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Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Thu Apr 2 20:07:19 EDT 2015

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  replaces  3.2.0
 tagged by  Jesse Vincent
        on  Thu Apr 2 16:46:37 2015 -0700

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
First release of RTIR 3.3 test branch
Version: GnuPG v1.4.14 (Darwin)


Alex Vandiver (12):
      Remove an unnecessary subroutine prototype
      Remove indirect object notation
      Avoid using $1 after a regex which may fail to match
      Promote _FlushCustomFieldsCache into a public method
      Use something not string eval to load local overlays
      Remove never-used merge_ticket sub
      Use blockless map and grep blocks
      Standardize use strict/warnings/base header somewhat
      Add warnings to RTIR_Config
      Put an explicit return value on the debug function
      Set an increased MaxInlineBody, not an unlimited one
      /Elements/SelectStatus takes Object, not QueueObj, in RT 4.2

Jesse Vincent (208):
      Merge branch '3.2-trunk'
      Remove historical constituencies implementation
      First step in switching RTIR logic from queue name to lifecycle
      Further queue->lookup type conversions
      add a bit of debugging to a test file
      Progressively replacing queue-based searches
      Progressively replacing queue-based searches
      Additional work porting from queue-based ticket typing to lifecycle-based ticket typing
      Further lifecycle updates
      Switch MapStatus to using lifecycles
      Switch another use of queue name to queue lifecycle
      Further lifecycles changes
      Further conversion of ActiveQuery and friends to lifecycles
      Remove a completely unused parameter on Incident Reply
      Switch more of the API to depend on lifecycles
      Switch test helpers to use lifecycles
      Switch tests that depend on queue name to use lifecycle instead
      Switch TicketType to use Lifecycle calls
      Switch Create Links from Queue to Lifecycle
      Switch QueueSummaryByLifecycle to just use lifecycles
      Interim hack to switch RTIR Create to use Lifecycle
      Fix typo in ActiveQuery parameters
      Switch RTIR Lookup to create by lifecycle
      Switch a bunch of RT::IR->Query calls to use lifecycles
      Switch incident display pages to use lifecycles
      Start to switch 'children' to use lifecycles
      A few more lifecyclifications.
      Remove the old UpdateObjectList callback
      cleaning up more name->lifecycle logic
      remove unused variable
      Start to factor hardcoded lifecycle names out of RTIR application code
      Convert LookupSummary to use the new lifecycle name helpers
      Add pseudocode for the new create_constituency script
      SKIP constituency test until constituencies are rebuilt
      Fix the lifecycle names in the new helpers
      First pass at beginning to refactor the main RTIR ticket creation page
      Minor refactoring to remove temp variables
      Add a comment
      MakeClicky tests were inaccurate and had been failing pretty consistently
      MakeClicky tests were inaccurate and had been failing pretty consistently
      Update Reporting to use lifecycle name helpers
      Fix a few places where RTIR used Mason's redirect
      Merge branch '3.2/use-rt-redirect' into 3.4/remove_old_constituencies
      Add a (not yet correct) element for RTIR queue selection
      Begin to switch the RTIR editor to using the lifecycle name helpers
      Add a queue selection widget to the default RTIR create screen
      Porting more components to lifecycle name helpers
      Further porting to new lifecycle_ helpers
      Partial port of tabs/privileged to lifecycle helpers
      Partial porting of Tabs/Privileged to lifecycle helpers
      Partial porting of Tabs/Privileged to new lifecycle helpers
      Partial porting of Tabs to lifecycle helpers
      Portect against undefined warnings for empty URIs in testing
      furtther refactoring to switch to lifecycle helpers
      XXX TODO - move a hardcoded queue name out of a reusable component
      First pass at adding queue selection to RTIR ticket creation
      First stab at adding in base infrastructure for multiple constituencies
      Show constituency on RTIR ticket display
      remove a temp variable
      Show constituency on incident display
      Start to replace passthrough to object-type specific components with redirects
      Add the queue to incident display
      Remove trailing whitespace
      Replace a call-through to another component with a redirect
      Switch RTIR ticket creation from calling a component to redirecting
      Switch Incident creation from calling a component to redirecting
      Remove mispelled vestige of old Constituency support
      We're going to pick a queue-specific whois server eventually
      Switch tests to 'done_testing' style
      Skip a homepage dashboard load for every ticket creation
      Remove unneeded calls to display a ticket we just created
      make t/articles tests aware of RT 4.2.11+ skipping the 'in class' page
      First pass at switching all RTIR URLs to run through a helper
      First pass of a new "Set constituency" selector
      A first pass at a constituency selector on the RTIR homepage
      RTIR Ticket Edit now limits by constituency and lifecycle by default
      better use of space on RTIR Edit page
      Add a note about possibly limiting view of queus by constituency in ticket create
      Simplify RTIR create page, removing a split between 'basics' and 'details'
      Add a helper to determine if a lifecycle is an RTIR lifecycle
      Add an RTIR specific QueueSummary widget
      Switch to using the new QueueSummary widget
      Update "QueueSummary" widget to be sensitive to the new Constituency filter
      Add constituency support to the the tabs setup.
      Bugfixes to most recent tabs update
      Get the new queue summary widget to respect constituency urls
      avoid an undef warning
      When showing if an incident report has incidents, be more useful.
      Fix an RTIR queue comparison I'd missed
      Additional rewriting of urls in RTIR
      In the case where no constituency is set, we still need to compare it
      Don't double-prepend the RT WebPath in the titlebox actions
      Show Incident Queues by name, not id
      Restore NamedValues support to SelectRTIRQueue
      Fix another RTIR href prefix
      Switch an "intuit the uri" to something dhandler compatible
      Update the RTIR Search Basics to be smarter
      Fix a typographical error in add_constituency
      Add a new Formats helper for RTIR ticket URLs
      Switch "OurQuery" to return Lifecycles
      Require RT::IR::Web;
      Start using __RTIRTicketURI__
      Clean up results list formats
      Limit two more queue selectors to the correct constituency
      Fix a redirect
      Switch to HREFTo and add a comment about a callback's original intent
      Further porting to the new 'HREFTo' functionality
      add a todo
      Switch RTIR's "Create a ticket" widget to only show RTIR queues in the
      Add a CSS class on the body element.
      Improve RTIR's "Back to.." messages to better describe what they link back to
      CSS classes on additional elements to aid in styling
      Change an emtpy label to be easier to scan
      Additional CSS styling on RTIR
      Better style some text buttons as buttons
      Add a "constituency for" method to RT::IR
      Make a couple more things in the ticket ui linkable
      CSS cleanups
      Made basic RTIR ticket creation interfaces aware of constituencies
      CSS styling
      Synchronize our TicketSQL query parser with RT 4.2 as of 5870ca53e
      Add constituency limits to the dueincidents and newreports portlets
      Fix a couple bugs in the reporting tools
      Massage all search result views in RTIR to limit by constituency
      Actually limit ModifySearch to RTIR pages
      Cut 'rtir for' out of the top bar. We don't have the room.
      Condense 'incident reports' in the RTIR menu to 'reports'
      tighten up rtir's menu
      remove symbols that were being escaped funnily from rtir tests
      Switch RTIR to spreading out its menus for ease of access
      Fix incorrect uses of RT::IR::TicketType
      Added support for search by lifecycle to RTIR's query builder
      Merge branch '3.4/remove_old_constituencies_abstract_queue_check' into 3.4/remove_old_constituencies
      Better error guarding in ToolResultIframe
      Add support for per-queue RTIR default whois servers
      Standardize 'href'
      Clean up search result default formats
      rename a function
      Update "add constituency" tool to copy custom fields from base 'template' queues
      Move the 'Work with constituency' widget to be a regular RTIR dashboard widget
      make constituency renaming significantly more robust
      Remove several outdated bits of constituency documentation
      Remove a now-unused callback
      Remove a now-unused callback
      Remove old homepage components that don't make sense
      Document the new 'StrictConstituencyLinking config option
      Because related tickets can now be in a number of queues, show the queue in the linking interface
      Fix some path matching errors that broke the page nav
      Default to limit the incident linking ui to a single constituency, but let the user change it
      Document a method in RT::IR
      Add a helper method for checking StrictConstituencyLinking
      Defend against undef
      Refactoring to remove duplicated code
      Remove incorrect use of BaseQuery
      Fix tests now that we no longer hide part of the query from users
      Use RT::IR->StrictConstituencyLinking to decide when to restrict
      A note and a whitespace fix to Investigation/Elements/Create
      When linking an incident to a another ticket, make sure
      Typo fix
      When merging tickets, respect StrictConstituencyLinking
      When we have a preferred constituency but no required constituency,
      When creating an incident, try to load a queue in the correct
      Add a placeholder for the RTIR 3.4 upgrading document
      Update RT::IR->ConstituencyFor to also work for queue objects
      Add a first pass at a script to change the constituency of child tickets
      Update the RTIR 3.4 upgrading docs
      undef protection
      Switch to using 'ConstituencyFor' helper rather than direct cf access
      Merge branch '3.4/remove_old_constituencies_migration' into 3.4/remove_old_constituencies
      Remove old constituency ACL test
      This old constituency test verified the functionality of the old
      Make new 'add_constituency tool work with the --quiet option'
      When setting a default RTIR queue and no default constituency,
      Add ids to RTIR ticket creation elements to make testing easier
      Make it possible to create an rtir ticket with a queue, not just with
      Fix a mistaken comment
      move a variable definition closer to first use
      Add a couple css classes for easier testing
      warnings avoidance
      use those new css classes
      make some test infrastructure constituency-aware
      Move most RTIR rights out of initialdata and into RT::IR
      Clean up newlines in add_constituency
      reuse RT::IR->DutyTeamAllQueueRights
      Add Everyone and Owner role rights for constituency queues
      Start to forwardport some constituency tests
      Fix some bugs in Split/Child error detection
      Get rid of a now-superflous mapping table
      Switch some test ticket creation to load by queue rather than lifecycle
      Fix a bug that stopped related tickets from moving between constituencies
      Only change the constituency of child tickets if they started off with the same constituency
      Remove a number of now-inaccurate statements from the constituency
      Added upgrading notes
      Bump our RT dependency to 4.2.10. (Once released, it shoudl become 4.2.11)
      Bump our version number to 3.3.0 in preparation for shipping a first test build to a customer
      move the auto-upgrade script to 3.3.0, as that's the first version that needs the change
      Rerun RT license tagger to update copyright statements & add them to new files
      Add a license block to the README
      Turn the incomplete propagation-reject tests back off
      We ended up just reusing add_constituency
      Update MANIFEST for 3.3.0
      Merge branch '3.4/remove_old_constituencies_reporting' into 3.4/remove_old_constituencies

Kevin Falcone (11):
      Now that 3.2-trunk exists, new development version
      Merge branch '3.2-trunk'
      Bump version for 3.0.4rc1
      bump for 3.0.4
      Merge branch '3.0.4-releng' into 3.0-trunk
      Merge branch '3.2.0-releng' into 3.2-trunk
      Merge branch '3.0-trunk' into 3.2-trunk
      Merge branch '3.2-trunk'
      Merge branch '3.4/perlcritic'
      Merge branch '3.2/select-status-lifecycle' into 3.2-trunk
      Merge branch '3.2/provide-maxinlinebody' into 3.2-trunk

Thomas Sibley (4):
      Explicit returns for add_constituency
      Explicit returns for lib/RT/IR.pm
      Explicit returns for lib/RT/IR/Test.pm
      Explicit returns for lib/RT/IR/Test/Web.pm

sunnavy (6):
      abstract queue check code. e.g. RT::IR->IsIncidentQueue($QueueObj)
      use new queue check code for actions/conditions
      add the same templates/scrips to new constituency queues
      initial upgrade code for new constituency mechanism
      new constituency mechanism support for reporting
      it's wrong to use "1970-01-01 00:00:01" as the default resolved date in sql


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