/Elements/ListActions
      update tests according to the latest code
      some debug in tests
      use new API
      remove t/017-locking.t as it's part of locking extension for long time
      adjust tests ot use new plugins subsystem
      stop loading RT::IR from config as new plugins subsystem loads it for us
      update M::I
      switch to RT::Test
      switch to RT::Test
      switch RTIR tests completly to RT::Test module
      update README and UPGRADING
      adjust required RT version
      we can not depend on RT::FM as new plugin system
      bump version
      update manifest again, one file has been deleted
      move loading from config to RT/IR.pm, this is not ideal but works
      add rtir.pot for translations
      add po/README
      bump version - 2.4.0rc2
      update M::I::RTx
      bump version - 2.4.0
      move old 2.3-TESTING -> 2.4/trunk
      add 'Bookmark' ticket action
      don't apply RTIR css file if it's not RTIR path
      fix simple search layout in web2 theme
      use right title of the block for 'bulk reject' link,
      add 'Results' subtab to appendable tabs like Link Incident, Link Children...
      drop @results argument from Display.html, it's used by
      apply classes on some boxes to be on the same wave as RT
      add paging to LinkChildren (adding a child to an incident)
      link was renamed
      fix test
      add support for RTFM on Create in RTIR, needs RTFM trunk (not yet released 2.4.1)
      branch for 2.4.1 stable release
      bump version
      bump version
      merge from 2.4.1 releng branch back into trunk
      don't set $$skip to zero in SkipTransaction callback as it may
      RT-Ticket: 13280
      delete the only use of YAML we had for debugging
      move everything from t/rtir-test.pl into t/lib/RT/IR/Test.pm
      provide correct RTFM's path if we're in CHIMPS environment
      return RTFM's path provided by chimps only when we found it
      call diag properly as it's not imported
      * fix typos in the tutorial
      * use SelectPriority component
      * update docs: changes, makefile and readme
      * use the same color as we use for links
      explicit Content limit is illegal IP address
      tidy traceroute interface
      delete not-balanced closing </i> tag from format strings
      make proper overriding of WebNoAuthRegexp
      adjust deserialization of IP from value with leading zeroes
      * ::States without Queue argument never worked
      don't show modify links if we can not modify
      update changelog with cherry picked changes from 2.5
      update M::I
      bump version, 2.4.2
      fix cherry pciking mistake
      * update rtir's pot
      bump version, 2.4.3
      fix signature re-adding
      include user's signature in some cases
      update M::I
      respect LinkValueTo for RTIR custom fields, RTIR 2.5 uses RT's code for this
      explicit return to avoid zeros on the page
      apply transaction date search only if it's FTS
      compatibility fix for RT 3.8.8 and preserve compat with older versions
      update M::I*
      changelog update
      bump version

Shawn Moore (64):
      Local branch of RTIR
      rm 031-gpg.t, it's moving somewhere into RT
      what needs doing for GPG
      what needs doing for GPG
      Enable unsigned message warning
      Add a post-reject warning if you reject an IR that has an incident
      Add column in bulk-reject for "does this have incidents?" and if so, hilight it
      Add a big warning if a reply will go nowhere
      Step 1 of displaying key info in reply-to lists
      Flesh out the columnmaps, just need to find the actual check for pubkey
      Don't display "no pubkey" alone in the owner field
      Untested, but this should Just Work (famous last words?)
      Moving OwnerNameKey and RequestorsKey into RT since it's not very RTIR-specific and can be way more easily tested
      Fix the RTIR config for new column names
      Add (passing) tests for commas and semicolons separating IPs
      Update test counts
      First stab at the 2.3.0 ugprade script
      Copy the basics of locking into the tutorial.
      Move auto lock actions up higher
      Some basic reply-to-incident doc
      Add ticketlocking to the RTIR readme
      Typo/grammar fixes
      Add some linking docs, minor IP docfixes
      Expand linking doc to include linking IRs to incidents
      Quick Resolve, new Blocks (which needs a description from someone with a clue :))
      Don't really need this doc any more :)
      Typo fix in add_constituency synopsis
      Remove some wishlist items that are covered well enough by RT or other RTIR concepts
      Remove more redundant items from the wishlist
      Copy RT's t/web/gnupg-select-key-on-create and convert it to use RTIR. it explodes but it looks like it works until that point :) (explodes because RTIR doesn't use the key selection widget yet)
      Add key selector to update
      Fix update action so that it actually works. Still working on the tests for create
      Copy RT's gpg test keys for t/021-gnupg.t
      Load up the RTIR config in the test file
      This makes all but the last 3 tests pass, but is it the right thing? (removing $ARGS{'Create'} check in gpg handling). Doesn't seem to cause any weird behavior when manually testing, so it's probably OK
      All GPG tests pass :)
      Add tests for adding an attachment, they pass :)
      Add 022-gnupg-update and move 021-gnupg to 021-gnupg-create
      Capitalize the RTIR terms, launch investigation is covered, correspond with correspondents
      Rewrite some of the prose about merging, etc
      Spec wants some doc on what is recoverable
      RTIR templates
      Document the custom fields in a more descriptive way (when I had a clue) than etc/initialdata
      Abandoning seems to work very similarly to resolving
      Various cleanups. There are no more "I think this is what happens.." or "XXX: write this" type statements in the doc
      Make the change that ruz suggested with putting $ARGS{Create} back in
      Doc reverification and key selection
      Doc the GPG untrusted-encrypt limitation here too
      Add DrySign checks
      Add some doc about missing passphrase
      Use a callback to have the RTIR index use the nice titlebox CSS
      Make sure RT::Crypt::GnuPG is loaded when creating/updating a ticket
      Add DrySign to Incident/Reply
      Check each ticket correspond address to make sure it can sign
      Add DrySign to Incident/Create
      Get rid of GnuPGSignIssues
      Minor fixes
      Don't put the user's signature into either address box
      Net::Whois::RIPE uses _ instead of - in its method names
      More logic cleanups
      Include an error message if the user tries to use an unknown field name
      Substitute _ADDR_ and _IP_ in the message box
      Override the correct type (url_overwrite, not url) in RTIR's MakeClicky
      Be consistent about $ConstituencyCache vs %ConstituencyCache

Turner Hayes (54):
      Edited rtir-test.pl to make some more informative output messages
      Moved test for 'Use system default()' option from 019-webui-block-fields.t to this script
      Fixed require path to rtir-test.pl which I mistakenly changed
      Fixed some (mostly stylistic) errors
      changed rtir-test according to feedback from ruz, addedd LinkChildToIncident subroutine from 001-basic-rtir.t
      Created test for the creation of an incident with investigation from an IR
      Added some utility functions to rtir-test.pl and adjusted the affected files
      Fixed path error in require
      Fixed bug that made test fail if the target IRs to abandon are not on the same page
      Added paging to the Bulk Abandon page
      Minor changes (forgot to remove diagnostic code)
      Fixed merge test
      Minor change (removed diagnostic code I forgot to remove)
      Created test to see if the Age field appears as a select box for a user without ModifyCustomField right
      View age field test moved to RT-Extension-TicketAging
      Started documentation index
      Adapted RTIR locking to use RT locking
      Fixed locking method call syntax
      Added locking to RTIR's Edit feature
      Added locking to the RTIR Split feature
      Added locking to the RTIR Merge feature
      Improved messages for removed locks
      Minor: removed unneccessary commented out line
      Fixed stylistic issues
      added check to make sure CustomField in transaction is not State field (causes infinite loop)
      Changed call to ShowLock to refer to the appropriate file (html/Elements/ShowLock)
      Made lock display for the Create component conditional upon being used in a Split operation (the only create operation that should need to display lock info)
      Fixed locking for Incidents (uses different set of files, so they were missed at first)
      Fixed bug resulting from trying to unlock a Ticket that doesn't exist
      Changed RTIR locking to accomodate new hard/auto locking system
      Minor variable name correction
      Fixed for new locking system
      Made calls to RT::Ticket::Unlock more atomic
      Made manual locks and unlocks use string argument instead of boolean (to accomodate new locking methods)
      Modified to account for special case of locking when an IR is Taken until the IR is linked to a new or existing Incident
      Now accomodates passing an ID to /Elements/ShowLock, to keep track of locks not being looked at
      Tidied up locking for RTIR
      Made Lock an auto lock instead of Take lock in case of linking a child to an incident
      Made Creation of an Incident linked to an IR place an auto lock instead of a Take lock
      Minor bug fixes
      Fixed bug
      Fixed bug in test (unneeded single quote entity for "id < 200")
      Added web-ui-based tests for Incident Report and Incident locking: hard, auto and take locking with Edit, Split and Merge, and testing encountering locks from other users
      Added Merge test to the Auto Lock section of IR
      Fixed number of tests
      Added tests for Update.html, along with more Merge tests
      Added test for lock expiration
      Changed to accomodate new Unlock method, which returns a tuple of length of the lock (or undef if not unlocked) and a message regarding the success or falure of the unlock operation
      Minor formatting changes
      Modified to use callbacks for locking, in keeping with the new RT-Extension-TicketLocking
      fixed up locking testing
      Modified to use more general callback names
      Modified to add more useful information to the BeforeActionsList callback
      Added a test for linking an IR to an existing incident (previously only had one for a new incident)

sunnavy (1):
      recheck the cf Constituency if $const is _none


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