[Rt-commit] rt branch, 4.4/german-translation-problem, created. rt-4.4.4-47-g06729769a

Michel Rodriguez michel at bestpractical.com
Fri Jun 28 09:35:49 EDT 2019

The branch, 4.4/german-translation-problem has been created
        at  06729769a93c3469cc02ba5601de044c28a3de3b (commit)

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
commit 06729769a93c3469cc02ba5601de044c28a3de3b
Author: michel <michel at bestpractical.com>
Date:   Fri Jun 28 15:19:15 2019 +0200

    Fixes a problem with the german translation.
    A function name (quant) had been erroneously translated into German.
     Please enter the commit message for your changes. Lines starting

diff --git a/share/po/de.po.orig b/share/po/de.po.orig
new file mode 100644
index 000000000..34071cca2
--- /dev/null
+++ b/share/po/de.po.orig
@@ -0,0 +1,11274 @@
+# German translation for rt
+# Copyright (c) 2013 Rosetta Contributors and Canonical Ltd 2013
+# This file is distributed under the same license as the rt package.
+msgid ""
+msgstr ""
+"Project-Id-Version: rt\n"
+"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: FULL NAME <EMAIL at ADDRESS>\n"
+"POT-Creation-Date: 2018-06-26 19:30+0000\n"
+"PO-Revision-Date: 2018-12-21 23:18+0000\n"
+"Last-Translator: sunnavy <sunnavy at gmail.com>\n"
+"Language-Team: German <de at li.org>\n"
+"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
+"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
+"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
+"X-Launchpad-Export-Date: 2019-01-31 18:42+0000\n"
+"X-Generator: Launchpad (build 18862)\n"
+#: share/html/Articles/Elements/NewestArticles:51 share/html/Articles/Elements/UpdatedArticles:51 share/html/Elements/ColumnMap:61 share/html/Elements/RT__ScripAction/ColumnMap:56 share/html/Elements/RT__ScripCondition/ColumnMap:56
+msgid "#"
+msgstr ""
+#. ($Ticket->Id, $Ticket->Subject || '')
+#. ($Ticket->id, $Ticket->Subject)
+#. ($TicketObj->Id, $TicketObj->Subject || '')
+#. ($asset->id, $asset->Name)
+#. ($link->BaseObj->Id, $link->BaseObj->Subject)
+#. ($object->Id, $object->Subject || '')
+#. ($t->Id, $t->Subject || '')
+#. ($ticket->Id, $ticket->Subject)
+#: lib/RT/URI/fsck_com_rt.pm:222 share/html/Approvals/Elements/Approve:50 share/html/Approvals/Elements/ShowDependency:73 share/html/Helpers/Autocomplete/Tickets:105 share/html/SelfService/Display.html:48 share/html/Ticket/Display.html:217 share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowAssets:121 share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowAssetsOnCreate:109 share/html/m/ticket/history:56 share/html/m/ticket/show:205
+msgid "#%1: %2"
+msgstr ""
+#. ($lang)
+#. ($self->Data)
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1148 lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1187 share/html/Prefs/Elements/ShowAboutMe:69
+msgid "%1"
+msgstr ""
+#. ($self->ObjectType, $object->Id)
+#: lib/RT/URI/fsck_com_rt.pm:229
+msgid "%1 #%2"
+msgstr ""
+#. ($self->loc($class), $self->Instance, $self->Name)
+#: lib/RT/Group.pm:132
+msgid "%1 #%2 %3"
+msgstr ""
+#. (loc($record_type), $Transaction->ObjectId)
+#: share/html/Elements/ShowTransaction:130
+msgid "%1 #%2:"
+msgstr ""
+#. ($self->ObjectType, $object->Id, $name)
+#: lib/RT/URI/fsck_com_rt.pm:227
+msgid "%1 #%2: %3"
+msgstr ""
+#. ($args{'FIELD'},        $args{'OPERATOR'}, $args{'VALUE'})
+#: lib/RT/Tickets.pm:1532
+msgid "%1 %2 %3"
+msgstr ""
+#. ($wday,$mon,$mday,$year)
+#: lib/RT/Date.pm:759
+msgid "%1 %2 %3 %4"
+msgstr "%1 %3. %2 %4"
+#. ($wday,$mon,$mday,$hour,$min,$year)
+#: lib/RT/Date.pm:774
+msgid "%1 %2 %3 %4:%5 %6"
+msgstr "%1 %3. %2 %4:%5 %6"
+#. ($wday,$mon,$mday,$hour,$min,$sec,$year)
+#: lib/RT/Date.pm:771
+msgid "%1 %2 %3 %4:%5:%6 %7"
+msgstr "%1 %3. %2 %4:%5:%6 %7"
+#. ($cf->Name, $new_content)
+#. ($field, $new)
+#. ($self->_CanonicalizeRoleName($self->Field), $self->_FormatPrincipal($principal))
+#: lib/RT/Record.pm:2066 lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1048 lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1091
+msgid "%1 %2 added"
+msgstr "%1 %2 hinzugefügt"
+#. ($cf->Name, $old_content, $new_content)
+#. ($field, $old, $new)
+#: lib/RT/Record.pm:2073 lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1054
+msgid "%1 %2 changed to %3"
+msgstr "%1 %2 geändert in %3"
+#. ($cf->Name, $old_content)
+#. ($field, $old)
+#. ($self->_CanonicalizeRoleName($self->Field), $self->_FormatPrincipal($principal))
+#: lib/RT/Record.pm:2070 lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1051 lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1097
+msgid "%1 %2 deleted"
+msgstr "%1 %2 gelöscht"
+#. (loc($self->{SearchType}), $self->{CurrentSearch}{Object}->Description)
+#: share/html/Widgets/SavedSearch:143
+msgid "%1 %2 deleted."
+msgstr "%1 %2 gelöscht."
+#. ($self->loc($column), $args{Value})
+#: lib/RT/Record/Role/Status.pm:256
+msgid "%1 %2 does not exist"
+msgstr "%1 %2 existiert nicht"
+#. ($self->loc($column), $name)
+#: lib/RT/Record/Role/Status.pm:261
+msgid "%1 %2 is disabled"
+msgstr "%1 %2 ist deaktiviert"
+#. (loc($self->{SearchType}), $args->{SavedSearchDescription})
+#: share/html/Widgets/SavedSearch:133
+msgid "%1 %2 saved."
+msgstr "%1 %2 gespeichert."
+#. (loc($self->{SearchType}), $args->{SavedSearchDescription})
+#: share/html/Widgets/SavedSearch:114
+msgid "%1 %2 updated."
+msgstr "%1 %2 aktualisiert."
+#. ($_[0]->loc($_[0]->ConditionObj->Name),            $_[0]->loc($_[0]->ActionObj->Name),            $_[0]->loc($_[0]->Template),)
+#. (loc($scrip->ConditionObj->Name), loc($scrip->ActionObj->Name), loc($scrip->Template))
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__Scrip/ColumnMap:102 share/html/Helpers/PreviewScrips:101
+msgid "%1 %2 with template %3"
+msgstr "%1 %2 mit der Vorlage %3"
+#. (loc("Canonicalizer"), $CanonicalizeClass)
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomFields/Modify.html:283
+msgid "%1 '%2' added"
+msgstr "%1 '%2' hinzugefügt"
+#. (loc("Canonicalizer"), $original)
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomFields/Modify.html:287
+msgid "%1 '%2' removed"
+msgstr "%1 '%2' entfernt"
+#. ($rev->CreatedAsString, $rev->FriendlyContentLength, $m->scomp('/Elements/ShowUser', User => $rev->CreatorObj))
+#. ($rev->CreatedAsString, $rev->FriendlyContentLength, $rev->CreatorObj->Name)
+#: share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowAttachments:77 share/html/m/ticket/show:326
+msgid "%1 (%2) by %3"
+msgstr "%1 (%2) von %3"
+#. ($TicketObj->OwnerObj->Format)
+#. ($t->OwnerObj->Format)
+#. (loc($TicketObj->Status))
+#. (loc('Approve'))
+#. (loc('Deny'))
+#: share/html/Approvals/Elements/Approve:72 share/html/Approvals/Elements/Approve:81 share/html/Ticket/Elements/SelectStatus:64 share/html/Ticket/Update.html:105 share/html/m/ticket/reply:77
+msgid "%1 (Unchanged)"
+msgstr "%1 (Unverändert)"
+#. (($_->{description} || $_->{name}), $_->{pane})
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Elements/Deleted:57
+msgid "%1 (from pane %2)"
+msgstr "%1 (von Ansicht %2)"
+#. ("--log")
+#: bin/rt-crontool:347
+msgid "%1 - Adjust LogToSTDERR config option"
+msgstr "%1 - LogToSTDERR Konfigurationsoption anpassen"
+#. ("--condition-arg", "--condition")
+#. ("--search-arg", "--search")
+#: bin/rt-crontool:322 bin/rt-crontool:329
+msgid "%1 - An argument to pass to %2"
+msgstr "%1 - Ein Argument zur Übergabe an %2"
+#. ("--action-arg", "--action")
+#: bin/rt-crontool:335
+msgid "%1 - An argument to pass to %2. This option may be repeated to pass corresponding arguments to multiple calls of %2."
+msgstr "%1 - Ein Argument, das an %2 übergeben werden soll. Diese Option kann wiederholt werden, um entsprechende Argumente an mehrere Aufrufe von %2 zu übergeben."
+#. ("--verbose")
+#: bin/rt-crontool:349
+msgid "%1 - Output status updates to STDOUT"
+msgstr "%1 - Statusausgabe auf STDOUT"
+#. ("--transaction")
+#: bin/rt-crontool:341
+msgid "%1 - Specify if you want to use either 'first', 'last' or 'all' transactions"
+msgstr "%1 - Möchtest Du die 'erste', 'letzte' oder 'alle' Transaktionen nutzen"
+#. ("--template")
+#: bin/rt-crontool:338
+msgid "%1 - Specify name or id of template(s) you want to use"
+msgstr "%1 - Namen oder die ID der Vorlage/n angeben, die Sie verwenden möchten"
+#. ("--action")
+#: bin/rt-crontool:332
+msgid "%1 - Specify the action module you want to use. This option may be repeated to apply multiple actions to found tickets."
+msgstr "%1 - Geben Sie den Aktionsmodul an, das Sie verwenden möchten. Diese Option kann wiederholt werden, um mehrere Aktionen auf gefundene Tickets anzuwenden."
+#. ("--transaction-type")
+#: bin/rt-crontool:344
+msgid "%1 - Specify the comma separated list of transactions' types you want to use"
+msgstr "%1 - Kommagetrennte Liste der Transaktionstypen angeben, die Sie verwenden möchten"
+#. ("--condition")
+#: bin/rt-crontool:326
+msgid "%1 - Specify the condition module you want to use"
+msgstr "%1 - Gibt an, welches Condition-Modul benutzt werden soll"
+#. ("--search")
+#: bin/rt-crontool:319
+msgid "%1 - Specify the search module you want to use"
+msgstr "%1 - Gibt an, welches Search-Modul benutzt werden soll"
+#. (loc($Class))
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/PickObjectCFs:72
+msgid "%1 CFs"
+msgstr "%1 benutzerdefinierte Felder"
+#. ('»|«', $RT::VERSION, '2019', '<a href="http://www.bestpractical.com?rt='.$RT::VERSION.'">Best Practical Solutions, LLC</a>',)
+#. ('', '', '2019', '<a href="http://www.bestpractical.com?rt='.$RT::VERSION.'">Best Practical Solutions, LLC</a>',)
+#: share/html/Elements/Footer:56 share/html/m/_elements/footer:51
+msgid "%1 RT %2 Copyright 1996-%3 %4."
+msgstr "%1 RT %2 Alle Rechte vorbehalten 1996-%3 %4."
+#. ($package)
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/UpgradeHistory:58
+msgid "%1 Version"
+msgstr ""
+#. ($args{'Value'}, $cf->Name)
+#: lib/RT/Record.pm:2108
+msgid "%1 added as a value for %2"
+msgstr "%1 als Wert für %2 hinzugefügt"
+#. ($email)
+#. ($record->Name)
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Subscription.html:300 share/html/Dashboards/Subscription.html:328
+msgid "%1 added to dashboard subscription recipients"
+msgstr "%1 dem Dashboard der Abonnement Empfänger hinzugefügt"
+#. ($self->Name, $queue->Name)
+#: lib/RT/CustomRole.pm:414
+msgid "%1 added to queue %2"
+msgstr ""
+#. (join ' ', @res)
+#: lib/RT/Date.pm:489
+msgid "%1 ago"
+msgstr "vor %1"
+#. ($RT::DatabaseName)
+#: share/html/Install/DatabaseDetails.html:177
+msgid "%1 already exists and has RT's tables in place, but does not contain RT's metadata. The 'Initialize Database' step later on can insert metadata into this existing database. If this is acceptable, click 'Customize Basics' below to continue customizing RT."
+msgstr "Die Datenbank %1 existiert bereits und enthält RT Tabellen aber keine RT Metadaten. Der Schritt 'Initialisiere Datenbank' kann später diese Metadaten in die bestehende Datenbank einfügen. Wenn Sie das wollen, klicken Sie 'Grundeinstellungen anpassen' und fahren mit der Anpassung des RT fort."
+#. ($RT::DatabaseName)
+#: share/html/Install/DatabaseDetails.html:182
+msgid "%1 already exists, but does not contain RT's tables or metadata. The 'Initialize Database' step later on can insert tables and metadata into this existing database. if this is acceptable, click 'Customize Basic' below to continue customizing RT."
+msgstr "%1 existiert bereits und enthält weder RT Tabellen noch RT Metadaten. Der Schritt 'Initialisiere Datenbank' kann später die Tabellen und Metadaten in die bestehende Datenbank einfügen. Wenn Sie das wollen, klicken Sie 'Grundeinstellungen anpassen' und fahren mit der Anpassung des RT fort."
+#. ($princ_obj->DisplayName, $args{'RightName'}, $args{'ObjectType'},  $args{'ObjectId'})
+#: lib/RT/ACE.pm:272
+msgid "%1 already has the right %2 on %3 %4"
+msgstr "%1 hat bereits das Recht %2 für %3 %4"
+#. ($args{'Base'})
+#. ($args{'Target'})
+#: lib/RT/Link.pm:176 lib/RT/Link.pm:184
+msgid "%1 appears to be a local object, but can't be found in the database"
+msgstr "%1 konnte nicht in der Datenbank gefunden werden obwohl es ein lokales Objekt zu sein scheint"
+#. ($RT::DatabaseName)
+#: share/html/Install/DatabaseDetails.html:173
+msgid "%1 appears to be fully initialized.  We won't need to create any tables or insert metadata, but you can continue to customize RT by clicking 'Customize Basics' below"
+msgstr "%1 scheint vollständig initialisiert zu sein. Wir brauchen keine weiteren Tabellen oder Metadata einzufügen aber Du kannst mit der Konfiguration durch klicken auf 'Grundlagen anpassen' fortfahren."
+#. ($m->interp->apply_escapes($AssetObj->CreatedAsString, 'h'),          $m->scomp('/Elements/ShowUser', User => $AssetObj->CreatorObj))
+#. ($m->interp->apply_escapes($AssetObj->LastUpdatedAsString, 'h'),          $m->scomp('/Elements/ShowUser', User => $AssetObj->LastUpdatedByObj))
+#. ($Ticket->LastUpdatedAsString, $Ticket->LastUpdatedByObj->Name)
+#. ($Ticket->LastUpdatedAsString, $m->scomp('/Elements/ShowUser', User => $Ticket->LastUpdatedByObj))
+#. ($self->BriefDescription , $self->CreatorObj->Name)
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:765 share/html/Asset/Elements/EditDates:55 share/html/Asset/Elements/EditDates:64 share/html/Asset/Elements/ShowDates:55 share/html/Asset/Elements/ShowDates:64 share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowDates:94 share/html/m/ticket/show:387
+msgid "%1 by %2"
+msgstr "%1 von %2"
+#. ($group->Label)
+#: lib/RT/Record/Role/Roles.pm:487
+msgid "%1 cannot be a group"
+msgstr "%1 kann keine Gruppe sein"
+#. ($group->Label, $original_user->Name, $principal->Object->Name)
+#. ($self->loc($self->Field),                    ($self->OldValue? "'".$self->OldValue ."'" : $self->loc("(no value)")) , "'". $self->NewValue."'")
+#. ($self->loc($self->Field),                    ($self->OldValue? "'".$self->OldValue ."'" : $self->loc("(no value)")),                    ($self->NewValue? "'".$self->NewValue ."'" : $self->loc("(no value)")))
+#. ($self->loc($self->Field), $q1->Name // '#'.$q1->id, $q2->Name // '#'.$q2->id)
+#. ($self->loc( $args{'Field'} ),                ( $old_val ? '"' . $old_val . '"' : $self->loc("(no value)") ),                '"' . $self->__Value( $args{'Field'}) . '"',)
+#. ($self->Field,            ( $self->OldValue ? "'" . $self->OldValue . "'" : $no_value ),            "'" . $self->NewValue . "'")
+#. ($self->loc($self->Field), $t2->AsString, $t1->AsString)
+#: lib/RT/Record.pm:481 lib/RT/Ticket.pm:684 lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1197 lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1202 lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1216 lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1225 lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1265 lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1333 lib/RT/Transaction.pm:922
+msgid "%1 changed from %2 to %3"
+msgstr "%1 von %2 in %3 geändert"
+#. (loc("Canonicalizer"), $original, $CanonicalizeClass)
+#. (loc("Render Type"), $original, $RenderType)
+#. (loc("Field values source"), $original, $ValuesClass)
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomFields/Modify.html:264 share/html/Admin/CustomFields/Modify.html:291 share/html/Admin/CustomFields/Modify.html:312
+msgid "%1 changed from '%2' to '%3'"
+msgstr "%1 geändert von '%2' in '%3'"
+#. ($SavedSearch->{'Object'}->Description)
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/EditSearches:203
+msgid "%1 copy"
+msgstr "%1 kopieren"
+#. ($meta->{'Source'}{'Extension'})
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Configuration.html:77
+msgid "%1 core config"
+msgstr "%1 Core Einstellung"
+#: lib/RT/Record.pm:1003
+msgid "%1 could not be set to %2."
+msgstr "%1 konnte nicht auf %2 gesetzt werden."
+#. ($self->FriendlyObjectType)
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:887
+msgid "%1 created"
+msgstr "%1 erstellt"
+#. ($self->FriendlyObjectType)
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:901
+msgid "%1 deleted"
+msgstr "%1 gelöscht"
+#. ($self->Field ? $self->loc($self->Field) : $self->FriendlyObjectType)
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:895
+msgid "%1 disabled"
+msgstr "%1 deaktiviert"
+#. ($ARGS{SendmailPath})
+#: share/html/Install/Sendmail.html:86
+msgid "%1 doesn't exist."
+msgstr "%1 existiert nicht."
+#. ($self->Field ? $self->loc($self->Field) : $self->FriendlyObjectType)
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:891
+msgid "%1 enabled"
+msgstr "%1 aktiviert"
+#: etc/initialdata:849
+msgid "%1 highest priority tickets I own"
+msgstr "Meine %1 dringendsten Tickets"
+#. ($0)
+#: bin/rt-crontool:314
+msgid "%1 is a tool to act on tickets from an external scheduling tool, such as cron."
+msgstr "%1 ist ein Tool um auf Anfragen von externen Programmen (wie cron) zu reagieren."
+#. ($0)
+#: sbin/rt-email-digest:83
+msgid "%1 is a utility, meant to be run from cron, that dispatches all deferred RT notifications as a per-user digest."
+msgstr "%1 ist ein Dienstprogramm, welches aus CRON gestartet werden soll. Es sendet alle aufgeschobenen RT Benachrichtigungen als benutzer definierten Auszug"
+#. ($principal->Object->Name, $group->Label)
+#: lib/RT/Record/Role/Roles.pm:484
+msgid "%1 is already %2"
+msgstr "%1 ist bereits %2"
+#. ($self->loc($column), $name)
+#: lib/RT/Record/Role/Status.pm:264
+msgid "%1 is already set to %2"
+msgstr "%1 ist bereits %2"
+#. ($email, $self->loc($args{Type}))
+#. ($name, $self->loc($args{Type}))
+#. ($email->format, loc($field =~ /^(.*?)s?$/))
+#. ($email->format, loc(substr($field, 6)))
+#: lib/RT/Record/Role/Roles.pm:388 lib/RT/Record/Role/Roles.pm:396 share/html/Ticket/Create.html:494 share/html/Ticket/Update.html:344 share/html/m/ticket/create:189 share/html/m/ticket/reply:207
+msgid "%1 is an address RT receives mail at. Adding it as a '%2' would create a mail loop"
+msgstr "%1 ist eine RT Mail Adresse. Das Hinzufügen als %2 würde eine E-Mail Schleife erzeugen."
+#. ($principal->Object->Name, $group->Label)
+#: lib/RT/Queue.pm:588
+msgid "%1 is no longer %2 for this queue"
+msgstr "%1 ist nicht länger %2 für diesen Bereich"
+#. ($principal->Object->Name,                         $group->Label)
+#: lib/RT/Ticket.pm:721
+msgid "%1 is no longer %2 for this ticket"
+msgstr "%1 ist nicht länger %2 für dieses Ticket"
+#. ($old_value, $cf->Name)
+#: lib/RT/Record.pm:2242
+msgid "%1 is no longer a value for custom field %2"
+msgstr "%1 ist kein Wert mehr für das benutzerdefinierte Feld %2"
+#. ($principal->Object->Name, $self->loc($args{Type}))
+#: lib/RT/Record/Role/Roles.pm:568
+msgid "%1 is not a %2"
+msgstr "%1 ist kein von %2"
+#. ($args{'Lifecycle'})
+#. ($value)
+#: lib/RT/Catalog.pm:217 lib/RT/Queue.pm:179 lib/RT/Record/Role/Lifecycle.pm:132
+msgid "%1 is not a valid lifecycle"
+msgstr "%1 ist kein gültiger Lebenszyklus"
+#. (RT->Config->Get('Crypt')->{'Outgoing'})
+#: share/html/Elements/Crypt/KeyIssues:50
+msgid "%1 issues"
+msgstr "%1 Tickets"
+#. ($protocol, $res{'info'}{'Formatted'})
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/ShowKeyInfo:61
+msgid "%1 key '%2'"
+msgstr "%1 Schlüssel '%2'"
+#. ($rows)
+#: share/html/Articles/Elements/UpdatedArticles:48
+msgid "%1 most recently updated articles"
+msgstr "%1 zuletzt aktualisierte Artikel"
+#. ($ShowRelatedTickets)
+#: share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowAssets:169
+msgid "%1 most recently updated related tickets"
+msgstr "%1 zuletzt aktualisierte verwandte Tickets"
+#. ($rows)
+#: share/html/Articles/Elements/NewestArticles:48
+msgid "%1 newest articles"
+msgstr "%1 neueste Artikel"
+#: etc/initialdata:860
+msgid "%1 newest unowned tickets"
+msgstr "Die %1 neusten Tickets ohne Besitzer"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:1381
+msgid "%1 objects"
+msgstr "%1 Objekte"
+#. ($record->Name)
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Subscription.html:331
+msgid "%1 removed from dashboard subscription recipients"
+msgstr "%1 aus dem Dashboard der Abonnement Empfänger entfernt"
+#. ($self->Name, $queue->Name)
+#: lib/RT/CustomRole.pm:453
+msgid "%1 removed from queue %2"
+msgstr ""
+#. ($self->loc($self->Name), $new_member_obj->Object->Name)
+#. ($self->_CanonicalizeRoleName($self->Field), $self->_FormatPrincipal($principal))
+#: lib/RT/Group.pm:1028 lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1103
+msgid "%1 set to %2"
+msgstr "%1 gesetzt auf %2"
+#. ($meta->{'Source'}{'Extension'})
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Configuration.html:74
+msgid "%1 site config"
+msgstr "%1 Site-Einstellungen"
+#. (ucfirst($self->ObjectName), $msg)
+#: lib/RT/SharedSetting.pm:259
+msgid "%1 update: %2"
+msgstr "%1 aktualisiert: %2"
+#. (ucfirst($self->ObjectName))
+#: lib/RT/SharedSetting.pm:252
+msgid "%1 update: Nothing changed"
+msgstr "%1 aktualisiert: Nichts verändert"
+#. ($self->loc( $args{'Field'} ),)
+#: lib/RT/Record.pm:474 lib/RT/SharedSetting.pm:256
+msgid "%1 updated"
+msgstr "%1 aktualisiert"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:1382
+msgid "%1's %2 objects"
+msgstr "%1's %2 Objekte"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:1383
+msgid "%1's %2's %3 objects"
+msgstr "%1's %2's %3 Objekte"
+#. ($session{'CurrentUser'}->Name())
+#: share/html/Elements/EditPassword:55
+msgid "%1's current password"
+msgstr "%1s aktuelles Password"
+#. ($object->Format)
+#. ($object->Name)
+#. ($Object->Name)
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Elements/SelectPrivacy:63 share/html/Dashboards/Elements/SelectPrivacy:65 share/html/Dashboards/Elements/ShowDashboards:55
+msgid "%1's dashboards"
+msgstr "Dashboards von %1"
+#. ($UserObj->Name)
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/Keys.html:48
+msgid "%1's encryption keys"
+msgstr "Verschlüsselungs-Schlüssel von %1"
+#. ($Object->Format)
+#. ($Object->Name)
+#. ($privacies{$privacy}->Name)
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/SelectSavedSearches:56 share/html/Elements/SavedSearches:56 share/html/Search/Elements/SearchPrivacy:56 share/html/Search/Elements/SearchPrivacy:58
+msgid "%1's saved searches"
+msgstr "Gespeicherte Suchanfragen von %1"
+#. ($self)
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:707
+msgid "%1: no attachment specified"
+msgstr "%1: kein Anhang angegeben"
+#. ($hour,$min)
+#: lib/RT/Date.pm:766
+msgid "%1:%2"
+msgstr ""
+#. ($hour,$min,$sec)
+#: lib/RT/Date.pm:763
+msgid "%1:%2:%3"
+msgstr ""
+#. ($size)
+#: lib/RT/Attachment.pm:464
+msgid "%1B"
+msgstr ""
+#. (int( $size / 102.4 ) / 10)
+#: lib/RT/Attachment.pm:461
+msgid "%1KiB"
+msgstr ""
+#: lib/RT/Date.pm:470
+msgid "%1M"
+msgstr ""
+#. (int( $size / 1024 / 102.4 ) / 10)
+#: lib/RT/Attachment.pm:458
+msgid "%1MiB"
+msgstr ""
+#. ($button_start, $button_end, $queue_selector)
+#: share/html/Elements/CreateTicket:54
+msgid "%1New ticket in%2 %3"
+msgstr "%1Neues Ticket in%2 %3"
+#: lib/RT/Date.pm:464
+msgid "%1W"
+msgstr ""
+#: lib/RT/Date.pm:476
+msgid "%1Y"
+msgstr ""
+#: lib/RT/Date.pm:458
+msgid "%1d"
+msgstr ""
+#: lib/RT/Date.pm:452
+msgid "%1h"
+msgstr ""
+#: lib/RT/Date.pm:446
+msgid "%1m"
+msgstr ""
+#. (sprintf('%.4f', $duration))
+#. (sprintf('%.4f', $seconds))
+#: lib/RT/Date.pm:440 share/html/Admin/Tools/Queries.html:122 share/html/Admin/Tools/Queries.html:85
+msgid "%1s"
+msgstr ""
+#. ($Articles->Count)
+#: share/html/Articles/Elements/ShowTopicLink:61
+msgid "%quant(%1,article,articles)"
+msgstr "%quant(%1,Artikel)"
+#: lib/RT/Date.pm:459
+msgid "%quant(%1,day,days)"
+msgstr "%quant(%1,Tag,Tage)"
+#: lib/RT/Date.pm:453
+msgid "%quant(%1,hour,hours)"
+msgstr "%quant(%1, Stunde, Stunden)"
+#. ($h, $value)
+#. (sprintf("%.2f",$minutes / 60), $minutes)
+#: lib/RT/Ticket.pm:1405 share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowTime:51
+msgid "%quant(%1,hour,hours) (%quant(%2,minute,minutes))"
+msgstr "%quant(%1,Stunde,Stunden) (%quant(%2,Minute,Minuten))"
+#. ($Transaction->TimeTaken)
+#. ($minutes)
+#. ($value)
+#: lib/RT/Date.pm:447 lib/RT/Ticket.pm:1402 share/html/Elements/ShowTransaction:137 share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowTime:49
+msgid "%quant(%1,minute,minutes)"
+msgstr "%quant(%1,Minute,Minuten)"
+#: lib/RT/Date.pm:471
+msgid "%quant(%1,month,months)"
+msgstr "%quant(%1,Monat,Monate)"
+#: lib/RT/Date.pm:441
+msgid "%quant(%1,second,seconds)"
+msgstr "%quant(%1,Sekunde,Sekunden)"
+#: lib/RT/Date.pm:465
+msgid "%quant(%1,week,weeks)"
+msgstr "%quant(%1,Woche,Wochen)"
+#: lib/RT/Date.pm:477
+msgid "%quant(%1,year,years)"
+msgstr "%quant(%1,Jahr,Jahre)"
+#. ($name)
+#: lib/RT/CustomRole.pm:282 lib/RT/Queue.pm:276
+msgid "'%1' is not a valid name."
+msgstr "Der Name '%1' ist nicht gültig."
+#. ($Class)
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/Edit.html:110
+msgid "'%1' isn't a valid class"
+msgstr "'%1' ist keine gültige Klasse"
+#. ($Class)
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/ExtractFromTicket.html:93 share/html/Articles/Article/ExtractIntoTopic.html:70
+msgid "'%1' isn't a valid class identifier"
+msgstr "\"%1\" ist keine gültige Klasse-Kennung"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Elements/Reminders:105
+msgid "(Check box to complete)"
+msgstr "(Zum erledigen Kontrollkästchen anklicken)"
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/EditCustomFieldValues:88 share/html/Admin/Elements/EditTemplates:70 share/html/Admin/Groups/Members.html:107 share/html/Admin/Queues/People.html:64 share/html/Asset/Elements/EditCatalogPeople:59 share/html/Elements/BulkLinks:109 share/html/Elements/EditLinks:104 share/html/Ticket/Elements/EditPeople:89
+msgid "(Check box to delete)"
+msgstr "(Auswahl wird gelöscht)"
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/EditLinks:54
+msgid "(Check boxes to delete)"
+msgstr "(Zum Löschen Kontrollkästchen anklicken)"
+#: share/html/Asset/Search/Bulk.html:132 share/html/Elements/BulkCustomFields:99
+msgid "(Check to delete all values)"
+msgstr "(Markieren um alle Werte zu löschen)"
+#: share/html/m/ticket/create:389
+msgid "(Enter ticket ids or URLs, separated with spaces)"
+msgstr "(Geben Sie Ticket IDs oder URLs getrennt durch Leerzeichen ein)"
+#. ($count)
+#: share/html/Elements/ShowSearch:140 share/html/User/Elements/TicketList:109
+msgid "(Found %quant(%1,ticket,tickets))"
+msgstr ""
+#. (RT->Config->Get('CommentAddress'))
+#. (RT->Config->Get('CorrespondAddress'))
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/Modify.html:93 share/html/Admin/Queues/Modify.html:96
+msgid "(If left blank, will default to %1)"
+msgstr "(Wenn das Feld leer bleibt, dann wird der Standardwert: %1 verwendet)"
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/UpgradeHistoryRow:69
+msgid "(Incomplete)"
+msgstr "(Unvollständig)"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:444
+msgid "(Incorrect data)"
+msgstr "(Fehlerhafte Daten)"
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/EditCustomFields:95
+msgid "(No custom fields)"
+msgstr "(Keine benutzerdefinierten Felder)"
+#: share/html/Admin/Groups/Members.html:71
+msgid "(No members)"
+msgstr "(Keine Mitglieder)"
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/EditScrips:58 share/html/Admin/Elements/EditScrips:66 share/html/Admin/Elements/EditScrips:88
+msgid "(No scrips)"
+msgstr "(Keine Scrips)"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:612
+msgid "(No subject)"
+msgstr "(Kein Betreff)"
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/EditTemplates:54
+msgid "(No templates)"
+msgstr "(Keine Vorlagen)"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Create.html:183 share/html/m/ticket/create:290
+msgid "(Sends a carbon-copy of this update to a comma-delimited list of administrative email addresses. These people <strong>will</strong> receive future updates.)"
+msgstr "(Sendet diese Aktualisierung in Kopie an eine mit Komma separierte Liste von E-Mail-Adressen. Zukünftige Aktualisierungen <strong>werden</strong> ebenfalls übermittelt.)"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Create.html:167 share/html/m/ticket/create:281
+msgid "(Sends a carbon-copy of this update to a comma-delimited list of email addresses. These people <strong>will</strong> receive future updates.)"
+msgstr "(Sendet ein Carbon Copy - CC Update and eine mit Komma separierte Liste von E-Mail-Adressen. Zukünftige Updates <strong>werden</strong> ebenfalls übermittelt.)"
+#: share/html/Elements/BulkCustomFields:94
+msgid "(Unsupported custom field type)"
+msgstr "(Nicht unterstützter benutzerdefinierte Feld Typ)"
+#: share/html/Admin/Scrips/Elements/EditCustomCode:52
+msgid "(Use these fields when you choose 'User Defined' for a condition or action)"
+msgstr "(Benutze diese Felder, für 'Benutzerdefinierte' Bedingungen oder Aktionen)"
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomFields/index.html:57
+msgid "(any)"
+msgstr "(jeder)"
+#: share/html/Articles/Elements/NewestArticles:66 share/html/Articles/Elements/UpdatedArticles:67
+msgid "(no Summary)"
+msgstr "(Keine Zusammenfassung)"
+#: share/html/Admin/Articles/Elements/Topics:99 share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/EditTopics:62 share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/EditTopics:78 share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/Preformatted:49 share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/Preformatted:50 share/html/Articles/Elements/BeforeMessageBox:103 share/html/Articles/Elements/BeforeMessageBox:120 share/html/Articles/Elements/BeforeMessageBox:70 share/html/Articles/Elements/BeforeMessageBox:82 share/html/Articles/Elements/BeforeMessageBox:90 share/html/Articles/Elements/NewestArticles:60 share/html/Articles/Elements/ShowTopic:51 share/html/Articles/Elements/ShowTopicLink:55 share/html/Articles/Elements/UpdatedArticles:61 share/html/Articles/Topics.html:105 share/html/SelfService/Article/Display.html:49 share/html/SelfService/Article/Search.html:77 share/html/SelfService/Article/Search.html:85
+msgid "(no name)"
+msgstr "(unbenannt)"
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__Ticket/ColumnMap:288 share/html/Elements/RT__Ticket/ColumnMap:88
+msgid "(no pubkey!)"
+msgstr "(kein öffentlicher Schlüssel!)"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:2234 lib/RT/CustomField.pm:2235 lib/RT/Queue.pm:1193 lib/RT/Queue.pm:1198 lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:714 lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:883 lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:894 lib/RT/Report/Tickets/Entry.pm:75 lib/RT/Report/Tickets/Entry.pm:80 lib/RT/Report/Tickets/Entry.pm:90 lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1202 lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1264 lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1265 lib/RT/Transaction.pm:827 lib/RT/Transaction.pm:832 lib/RT/Transaction.pm:916 share/html/Admin/Elements/AddCustomFieldValue:69 share/html/Admin/Elements/EditCustomFieldValues:77 share/html/Admin/Tools/Shredder/Elements/Object/RT--Attachment:51 share/html/Admin/Tools/Shredder/Elements/SelectPlugin:55 share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/SearchByCustomField:56 share/html/Elements/EditCustomFieldSelect:102 share/html/Elements/EditCustomFieldSelect:66 share/html/Elements/EditCustomFieldSelect:87 share/html/Elements/SelectCustomFieldValue:54 share/html/Elements/ShowCustomFields:72 share/html/m/ticket/show:266
+msgid "(no value)"
+msgstr "(kein Wert)"
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/EditCustomFieldValues:49
+msgid "(no values)"
+msgstr "(keine Werte)"
+#. ($count)
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__Ticket/ColumnMap:144
+msgid "(pending %quant(%1,other ticket,other tickets))"
+msgstr "(abhängig von %quant(%1,anderem Ticket,anderen Tickets))"
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__Ticket/ColumnMap:132
+msgid "(pending approval)"
+msgstr "(wartet auf Freigabe)"
+#. ($pending_ticket->id)
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__Ticket/ColumnMap:141
+msgid "(pending ticket #%1)"
+msgstr "(abhängig von Ticket #%1)"
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/Modify.html:69
+msgid "(required)"
+msgstr "(notwendig)"
+#. ($key->{'TrustTerse'})
+#: share/html/Elements/Crypt/SelectKeyForEncryption:53
+msgid "(trust: %1)"
+msgstr "(vertraue: %1)"
+#: share/html/Elements/ShowTransactionAttachments:285 share/html/Elements/ShowTransactionAttachments:71
+msgid "(untitled)"
+msgstr "(unbenannt)"
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__Ticket/ColumnMap:291 share/html/Elements/RT__Ticket/ColumnMap:90
+msgid "(untrusted!)"
+msgstr "(unzuverlässig!)"
+#: share/html/Asset/Elements/ShowPeople:69
+msgid "(via this asset's catalog)"
+msgstr "(über diesen Anlagenkatalog)"
+#: share/html/Articles/Elements/BeforeMessageBox:68
+msgid "-"
+msgstr ""
+#: bin/rt-crontool:126
+msgid "--template-id is deprecated argument and can not be used with --template"
+msgstr "--template-id ist ein veraltetes Argument und kann nicht zusammen mit --template genutzt werden"
+#: bin/rt-crontool:121
+msgid "--transaction argument could be only 'first', 'last' or 'all'"
+msgstr "--Transaktions Argument kann nur 'erstes', 'letztes' oder 'alle' sein"
+#. (Content => $title))
+#: share/html/Elements/CollectionAsTable/Header:126
+msgid "/Elements/ScrubHTML"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:634
+msgid "/Reports"
+msgstr ""
+#: lib/RT/Date.pm:424
+msgid "0 seconds"
+msgstr "0 Sekunden"
+#: lib/RT/Date.pm:424
+msgid "0s"
+msgstr ""
+#: lib/RT/Template.pm:288 lib/RT/Template.pm:740
+msgid "A Template with that name already exists"
+msgstr "Eine Vorlage mit dem Namen besteht bereits"
+#: etc/initialdata:258
+msgid "A blank template"
+msgstr "Eine leere Vorlage"
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/Modify.html:332
+msgid "A password was not set, so user won't be able to login."
+msgstr "Es wurde kein Passwort gesetzt, der Benutzer wird sich nicht anmelden können!"
+#: lib/RT/ACE.pm:152
+msgid "ACE not found"
+msgstr "ACE nicht gefunden"
+#: lib/RT/ACE.pm:540
+msgid "ACEs can only be created and deleted."
+msgstr "ACEs können nur erstellt und gelöscht werden."
+#. ($row->{filename})
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/UpgradeHistoryRow:62
+msgid "ACL updates from %1"
+msgstr "ACL aktualisiert von %1"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/SelectAndOr:48
+msgid "AND"
+msgstr "UND"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:710
+msgid "About me"
+msgstr "Über mich"
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/Modify.html:110
+msgid "Access control"
+msgstr "Zugriffskontrolle"
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/UpgradeHistory:55 share/html/Admin/Scrips/Elements/EditBasics:59 share/html/Elements/RT__Scrip/ColumnMap:89
+msgid "Action"
+msgstr "Aktion"
+#. ($args{'ScripAction'})
+#. ($value)
+#: lib/RT/Scrip.pm:153 lib/RT/Scrip.pm:804
+msgid "Action '%1' not found"
+msgstr "Aktion '%1' nicht gefunden"
+#: share/html/Admin/Actions/Elements/EditBasics:63 share/html/Admin/Actions/Elements/ShowBasics:63
+msgid "Action Module"
+msgstr "Aktionsmodul"
+#: bin/rt-crontool:233
+msgid "Action committed."
+msgstr "Vorgang ausgeführt."
+#: lib/RT/ScripAction.pm:114
+msgid "Action is in use"
+msgstr "Aktion ist in Gebrauch"
+#: lib/RT/Scrip.pm:149 lib/RT/Scrip.pm:799
+msgid "Action is mandatory argument"
+msgstr "Aktion ist ein Pflichtfeld"
+#: bin/rt-crontool:229
+msgid "Action prepared..."
+msgstr "Aktion vorbereitet..."
+#: share/html/Admin/Global/Actions.html:53 share/html/Elements/Tabs:1086 share/html/Elements/Tabs:1246 share/html/Elements/Tabs:143 share/html/Elements/Tabs:761
+msgid "Actions"
+msgstr "Aktionen"
+#: share/html/Elements/SelectStatus:53
+msgid "Active"
+msgstr "Aktiv"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowRequestor:159 share/html/User/Elements/Portlets/ActiveTickets:54
+msgid "Active Tickets"
+msgstr "Aktive Tickets"
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__Asset/ColumnMap:97
+msgid "Active tickets"
+msgstr "Aktive Tickets"
+#. ($session{'CurrentUser'}->Name)
+#: share/html/Tools/MyDay.html:53
+msgid "Active tickets for %1"
+msgstr "Aktive Tickets für %1"
+#. ($role->Name)
+#. (loc($AddPrincipal))
+#. (loc($rname))
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/EditRights:195 share/html/Asset/Search/Bulk.html:121 share/html/Search/Bulk.html:113
+msgid "Add %1"
+msgstr "%1 hinzufügen"
+#: share/html/Search/Bulk.html:93
+msgid "Add AdminCc"
+msgstr "AdminCc hinzufügen"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Elements/Bookmark:70
+msgid "Add Bookmark"
+msgstr "Lesezeichen hinzufügen"
+#: share/html/Search/Bulk.html:89
+msgid "Add Cc"
+msgstr "CC hinzufügen"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/EditFormat:51
+msgid "Add Columns"
+msgstr "Spalten hinzufügen"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/PickCriteria:48
+msgid "Add Criteria"
+msgstr "Kriterien hinzufügen"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Elements/AddAttachments:166 share/html/m/ticket/create:324 share/html/m/ticket/reply:137
+msgid "Add More Files"
+msgstr "Weitere Dateien anhängen"
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Elements/SubscriptionRecipients:118
+msgid "Add New Recipients"
+msgstr "Neue Empfänger hinzufügen"
+#: share/html/Search/Bulk.html:85
+msgid "Add Requestor"
+msgstr "Auftraggeber hinzufügen"
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/AddCustomFieldValue:48
+msgid "Add Value"
+msgstr "Wert hinzufügen"
+#: share/html/Asset/Elements/AddCatalogPeople:61
+msgid "Add a group"
+msgstr "Hinzufügen einer Gruppe"
+#: share/html/Asset/Elements/AddCatalogPeople:52
+msgid "Add a person"
+msgstr "Hinzufügen einer Person"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowAssets:193
+msgid "Add an asset to this ticket"
+msgstr "Füge diesem Ticket ein Asset hinzu"
+#: share/html/Search/Bulk.html:152
+msgid "Add comments or replies to selected tickets"
+msgstr "Füge den ausgewählten Tickets Kommentare oder Antworten hinzu"
+#: lib/RT/Catalog.pm:88 lib/RT/Class.pm:95 lib/RT/CustomField.pm:230 lib/RT/Queue.pm:110
+msgid "Add custom field values only at object creation time"
+msgstr "Hinzufügen von benutzerdefinierten Feldwerten nur zur Objekterstellungszeit"
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/SelectNewGroupMembers:69
+msgid "Add group"
+msgstr "Gruppe hinzufügen"
+#: share/html/Admin/Articles/Elements/Topics:108
+msgid "Add here"
+msgstr "Hier einfügen"
+#: share/html/Admin/Groups/Members.html:63
+msgid "Add members"
+msgstr "Mitglieder hinzufügen"
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/People.html:89 share/html/Ticket/Elements/AddWatchers:51
+msgid "Add new watchers"
+msgstr "Neue Beobachter hinzufügen"
+#. (loc($AddPrincipal))
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/EditRights:261
+msgid "Add rights for this %1"
+msgstr "Rechte für %1 hinzufügen"
+#: share/html/Search/Build.html:83
+msgid "Add these terms"
+msgstr "Diese Werte hinzufügen"
+#: share/html/Search/Build.html:84
+msgid "Add these terms and Search"
+msgstr "Diese Werte hinzufügen und Suche starten"
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/SelectNewGroupMembers:51
+msgid "Add user"
+msgstr "Benutzer hinzufügen"
+#: share/html/Elements/BulkCustomFields:52
+msgid "Add values"
+msgstr "Werte hinzufügen"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:229
+msgid "Add, modify and delete custom field values for objects"
+msgstr "Hinzufügen, Ändern und Löschen von benutzerdefinierten Feldwerten für Objekte"
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__CustomField/ColumnMap:85 share/html/Elements/RT__CustomRole/ColumnMap:79
+msgid "Added"
+msgstr "Hinzugefügt"
+#. ($principal->Object->Name, $group->Label)
+#: lib/RT/Queue.pm:557
+msgid "Added %1 as %2 for this queue"
+msgstr "%1 als %2 hinzugefügt zu diesem Bereich"
+#. ($principal->Object->Name, $group->Label)
+#: lib/RT/Ticket.pm:688
+msgid "Added %1 as %2 for this ticket"
+msgstr "%1 als %2 hinzugefügt zu diesem Ticket"
+#. ($cf->Name)
+#: lib/RT/Class.pm:387
+msgid "Added Subject Override: %1"
+msgstr "Betreff überschreiben hinzugefügt: %1"
+#. ($self->Name, $object->Name)
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:1671
+msgid "Added custom field %1 to %2."
+msgstr "Benutzerdefiniertes Feld %1 zu %2 hinzugefügt"
+#. ($principal->Object->Name)
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1349
+msgid "Added group '%1'"
+msgstr "Gruppe '%1' hinzugefügt"
+#. ($principal->Object->Name)
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1368
+msgid "Added to group '%1'"
+msgstr "zu Gruppe '%1' hinzugefügt"
+#. ($principal->Object->Name)
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1346
+msgid "Added user '%1'"
+msgstr "Benutzer '%1' hinzugefügt"
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__Queue/ColumnMap:81 share/html/Elements/RT__User/ColumnMap:101
+msgid "Address"
+msgstr "Adresse"
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__User/ColumnMap:106
+msgid "Address 2"
+msgstr "Anschrift 2"
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/Modify.html:144 share/html/Prefs/Elements/EditAboutMe:133 share/html/Prefs/Elements/ShowAboutMe:115
+msgid "Address1"
+msgstr "Adresse 1"
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/Modify.html:149 share/html/Prefs/Elements/EditAboutMe:137 share/html/Prefs/Elements/ShowAboutMe:119
+msgid "Address2"
+msgstr "Adresse 2"
+#. ($duration)
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1274
+msgid "Adjusted time worked by %quant(%1,minute,minutes)"
+msgstr "Gearbeitete Zeit angepasst - %quant(%1,Minute,Minuten)"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:64
+msgid "Admin"
+msgstr "Administrator"
+#: share/html/Admin/Assets/Catalogs/index.html:48
+msgid "Admin Catalogs"
+msgstr "Admin Katalog"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Create.html:174 share/html/Ticket/Elements/EditPeople:110 share/html/m/ticket/create:284
+msgid "Admin Cc"
+msgstr "Admin-Cc"
+#: etc/initialdata:410
+msgid "Admin Comment"
+msgstr "Admin-Kommentar"
+#: etc/initialdata:424 etc/upgrade/4.1.9/content:77
+msgid "Admin Comment in HTML"
+msgstr "Admin Kommentar in HTML"
+#: etc/initialdata:370
+msgid "Admin Correspondence"
+msgstr "Admin-Korrespondenz"
+#: etc/initialdata:381 etc/upgrade/4.1.9/content:56
+msgid "Admin Correspondence in HTML"
+msgstr "Admin Antwort in HTML"
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/index.html:48
+msgid "Admin queues"
+msgstr "Bereiche administrieren"
+#: share/html/Admin/Global/index.html:48
+msgid "Admin/Global configuration"
+msgstr "Admin-/Globale Einstellungen"
+#: lib/RT/Tickets.pm:166
+msgid "AdminCCGroup"
+msgstr "AdminCc-Gruppe"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:87 lib/RT/Ticket.pm:104 lib/RT/Tickets.pm:148 share/html/Search/Elements/BuildFormatString:102 share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowPeople:85 share/html/m/ticket/show:302
+msgid "AdminCc"
+msgstr ""
+#: lib/RT/Graph/Tickets.pm:178
+msgid "AdminCcs"
+msgstr ""
+#: lib/RT/Installer.pm:151
+msgid "Administrative password"
+msgstr "Administrator-Password"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:974
+msgid "Advanced"
+msgstr "Erweitert"
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/ShowSearchCriteria:49 share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/ShowSearchCriteria:51
+msgid "Advanced search"
+msgstr "Erweiterte Suche"
+#: share/html/Elements/LoginRedirectWarning:62
+msgid "After logging in you'll be sent to your original destination:"
+msgstr "Nach dem Login erfolgt eine Weiterleitung zum ursprünglichen Ziel:"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/PickCriteria:63
+msgid "Aggregator"
+msgstr "Verknüpfung"
+#: etc/initialdata:560 etc/upgrade/3.8.2/content:95
+msgid "All Approvals Passed"
+msgstr "Alle Freigaben genehmigt"
+#: etc/initialdata:574 etc/upgrade/4.1.9/content:146
+msgid "All Approvals Passed in HTML"
+msgstr "Alle Freigaben erfolgreich in HTML"
+#: share/html/Admin/Articles/Classes/Modify.html:80
+msgid "All Articles in this class should be listed in a dropdown of the ticket reply page"
+msgstr "Zeige alle Artikel dieser Klasse in einer Dropdown-Liste auf der Ticket Beantwortungsseite."
+#: share/html/Admin/Assets/Catalogs/index.html:108
+msgid "All Catalogs"
+msgstr "Alle Kataloge"
+#: share/html/Admin/Articles/Classes/index.html:78
+msgid "All Classes"
+msgstr "Alle Klassen"
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomFields/index.html:52
+msgid "All Custom Fields"
+msgstr "Alle benutzerdefinierten Felder"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:594
+msgid "All Dashboards"
+msgstr "Alle Dashboards"
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/index.html:112
+msgid "All Queues"
+msgstr "Alle Bereiche"
+#: share/html/Admin/Scrips/index.html:83
+msgid "All Scrips"
+msgstr "Alle Skripte"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowRequestor:161
+msgid "All Tickets"
+msgstr "Alle Tickets"
+#: share/html/Admin/Assets/Catalogs/index.html:96
+msgid "All catalogs matching search criteria"
+msgstr "Alle Kataloge die den Suchkriterien entsprechen"
+#: share/html/Prefs/Elements/EditAboutMe:166
+msgid "All iCal feeds embed a secret token which authorizes you.  If the URL for one of your iCal feeds was exposed to the outside world, you can get a new secret, <b>breaking all existing iCal feeds</b>, below."
+msgstr "Alle iCal-Feeds beinhalten einen geheimen Token durch welchen die Authorisierung erfolgt. Falls die URL für einen dieser iCal-Feeds irrtümlich nach Extern weitergegeben wurde, können Sie unterhalb einen neuen Token erstellen, welcher <b>alle existierenden iCal-Feeds</b> ungültig werden lässt."
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/index.html:99
+msgid "All queues matching search criteria"
+msgstr "Alle Bereiche die den Suchkriterien entsprechen"
+#: share/html/Helpers/PreviewScrips:97 share/html/Helpers/ShowSimplifiedRecipients:107 share/html/Ticket/Elements/UpdateCc:63 share/html/Ticket/Elements/UpdateCc:92 share/html/Ticket/ModifyPeople.html:70
+msgid "All recipients"
+msgstr "Alle Empfänger"
+#: share/html/m/_elements/menu:82
+msgid "All tickets"
+msgstr "Alle Tickets"
+#: share/html/Articles/Topics.html:51
+msgid "All topics"
+msgstr "Alle Themen"
+#: etc/RT_Config.pm:3536
+msgid "Allocate"
+msgstr "Zuordnen"
+#: lib/RT/System.pm:94
+msgid "Allow creation of saved searches"
+msgstr "Erlaube das Erstellen von gespeicherten Suchanfragen"
+#: lib/RT/System.pm:93
+msgid "Allow loading of saved searches"
+msgstr "Erlaube das Laden gespeicherter Suchanfragen"
+#: lib/RT/System.pm:95
+msgid "Allow writing Perl code in templates, scrips, etc"
+msgstr "Erlaube das Verwenden von Perl in den Templates, Scrips, etc."
+#: lib/RT/Attachment.pm:909
+msgid "Already encrypted"
+msgstr "Bereits verschlüsselt"
+#: etc/initialdata:36
+msgid "Always sends a message to the requestors independent of message sender"
+msgstr "Sendet immer eine Nachricht an die Auftraggeber unabhängig vom Absender"
+#. (qq[<a href="http://bestpractical.com/rt/docs/$RT::MAJOR_VERSION.$RT::MINOR_VERSION/customizing/articles_introduction.html">], qq[<a href="http://bestpractical.com/rt/docs/$RT::MAJOR_VERSION.$RT::MINOR_VERSION/">], '</a>')
+#: share/html/Articles/Elements/NeedsSetup:51
+msgid "An %1introduction to getting started with articles%3 is available from %2Best Practical's online documentation%3."
+msgstr "Eine %1Einführung zu Artikeln%3 ist in der %2Best Practical Online Dokumentation%3 verfügbar."
+#: lib/RT/Group.pm:532
+msgid "An Instance must be provided"
+msgstr "Eine Instanz muss angegeben werden"
+#: share/html/Errors/WebRemoteUser/Wrapper:49
+msgid "An error occurred"
+msgstr "Ein Fehler ist aufgetreten"
+#: share/html/Helpers/TicketTimer:227
+msgid "An error occurred while submitting time. Please submit your time manually."
+msgstr "Ein Fehler ist beim übertragen der Zeit aufgetreten. Bitte übertrage die Zeit manuell."
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/index.html:79 share/html/Admin/Users/index.html:87
+msgid "And all users whose"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/Admin/Groups/index.html:73 share/html/Admin/Groups/index.html:81
+msgid "And groups whose"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/EditQuery:60
+msgid "And/Or"
+msgstr "Und/Oder"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:146
+msgid "Annually"
+msgstr "jährlich"
+#: share/html/User/Elements/RelatedData:74
+msgid "Anonymize User"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/ShowSearchCriteria:74
+msgid "Any field"
+msgstr "Jedes Feld"
+#: share/html/Search/Simple.html:65
+msgid "Any word not recognized by RT is searched for in ticket subjects."
+msgstr "Vom RT nicht erkannte Wörter werden im Betreff der Tickets gesucht."
+#: share/html/Admin/Conditions/Elements/EditBasics:77 share/html/Admin/Conditions/Elements/ShowBasics:77
+msgid "Applicable Transaction Types"
+msgstr "Anwendbare Übertragungstypen"
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomFields/Modify.html:100 share/html/Admin/Scrips/Modify.html:62 share/html/Elements/Tabs:421 share/html/Elements/Tabs:436 share/html/Elements/Tabs:471 share/html/Elements/Tabs:533
+msgid "Applies to"
+msgstr "Gilt für"
+#: share/html/Admin/Articles/Classes/Objects.html:56 share/html/Admin/CustomFields/Objects.html:57 share/html/Admin/Scrips/Objects.html:57
+msgid "Applies to all objects"
+msgstr "Wird auf alle Objekte angewendet"
+#: share/html/Search/Edit.html:62
+msgid "Apply"
+msgstr "Anwenden"
+#: share/html/Admin/Articles/Classes/Objects.html:60 share/html/Admin/CustomFields/Objects.html:61 share/html/Admin/Scrips/Objects.html:68
+msgid "Apply globally"
+msgstr "Global anwenden"
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/EditScrips:95
+msgid "Apply selected scrips"
+msgstr "wende ausgewählt Scrips an"
+#: share/html/Search/Edit.html:62
+msgid "Apply your changes"
+msgstr "Änderungen anwenden"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:684
+msgid "Approval"
+msgstr "Freigabe"
+#. ($Ticket->Id, $Ticket->Subject)
+#. ($link->BaseObj->Id, $link->BaseObj->Subject)
+#. ($ticket->id, $msg)
+#: share/html/Approvals/Display.html:64 share/html/Approvals/Elements/ShowDependency:65 share/html/Approvals/index.html:92
+msgid "Approval #%1: %2"
+msgstr "Freigabe #%1: %2"
+#. ($ticket->Id)
+#: share/html/Approvals/index.html:81
+msgid "Approval #%1: Notes not recorded due to a system error"
+msgstr "Freigabe #%1: Notiz wurde aufgrund eines Systemfehlers nicht gespeichert"
+#. ($ticket->Id)
+#: share/html/Approvals/index.html:79
+msgid "Approval #%1: Notes recorded"
+msgstr "Freigabe #%1: Notiz gespeichert"
+#: etc/initialdata:530 etc/upgrade/3.8.2/content:81
+msgid "Approval Passed"
+msgstr "Freigabe genehmigt"
+#: etc/initialdata:544 etc/upgrade/4.1.9/content:130
+msgid "Approval Passed in HTML"
+msgstr "Anfrage genehmigt in HTML"
+#: etc/initialdata:618 etc/upgrade/3.8.2/content:122
+msgid "Approval Ready for Owner"
+msgstr "Freigabe bereit für Besitzer"
+#: etc/initialdata:630 etc/upgrade/4.1.9/content:177
+msgid "Approval Ready for Owner in HTML"
+msgstr "Anfrage bereit für Eigentümer in HTML"
+#: etc/initialdata:590 etc/upgrade/3.8.2/content:109
+msgid "Approval Rejected"
+msgstr "Freigabe abgelehnt"
+#: etc/initialdata:603 etc/upgrade/4.1.9/content:162
+msgid "Approval Rejected in HTML"
+msgstr "Anfrage abgelehnt in HTML"
+#: share/html/Approvals/Elements/Approve:75
+msgid "Approve"
+msgstr "Freigeben"
+#: lib/RT/Date.pm:94
+msgid "Apr"
+msgstr ""
+#. ($UserObj->Name)
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/Modify.html:241
+msgid "Are you sure you want to anonymize user: %1?"
+msgstr ""
+#. ($object->id)
+#: lib/RT/URI/fsck_com_article.pm:215
+msgid "Article #%1"
+msgstr "Artikel #%1"
+#. ($id)
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/History.html:61
+msgid "Article #%1 not found"
+msgstr "Artikel #%1 nicht gefunden"
+#. ($article->Id, $article->Name || loc("(no name)"))
+#. ($object->id, $object->Name)
+#: lib/RT/URI/fsck_com_article.pm:213 share/html/Articles/Article/Display.html:112 share/html/SelfService/Article/Display.html:66
+msgid "Article #%1: %2"
+msgstr "Artikel #%1: %2"
+#. ($self->id)
+#: lib/RT/Article.pm:223
+msgid "Article %1 created"
+msgstr "Artikel %1 wurde erstellt"
+#: share/html/Admin/Articles/index.html:48
+msgid "Article Administration"
+msgstr "Artikelverwaltung"
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/Display.html:104 share/html/SelfService/Article/Display.html:60
+msgid "Article not found"
+msgstr "Artikel wurde nicht gefunden"
+#: lib/RT/Article.pm:72 share/html/Admin/Global/CustomFields/index.html:95 share/html/Articles/index.html:48 share/html/Elements/Tabs:189 share/html/Elements/Tabs:199 share/html/Elements/Tabs:623 share/html/Elements/Tabs:653
+msgid "Articles"
+msgstr "Artikel"
+#. ($currtopic->Name)
+#: share/html/Articles/Topics.html:99
+msgid "Articles in %1"
+msgstr "%1 Artikel"
+#. ($Articles_Content)
+#: share/html/SelfService/Article/Search.html:64
+msgid "Articles matching %1"
+msgstr "%1 gefundene Artikel"
+#: share/html/Articles/Topics.html:101
+msgid "Articles with no topics"
+msgstr "Artikel ohne Themen"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/EditSort:79
+msgid "Asc"
+msgstr "aufsteigend"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowAssets:194
+msgid "Asset #"
+msgstr "Anlage #"
+#. ($object->id)
+#: lib/RT/URI/asset.pm:215
+msgid "Asset #%1"
+msgstr "Anlage #%1"
+#. ($self->id, $args{'Name'})
+#: lib/RT/Asset.pm:325
+msgid "Asset #%1 created: %2"
+msgstr "Anlage #%1 erstellt: %2"
+#. ($asset->id, $_)
+#. ($asset->id, $asset->Name)
+#. ($object->id, $object->Name)
+#: lib/RT/URI/asset.pm:213 share/html/Asset/Display.html:48 share/html/Asset/Search/Bulk.html:220 share/html/SelfService/Asset/Display.html:48
+msgid "Asset #%1: %2"
+msgstr "Anlage #%1: %2"
+#: share/html/Admin/Assets/index.html:48
+msgid "Asset Administration"
+msgstr "Anlagen-Verwaltung"
+#. ($txn_msg)
+#: lib/RT/Asset.pm:314
+msgid "Asset Create txn failed: %1"
+msgstr "Asset Erstellung txn fehlgeschlagen: %1"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:1159
+msgid "Asset Custom Fields"
+msgstr "Anlagen benutzerdefinierte Felder"
+#. ($msg)
+#: lib/RT/Asset.pm:267
+msgid "Asset create failed: %1"
+msgstr "Anlage erstellen fehlgeschlagen: %1"
+#: share/html/Asset/Search/Bulk.html:48 share/html/Asset/Search/index.html:59 share/html/Asset/index.html:52 share/html/Elements/Tabs:1210 share/html/Elements/Tabs:194 share/html/Elements/Tabs:226 share/html/Elements/Tabs:628 share/html/Elements/Tabs:661 share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowAssets:108 share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowAssetsOnCreate:100
+msgid "Assets"
+msgstr "Anlagen"
+#: lib/RT/Asset.pm:368
+msgid "Assets may not be deleted"
+msgstr "Anlagen können nicht gelöscht werden"
+#: lib/RT/Queue.pm:111
+msgid "Assign and remove queue custom fields"
+msgstr "Benutzerdefinierte Felder einem Bereich zuweisen oder entfernen"
+#: share/html/User/Elements/Portlets/UserAssets:49
+msgid "Assigned Assets"
+msgstr "Zugeordnete Anlagen"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Elements/AddAttachments:62
+msgid "Attach"
+msgstr "Anhängen"
+#: share/html/m/ticket/create:321 share/html/m/ticket/reply:134
+msgid "Attach file"
+msgstr "Datei anhängen"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Elements/AddAttachments:49 share/html/m/ticket/create:308 share/html/m/ticket/reply:123
+msgid "Attached file"
+msgstr "Dateianhang"
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Shredder/Elements/Object/RT--Attachment:53
+msgid "Attachment"
+msgstr "Anhang"
+#. ($Attachment)
+#: share/html/Ticket/ShowEmailRecord.html:108
+msgid "Attachment '%1' could not be loaded"
+msgstr "Anhang '%1' konnte nicht geladen werden"
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:715
+msgid "Attachment created"
+msgstr "Anhang erstellt"
+#: lib/RT/Tickets.pm:1923
+msgid "Attachment filename"
+msgstr "Dateiname des Anhangs"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowAttachments:48 share/html/m/ticket/show:309
+msgid "Attachments"
+msgstr "Anhänge"
+#: lib/RT/Attachment.pm:904
+msgid "Attachments encryption is disabled"
+msgstr "Anhang Verschlüsselung ist deaktiviert"
+#: lib/RT/Attributes.pm:178
+msgid "Attribute Deleted"
+msgstr "Attribut gelöscht"
+#: lib/RT/Attribute.pm:288
+msgid "Attribute updated"
+msgstr "Attribut aktualisiert"
+#: lib/RT/Date.pm:98
+msgid "Aug"
+msgstr ""
+#: lib/RT/Queue.pm:350
+msgid "AutoSigning"
+msgstr "automatisches Signieren"
+#: share/html/Errors/WebRemoteUser/UserAutocreateDefaultsOnLogin:48
+msgid "Automatic account setup failed"
+msgstr "Automatische Erstellung eines Accounts fehlgeschlagen"
+#. ($valid_image_types)
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Theme.html:277
+msgid "Automatically suggested theme colors aren't available for your image. This might be because you uploaded an image type that your installed version of GD doesn't support. Supported types are: %1. You can recompile libgd and GD.pm to include support for other image types."
+msgstr "Automatisch vorgeschlagene Farben für das Design sind für Ihr Bild nicht verfügbar. Vielleicht haben Sie einen Bildtyp hochgeladen, der von GD nicht unterstützt wird. Unterstützte Bildtypen sind: %1. Sie können libgb und GD.pm neu kompilieren um Unterstützung für andere Bildtypen zu aktivieren."
+#: etc/initialdata:261
+msgid "Autoreply"
+msgstr "Automatische Antwort"
+#: etc/initialdata:34
+msgid "Autoreply To Requestors"
+msgstr "Automatische Antwort an Auftraggeber"
+#: etc/initialdata:291 etc/upgrade/4.1.9/content:8
+msgid "Autoreply in HTML"
+msgstr "AutomatischeAntwort in HTML"
+#: share/html/Widgets/SelectionBox:170
+msgid "Available"
+msgstr "Verfügbar"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:247
+msgid "Average Created-LastUpdated"
+msgstr "Durchschnitt Erstellt-Zuletzt aktualisiert"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:242
+msgid "Average Created-Resolved"
+msgstr "Durchschnitt Erstellt-Erledigt"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:237
+msgid "Average Created-Started"
+msgstr "Durchschnitt Erstellt-Begonnen"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:257
+msgid "Average Due-Resolved"
+msgstr "Durchschnitt Fällig-Erledigt"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:262
+msgid "Average Started-Resolved"
+msgstr "Durchschnitt Begonnen-Erledigt"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:252
+msgid "Average Starts-Started"
+msgstr "Durchschnitt Beginnt-Begonnen"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:227
+msgid "Average time estimated"
+msgstr "Durchschnitt Geschätzte Zeit"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:232
+msgid "Average time left"
+msgstr "Durchschnitt Verbleibende Zeit"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:222
+msgid "Average time worked"
+msgstr "Durchschnitt Gearbeitete Zeit"
+#: share/html/Elements/Submit:109 share/html/Install/Basics.html:63 share/html/Install/DatabaseDetails.html:73 share/html/Install/DatabaseDetails.html:89 share/html/Install/Global.html:65 share/html/Install/Initialize.html:62 share/html/Install/Sendmail.html:64
+msgid "Back"
+msgstr "Zurück"
+#. ($id)
+#: lib/RT/SharedSetting.pm:151
+msgid "Bad privacy for attribute %1"
+msgstr "Schlechte Privatsphähre für Eigenschaft %1"
+#: share/html/SelfService/User/Elements/RelatedData:57
+msgid "Base user data"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/Admin/Actions/Create.html:54 share/html/Admin/Actions/Display.html:51 share/html/Admin/Actions/Modify.html:55 share/html/Admin/Assets/Catalogs/Create.html:55 share/html/Admin/Assets/Catalogs/Modify.html:55 share/html/Admin/Conditions/Create.html:54 share/html/Admin/Conditions/Display.html:51 share/html/Admin/Conditions/Modify.html:55 share/html/Admin/Groups/Modify.html:66 share/html/Admin/Queues/DefaultValues.html:56 share/html/Admin/Scrips/Create.html:56 share/html/Admin/Scrips/Modify.html:56 share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/ShowSearchCriteria:55 share/html/Asset/Create.html:183 share/html/Asset/Create.html:70 share/html/Asset/Elements/AssetSearchBasics:48 share/html/Asset/Elements/ShowSummary:53 share/html/Asset/Modify.html:58 share/html/Asset/Search/Bulk.html:82 share/html/Dashboards/Modify.html:60 share/html/Elements/Tabs:1070 share/html/Elements/Tabs:1156 share/html/Elements/Tabs:339 share/html/Elements/Tabs:374 share/html/Elements/Tabs:399 share/html/Elements
 /Tabs:417 share/html/Elements/Tabs:435 share/html/Elements/Tabs:470 share/html/Elements/Tabs:528 share/html/Elements/Tabs:744 share/html/Elements/Tabs:786 share/html/Ticket/Create.html:516 share/html/Ticket/Create.html:70 share/html/m/_elements/ticket_menu:60
+msgid "Basics"
+msgstr "Grundlagen"
+#: lib/RT/Scrip.pm:472
+msgid "Batch"
+msgstr ""
+#: lib/RT/Scrip.pm:473
+msgid "Batch (disabled by config)"
+msgstr "Batch (deaktiviert durch config)"
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/EditScrips:61
+msgid "Batch scrips"
+msgstr "Batch Scrips"
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/EditScrips:62
+msgid "Batch scrips run after a set of related changes to a ticket."
+msgstr "Batch Scrips werden nach einer Gruppe von Transaktionen eines Tickets ausgeführt."
+#: share/html/Ticket/Forward.html:74
+msgid "Bcc"
+msgstr "BCC"
+#. (qq[<a href="@{[RT->Config->Get("WebPath")]}/Admin/Articles/">], '</a>')
+#: share/html/Articles/Elements/NeedsSetup:50
+msgid "Before Articles can be used, your RT administrator must %1create Classes%2, apply Article custom fields to them, and grant users rights on the classes and CFs."
+msgstr "Bevor Artikel genutzt werden können muss der RT Administrator %1Klassen erstellen%2, benutzerdefinierte Felder für Artikel zuordnen und den Benutzern Rechte erteilen für Klassen und benutzerdefinierte Felder."
+#: etc/initialdata:257
+msgid "Blank"
+msgstr "Leer"
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Queries.html:183
+msgid "Body"
+msgstr "Nachrichtentext"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/EditFormat:126
+msgid "Bold"
+msgstr "Fett"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/BuildFormatString:102 share/html/m/_elements/ticket_list:101 share/html/m/ticket/show:249
+msgid "Bookmark"
+msgstr "Lesezeichen"
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/Search.html:111
+msgid "Bookmarkable link for this search"
+msgstr "Lesezeichentauglicher Link für diese Suche"
+#: etc/initialdata:873 etc/initialdata:898 etc/upgrade/3.7.82/content:6
+msgid "Bookmarked Tickets"
+msgstr "Markierte Tickets"
+#: share/html/m/_elements/menu:73
+msgid "Bookmarked tickets"
+msgstr "Markierte Tickets"
+#: share/html/Articles/Topics.html:48 share/html/Articles/Topics.html:60
+msgid "Browse by topic"
+msgstr "Nach Thema durchsuchen"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:289
+msgid "Browse the SQL queries made in this process"
+msgstr "Die SQL-Abfragen dieses Prozesses anzeigen"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:1127 share/html/Elements/Tabs:980
+msgid "Bulk Update"
+msgstr "Massenänderung"
+#: lib/RT/Tickets.pm:165
+msgid "CCGroup"
+msgstr "CC Gruppe"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:98 lib/RT/Tickets.pm:156
+msgid "CF"
+msgstr ""
+#. ('<strong>cf.Name:value</strong>')
+#: share/html/Search/Simple.html:87
+msgid "CFs may be searched using a similar syntax as above with %1."
+msgstr "Benutzerdefinierte Felder können mit einer ähnlichen Syntax wie oben gesucht werden mit %1."
+#: share/html/Search/Chart.html:166
+msgid "Calculate"
+msgstr "Berechne"
+#: share/html/Search/Chart.html:168
+msgid "Calculate values of"
+msgstr "Berechne Werte nach"
+#. ($ARGS{'SavedSearchLoad'})
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/EditSearches:176
+msgid "Can not load saved search \"%1\""
+msgstr "Kann gespeicherte Suche \"%1\" nicht laden"
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:1804
+msgid "Can not modify system users"
+msgstr "Kann Systembenutzer nicht ändern"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:665
+msgid "Can't add a custom field value without a name"
+msgstr "Kann kein benutzerdefiniertes Feld ohne Namen hinzufügen"
+#. ($args{Name}, $old_value, $new_value, $msg)
+#: lib/RT/Queue.pm:1214
+msgid "Can't change default value of %1 from %2 to %3: %4"
+msgstr "Kann nicht Standard Wert für %1 von %2 in %3 ändern: %4"
+#. ($old_values, $new_values, $msg)
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:2241
+msgid "Can't change default values from %1 to %2: %3"
+msgstr "Kann nicht Standard Werte von %1 in %2 ändern: %3"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/EditSearches:316
+msgid "Can't find a saved search to work with"
+msgstr "Kann keine gespeicherte Suche finden"
+#: lib/RT/Ticket.pm:3172
+msgid "Can't forward: no valid email addresses specified"
+msgstr "Weiterleitung fehlgeschlagen: Keine gültige Mailadresse angegeben"
+#: lib/RT/Link.pm:192
+msgid "Can't link a ticket to itself"
+msgstr "Kann kein Ticket auf sich selbst verweisen lassen!"
+#: lib/RT/Reminders.pm:126
+msgid "Can't link to a deleted ticket"
+msgstr "Kann nicht auf ein gelöschtes Ticket verlinken"
+#: lib/RT/Ticket.pm:1900
+msgid "Can't merge a ticket into itself"
+msgstr "Ein Ticket kann nicht mit sich selbst vereinigt werden."
+#. ($QueueObj->Name)
+#: lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm:3987
+msgid "Can't quickly create ticket in queue %1 because custom fields are required.  Please finish by using the normal ticket creation page."
+msgstr "Kann schnelle Ticket Erstellung in Bereich %1 nicht nutzen da benutzerdefinierte Felder erforderlich sind. Bitte Ticket über die normale Ticket Erstellung Seite erstellen."
+#. (loc($self->{SearchType}))
+#: share/html/Widgets/SavedSearch:136
+msgid "Can't save %1"
+msgstr "Konnte %1 nicht speichern"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/EditSearches:320
+msgid "Can't save a search without a Description"
+msgstr "Suche ohne Beschreibung kann nicht gespeichert werden"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/EditSearches:323
+msgid "Can't save this search"
+msgstr "Kann diese Suche nicht speichern"
+#: lib/RT/Record.pm:1356 lib/RT/Record.pm:1500
+msgid "Can't specify both base and target"
+msgstr "Kann nicht sowohl Basis und Ziel angeben"
+#: share/html/Elements/Modal:70
+msgid "Cancel"
+msgstr ""
+#: lib/RT/Article.pm:327
+msgid "Cannot add link to plain number"
+msgstr "Ein Link zu einer einfachen Zahl kann nicht hinzugefügt werden."
+#: share/html/Ticket/Create.html:450 share/html/m/ticket/create:147
+msgid "Cannot create tickets in a disabled queue."
+msgstr "In einem deaktivierten Bereich können keine Tickets erstellt werden."
+#. ($id)
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomRoles/Objects.html:106
+msgid "Cannot modify objects of disabled custom role #%1"
+msgstr "Kann nicht Objekte von deaktivierter benutzerdefinierter Rolle #%1 ändern"
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomFields/Modify.html:95
+msgid "Canonicalizer:"
+msgstr "Kanonisierer"
+#: share/html/Asset/Elements/AssetSearchBasics:50 share/html/Asset/Elements/EditBasics:51 share/html/Asset/Elements/ShowBasics:50 share/html/Asset/Search/Bulk.html:85 share/html/Elements/RT__Asset/ColumnMap:88
+msgid "Catalog"
+msgstr "Katalog"
+#. ($self->id, $args{'Name'})
+#: lib/RT/Catalog.pm:252
+msgid "Catalog #%1 created: %2"
+msgstr "Katalog #%1 erstellt: %2"
+#. ($Catalog->Name)
+#: share/html/Admin/Assets/Catalogs/CustomFields.html:48
+msgid "Catalog %1: Edit Custom Fields"
+msgstr "Katalog %1: bearbeite benutzerdefinerte Felder"
+#. ($catalog->Name)
+#: share/html/Admin/Assets/Catalogs/Modify.html:48
+msgid "Catalog %1: Modify basics"
+msgstr "Katalog %1: bearbeite Grundlagen"
+#. ($Catalog->Name)
+#: share/html/Admin/Assets/Catalogs/GroupRights.html:48
+msgid "Catalog %1: Modify group rights"
+msgstr "Katalog %1: bearbeite Gruppenrechte"
+#. ($catalog->Name)
+#: share/html/Admin/Assets/Catalogs/Roles.html:48
+msgid "Catalog %1: Modify roles"
+msgstr "Katalog %1: bearbeite Rollen"
+#. ($Catalog->Name)
+#: share/html/Admin/Assets/Catalogs/UserRights.html:48
+msgid "Catalog %1: Modify user rights"
+msgstr "Katalog %1: bearbeite Benutzerrechte"
+#. ($txn_msg)
+#: lib/RT/Catalog.pm:246
+msgid "Catalog Create txn failed: %1"
+msgstr "Katalog Transaktion erstellen fehlgeschlagen: %1"
+#. ($msg)
+#: lib/RT/Catalog.pm:227
+msgid "Catalog create failed: %1"
+msgstr "Katalog erstellen fehlgeschlagen: %1"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:1146 share/html/Elements/Tabs:228
+msgid "Catalogs"
+msgstr "Kataloge"
+#: lib/RT/Catalog.pm:284
+msgid "Catalogs may not be deleted"
+msgstr "Kataloge können nicht gelöscht werden"
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomFields/Modify.html:162
+msgid "Categories are based on"
+msgstr "Kategorien basieren auf"
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/AddCustomFieldValue:57 share/html/Admin/Elements/EditCustomFieldValues:61
+msgid "Category"
+msgstr "Kategorie"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:86 lib/RT/Ticket.pm:103 lib/RT/Tickets.pm:147 share/html/Search/Elements/BuildFormatString:102 share/html/SelfService/Create.html:79 share/html/Ticket/Create.html:158 share/html/Ticket/Elements/EditPeople:103 share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowPeople:81 share/html/Ticket/Forward.html:71 share/html/m/ticket/create:275 share/html/m/ticket/show:298
+msgid "Cc"
+msgstr ""
+#: lib/RT/Graph/Tickets.pm:178
+msgid "Ccs"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/Install/index.html:64 share/html/Search/Results.html:89
+msgid "Change"
+msgstr "Ändere"
+#: lib/RT/Approval/Rule/Created.pm:56
+msgid "Change Approval ticket to open status"
+msgstr "Freigabe Ticket auf Status Offen setzen"
+#: share/html/Admin/Articles/Classes/Modify.html:117
+msgid "Change email subject:"
+msgstr "Mail-Betreff ändern:"
+#: share/html/SelfService/Prefs.html:74
+msgid "Change password"
+msgstr "Passwort ändern"
+#: lib/RT/Template.pm:719
+msgid "Changing queue is not implemented"
+msgstr "Bereichwechsel ist nicht implementiert."
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:981
+msgid "Chart"
+msgstr "Diagramm"
+#: share/html/Elements/JavascriptConfig:71
+msgid "Check"
+msgstr "Überprüfung"
+#: share/html/Elements/Submit:102
+msgid "Check All"
+msgstr "Alle auswählen"
+#: share/html/Install/DatabaseDetails.html:88
+msgid "Check Database Connectivity"
+msgstr "Überprüfe Datenbank Verbindung"
+#: share/html/Install/Basics.html:63 share/html/Install/DatabaseDetails.html:48 share/html/Install/DatabaseType.html:70
+msgid "Check Database Credentials"
+msgstr "Datenbank-Anmeldeinformationen überprüfen"
+#: share/html/m/ticket/create:310 share/html/m/ticket/reply:125
+msgid "Check box to delete"
+msgstr "Auswahl wird gelöscht"
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/Modify.html:245
+msgid "Check to clear user custom fields"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/SelectLinks:59
+msgid "Child"
+msgstr "Kind"
+#: share/html/Elements/AddLinks:87 share/html/Elements/BulkLinks:131 share/html/Elements/BulkLinks:81 share/html/Elements/EditLinks:79 share/html/Elements/ShowLinks:77 share/html/Elements/ShowLinks:92 share/html/Search/Elements/BuildFormatString:102 share/html/m/ticket/create:396 share/html/m/ticket/show:441
+msgid "Children"
+msgstr "Kinder"
+#: share/html/Install/DatabaseDetails.html:89 share/html/Install/DatabaseType.html:48
+msgid "Choose Database Engine"
+msgstr "Datenbank auswählen"
+#. ($QueueObj->Name)
+#: share/html/Articles/Elements/BeforeMessageBox:97
+msgid "Choose from Topics for %1"
+msgstr "Wähle von Themen für %1"
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:101 share/html/Admin/Users/Modify.html:154 share/html/Elements/RT__User/ColumnMap:111 share/html/Prefs/Elements/EditAboutMe:141 share/html/Prefs/Elements/ShowAboutMe:123
+msgid "City"
+msgstr "Stadt"
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/Display.html:58 share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/EditBasics:58 share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/ShowSearchCriteria:58 share/html/Elements/RT__Article/ColumnMap:76
+msgid "Class"
+msgstr "Klasse"
+#: share/html/Admin/Articles/Classes/Modify.html:62
+msgid "Class Name"
+msgstr "Klassenname"
+#. ($msg)
+#: share/html/Admin/Articles/Classes/Modify.html:153
+msgid "Class could not be created: %1"
+msgstr "Klasse konnte nicht erstellt werden: %1"
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__Article/ColumnMap:71
+msgid "Class id"
+msgstr "Klassen-ID"
+#: lib/RT/Class.pm:323
+msgid "Class is already applied Globally"
+msgstr "Diese Klasse wurde bereits global angewandt"
+#. ($queue->Name)
+#: lib/RT/Class.pm:318
+msgid "Class is already applied to %1"
+msgstr "Klasse wurde bereits auf %1 angewendet"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:200 share/html/Elements/Tabs:524
+msgid "Classes"
+msgstr "Klassen"
+#: share/html/Tools/MyDay.html:72 share/html/Widgets/SelectionBox:198
+msgid "Clear"
+msgstr "Verwerfen"
+#: share/html/Elements/Submit:104
+msgid "Clear All"
+msgstr "Alles löschen"
+#: share/html/User/Elements/RelatedData:75
+msgid "Clear core user data, set anonymous username"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/Install/Finish.html:52
+msgid "Click \"Finish Installation\" below to complete this wizard."
+msgstr "Klicke \"Finish Installation\" um den Assistenten zu beenden."
+#: share/html/Install/Initialize.html:54
+msgid "Click \"Initialize Database\" to create RT's database and insert initial metadata. This may take a few moments"
+msgstr "Klicke \"Initialize Database\" um die RT Datenbank zu erzeugen und mit Metadaten zu füllen. Dies kann einen Moment dauern."
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/EditActions:57 share/html/Admin/Elements/EditActions:65
+msgid "Click Create to add a new custom action."
+msgstr "Klicken Sie auf Erstellen, um eine neue benutzerdefinierte Aktion hinzuzufügen."
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/EditConditions:57 share/html/Admin/Elements/EditConditions:65
+msgid "Click Create to add a new custom condition."
+msgstr "Klicken Sie auf Erstellen, um einen neuen benutzerdefinierten Zustand hinzuzufügen."
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Theme.html:101
+msgid "Click to choose a color"
+msgstr "Klicken um eine Farbe zu wählen"
+#: share/html/Helpers/TicketTimer:206 share/html/Helpers/TicketTimer:206
+msgid "Close Window"
+msgstr "Fenster schließen"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowDates:87 share/html/m/ticket/show:382
+msgid "Closed"
+msgstr "Geschlossen"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:1208 share/html/SelfService/Closed.html:48
+msgid "Closed tickets"
+msgstr "Geschlossene Tickets"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:151
+msgid "Combobox: Select or enter multiple values"
+msgstr "Combobox: Mehrere Werte auswählen oder eingeben"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:152
+msgid "Combobox: Select or enter one value"
+msgstr "Combobox: Einen Wert auswählen oder eingeben"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:153
+msgid "Combobox: Select or enter up to %quant(%1,value,values)"
+msgstr "Combobox: Bis zu %1 Werte auswählen oder eingeben"
+#: share/html/Elements/ShowTransaction:195 share/html/Elements/Tabs:812 share/html/Search/Elements/EditFormat:103
+msgid "Comment"
+msgstr "Kommentieren"
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/Modify.html:94
+msgid "Comment Address"
+msgstr "Kommentar-Adresse"
+#: lib/RT/Installer.pm:166
+msgid "Comment address"
+msgstr "Kommentar-Adresse"
+#: share/html/Elements/ShortcutHelp:138
+msgid "Comment on current ticket"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/Elements/ShortcutHelp:106
+msgid "Comment on ticket"
+msgstr "Kommentiere in Ticket"
+#: lib/RT/Queue.pm:126
+msgid "Comment on tickets"
+msgstr "Ticket kommentieren"
+#: share/html/Tools/MyDay.html:64
+msgid "Comments"
+msgstr "Kommentare"
+#: share/html/Search/Bulk.html:156 share/html/Ticket/ModifyAll.html:101 share/html/Ticket/Update.html:77 share/html/m/ticket/reply:92
+msgid "Comments (Not sent to requestors)"
+msgstr "Kommentare (werden nicht an Auftraggeber geschickt)"
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/Modify.html:129 share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowRequestor:78
+msgid "Comments about this user"
+msgstr "Kommentare zu diesem Benutzer"
+#: lib/RT/Ticket.pm:1731 lib/RT/Transaction.pm:991
+msgid "Comments added"
+msgstr "Kommentar hinzugefügt"
+#: share/html/Helpers/TicketTimer:214
+msgid "Comments for the ticket"
+msgstr "Kommentare für das Ticket"
+#: lib/RT/Action.pm:155 lib/RT/Rule.pm:74
+msgid "Commit Stubbed"
+msgstr "Commit Stumpf ausgeführt"
+#: share/html/Admin/Scrips/Elements/EditBasics:54 share/html/Elements/RT__Scrip/ColumnMap:85
+msgid "Condition"
+msgstr "Bedingung"
+#. ($args{'ScripCondition'})
+#. ($value)
+#: lib/RT/Scrip.pm:180 lib/RT/Scrip.pm:825
+msgid "Condition '%1' not found"
+msgstr "Bedingung '%1' nicht gefunden"
+#: share/html/Admin/Conditions/Elements/EditBasics:63 share/html/Admin/Conditions/Elements/ShowBasics:63
+msgid "Condition Module"
+msgstr "Zustands-Modul"
+#: lib/RT/ScripCondition.pm:125
+msgid "Condition is in use"
+msgstr "Zustand ist in Gebrauch"
+#: lib/RT/Scrip.pm:176 lib/RT/Scrip.pm:818
+msgid "Condition is mandatory argument"
+msgstr "Bedingung ist ein Pflichtfeld"
+#: bin/rt-crontool:199
+msgid "Condition matches..."
+msgstr "Bedingung trifft zu..."
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__Scrip/ColumnMap:97
+msgid "Condition, Action and Template"
+msgstr "Bedingung, Aktion und Vorlage"
+#: share/html/Admin/Global/Conditions.html:53 share/html/Elements/Tabs:135
+msgid "Conditions"
+msgstr "Zustände"
+#. ($file)
+#: share/html/Install/index.html:107
+msgid "Config file %1 is locked"
+msgstr "Konfig Datei %1 ist gesperrt"
+#. ($QueueObj->Name)
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/Modify.html:190
+msgid "Configuration for queue %1"
+msgstr "Einstellungen für Bereich %1"
+#. ($RoleObj->Name)
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomRoles/Modify.html:129
+msgid "Configuration for role %1"
+msgstr "Konfiguration für Rolle %1"
+#: share/html/Install/DatabaseDetails.html:137
+msgid "Connection succeeded"
+msgstr "Verbindung erfolgreich"
+#: lib/RT/Asset.pm:88
+msgid "Contact"
+msgstr "Kontakt"
+#. (qq[<a href="mailto:$owner">], $owner, '</a>')
+#: share/html/Errors/WebRemoteUser/Wrapper:67
+msgid "Contact your RT administrator via %1email to %2%3."
+msgstr "Kontaktiere den RT Administrator per %1E-Mail an %2%3."
+#: share/html/Errors/WebRemoteUser/Wrapper:69
+msgid "Contact your RT administrator."
+msgstr "Kontaktiere den RT Administrator."
+#: lib/RT/Tickets.pm:141 share/html/Admin/Elements/ModifyTemplate:70 share/html/Articles/Article/Display.html:78 share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/ShowSearchCriteria:71 share/html/Elements/QuickCreate:75 share/html/Elements/RT__Transaction/ColumnMap:109 share/html/Elements/SelectAttachmentField:51 share/html/Elements/Tabs:745 share/html/Ticket/Forward.html:87 share/html/Ticket/ModifyAll.html:122
+msgid "Content"
+msgstr "Inhalt"
+#. ($self->OldValue, $self->NewValue)
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:947
+msgid "Content dropped because its size (%1 bytes) exceeded configured maximum size setting (%2 bytes)."
+msgstr "Inhalt verworfen da die Größe (%1 Bytes) die konfigurierte maximale Größe (%2 Bytes) überschreitet."
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:956
+msgid "Content insert failed. See error log for details."
+msgstr "Inhalt einfügen fehlgeschlagen. Siehe Fehler Logdateien für Details."
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:1878
+msgid "Content is not a valid IP address"
+msgstr "Inhalt ist eine ungültige IP-Adresse"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:1894
+msgid "Content is not a valid IP address range"
+msgstr "Inhalt ist ein ungültiger IP-Adressbereich"
+#. ($self->OldValue, $self->NewValue)
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:936
+msgid "Content truncated because its size (%1 bytes) exceeded configured maximum size setting (%2 bytes)."
+msgstr "Inhalt abgeschnitten da die Größe (%1 Bytes) die konfigurierte maximale Größe (%2 Bytes) überschreitet."
+#: share/html/Elements/SelectAttachmentField:53
+msgid "Content-Type"
+msgstr "Inhaltstyp"
+#: lib/RT/Tickets.pm:142
+msgid "ContentType"
+msgstr "Inhaltstyp"
+#: share/html/Admin/Actions/Display.html:58 share/html/Admin/Actions/Modify.html:60
+msgid "Copy Action"
+msgstr "Kopiere Aktion"
+#: share/html/Admin/Conditions/Display.html:58 share/html/Admin/Conditions/Modify.html:60
+msgid "Copy Condition"
+msgstr "Kopiere Zustand"
+#: share/html/User/Elements/RelatedData:58
+msgid "Core user data"
+msgstr ""
+#: lib/RT/Installer.pm:174
+msgid "Correspond address"
+msgstr "Antwortadresse"
+#: etc/initialdata:393
+msgid "Correspondence"
+msgstr "Antwort"
+#: lib/RT/Ticket.pm:1733 lib/RT/Transaction.pm:987
+msgid "Correspondence added"
+msgstr "Antwort hinzugefügt"
+#: etc/initialdata:401 etc/upgrade/4.1.9/content:68
+msgid "Correspondence in HTML"
+msgstr "Korrespondenz in HTML"
+#. ($email, $msg)
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Subscription.html:292
+msgid "Could not add %1 as a recipient: %2"
+msgstr "%1 konnte nicht als Empfänger hinzugefügt werden: %2"
+#. ($msg)
+#. ($value_msg)
+#: lib/RT/Record.pm:2021 lib/RT/Record.pm:2094
+msgid "Could not add new custom field value: %1"
+msgstr "Konnte den Wert des benutzerdefinierten Feldes nicht setzen: %1"
+#. ($self->loc('Name'))
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:352
+msgid "Could not anonymize user %1"
+msgstr ""
+#. ($msg)
+#: lib/RT/Ticket.pm:2158
+msgid "Could not change owner: %1"
+msgstr "Konnte Besitzer nicht ändern: %1"
+#. ($cf->Name)
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:377
+msgid "Could not clear user custom field %1"
+msgstr ""
+#. ($msg)
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomFields/Modify.html:229 share/html/Admin/Elements/EditCustomField:116
+msgid "Could not create CustomField: %1"
+msgstr "Konnte benutzerdefiniertes Feld nicht erzeugen: %1"
+#: lib/RT/Group.pm:332 lib/RT/Group.pm:339
+msgid "Could not create group"
+msgstr "Gruppe konnte nicht erstellt werden"
+#. ($msg)
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/Search.html:210
+msgid "Could not create search: %1"
+msgstr "Suche konnte nicht angelegt werden: %1"
+#: lib/RT/Ticket.pm:261
+msgid "Could not create ticket. Queue not set"
+msgstr "Ticket konnte nicht erstellt werden. Kein Bereich angegeben"
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:183 lib/RT/User.pm:196 lib/RT/User.pm:205 lib/RT/User.pm:214 lib/RT/User.pm:223 lib/RT/User.pm:237 lib/RT/User.pm:247 lib/RT/User.pm:554
+msgid "Could not create user"
+msgstr "Benutzer konnte nicht erstellt werden"
+#. ($searchname, $msg)
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/Search.html:250
+msgid "Could not delete search %1: %2"
+msgstr "Suche %1 konnte nicht gelöscht werden: %2"
+#. ($name)
+#: lib/RT/Record/Role/Roles.pm:420
+msgid "Could not find group '%1'"
+msgstr "Konnte Gruppe '%1' nicht finden"
+#. ($name)
+#: lib/RT/Record/Role/Roles.pm:410
+msgid "Could not find or create user '%1'"
+msgstr "Konnte Benutzer '%1' nicht finden oder erstellen"
+#. ($self->ObjectName)
+#: lib/RT/SharedSetting.pm:244
+msgid "Could not load %1 attribute"
+msgstr "Konnte Attribut %1 nicht laden"
+#: share/html/Admin/Articles/Classes/Objects.html:105
+msgid "Could not load Class %1"
+msgstr "Klasse %1 konnte nicht geladen werden"
+#. ($id)
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomFields/Objects.html:109
+msgid "Could not load CustomField %1"
+msgstr "Konnte benutzerdefiniertes Feld %1 nicht laden"
+#. ($id)
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomRoles/Objects.html:102
+msgid "Could not load custom role #%1"
+msgstr "Kann benutzerdefinierte Rolle #%1 nicht laden"
+#. ($id)
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Modify.html:124 share/html/Dashboards/Queries.html:83 share/html/Dashboards/Render.html:123 share/html/Dashboards/Subscription.html:226
+msgid "Could not load dashboard %1"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/Admin/Groups/Members.html:115
+msgid "Could not load group"
+msgstr "Konnte die Gruppe nicht laden"
+#. ($privacy)
+#: lib/RT/SharedSetting.pm:127
+msgid "Could not load object for %1"
+msgstr "Kann Objekt für %1 nicht laden"
+#. ($id)
+#: share/html/Admin/Scrips/Objects.html:128
+msgid "Could not load scrip #%1"
+msgstr "Konnte Scrip #%1 nicht laden"
+#: share/html/Elements/JavascriptConfig:75
+msgid "Could not load ticket history. Reason:"
+msgstr "Kann Ticket Verlauf nicht laden. Grund:"
+#. ($args{User})
+#: lib/RT/Record/Role/Roles.pm:548
+msgid "Could not load user '%1'"
+msgstr "Konnte Benutzer '%1' nicht laden"
+#. ($principal->Object->Name, $group->Label)
+#: lib/RT/Record/Role/Roles.pm:495
+msgid "Could not make %1 a %2"
+msgstr "Konnte %1 nicht einen %2 machen"
+#. ($principal->Object->Name, $self->loc($args{Type}))
+#: lib/RT/Record/Role/Roles.pm:576
+msgid "Could not remove %1 as a %2"
+msgstr "Konnte nicht %1 als %2 entfernen"
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:136
+msgid "Could not set user info"
+msgstr "Konnte Benutzerinformation nicht speichern"
+#. ($col, $msg)
+#: lib/RT/Group.pm:990
+msgid "Could not update column %1: %2"
+msgstr "Konnte nicht Spalte %1 aktualisieren: %2"
+#: lib/RT/Record/AddAndSort.pm:200
+msgid "Couldn't add as it's global already"
+msgstr "Konnte nicht hinzugefügt werden da es bereits global ist"
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:166
+msgid "Couldn't add attachment"
+msgstr "Anhang konnte nicht hinzugefügt werden"
+#. ($cfmsg)
+#: lib/RT/Asset.pm:301
+msgid "Couldn't add custom field value on create: %1"
+msgstr "Kann nicht benutzerdefinierten Feld Wert beim Erstellen hinzufügen: %1"
+#: lib/RT/Group.pm:964
+msgid "Couldn't add member to group"
+msgstr "Konnte Benutzer nicht der Gruppe hinzufügen"
+#. ($self->loc($attr))
+#. ($self->loc('AuthToken'))
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:332 lib/RT/User.pm:361
+msgid "Couldn't clear user %1"
+msgstr ""
+#. ($method, $code, $error)
+#: lib/RT/Scrip.pm:786
+msgid "Couldn't compile %1 codeblock '%2': %3"
+msgstr "Keine Übersetzung für %1 Codeblock '%2':%3"
+#. ($fi_text, $error)
+#: lib/RT/Template.pm:842
+msgid "Couldn't compile template codeblock '%1': %2"
+msgstr "Konnte Template-Codeblock '%1' nicht kompilieren: %2"
+#. ($Msg)
+#. ($msg)
+#: lib/RT/Record.pm:2105 lib/RT/Record.pm:2224
+msgid "Couldn't create a transaction: %1"
+msgstr "Transaktion konnte nicht erstellt werden: %1"
+#. ($msg)
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:1807
+msgid "Couldn't create record: %1"
+msgstr "Eintrag konnte nicht erstellt werden: %1"
+#: lib/RT/Asset.pm:277
+msgid "Couldn't create role groups for asset"
+msgstr "Kann nicht Rollen Gruppen für Anlage erstellen"
+#: lib/RT/Catalog.pm:234
+msgid "Couldn't create role groups for catalog"
+msgstr "Kann nicht Rollen Gruppen für Katalog erstellen"
+#. ($id, $msg)
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Modify.html:160
+msgid "Couldn't delete dashboard %1: %2"
+msgstr "Dashboard %1 konnte nicht gelöscht werden: %2"
+#. ($id)
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Modify.html:156
+msgid "Couldn't delete dashboard %1: Permission Denied"
+msgstr "Das Dashboard konnte nicht gelöscht werden %1: Berechtigung verweigert"
+#: lib/RT/Record.pm:1012
+msgid "Couldn't find row"
+msgstr "Konnte Zeile nicht finden"
+#: bin/rt-crontool:170
+msgid "Couldn't find suitable transaction, skipping"
+msgstr "Keine passende Transaktion gefunden, übersprungen"
+#: lib/RT/Group.pm:938
+msgid "Couldn't find that principal"
+msgstr "Konnte diese Rolle nicht finden"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:693
+msgid "Couldn't find that value"
+msgstr "Konnte diesen Wert nicht finden"
+#. ($protocol)
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/ShowKeyInfo:56
+msgid "Couldn't get %1 keys information"
+msgstr "Kann %1 Schlüssel Informationen nicht erhalten"
+#. ($id)
+#: share/html/Admin/Articles/Classes/GroupRights.html:66 share/html/Admin/Articles/Classes/UserRights.html:65
+msgid "Couldn't load Class %1"
+msgstr "Konnte die Klasse %1 nicht laden"
+#. ($cf_id)
+#. ($id)
+#: lib/RT/CustomFieldValue.pm:119 lib/RT/CustomFieldValue.pm:86 share/html/Admin/CustomFields/UserRights.html:66
+msgid "Couldn't load Custom Field #%1"
+msgstr "Konnte benutzerdefiniertes Feld #%1 nicht laden"
+#. ($cf_id)
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/EditCustomFields:134 share/html/Admin/Elements/EditCustomFields:145
+msgid "Couldn't load CustomField #%1"
+msgstr "Konnte Benutzerdefiniertes Feld #%1 nicht laden"
+#. ($id)
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomFields/GroupRights.html:66
+msgid "Couldn't load CustomField %1"
+msgstr "Konnte benutzerdefiniertes Feld %1 nicht laden"
+#. ($id)
+#: share/html/Admin/Actions/Display.html:73 share/html/Admin/Actions/Modify.html:75
+msgid "Couldn't load action #%1"
+msgstr "Konnte Aktion #%1 nicht laden"
+#. ($id)
+#: share/html/Admin/Assets/Catalogs/DefaultValues.html:69
+msgid "Couldn't load asset %1"
+msgstr "Konnte Anlage %1 nicht laden"
+#. ($id)
+#: share/html/Admin/Conditions/Display.html:71 share/html/Admin/Conditions/Modify.html:74
+msgid "Couldn't load condition #%1"
+msgstr "Konnte Kondition #%1 nicht laden"
+#. (blessed($self), $self->Id)
+#: lib/RT/Record/Role/Status.pm:291
+msgid "Couldn't load copy of %1 #%2"
+msgstr "Konnte keine Kopie von %1 #%2 laden"
+#. ($self->Id)
+#: lib/RT/Ticket.pm:1142
+msgid "Couldn't load copy of ticket #%1."
+msgstr "Konnte Kopie des Ticket #%1 nicht laden"
+#. ($Name)
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomRoles/Modify.html:124
+msgid "Couldn't load custom role '%1'"
+msgstr "Kann nicht benutzerdefinierte Rolle '%1' laden"
+#. ($gid)
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/MembershipsPage:100 share/html/Admin/Elements/MembershipsPage:110
+msgid "Couldn't load group #%1"
+msgstr "Gruppe #%1 konnte nicht geladen werden"
+#. ($id)
+#: share/html/Admin/Groups/GroupRights.html:66 share/html/Admin/Groups/UserRights.html:67
+msgid "Couldn't load group %1"
+msgstr "Konnte Gruppe %1 nicht laden"
+#: lib/RT/Link.pm:267
+msgid "Couldn't load link"
+msgstr "Konnte den Verweis nicht laden"
+#. ($msg)
+#: lib/RT/Link.pm:240
+msgid "Couldn't load link: %1"
+msgstr "Konnte Link nicht laden: %1"
+#. ($id)
+#: share/html/Admin/Articles/Classes/CustomFields.html:54 share/html/Admin/Queues/CustomFields.html:56 share/html/Admin/Queues/DefaultValues.html:139 share/html/Admin/Users/CustomFields.html:56
+msgid "Couldn't load object %1"
+msgstr "Konnte Objekt %1 nicht laden"
+#. ($msg)
+#: lib/RT/Record/Role/Roles.pm:636
+msgid "Couldn't load or create user: %1"
+msgstr "Konnte Benutzer %1 nicht laden oder erstellen"
+#. ($id)
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/MembershipsPage:89
+msgid "Couldn't load principal #%1"
+msgstr "Konnte Principal #%1 nicht laden"
+#. ($msg)
+#: lib/RT/Record/Role/Roles.pm:621
+msgid "Couldn't load principal: %1"
+msgstr "Konnte Principal nicht laden: %1"
+#. ($id)
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/People.html:142
+msgid "Couldn't load queue"
+msgstr "Konnte den Bereich nicht laden"
+#. ($id)
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/EditScrips:107
+msgid "Couldn't load queue #%1"
+msgstr "Bereich #%1 konnte nicht geladen werden"
+#. ($Queue)
+#. ($id)
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/GroupRights.html:71 share/html/Admin/Queues/UserRights.html:72 share/html/Admin/Scrips/Create.html:101
+msgid "Couldn't load queue %1"
+msgstr "Konnte den Bereich %1 nicht laden"
+#. ($Name)
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/Modify.html:185
+msgid "Couldn't load queue '%1'"
+msgstr "Bereich '%1' konnte nicht geladen werden"
+#. ($id)
+#: share/html/Admin/Scrips/Modify.html:105
+msgid "Couldn't load scrip #%1"
+msgstr "Script #%1 konnte nicht geladen werden"
+#. ($id)
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/EditTemplates:107
+msgid "Couldn't load template #%1"
+msgstr "Vorlage #%1 konnte nicht geladen werden"
+#: lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm:2728
+msgid "Couldn't load the specified principal"
+msgstr "Konnte den angegebenen Auftraggeber nicht laden"
+#. ($id)
+#: lib/RT/Action/CreateTickets.pm:404
+msgid "Couldn't load ticket '%1'"
+msgstr "Konnte Ticket '%1' nicht laden"
+#: lib/RT/Article.pm:441
+msgid "Couldn't load topic membership while trying to delete it"
+msgstr "Konnte Thema Mitgliedschaft nicht laden beim Versuch es zu löschen"
+#. ($QuoteTransaction)
+#. ($id)
+#: share/html/Ticket/Crypt.html:71 share/html/Ticket/Forward.html:124
+msgid "Couldn't load transaction #%1"
+msgstr "Transaktion #%1 konnte nicht geladen werden"
+#: share/html/Prefs/AboutMe.html:71
+msgid "Couldn't load user"
+msgstr "Konnte Benutzer nicht laden"
+#. ($id)
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/Keys.html:95 share/html/Prefs/AboutMe.html:67
+msgid "Couldn't load user #%1"
+msgstr "Benutzer #%1 konnte nicht geladen werden"
+#. ($id, $Name)
+#: share/html/Prefs/AboutMe.html:65
+msgid "Couldn't load user #%1 or user '%2'"
+msgstr "Konnte Benutzer #%1 oder '%2' nicht laden"
+#. ($Name)
+#: share/html/Prefs/AboutMe.html:69
+msgid "Couldn't load user '%1'"
+msgstr "Konnte Benutzer '%1' nicht laden"
+#. ($args{Base})
+#: lib/RT/Link.pm:229
+msgid "Couldn't parse Base URI: %1"
+msgstr "Konnte Base URI nicht parsen: %1"
+#. ($args{Target})
+#: lib/RT/Link.pm:233
+msgid "Couldn't parse Target URI: %1"
+msgstr "Konnte Target URI nicht parsen: %1"
+#. ($msg)
+#: lib/RT/Group.pm:972
+msgid "Couldn't remove previous member: %1"
+msgstr "Konnte ehemaliges Mitglied nicht entfernen: %1"
+#. ($msg)
+#: lib/RT/Attachment.pm:996
+msgid "Couldn't replace content with decrypted data: %1"
+msgstr "Konnte Inhalt nicht durch entschlüsselte Daten ersetzen: %1"
+#. ($msg)
+#: lib/RT/Attachment.pm:945
+msgid "Couldn't replace content with encrypted data: %1"
+msgstr "Konnte Inhalt nicht durch entschlüsselte Daten ersetzen: %1"
+#. ($remote_link)
+#: lib/RT/Record.pm:1392 lib/RT/Record.pm:1529
+msgid "Couldn't resolve '%1' into a link."
+msgstr "Konnte '%1' nicht in einen Link auflösen"
+#. ($args{'Base'})
+#: lib/RT/Link.pm:155
+msgid "Couldn't resolve base '%1' into a URI."
+msgstr "Basis '%1' kann nicht zu einer URI aufgelöst werden."
+#. ($args{'Target'})
+#: lib/RT/Link.pm:162
+msgid "Couldn't resolve target '%1' into a URI."
+msgstr "Ziel '%1' kann nicht zu einer URI aufgelöst werden."
+#. ($role, $msg)
+#: lib/RT/Record/Role/Roles.pm:706
+msgid "Couldn't set %1 watcher: %2"
+msgstr "Konnte nicht %1 Beobachter: %2 setzen"
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:2078
+msgid "Couldn't set private key"
+msgstr "Konnte privaten Schlüssel nicht setzen"
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:2062
+msgid "Couldn't unset private key"
+msgstr "Konnte privaten Schlüssel nicht zurücksetzen"
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:102 share/html/Admin/Users/Modify.html:171 share/html/Elements/RT__User/ColumnMap:126 share/html/Prefs/Elements/EditAboutMe:153 share/html/Prefs/Elements/ShowAboutMe:135
+msgid "Country"
+msgstr "Land"
+#: share/html/Admin/Actions/Create.html:61 share/html/Admin/Articles/Classes/Modify.html:132 share/html/Admin/Conditions/Create.html:61 share/html/Admin/CustomFields/Modify.html:198 share/html/Admin/CustomRoles/Modify.html:98 share/html/Admin/Elements/EditCustomField:87 share/html/Admin/Global/Template.html:100 share/html/Admin/Groups/Modify.html:97 share/html/Admin/Queues/Modify.html:162 share/html/Admin/Queues/Template.html:111 share/html/Admin/Scrips/Create.html:74 share/html/Admin/Scrips/Create.html:81 share/html/Admin/Users/Modify.html:233 share/html/Articles/Article/Edit.html:91 share/html/Articles/Article/ExtractFromTicket.html:83 share/html/Articles/Article/ExtractIntoClass.html:68 share/html/Articles/Article/ExtractIntoTopic.html:60 share/html/Dashboards/Modify.html:72 share/html/Elements/QuickCreate:78 share/html/Elements/ShowLinks:54 share/html/Elements/ShowLinks:72 share/html/Elements/Tabs:107 share/html/Elements/Tabs:1149 share/html/Elements/Tabs:117 share/html/Elements
 /Tabs:132 share/html/Elements/Tabs:140 share/html/Elements/Tabs:148 share/html/Elements/Tabs:156 share/html/Elements/Tabs:207 share/html/Elements/Tabs:222 share/html/Elements/Tabs:233 share/html/Elements/Tabs:242 share/html/Elements/Tabs:325 share/html/Elements/Tabs:344 share/html/Elements/Tabs:348 share/html/Elements/Tabs:468 share/html/Elements/Tabs:475 share/html/Elements/Tabs:482 share/html/Elements/Tabs:485 share/html/Elements/Tabs:488 share/html/Elements/Tabs:496 share/html/Elements/Tabs:502 share/html/Elements/Tabs:508 share/html/Elements/Tabs:514 share/html/Elements/Tabs:526 share/html/Elements/Tabs:537 share/html/Elements/Tabs:656 share/html/Elements/Tabs:662 share/html/Elements/Tabs:72 share/html/Elements/Tabs:80 share/html/Elements/Tabs:88 share/html/Elements/Tabs:97 share/html/Ticket/Create.html:257 share/html/Ticket/Create.html:356 share/html/User/Elements/Portlets/CreateAsset:57 share/html/User/Elements/Portlets/CreateTicket:53 share/html/m/ticket/create:235 share/html
+msgid "Create"
+msgstr "Erstellen"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:1137
+msgid "Create New"
+msgstr "Neu erstellen"
+#: etc/initialdata:104
+msgid "Create Tickets"
+msgstr "Erstelle Ticket"
+#: share/html/Admin/Articles/Classes/Modify.html:144 share/html/Admin/Articles/Classes/Modify.html:164
+msgid "Create a Class"
+msgstr "Klasse erstellen"
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomFields/Modify.html:210 share/html/Admin/CustomFields/Modify.html:230 share/html/Admin/Elements/EditCustomField:99
+msgid "Create a CustomField"
+msgstr "Erstelle ein benutzerdefiniertes Feld"
+#. ($QueueObj->Name())
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/CustomField.html:65
+msgid "Create a CustomField for queue %1"
+msgstr "Erstelle ein benutzerdefiniertes Feld für den Bereich %1"
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomRoles/Modify.html:167
+msgid "Create a custom role"
+msgstr "Erstelle eine benutzerdefinierte Rolle"
+#: share/html/Admin/Scrips/Create.html:109
+msgid "Create a global scrip"
+msgstr "Globales Scrip erzeugt"
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/Edit.html:122 share/html/Articles/Article/Edit.html:185
+msgid "Create a new article"
+msgstr "Neuen Artikel erstellen"
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/ExtractIntoClass.html:52
+msgid "Create a new article in"
+msgstr "Neuen Artikel erstellen unter"
+#. ($catalog->Name)
+#: share/html/Asset/Create.html:48
+msgid "Create a new asset in catalog %1"
+msgstr "Erstelle eine neue Anlage in Katalog %1"
+#. ($m->scomp("/Asset/Elements/SelectCatalog", Default => $ARGS{Catalog}),)
+#: share/html/User/Elements/Portlets/CreateAsset:56
+msgid "Create a new asset in the catalog %1"
+msgstr "Erstelle eine neue Anlaget in Katalog %1"
+#. ($m->scomp("/Asset/Elements/SelectCatalog"),)
+#: share/html/Asset/Elements/CreateInCatalog:51
+msgid "Create a new asset in the catalog %1."
+msgstr "Erstelle eine neue Anlage in dem Katalog %1."
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Modify.html:134 share/html/Dashboards/Modify.html:98
+msgid "Create a new dashboard"
+msgstr "Neues Dashboard erstellen"
+#: share/html/Admin/Groups/Modify.html:109 share/html/Admin/Groups/Modify.html:129
+msgid "Create a new group"
+msgstr "Erstelle eine neue Gruppe"
+#. ($QueueObj->Name)
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/Template.html:110
+msgid "Create a new template for queue %1"
+msgstr "Neues Template für Bereich %1 erzeugen"
+#. ($m->scomp("/Ticket/Elements/ShowQueue", QueueObj => $QueueObj))
+#: share/html/Ticket/Create.html:444
+msgid "Create a new ticket in %1"
+msgstr "Erstelle ein neues Ticket in %1"
+#. ($m->scomp("/Elements/SelectNewTicketQueue"),    @description)
+#: share/html/Asset/Elements/CreateLinkedTicket:84
+msgid "Create a new ticket in the %1 queue about asset #%2: %3."
+msgstr "Erstelle ein neues Ticket im Bereich %1 für Anlage #%2: %3"
+#. ($m->scomp("/Elements/SelectNewTicketQueue"),)
+#: share/html/Asset/Elements/CreateLinkedTicket:89
+msgid "Create a new ticket in the %1 queue about multiple assets."
+msgstr "Erstelle ein neues Ticket über mehrere Anlagen in Warteschlange %1"
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/Modify.html:274 share/html/Admin/Users/Modify.html:289
+msgid "Create a new user"
+msgstr "Erstelle einen neuen Benutzer"
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/Modify.html:243
+msgid "Create a queue"
+msgstr "Erstelle einen Bereich"
+#. ($queue_obj->Name)
+#: share/html/Admin/Scrips/Create.html:107
+msgid "Create a scrip and add to queue %1"
+msgstr "Scrip erstellen und Bereich %1 zuordnen"
+#: share/html/Admin/Global/Template.html:99
+msgid "Create a template"
+msgstr "Erstelle eine Vorlage"
+#: share/html/SelfService/CreateTicketInQueue.html:48 share/html/m/ticket/create:140 share/html/m/ticket/select_create_queue:53
+msgid "Create a ticket"
+msgstr "Neues Ticket erstellen"
+#. ($m->scomp("/Ticket/Elements/ShowQueue", QueueObj => $queue_obj))
+#: share/html/SelfService/Create.html:48
+msgid "Create a ticket in %1"
+msgstr "Erstelle ein Ticket in %1"
+#: share/html/User/Elements/Portlets/CreateTicket:50
+msgid "Create a ticket with this user as the Requestor in Queue"
+msgstr "Ticket erstellen mit diesem Benutzer als Auftraggeber in Bereich"
+#: share/html/Articles/Elements/CreateArticle:48
+msgid "Create an article"
+msgstr "Artikel erstellen"
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/PreCreate.html:48
+msgid "Create an article in class..."
+msgstr "Artikel in Klasse erstellen..."
+#: lib/RT/Class.pm:88
+msgid "Create articles in this class"
+msgstr "Artikel in dieser Klasse erstellen"
+#: share/html/Asset/Create.html:102
+msgid "Create asset"
+msgstr "Erstelle Anlage"
+#: lib/RT/Catalog.pm:83
+msgid "Create assets"
+msgstr "Erstelle Anlagen"
+#: share/html/Admin/Assets/Catalogs/Create.html:48 share/html/Admin/Assets/Catalogs/Create.html:59
+msgid "Create catalog"
+msgstr "Erstelle Katalog"
+#: lib/RT/Group.pm:96
+msgid "Create group dashboards"
+msgstr "Gruppen-Dashboard erstellen"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:1087 share/html/Elements/Tabs:1247
+msgid "Create linked ticket"
+msgstr "Erstelle verknüpftes Ticket"
+#. ($asset->id, $asset->Name)
+#. ($asset_objs[0]->id, $asset_objs[0]->Name)
+#: share/html/Asset/CreateLinkedTicket.html:72 share/html/SelfService/Asset/CreateLinkedTicket.html:55
+msgid "Create linked ticket for asset #%1: %2"
+msgstr "Erstelle verknüpftes Ticket für Anlage #%1: %2"
+#: share/html/Asset/CreateLinkedTicket.html:76
+msgid "Create linked ticket for multiple assets"
+msgstr "Erstelle verlinktes Ticket für mehrere Anlagen"
+#: share/html/Asset/CreateInCatalog.html:49
+msgid "Create new asset"
+msgstr "Erstelle neue Anlage"
+#: etc/initialdata:106
+msgid "Create new tickets based on this scrip's template"
+msgstr "Erstelle neues Ticket basierend auf der Vorlage dieses Scrips"
+#: lib/RT/Dashboard.pm:86
+msgid "Create personal dashboards"
+msgstr "Eigenes Dashboard erstellen"
+#: lib/RT/Dashboard.pm:81
+msgid "Create system dashboards"
+msgstr "System-Dashboard erstellen"
+#: share/html/SelfService/Create.html:114
+msgid "Create ticket"
+msgstr "Erstelle Ticket"
+#: lib/RT/Queue.pm:124
+msgid "Create tickets"
+msgstr "Erstelle Tickets"
+#: lib/RT/Class.pm:99 lib/RT/Queue.pm:106
+msgid "Create, modify and delete Access Control List entries"
+msgstr "Einträge von Zugriffskontrolllisten(ACL) erstellen, ändern und löschen"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:227
+msgid "Create, modify and delete custom fields"
+msgstr "Benutzerdefinierte Felder erstellen, ändern und löschen"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:228
+msgid "Create, modify and delete custom fields values"
+msgstr "Werte von benutzerdefinierten Feldern festlegen, ändern und löschen"
+#: lib/RT/System.pm:86
+msgid "Create, modify and delete custom roles"
+msgstr "Erstellen, bearbeiten und löschen von benutzerdefinierten Rollen"
+#: lib/RT/Queue.pm:104
+msgid "Create, modify and delete queue"
+msgstr "Bereiche erstellen, ändern und löschen"
+#: lib/RT/Group.pm:92
+msgid "Create, modify and delete saved searches"
+msgstr "Gespeicherte Suchanfragen erstellen, ändern und löschen"
+#: lib/RT/System.pm:85
+msgid "Create, modify and delete users"
+msgstr "Benutzer erstellen, ändern und löschen"
+#: lib/RT/Catalog.pm:80
+msgid "Create, modify, and disable catalogs"
+msgstr "Erstellen, bearbeiten und deaktivieren von Katalogen"
+#: lib/RT/Graph/Tickets.pm:179 lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:90 lib/RT/Tickets.pm:139 share/html/Admin/Elements/ShowKeyInfo:71 share/html/Articles/Article/Display.html:66 share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/EditBasics:74 share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/ShowSearchCriteria:99 share/html/Asset/Elements/EditDates:50 share/html/Asset/Elements/ShowDates:50 share/html/Elements/ColumnMap:68 share/html/Elements/ColumnMap:73 share/html/Elements/SelectDateType:49 share/html/Search/Elements/BuildFormatString:102 share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowDates:50 share/html/m/_elements/ticket_list:97 share/html/m/ticket/show:357
+msgid "Created"
+msgstr "Erstellt"
+#: share/html/Elements/ColumnMap:78
+msgid "Created By"
+msgstr "Erstellt von"
+#. ($CustomFieldObj->Name)
+#. ($CustomFieldObj->Name())
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomFields/Modify.html:234 share/html/Admin/Elements/EditCustomField:120
+msgid "Created CustomField %1"
+msgstr "Erstelle ein benutzerdefiniertes Feld %1"
+#: share/html/Articles/Elements/NewestArticles:53 share/html/Articles/Elements/UpdatedArticles:53
+msgid "Created by"
+msgstr "Erstellt von"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:647
+msgid "Created in a date range"
+msgstr "In einem Datumsbereich angelegt"
+#. ($search->Name)
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/Search.html:206
+msgid "Created search %1"
+msgstr "Suche %1 angelegt"
+#: share/html/Reports/CreatedByDates.html:54
+msgid "Created tickets in period, grouped by status"
+msgstr "Erstelle Tickets im Zeitraum, gruppiert nach Status"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/BuildFormatString:102
+msgid "CreatedBy"
+msgstr "Erstellt von"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/BuildFormatString:102
+msgid "CreatedRelative"
+msgstr "Erstellt (relativ)"
+#: lib/RT/Graph/Tickets.pm:178 lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:82 lib/RT/Tickets.pm:111 share/html/Articles/Article/Display.html:62 share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/EditBasics:70 share/html/Search/Elements/PickBasics:129
+msgid "Creator"
+msgstr "Ersteller"
+#: share/html/Prefs/Other.html:71
+msgid "Cryptography"
+msgstr "Verschlüsselung"
+#: lib/RT/Attachment.pm:902 lib/RT/Attachment.pm:962
+msgid "Cryptography is disabled"
+msgstr "Kryptografie/Verschlüsselung ist deaktiviert"
+#: share/html/Elements/BulkLinks:51 share/html/Elements/EditLinks:51
+msgid "Current Links"
+msgstr "Momentane Beziehungen"
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Elements/SubscriptionRecipients:164
+msgid "Current Recipients"
+msgstr "Aktuelle Empfänger"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:965
+msgid "Current Search"
+msgstr "Aktuelle Suche"
+#: share/html/Admin/Groups/Members.html:60
+msgid "Current members"
+msgstr "Aktuelle Mitglieder"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/EditQuery:49
+msgid "Current search"
+msgstr "Aktuelle Suche"
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/People.html:62 share/html/Ticket/Elements/EditPeople:88
+msgid "Current watchers"
+msgstr "Aktuelle Beobachter"
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/EditActions:60
+msgid "Custom Actions"
+msgstr "Benutzerdefinierte Aktionen"
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Theme.html:108
+msgid "Custom CSS (Advanced)"
+msgstr "Spezifisches CSS (Erweitert)"
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/EditConditions:60
+msgid "Custom Conditions"
+msgstr "Benutzerdefinierte Zustände"
+#: lib/RT/Graph/Tickets.pm:190 share/html/Asset/Elements/AssetSearchCFs:48 share/html/Asset/Modify.html:62 share/html/Asset/ModifyCFs.html:58 share/html/Elements/EditCustomFieldCustomGroupings:50 share/html/Elements/ShowCustomFieldCustomGroupings:51 share/html/Elements/Tabs:159 share/html/Elements/Tabs:214 share/html/Elements/Tabs:237 share/html/Elements/Tabs:307 share/html/Elements/Tabs:350 share/html/Elements/Tabs:530 share/html/Elements/Tabs:92 share/html/m/ticket/show:255
+msgid "Custom Fields"
+msgstr "Benutzerdefinierte Felder"
+#. ($Type)
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomFields/index.html:52
+msgid "Custom Fields for %1"
+msgstr "Benutzerdefinierte Felder für %1"
+#. ($Object->Name)
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/CustomFields.html:61
+msgid "Custom Fields for queue %1"
+msgstr "Benutzerdefinierte Felder für den Bereich %1"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:102 share/html/Elements/Tabs:308
+msgid "Custom Roles"
+msgstr "benutzerdefinierte Rollen"
+#: share/html/Admin/Scrips/Elements/EditCustomCode:73
+msgid "Custom action commit code"
+msgstr "Benutzerdefinierte Aktion  Code festlegen"
+#: share/html/Admin/Scrips/Elements/EditCustomCode:72
+msgid "Custom action preparation code"
+msgstr "Benutzerdefinierter Aktions-Vorbereitungs-Code"
+#: share/html/Admin/Scrips/Elements/EditCustomCode:71
+msgid "Custom condition"
+msgstr "Benutzerdefinierte Bedingung"
+#. ($MoveCustomFieldDown)
+#. ($MoveCustomFieldUp)
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/EditCustomFields:109 share/html/Admin/Elements/EditCustomFields:120
+msgid "Custom field #%1 is not applied to this object"
+msgstr "Benutzerdefiniertes Feld #%1 ist nicht dem Objekt zugeordnet"
+#. ($CF->Name, $args{OPERATOR}, $args{VALUE})
+#: lib/RT/Tickets.pm:2350
+msgid "Custom field %1 %2 %3"
+msgstr "Benutzerdefiniertes Feld %1 %2 %3"
+#. (ref $args{'Field'} ? $args{'Field'}->id : $args{'Field'})
+#: lib/RT/Record.pm:1955
+msgid "Custom field %1 does not apply to this object"
+msgstr "Benutzerdefiniertes Feld %1 gilt nicht für dieses Objekt"
+#. ($CF->Name)
+#: lib/RT/Tickets.pm:2344
+msgid "Custom field %1 has a value."
+msgstr "Benutzerdefiniertes Feld %1 hat einen Wert."
+#. ($CF->Name)
+#: lib/RT/Tickets.pm:2340
+msgid "Custom field %1 has no value."
+msgstr "Benutzerdefiniertes Feld %1 hat keinen Wert."
+#. ($args{'Field'})
+#: lib/RT/Record.pm:1944 lib/RT/Record.pm:2205
+msgid "Custom field %1 not found"
+msgstr "Benutzerdefiniertes Feld %1 nicht gefunden"
+#. ($cf_add)
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomFields/Modify.html:375
+msgid "Custom field value %1 added"
+msgstr ""
+#. ($args{'Content'}, $self->Name)
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:1975
+msgid "Custom field value %1 could not be found for custom field %2"
+msgstr "Wert %1 des benutzerdefinierten Feldes %2 konnte nicht gefunden werden"
+#. ($cf_delete)
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomFields/Modify.html:345
+msgid "Custom field value %1 deleted"
+msgstr ""
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:1987 lib/RT/CustomField.pm:701
+msgid "Custom field value could not be deleted"
+msgstr "Wert des benutzerdefinierten Felds konnte nicht gelöscht werden"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:1989 lib/RT/CustomField.pm:703
+msgid "Custom field value deleted"
+msgstr "Wert des benutzerdefinierten Feldes gelöscht"
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomRoles/Modify.html:121
+msgid "Custom role created"
+msgstr "benutzerdefinierte Rolle erstellt"
+#: lib/RT/CustomRole.pm:703
+msgid "Custom role disabled"
+msgstr "benutzerdefinierte Rolle deaktiviert"
+#: lib/RT/CustomRole.pm:701
+msgid "Custom role enabled"
+msgstr "benutzerdefinierte Rolle aktiviert"
+#: lib/RT/CustomRole.pm:451
+msgid "Custom role is not added"
+msgstr "benutzerdefinierte Rolle ist nicht hinzugefügt"
+#: lib/RT/Tickets.pm:155 lib/RT/Transaction.pm:995 share/html/Elements/SelectGroups:54 share/html/Elements/SelectUsers:54
+msgid "CustomField"
+msgstr "BenutzerdefiniertesFeld"
+#: lib/RT/Tickets.pm:154
+msgid "CustomFieldValue"
+msgstr ""
+#: lib/RT/Tickets.pm:153
+msgid "CustomRole"
+msgstr "benutzerdefinierte Rolle"
+#: share/html/Prefs/DashboardsInMenu.html:74 share/html/Prefs/MyRT.html:81 share/html/Prefs/QueueList.html:79 share/html/Prefs/Search.html:81
+msgid "Customize"
+msgstr "Anpassen"
+#: share/html/Install/Basics.html:48 share/html/Install/DatabaseDetails.html:72 share/html/Install/Sendmail.html:64
+msgid "Customize Basics"
+msgstr "Grundeinstellungen anpassen"
+#: share/html/Install/Global.html:48 share/html/Install/Initialize.html:62 share/html/Install/Sendmail.html:63
+msgid "Customize Email Addresses"
+msgstr "E-Mail-Adressen anpassen"
+#: share/html/Install/Basics.html:62 share/html/Install/Global.html:65 share/html/Install/Sendmail.html:48
+msgid "Customize Email Configuration"
+msgstr "E-Mail-Einstellungen anpassen"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:261
+msgid "Customize dashboards in menu"
+msgstr "Dashboards in Menü anpassen"
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Theme.html:76
+msgid "Customize the RT theme"
+msgstr "RT Design anpassen"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:282
+msgid "Customize the look of your RT"
+msgstr "Verändere das Aussehen des RT"
+#: lib/RT/Installer.pm:113
+msgid "DBA password"
+msgstr "DBA Passwort"
+#: lib/RT/Installer.pm:105
+msgid "DBA username"
+msgstr "DBA Benutzername"
+#: lib/RT/Dashboard/Mailer.pm:415 lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:146
+msgid "Daily"
+msgstr "täglich"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:629
+msgid "Daily digest"
+msgstr "Tägliche Übersicht"
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Queries.html:110 share/html/Dashboards/Queries.html:110 share/html/Dashboards/Subscription.html:59 share/html/Dashboards/Subscription.html:63
+msgid "Dashboard"
+msgstr ""
+#. ($Dashboard->Name, $msg)
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Modify.html:146
+msgid "Dashboard %1 could not be updated: %2"
+msgstr "Dashboard %1 konnte nicht aktualisiert werden: %2"
+#. ($Dashboard->Name)
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Modify.html:143
+msgid "Dashboard %1 updated"
+msgstr "Dashboard %1 aktualisiert"
+#. ($msg)
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Modify.html:110
+msgid "Dashboard could not be created: %1"
+msgstr "Dashboard konnte nicht erstellt werden: %1"
+#. ($msg)
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Queries.html:264
+msgid "Dashboard could not be updated: %1"
+msgstr "Dashboard konnte nicht aktualisiert werden: %1"
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Queries.html:261
+msgid "Dashboard updated"
+msgstr "Dashboard aktualisiert"
+#: etc/RT_Config.pm:1313 etc/initialdata:917 share/html/Dashboards/index.html:48 share/html/Elements/Dashboards:49
+msgid "Dashboards"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/Admin/Global/DashboardsInMenu.html:48 share/html/Admin/Global/DashboardsInMenu.html:54 share/html/Admin/Users/DashboardsInMenu.html:62 share/html/Elements/Tabs:260 share/html/Elements/Tabs:379 share/html/Elements/Tabs:714 share/html/Prefs/DashboardsInMenu.html:57
+msgid "Dashboards in menu"
+msgstr "Dashboards in Menü"
+#. ($UserObj->Name)
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/DashboardsInMenu.html:71
+msgid "Dashboards in menu for the user %1"
+msgstr "Dashboards in Menü für Benutzer %1"
+#: lib/RT/Installer.pm:78
+msgid "Database host"
+msgstr "Datenbank Host"
+#: lib/RT/Installer.pm:96
+msgid "Database name"
+msgstr "Datenbankname"
+#: lib/RT/Installer.pm:129
+msgid "Database password for RT"
+msgstr "Datenbank Password für RT"
+#: lib/RT/Installer.pm:87
+msgid "Database port"
+msgstr "Datenbank Port"
+#: lib/RT/Installer.pm:60
+msgid "Database type"
+msgstr "Datenbanktyp"
+#: lib/RT/Installer.pm:122
+msgid "Database username for RT"
+msgstr "Datenbank Benutzername für RT"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:146 share/html/Admin/Elements/UpgradeHistory:56
+msgid "Date"
+msgstr "Datum"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:578
+msgid "Date format"
+msgstr "Datumsformat"
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/DefaultValues.html:79 share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/ShowSearchCriteria:96 share/html/Asset/Elements/ShowSummary:55 share/html/Asset/ModifyDates.html:57 share/html/Asset/Search/Bulk.html:149 share/html/Elements/Tabs:1073 share/html/Elements/Tabs:795 share/html/SelfService/Display.html:73 share/html/Ticket/Create.html:299 share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowSummary:87 share/html/Ticket/ModifyAll.html:69 share/html/m/ticket/create:374 share/html/m/ticket/show:351
+msgid "Dates"
+msgstr "Datumsangaben"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:146
+msgid "Day"
+msgstr "Tag"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:146
+msgid "DayOfMonth"
+msgstr "Tag des Monats"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:146
+msgid "DayOfWeek"
+msgstr "Wochentag"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:146
+msgid "DayOfYear"
+msgstr "Tag des Jahres"
+#: lib/RT/Date.pm:102
+msgid "Dec"
+msgstr "Dez"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Crypt.html:58
+msgid "Decrypt"
+msgstr "Entschlüsseln"
+#: lib/RT/Attachment.pm:991
+msgid "Decryption error; contact the administrator"
+msgstr "Entschlüsselungsfehler; Administrator kontaktieren"
+#. ($CustomFieldObj->MaxValues)
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomFields/Modify.html:137
+msgid "Default %numerate(%1,value,values)"
+msgstr "Standard %numerate(%1,Wert,Werte)"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:1164 share/html/Elements/Tabs:360
+msgid "Default Values"
+msgstr "Standardwerte"
+#. ($catalog->Name)
+#: share/html/Admin/Assets/Catalogs/DefaultValues.html:71
+msgid "Default Values for catalog %1"
+msgstr "Standardwerte für Katalog %1"
+#. ($queue->Name)
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/DefaultValues.html:141
+msgid "Default Values for queue %1"
+msgstr "Standardwerte für Bereich %1"
+#: share/html/Prefs/SearchOptions.html:92
+msgid "Default preferences restored."
+msgstr "Standardeinstellungen wiederhergestellt."
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:167
+msgid "Default queue"
+msgstr "Standard-Bereich"
+#: etc/initialdata:438 etc/upgrade/4.1.16/content:7
+msgid "Default reminder template"
+msgstr "Standard Erinnerungs Vorlage"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:541
+msgid "Default to squelching all outgoing email notifications (from web interface) on ticket update"
+msgstr "Standardmäßig werden alle ausgehenden E-Mail-Benachrichtigungen (über das Webinterface) beim Ticket-Update unterdrückt."
+#. ($args{Name}, $old_value, $new_value)
+#: lib/RT/Queue.pm:1211
+msgid "Default value of %1 changed from %2 to %3"
+msgstr "Standardwert von %1 geändert von %2 in %3"
+#. ($old_values, $new_values)
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:2238
+msgid "Default values changed from %1 to %2"
+msgstr "Standardwerte von %1 in %2 geändert"
+#. ($DefaultValue)
+#: share/html/Widgets/Form/Integer:61 share/html/Widgets/Form/String:69
+msgid "Default: %1"
+msgstr "Standardwert: %1"
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:821
+msgid "Default: %1/%2 changed from %3 to %4"
+msgstr "Standardwert: %1/%2 von \"%3\" auf \"%4\" geändert."
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__Queue/ColumnMap:73
+msgid "DefaultDueIn"
+msgstr "Standard Fällig in"
+#: lib/RT/Date.pm:116
+msgid "DefaultFormat"
+msgstr "Standard-Format"
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__Queue/ColumnMap:77
+msgid "DefaultStarts"
+msgstr "Standard Beginnt"
+#: etc/RT_Config.pm:3493 etc/RT_Config.pm:3582 share/html/Admin/Elements/EditActions:71 share/html/Admin/Elements/EditConditions:71 share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/ShowSavedSearches:60 share/html/Dashboards/Modify.html:75 share/html/Search/Elements/EditFormat:148 share/html/Search/Elements/EditQuery:61 share/html/Search/Elements/EditSearches:64 share/html/Ticket/Elements/AddAttachments:55 share/html/Widgets/SelectionBox:196
+msgid "Delete"
+msgstr "Löschen"
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/EditTemplates:73
+msgid "Delete Template"
+msgstr "Vorlage löschen"
+#: share/html/User/Elements/RelatedData:83
+msgid "Delete User"
+msgstr ""
+#. ($msg)
+#: lib/RT/SharedSetting.pm:287
+msgid "Delete failed: %1"
+msgstr "Löschen fehlgeshlagen: %1"
+#: lib/RT/Group.pm:98
+msgid "Delete group dashboards"
+msgstr "Gruppen-Dashboards löschen"
+#: lib/RT/Ticket.pm:2547 lib/RT/Ticket.pm:2547
+msgid "Delete operation is disabled by lifecycle configuration"
+msgstr "Die Löschfunktion ist durch die Lebensdauer-Einstellung blockiert"
+#: lib/RT/Dashboard.pm:88
+msgid "Delete personal dashboards"
+msgstr "Eigene Dashboards löschen"
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/EditActions:70
+msgid "Delete selected actions"
+msgstr "Lösche ausgwählte Aktionen"
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/EditConditions:70
+msgid "Delete selected conditions"
+msgstr "Lösche ausgewählte Zustände"
+#: lib/RT/Dashboard.pm:83
+msgid "Delete system dashboards"
+msgstr "System-Dashboards löschen"
+#: share/html/User/Elements/RelatedData:84
+msgid "Delete this user, tickets associated with this user must be shredded first"
+msgstr ""
+#: lib/RT/Queue.pm:129
+msgid "Delete tickets"
+msgstr "Tickets löschen"
+#: share/html/Elements/BulkCustomFields:53
+msgid "Delete values"
+msgstr "Werte löschen"
+#. ($self->ObjectName)
+#: lib/RT/SharedSetting.pm:285
+msgid "Deleted %1"
+msgstr "Gelöscht %1"
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Elements/Deleted:52
+msgid "Deleted queries"
+msgstr "gelöschte Abfragen"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/EditSearches:194
+msgid "Deleted saved search"
+msgstr "Gelöschte gespeicherte Suche"
+#. ($searchname)
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/Search.html:239
+msgid "Deleted search %1"
+msgstr "Suche %1 gelöscht"
+#: lib/RT/Queue.pm:220
+msgid "Deleting this object would break referential integrity"
+msgstr "Löschen dieses Objektes würde die referenzielle Integrität verletzen"
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:565
+msgid "Deleting this object would violate referential integrity"
+msgstr "Löschen dieses Objektes würde die referenzielle Integrität verletzen"
+#: share/html/Approvals/Elements/Approve:84
+msgid "Deny"
+msgstr "Ablehnen"
+#: share/html/Elements/AddLinks:79 share/html/Elements/BulkLinks:123 share/html/Elements/BulkLinks:63 share/html/Elements/EditLinks:63 share/html/Elements/ShowLinks:75 share/html/Elements/ShowLinks:90 share/html/Search/Elements/SelectLinks:62 share/html/m/ticket/create:394 share/html/m/ticket/show:426
+msgid "Depended on by"
+msgstr "Voraussetzung von"
+#: lib/RT/Graph/Tickets.pm:180 lib/RT/Tickets.pm:131 share/html/Search/Elements/BuildFormatString:102 share/html/Ticket/Graphs/Elements/EditGraphProperties:139
+msgid "DependedOnBy"
+msgstr "Abhängigkeit von"
+#. ($value)
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1129
+msgid "Dependency by %1 added"
+msgstr "Als Voraussetzung von %1 hinzugefügt"
+#. ($value)
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1171
+msgid "Dependency by %1 deleted"
+msgstr "Als Voraussetzung von %1 gelöscht"
+#. ($value)
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1126
+msgid "Dependency on %1 added"
+msgstr "Setzt jetzt %1 voraus"
+#. ($value)
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1168
+msgid "Dependency on %1 deleted"
+msgstr "Setzt %1 nicht mehr voraus"
+#: lib/RT/Tickets.pm:130
+msgid "DependentOn"
+msgstr "Abhängig von"
+#: share/html/Elements/AddLinks:75 share/html/Elements/BulkLinks:119 share/html/Elements/BulkLinks:54 share/html/Elements/EditLinks:55 share/html/Elements/ShowLinks:74 share/html/Elements/ShowLinks:89 share/html/Search/Elements/SelectLinks:61 share/html/m/ticket/create:393 share/html/m/ticket/show:396
+msgid "Depends on"
+msgstr "Abhängig von"
+#: lib/RT/Graph/Tickets.pm:180 lib/RT/Tickets.pm:127 share/html/Search/Elements/BuildFormatString:102 share/html/Ticket/Graphs/Elements/EditGraphProperties:139
+msgid "DependsOn"
+msgstr "Abhängig von"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/EditSort:84
+msgid "Desc"
+msgstr "absteigend"
+#: share/html/SelfService/Create.html:109 share/html/Ticket/Create.html:238 share/html/m/ticket/create:231
+msgid "Describe the issue below"
+msgstr "Beschreiben Sie hier das Problem"
+#: share/html/Admin/Actions/Elements/EditBasics:56 share/html/Admin/Actions/Elements/ShowBasics:56 share/html/Admin/Articles/Classes/Modify.html:66 share/html/Admin/Articles/Elements/Topics:60 share/html/Admin/Assets/Catalogs/Elements/EditBasics:54 share/html/Admin/Conditions/Elements/EditBasics:56 share/html/Admin/Conditions/Elements/ShowBasics:56 share/html/Admin/CustomFields/Modify.html:66 share/html/Admin/CustomRoles/Modify.html:62 share/html/Admin/Elements/AddCustomFieldValue:55 share/html/Admin/Elements/EditCustomField:62 share/html/Admin/Elements/EditCustomFieldValues:59 share/html/Admin/Elements/ModifyTemplate:54 share/html/Admin/Groups/Modify.html:73 share/html/Admin/Queues/Modify.html:66 share/html/Admin/Scrips/Elements/EditBasics:48 share/html/Asset/Elements/AssetSearchBasics:64 share/html/Asset/Elements/EditBasics:60 share/html/Asset/Elements/ShowBasics:58 share/html/Asset/Search/Bulk.html:93 share/html/Elements/RT__Class/ColumnMap:61 share/html/Elements/RT__Group/Column
 Map:77 share/html/Elements/RT__Scrip/ColumnMap:105 share/html/Elements/RT__ScripAction/ColumnMap:67 share/html/Elements/RT__ScripCondition/ColumnMap:67 share/html/Elements/RT__Template/ColumnMap:61 share/html/Elements/RT__Transaction/ColumnMap:90 share/html/Search/Elements/EditSearches:56 share/html/SelfService/Elements/RequestUpdate:62
+msgid "Description"
+msgstr "Beschreibung"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:277
+msgid "Detailed information about your RT setup"
+msgstr "Detaillierte Informationen über Ihre RT Installation"
+#: share/html/Asset/Create.html:184 share/html/Ticket/Create.html:517
+msgid "Details"
+msgstr ""
+#: etc/initialdata:242 etc/upgrade/4.3.8/content:11
+msgid "Detect a situation when we should set Due date"
+msgstr "Erkennen Sie eine Situation, in der wir das Fälligkeitsdatum festlegen sollen"
+#: etc/initialdata:237 etc/upgrade/4.3.8/content:6
+msgid "Detect a situation when we should set Starts date"
+msgstr "Erkennen Sie eine Situation, in der wir das Startdatum festlegen sollen"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Graphs/Elements/EditGraphProperties:50
+msgid "Direction"
+msgstr "Richtung"
+#: lib/RT/Class.pm:100
+msgid "Disable articles in this class"
+msgstr "Deaktiviere Artikel in dieser Klasse"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:1185 share/html/Elements/RT__Catalog/ColumnMap:67 share/html/Elements/RT__Class/ColumnMap:68 share/html/Elements/RT__CustomField/ColumnMap:58 share/html/Elements/RT__CustomRole/ColumnMap:58 share/html/Elements/RT__Group/ColumnMap:83 share/html/Elements/RT__Queue/ColumnMap:58 share/html/Elements/RT__Scrip/ColumnMap:112 share/html/Elements/RT__User/ColumnMap:147
+msgid "Disabled"
+msgstr "Deaktiviert"
+#: share/html/Admin/Assets/Catalogs/Elements/EditBasics:69
+msgid "Disabled?"
+msgstr "Deaktiviert?"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:1030 share/html/Elements/Tabs:1050 share/html/Elements/Tabs:1068 share/html/Elements/Tabs:1242 share/html/Elements/Tabs:781 share/html/Search/Elements/EditFormat:99
+msgid "Display"
+msgstr "Anzeige"
+#: lib/RT/Class.pm:98 lib/RT/Queue.pm:105
+msgid "Display Access Control List"
+msgstr "Zugriffskontrollliste(ACL) anzeigen"
+#. ($id)
+#: share/html/SelfService/Article/Display.html:48
+msgid "Display Article %1"
+msgstr "Artikel %1 anzeigen"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/DisplayOptions:51
+msgid "Display Columns"
+msgstr "Spalten Anzeige"
+#. ($id)
+#: share/html/Admin/Actions/Display.html:48
+msgid "Display action #%1"
+msgstr "Zeige Aktion #%1"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:507
+msgid "Display all plain-text attachments in a monospace font with formatting preserved, but wrapping as needed."
+msgstr "Zeigt alle Klartext Anhänge in einer Monospaceschrift mit Formatierung erhalten, aber umbrechen nach Bedarf."
+#. ($id)
+#: share/html/Admin/Conditions/Display.html:48
+msgid "Display condition #%1"
+msgstr "Zustand #%1 anzeigen"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:450
+msgid "Display messages in rich text if available"
+msgstr "Zeige Nachrichten in Rich-Text wenn verfügbar"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:506
+msgid "Display plain-text attachments in fixed-width font"
+msgstr "Zeigt Klartext-Anhänge in Schrift mit fester Breite"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:550
+msgid "Display ticket after \"Quick Create\""
+msgstr "Zeige Ticket nach \"Schneller Erstellung\""
+#. ('<a href="http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html">', '</a>')
+#: share/html/Elements/Footer:59
+msgid "Distributed under %1version 2 of the GNU GPL%2."
+msgstr "Veröffentlicht  unter %1Version 2 der GNU GPL%2"
+#: lib/RT/System.pm:83
+msgid "Do anything and everything"
+msgstr "Alles und nichts machen"
+#: lib/RT/Installer.pm:209
+msgid "Domain name"
+msgstr "Domänenname"
+#: lib/RT/Installer.pm:210
+msgid "Don't include http://, just something like 'localhost', 'rt.example.com'"
+msgstr "Nicht 'http://' mit angeben, nur z.B. 'localhost' oder 'rt.example.com'"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:418
+msgid "Don't refresh home page."
+msgstr "Startseite nicht aktualisieren."
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:382
+msgid "Don't refresh search results."
+msgstr "Ergebnis Seite nicht aktualisieren."
+#: share/html/Elements/Refresh:53
+msgid "Don't refresh this page."
+msgstr "Diese Seite nicht aktualisieren."
+#: lib/RT/Crypt/GnuPG.pm:1768
+msgid "Don't trust this key at all"
+msgstr "Diesem Schlüssel überhaupt nicht vertrauen"
+#: share/html/Elements/ShowTransactionAttachments:71
+msgid "Download"
+msgstr "Herunterladen"
+#: share/html/SelfService/User/Elements/RelatedData:50
+msgid "Download My Data"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:1132
+msgid "Download Spreadsheet"
+msgstr "Tabelle herunterladen"
+#: share/html/User/Elements/RelatedData:54
+msgid "Download User Information"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Shredder/Elements/DumpFileLink:49
+msgid "Download dumpfile"
+msgstr "Export Datei runterladen"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Elements/AddAttachments:74
+msgid "Drop files here or click to attach"
+msgstr "Dateien hier hinziehen oder anklicken zum hinzufügen"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:88
+msgid "Dropdown"
+msgstr "Dropdown-Liste"
+#: lib/RT/Graph/Tickets.pm:179 lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:94 lib/RT/Tickets.pm:136 share/html/Admin/Queues/DefaultValues.html:82 share/html/Elements/RT__Ticket/ColumnMap:211 share/html/Elements/RT__Ticket/ColumnMap:244 share/html/Elements/SelectDateType:55 share/html/Elements/ShowReminders:52 share/html/Search/Elements/BuildFormatString:102 share/html/Ticket/Create.html:316 share/html/Ticket/Elements/EditDates:92 share/html/Ticket/Elements/Reminders:141 share/html/Ticket/Elements/Reminders:177 share/html/Ticket/Elements/Reminders:83 share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowDates:76 share/html/m/ticket/create:381 share/html/m/ticket/show:373
+msgid "Due"
+msgstr "Fällig"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/BuildFormatString:102
+msgid "DueRelative"
+msgstr "Fällig (relativ)"
+#. ($msg)
+#: share/html/Install/Initialize.html:132 share/html/Install/Initialize.html:94
+msgid "ERROR: %1"
+msgstr "Fehler: %1"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:670
+msgid "Easy updating of your open tickets"
+msgstr "Einfaches Aktualisieren von offenen Tickets"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:677
+msgid "Easy viewing of your reminders"
+msgstr "Einfaches Betrachten deiner Erinnerungen"
+#: share/html/Elements/Dashboards:51 share/html/Elements/QueueList:52 share/html/Elements/ShowSearch:52 share/html/Elements/Tabs:1172 share/html/Elements/Tabs:1180 share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowRequestor:124
+msgid "Edit"
+msgstr "Ändern"
+#. (($group? loc($group) : loc('Custom Fields')))
+#: share/html/Asset/Search/Bulk.html:158
+msgid "Edit %1"
+msgstr "Bearbeite %1"
+#: share/html/Search/Bulk.html:203
+msgid "Edit Custom Fields"
+msgstr "Benutzerdefinierte Felder verändern"
+#. ($Object->Name)
+#: share/html/Admin/Articles/Classes/CustomFields.html:59 share/html/Admin/Users/CustomFields.html:61
+msgid "Edit Custom Fields for %1"
+msgstr "Bearbeite benutzerdefinierte Felder für %1"
+#: share/html/Admin/Global/CustomFields/Catalog-Assets.html:52
+msgid "Edit Custom Fields for Assets in all Catalogs"
+msgstr "Bearbeite benutzerdefinierte Felder für Anlagen in allen Katalogen"
+#: share/html/Admin/Global/CustomFields/Groups.html:53
+msgid "Edit Custom Fields for all groups"
+msgstr "Benutzerdefinierte Felder für alle Gruppen ändern"
+#: share/html/Admin/Global/CustomFields/Queues.html:53
+msgid "Edit Custom Fields for all queues"
+msgstr "Benutzerdefinierte Felder für alle Bereiche ändern"
+#: share/html/Admin/Global/CustomFields/Users.html:53
+msgid "Edit Custom Fields for all users"
+msgstr "Benutzerdefinierte Felder für alle Benutzer ändern"
+#: share/html/Admin/Global/CustomFields/Class-Article.html:52
+msgid "Edit Custom Fields for articles in all classes"
+msgstr "Bearbeite benutzerdefinierte Felder für Artikel in allen Klassen"
+#: share/html/Admin/Global/CustomFields/Queue-Tickets.html:53 share/html/Admin/Global/CustomFields/Queue-Transactions.html:53
+msgid "Edit Custom Fields for tickets in all queues"
+msgstr "Benutzerdefinierte Felder von Tickets in allen Bereichen ändern"
+#: share/html/Asset/Search/Bulk.html:164 share/html/Search/Bulk.html:208 share/html/Ticket/ModifyLinks.html:59
+msgid "Edit Links"
+msgstr "Bearbeite Beziehungen"
+#: share/html/Search/Edit.html:66
+msgid "Edit Query"
+msgstr "Bearbeite Suche"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:972
+msgid "Edit Search"
+msgstr "Suche editieren"
+#: share/html/Admin/Global/Topics.html:56
+msgid "Edit global topic hierarchy"
+msgstr "Bearbeite globale Themen-Hierarchie"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:144
+msgid "Edit system actions"
+msgstr "Bearbeite System-Aktionen"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:136
+msgid "Edit system conditions"
+msgstr "Bearbeite System-Zustände"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:152
+msgid "Edit system templates"
+msgstr "Bearbeite Systemvorlagen"
+#. ($ClassObj->Name)
+#: share/html/Admin/Articles/Classes/Topics.html:60
+msgid "Edit topic hierarchy for %1"
+msgstr "Bearbeite Themen-Hierarchie für %1"
+#. ($CustomFieldObj->Name)
+#. ($CustomFieldObj->Name())
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomFields/Modify.html:240 share/html/Admin/Elements/EditCustomField:123
+msgid "Editing CustomField %1"
+msgstr "Bearbeite benutzerdefiniertes Feld %1"
+#. ($Group->Label)
+#: share/html/Admin/Groups/Members.html:55
+msgid "Editing membership for group %1"
+msgstr "Bearbeite Mitgliedschaft für die Gruppe %1"
+#: lib/RT/Tickets.pm:114 share/html/Elements/RT__Ticket/ColumnMap:171
+msgid "EffectiveId"
+msgstr ""
+#: lib/RT/Record.pm:1369 lib/RT/Record.pm:1514
+msgid "Either base or target must be specified"
+msgstr "Es muss entweder eine Quelle oder ein Ziel angegeben werden"
+#. ($m->interp->apply_escapes($SavedSearch, 'h'))
+#: share/html/Elements/ShowSearch:68
+msgid "Either you have no rights to view saved search %1 or identifier is incorrect"
+msgstr "Entweder hast du keine Rechte die gespeicherte Suche %1 anzuzeigen oder die Bezeichnung ist falsch"
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/UpgradeHistory:57
+msgid "Elapsed"
+msgstr "Laufzeit"
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/Modify.html:72 share/html/Dashboards/Elements/SubscriptionRecipients:150 share/html/Prefs/Elements/EditAboutMe:58 share/html/Prefs/Elements/ShowAboutMe:55 share/html/Ticket/Elements/AddWatchers:91
+msgid "Email"
+msgstr "E-Mail"
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__User/ColumnMap:71
+msgid "Email Address"
+msgstr "E-Mail-Adresse"
+#: etc/initialdata:729 etc/upgrade/3.7.85/content:7
+msgid "Email Digest"
+msgstr "E-Mail Übersicht"
+#. ($AttachmentObj->TransactionObj->ObjectId,        $AttachmentObj->Id)
+#: share/html/Ticket/ShowEmailRecord.html:117
+msgid "Email Source for Ticket %1, Attachment %2"
+msgstr "E-Mail Quelltext für Ticket %1, Anhang %2"
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:694
+msgid "Email address in use"
+msgstr "E-Mail-Adresse bereits in Gebrauch"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:626
+msgid "Email delivery"
+msgstr "E-Mail Zustellung"
+#: etc/initialdata:730 etc/upgrade/3.7.85/content:8
+msgid "Email template for periodic notification digests"
+msgstr "E-Mail Vorlage für periodische Zusammenfassungen der Nachrichten"
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:94
+msgid "EmailAddress"
+msgstr "E-Mail"
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__Template/ColumnMap:77
+msgid "Empty"
+msgstr "Leer"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:559
+msgid "Enable quote folding?"
+msgstr "Aktiviere zitierte Texte verbergen?"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:1187 share/html/Elements/RT__Catalog/ColumnMap:67 share/html/Elements/RT__Class/ColumnMap:68 share/html/Elements/RT__CustomField/ColumnMap:58 share/html/Elements/RT__CustomRole/ColumnMap:58 share/html/Elements/RT__Group/ColumnMap:83 share/html/Elements/RT__Queue/ColumnMap:58 share/html/Elements/RT__Scrip/ColumnMap:112 share/html/Elements/RT__User/ColumnMap:147
+msgid "Enabled"
+msgstr "Aktiviert"
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/EditBasics:88
+msgid "Enabled (Unchecking this box disables this article)"
+msgstr "Aktiviert (abwählen deaktiviert diesen Artikel)"
+#: share/html/Admin/Articles/Classes/Modify.html:73
+msgid "Enabled (Unchecking this box disables this class)"
+msgstr "Aktiviert (Abwahl deaktiviert diese Klasse)"
+# ## muss das überhaupt übersetzt werden???
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomFields/Modify.html:183 share/html/Admin/Elements/EditCustomField:75
+msgid "Enabled (Unchecking this box disables this custom field)"
+msgstr "Aktiviert (Abwählen deaktiviert dieses benutzerdefinierte Feld)"
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomRoles/Modify.html:90
+msgid "Enabled (Unchecking this box disables this custom role)"
+msgstr "Aktiviert (abwählen deaktiviert diese benutzerdefinierte Rolle)"
+#: share/html/Admin/Groups/Modify.html:81
+msgid "Enabled (Unchecking this box disables this group)"
+msgstr "Aktiviert (Abwählen deaktiviert diese Gruppe)"
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/Modify.html:130
+msgid "Enabled (Unchecking this box disables this queue)"
+msgstr "Aktiviert (Abwählen deaktiviert diesen Bereich)"
+#: share/html/Admin/Scrips/Create.html:67 share/html/Admin/Scrips/Modify.html:83
+msgid "Enabled (Unchecking this box disables this scrip)"
+msgstr "Aktiviert (Deaktivieren Sie dieses Kontrollkästchen deaktiviert dieses Scrip)"
+#: share/html/Admin/Assets/Catalogs/index.html:109
+msgid "Enabled Catalogs"
+msgstr "Aktivierte Kataloge"
+#: share/html/Admin/Articles/Classes/index.html:82
+msgid "Enabled Classes"
+msgstr "aktivierte Klassen"
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/index.html:113
+msgid "Enabled Queues"
+msgstr "Aktivierte Bereiche"
+#: share/html/Admin/Scrips/index.html:84
+msgid "Enabled Scrips"
+msgstr "Aktiviere Scrips"
+#: share/html/Admin/Assets/Catalogs/index.html:97
+msgid "Enabled catalogs matching search criteria"
+msgstr "Aktivierte Kataloge die den Suchkriterien entsprechen"
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/index.html:100
+msgid "Enabled queues matching search criteria"
+msgstr "Aktive Bereiche die den Suchkriterien entsprechen"
+#. (loc_fuzzy($msg))
+#: share/html/Admin/Articles/Classes/Modify.html:211 share/html/Admin/Elements/EditCustomField:139
+msgid "Enabled status %1"
+msgstr "Status aktiviert: %1"
+#: share/html/Elements/Crypt/SignEncryptWidget:67 share/html/Elements/RT__Queue/ColumnMap:96 share/html/Ticket/Crypt.html:58
+msgid "Encrypt"
+msgstr "Verschlüsseln"
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/Modify.html:122
+msgid "Encrypt by default"
+msgstr "Standardmäßig verschlüsseln"
+#: share/html/Elements/ShowTransaction:221
+msgid "Encrypt/Decrypt"
+msgstr "Entschlüsseln/Verschlüsseln"
+#. ($id, $txn->Ticket, $txn->TicketObj->Subject)
+#: share/html/Ticket/Crypt.html:99
+msgid "Encrypt/Decrypt transaction #%1 of ticket #%2: %3"
+msgstr "Verschlüssele/Entschlüssele Übertragung #%1 von Ticket '%2: %3"
+#: lib/RT/Queue.pm:381
+msgid "Encrypting"
+msgstr "Verschlüsselung"
+#: lib/RT/Attachment.pm:940
+msgid "Encryption error; contact the administrator"
+msgstr "Verschlüsselungsfehler; Administrator kontaktieren"
+#: share/html/Elements/ShortcutHelp:97
+msgid "Enter"
+msgstr "Eingabe"
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/EditLinks:51
+msgid "Enter articles, tickets, or other URLs related to this article."
+msgstr "Gebe Artikel, Tickets, oder andere URLs an die mit diesem Artikel in Zusammenhang stehen."
+#: share/html/Elements/AddLinks:64
+msgid "Enter links to assets as \"asset:###\", where ### represents the asset ID."
+msgstr "Gebe Verknüpfungen zu Anlagen als \"asset:###\" ein wobei ### die ID der Anlage ist"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:203
+msgid "Enter multiple IP address ranges"
+msgstr "Mehrere IP-Adressbereiche eingeben"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:193
+msgid "Enter multiple IP addresses"
+msgstr "Mehrere IP-Adressen eingeben"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:99
+msgid "Enter multiple values"
+msgstr "Mehrere Werte eingeben"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:161
+msgid "Enter multiple values with autocompletion"
+msgstr "Mehrere Werte eingeben (mit automatischer Vervollständigung)"
+#: share/html/Elements/AddLinks:71
+msgid "Enter objects or URIs to link objects to. Separate multiple entries with spaces."
+msgstr "Gib Objekte oder URIs ein um zu anderen Objekten zu verlinken. Trenne mehrere Einträge mit Leerzeichen."
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:194
+msgid "Enter one IP address"
+msgstr "Eine IP-Adresse eingeben"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:204
+msgid "Enter one IP address range"
+msgstr "Einen IP-Adressbereich eingeben"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:100
+msgid "Enter one value"
+msgstr "Einen Wert eingeben"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:162
+msgid "Enter one value with autocompletion"
+msgstr "Einen Wert eingeben (mit automatischer Vervollständigung)"
+#: share/html/Elements/AddLinks:68
+msgid "Enter queues or URIs to link queues to. Separate multiple entries with spaces."
+msgstr "Gib Bereiche oder URIs ein um zu anderen Bereichen zu verlinken. Trenne mehrere Einträge mit Leerzeichen."
+#: share/html/Elements/AddLinks:62 share/html/Search/Bulk.html:209
+msgid "Enter tickets or URIs to link tickets to. Separate multiple entries with spaces."
+msgstr "Gib Tickets oder URIs ein um zu anderen Tickets zu verlinken. Trenne mehrere Einträge mit Leerzeichen."
+#: share/html/Elements/BulkLinks:115
+msgid "Enter tickets or URIs to link to. Separate multiple entries with spaces."
+msgstr "Gib Tickets oder URIs zum verlinken ein. Trenne mehrere Einträge mit Leerzeichen."
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:340
+msgid "Enter time in hours by default"
+msgstr "Arbeitszeit in Stunden erfassen"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:205
+msgid "Enter up to %quant(%1,IP address range,IP address ranges)"
+msgstr "Bis zu %1 IP-Adressbereiche eingeben"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:195
+msgid "Enter up to %quant(%1,IP address,IP addresses)"
+msgstr "Bis zu %1 IP-Adressen eingeben"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:101
+msgid "Enter up to %quant(%1,value,values)"
+msgstr "Bis zu %1 Werte eingeben"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:163
+msgid "Enter up to %quant(%1,value,values) with autocompletion"
+msgstr "Bis zu %1 Werte eingeben (mit automatischer Vervollständigung)"
+#. (map { "<strong>$_</strong>" } qw(initial active inactive any))
+#: share/html/Search/Simple.html:77
+msgid "Entering %1, %2, %3, or %4 limits results to tickets with one of the respective types of statuses.  Any individual status name limits results to just the statuses named."
+msgstr "Die Eingabe von %1, %2, %3 oder %4 schränkt die Ticket Ergebnisse auf den jeweiligen Status Typ ein. Jeder individuelle Status Name schränkt die Ergebnisse auf den angegebenen Status Namen ein."
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomFields/Modify.html:124 share/html/Admin/CustomRoles/Modify.html:66
+msgid "Entry Hint"
+msgstr "Eingabe Hinweis"
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Configuration.html:307
+msgid "Environment variables"
+msgstr "Umgebungsvariablen"
+#: sbin/rt-email-digest:95 share/html/Elements/JavascriptConfig:70 share/html/Elements/Login:54 share/html/Install/Elements/Errors:49 share/html/Search/Results.html:58 share/html/m/_elements/login:53
+msgid "Error"
+msgstr "Fehler"
+#: share/html/Ticket/ShowEmailRecord.html:107
+msgid "Error loading attachment"
+msgstr "Fehler beim Laden eines Anhangs"
+#. ($error)
+#: share/html/Search/Chart:466
+msgid "Error plotting chart: %1"
+msgstr "Fehler beim Zeichnen von Diagramm '%1'"
+#: etc/initialdata:677 etc/upgrade/3.7.10/content:16
+msgid "Error to RT owner: public key"
+msgstr "Fehler an RT Verwalter: öffentlicher Schlüssel"
+#: etc/initialdata:739 etc/upgrade/3.7.87/content:7
+msgid "Error: Missing dashboard"
+msgstr "Fehler: Fehlendes Dashboard"
+#: etc/upgrade/3.7.10/content:41
+msgid "Error: bad GnuPG data"
+msgstr "Fehler: falsche GnuPG-Daten"
+#: etc/initialdata:702
+msgid "Error: bad encrypted data"
+msgstr "Fehler: schlecht verschlüsselte Daten"
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/Search.html:215
+msgid "Error: cannot change privacy value of existing search"
+msgstr "Fehler: Kann die Vertraulichkeitseinstellung der bestehenden Suche nicht ändern"
+#. ($ARGS{'LoadSavedSearch'}, $msg)
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/Search.html:178
+msgid "Error: could not load saved search %1: %2"
+msgstr "Fehler: Gespeicherte Suche %1 konnte nicht geladen werden: %2"
+#: etc/initialdata:690 etc/upgrade/3.7.10/content:29
+msgid "Error: no private key"
+msgstr "Fehler: kein privater Schlüssel"
+#: etc/initialdata:668 etc/upgrade/3.7.10/content:7
+msgid "Error: public key"
+msgstr "Fehler: öffentlicher Schlüssel"
+#. ($search->Name, $msg)
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/Search.html:230
+msgid "Error: search %1 not updated: %2"
+msgstr "Fehler: Suche %1 konnte nicht aktualisiert werden: %2"
+#: etc/initialdata:659 etc/upgrade/4.1.22/content:77
+msgid "Error: unencrypted message"
+msgstr "Fehler: Unverschlüsselte Nachricht"
+#: bin/rt-crontool:372
+msgid "Escalate tickets"
+msgstr "Eskaliere Tickets"
+#: share/html/Admin/Articles/Classes/Modify.html:97
+msgid "Escape HTML (Unchecking this box is potentially unsafe)"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowBasics:66 share/html/m/ticket/show:224
+msgid "Estimated"
+msgstr "Geschätzt"
+#: lib/RT/Handle.pm:746
+msgid "Everyone"
+msgstr "Jeder"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:649
+msgid "Examine tickets created in a queue between two dates"
+msgstr "Untersuche Tickets, die in einer Warteschlange zwischen zwei Daten erstellt wurden"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:644
+msgid "Examine tickets resolved in a queue between two dates"
+msgstr "Untersuche Tickets die in einer Warteschlange zwischen zwei Daten aufgelöst wurden."
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:639
+msgid "Examine tickets resolved in a queue, grouped by owner"
+msgstr "Untersuche Tickets, die in einer Warteschlange, gruppiert nach Besitzer, aufgelöst wurden."
+#: bin/rt-crontool:358
+msgid "Example:"
+msgstr "Beispiel:"
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/ShowKeyInfo:74
+msgid "Expire"
+msgstr "Ablaufdatum"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/BuildFormatString:102
+msgid "ExtendedStatus"
+msgstr "Erweiterter Status"
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Configuration.html:248
+msgid "Extension"
+msgstr "Erweiterung"
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:1273
+msgid "External authentication enabled."
+msgstr "Externe Authentifizierung aktiviert."
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__User/ColumnMap:141
+msgid "Extra Info"
+msgstr "Weitere Information"
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/Modify.html:101
+msgid "Extra info"
+msgstr "Zusatzinformationen"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:864
+msgid "Extract Article"
+msgstr "Extrahiere Artikel"
+#: etc/initialdata:114 etc/upgrade/3.8.3/content:78
+msgid "Extract Subject Tag"
+msgstr "Extrahiere Betreffs Etikett"
+#. ($Ticket)
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/ExtractIntoClass.html:48 share/html/Articles/Article/ExtractIntoTopic.html:48
+msgid "Extract a new article from ticket #%1"
+msgstr "Extrahiere einen neuen Artikel aus Ticket #%1"
+#. ($Ticket, $ClassObj->Name)
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/ExtractFromTicket.html:48
+msgid "Extract article from ticket #%1 into class %2"
+msgstr "Extrahiere einen Artikel aus dem Ticket #%1 in die Klasse %2"
+#: etc/initialdata:115 etc/upgrade/3.8.3/content:79
+msgid "Extract tags from a Transaction's subject and add them to the Ticket's subject."
+msgstr "Extrahiere Etiketten eines Transaktionsbetreffs und füge diese dem Betreff des Ticket hinzu"
+#. ($DBI::errstr)
+#: share/html/Install/DatabaseDetails.html:194
+msgid "Failed to connect to database: %1"
+msgstr "Verbindung zur Datenbank fehlgeschlagen: %1"
+#. ($self->loc( $self->ObjectName ))
+#: lib/RT/SharedSetting.pm:219
+msgid "Failed to create %1 attribute"
+msgstr "Konnte Attribut %1 nicht erstellen"
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:434
+msgid "Failed to find 'Privileged' users pseudogroup."
+msgstr "Konnte die Pseudogruppe 'Privileged' nicht finden."
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:441
+msgid "Failed to find 'Unprivileged' users pseudogroup"
+msgstr "Konnte die Pseudogruppe 'Unprivileged' nicht finden."
+#. ($self->ObjectName, $id)
+#: lib/RT/SharedSetting.pm:123
+msgid "Failed to load %1 %2"
+msgstr "Konnte %1 %2 nicht laden"
+#. ($self->ObjectName, $id, $msg)
+#: lib/RT/SharedSetting.pm:147
+msgid "Failed to load %1 %2: %3"
+msgstr "Konnte %1 %2: %3 nicht laden"
+#. ($modname, $error)
+#: bin/rt-crontool:306
+msgid "Failed to load module %1. (%2)"
+msgstr "Konnte Modul %1 nicht laden. (%2)"
+#. ($privacy)
+#: lib/RT/SharedSetting.pm:202
+msgid "Failed to load object for %1"
+msgstr "Objekt %1 konnte nicht geladen werden"
+#: sbin/rt-email-digest:159
+msgid "Failed to load template"
+msgstr "Konnte Vorlage nicht laden"
+#. ($self->Ticket)
+#: lib/RT/Reminders.pm:122
+msgid "Failed to load ticket %1"
+msgstr "Ticket %1 konnte nicht geladen werden"
+#: sbin/rt-email-digest:167
+msgid "Failed to parse template"
+msgstr "Konnte Vorlage nicht analysieren"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/EditFormat:73 share/html/Search/Elements/EditFormat:77
+msgid "Failed to update format. Reason:"
+msgstr "Kann Format nicht aktualisieren. Grund:"
+#: lib/RT/Date.pm:92
+msgid "Feb"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:983
+msgid "Feeds"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/ExtractFromTicket.html:62 share/html/Elements/RT__Transaction/ColumnMap:70
+msgid "Field"
+msgstr "Feld"
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomFields/Modify.html:89
+msgid "Field values source:"
+msgstr "Quelle des Feldwertes:"
+#. ($self->Data, $self->OldValue, $self->NewValue)
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:943
+msgid "File '%1' dropped because its size (%2 bytes) exceeded configured maximum size setting (%3 bytes)."
+msgstr "Datei '%1' verworfen da die Größe (%2 Bytes) die konfigurierte maximale Größe (%3 Bytes) überschreitet."
+#. ($self->Data)
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:953
+msgid "File '%1' insert failed. See error log for details."
+msgstr "Datei '%1' einfügen fehlgeschlagen. Siehe Fehler Logdateien für Details."
+#. ($file_name, length $content, $max_size)
+#: lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm:2532
+msgid "File '%1' size(%2 bytes) exceeds limit(%3 bytes)"
+msgstr ""
+#. ($self->Data, $self->OldValue, $self->NewValue)
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:932
+msgid "File '%1' truncated because its size (%2 bytes) exceeded configured maximum size setting (%3 bytes)."
+msgstr "Datei '%1' abgeschnitten da die Größe (%2 Bytes) die konfigurierte maximale Größe (%3 Bytes) überschreitet."
+#: lib/RT/Tickets.pm:143 share/html/Admin/Tools/Shredder/Elements/Object/RT--Attachment:53 share/html/Elements/SelectAttachmentField:54
+msgid "Filename"
+msgstr "Dateiname"
+#: share/html/Elements/JavascriptConfig:67
+msgid "Filenames with double quotes can not be uploaded."
+msgstr "Dateinamen mit doppelten Anführungszeichen können nicht hochgeladen werden."
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Shredder/Elements/PluginArguments:52
+msgid "Fill arguments"
+msgstr "Werte eintragen"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Graphs/Elements/EditGraphProperties:82
+msgid "Fill boxes with color using"
+msgstr "Fülle die Felder mit Farbe mittels"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:109
+msgid "Fill in multiple text areas"
+msgstr "Mehrere Textfelder füllen"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:119
+msgid "Fill in multiple wikitext areas"
+msgstr "Schreibe mehrere Wikitext Bereiche"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:110
+msgid "Fill in one text area"
+msgstr "Ein Textfeld füllen"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:120
+msgid "Fill in one wikitext area"
+msgstr "Schreibe einen Wikitext Bereich"
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomFields/Modify.html:148 share/html/Admin/CustomFields/Modify.html:156
+msgid "Fill in this field with a URL."
+msgstr "Gib eine URL ein."
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:111
+msgid "Fill in up to %quant(%1,text area,text areas)"
+msgstr "%1 Textfelder füllen"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:121
+msgid "Fill in up to %quant(%1,wikitext area,wikitext areas)"
+msgstr "Schreibe bis zu %1 Wikitext Bereiche"
+#: lib/RT/Tickets.pm:1829 share/html/Admin/Queues/DefaultValues.html:63 share/html/Search/Elements/PickBasics:216 share/html/Ticket/Create.html:276 share/html/m/ticket/create:347
+msgid "Final Priority"
+msgstr "Endpriorität"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:78 lib/RT/Tickets.pm:117 share/html/Elements/RT__Queue/ColumnMap:65 share/html/Elements/RT__Ticket/ColumnMap:165 share/html/Search/Elements/BuildFormatString:102
+msgid "FinalPriority"
+msgstr "Endpriorität"
+#: share/html/Asset/Elements/AddCatalogPeople:66
+msgid "Find a group..."
+msgstr "Finde eine Gruppe ..."
+#: share/html/Elements/FindUser:48
+msgid "Find a user"
+msgstr "Finde einen Benutzer"
+#: share/html/Asset/Elements/AddCatalogPeople:57
+msgid "Find a user..."
+msgstr "Finde einen Benutzer ..."
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/index.html:78
+msgid "Find all users whose"
+msgstr "Finde alle Benutzer, deren"
+#: share/html/Elements/FindAsset:48
+msgid "Find an asset"
+msgstr "Finde eine Anlage"
+#: share/html/Admin/Groups/index.html:68 share/html/Admin/Queues/People.html:84 share/html/Dashboards/Elements/SubscriptionRecipients:106 share/html/Ticket/Elements/EditPeople:57
+msgid "Find groups whose"
+msgstr "Finde Gruppen, deren"
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/People.html:80 share/html/Dashboards/Elements/SubscriptionRecipients:96 share/html/Ticket/Elements/EditPeople:53
+msgid "Find people whose"
+msgstr "Finde Leute, deren"
+#: share/html/Search/Results.html:154
+msgid "Find tickets"
+msgstr "Finde Tickets"
+#: etc/RT_Config.pm:1313
+msgid "FindAsset"
+msgstr "FindeAnlage"
+#: etc/RT_Config.pm:1313
+msgid "FindUser"
+msgstr "Benutzer suchen"
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/ShowKeyInfo:67
+msgid "Fingerprint"
+msgstr "Fingerabdruck"
+#: share/html/Install/Finish.html:48 share/html/Install/Global.html:64
+msgid "Finish"
+msgstr "Fertig"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:882
+msgid "First"
+msgstr "Erste"
+#. (RT->Config->Get('OwnerEmail'))
+#: share/html/Elements/LoginHelp:49
+msgid "For local help, please contact %1"
+msgstr "Für lokale Hilfe kontaktieren Sie bitte %1"
+#. ($link_start, $link_end)
+#: share/html/Search/Simple.html:91
+msgid "For the full power of RT's searches, please visit the %1search builder interface%2."
+msgstr "Für die volle Leistung der RT Suche gehe zum %1Suchassistenten%2."
+#: share/html/Search/Bulk.html:84
+msgid "Force change"
+msgstr "Änderung erzwingen"
+#: share/html/Search/Edit.html:59 share/html/Search/Elements/EditFormat:52
+msgid "Format"
+msgstr ""
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:277
+msgid "Formats iCal feed events with date and time"
+msgstr "Formatiere iCal Feed mit Datum und Uhrzeit"
+#: etc/initialdata:643 etc/upgrade/3.7.15/content:7 share/html/Elements/ShowTransaction:208 share/html/Elements/Tabs:816
+msgid "Forward"
+msgstr "Weiterleiten"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Forward.html:102
+msgid "Forward Message"
+msgstr "Nachricht weiterleiten"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Forward.html:101
+msgid "Forward Message and Return"
+msgstr "Nachricht weiterleiten und zurückkehren"
+#: etc/initialdata:651 etc/upgrade/3.8.6/content:6
+msgid "Forward Ticket"
+msgstr "Ticket weiterleiten"
+#: lib/RT/Queue.pm:134
+msgid "Forward messages outside of RT"
+msgstr "Nachrichten weiterleiten (außerhalb von RT)"
+#. ($TicketObj->id, $TicketObj->Subject)
+#: share/html/Ticket/Forward.html:152
+msgid "Forward ticket #%1: %2"
+msgstr "Ticket #%1 weiterleiten: %2"
+#. ($txn->id, $TicketObj->Subject)
+#: share/html/Ticket/Forward.html:151
+msgid "Forward transaction #%1: %2"
+msgstr "Transaktion #%1 weiterleiten: %2"
+#. ($self->Field, $recipients,            [\'<a href="#txn-', $self->Field, \'">'], \'</a>')
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:967
+msgid "Forwarded %3Transaction #%1%4 to %2"
+msgstr "%3Transaktion #%1%4 weitergeleitet an %2"
+#. ($recipients)
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:975
+msgid "Forwarded Ticket to %1"
+msgstr "Ticket weitergeleitet an %1"
+#: etc/initialdata:644
+msgid "Forwarded message"
+msgstr "Weitergeleitete Nachricht"
+#: etc/initialdata:652
+msgid "Forwarded ticket message"
+msgstr "Weitergeleitetes Ticket"
+#. ($assets->Count)
+#: share/html/Asset/Search/index.html:58
+msgid "Found %quant(%1,asset,assets)"
+msgstr "%quant(%1,Anlage,Anlagen) gefunden"
+#. ($ticketcount)
+#. ($collection->CountAll)
+#: share/html/Search/Results.html:157 share/html/m/_elements/ticket_list:83
+msgid "Found %quant(%1,ticket,tickets)"
+msgstr "%quant(%1, Ticket, Tickets) gefunden"
+#: lib/RT/Record.pm:1014
+msgid "Found Object"
+msgstr "Objekt gefunden"
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Subscription.html:92
+msgid "Frequency"
+msgstr "Häufigkeit"
+#: lib/RT/Date.pm:111
+msgid "Fri"
+msgstr "Fr"
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Subscription.html:115
+msgid "Friday"
+msgstr "Freitag"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Forward.html:62
+msgid "From"
+msgstr "Von"
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Theme.html:67
+msgid "GD is disabled or not installed. You can upload an image, but you won't get automatic color suggestions."
+msgstr "GD ist deaktiviert oder nicht installiert. Du kannst ein Bild hochladen, wirst aber keine automatischen Farbvorschläge bekommen."
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:99
+msgid "Gecos"
+msgstr ""
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:226 lib/RT/Config.pm:373
+msgid "General"
+msgstr "Allgemein"
+#: etc/initialdata:28 etc/upgrade/4.3.10/content:9
+msgid "General assets"
+msgstr "Allgmemeine Anlagen"
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/EditRightsCategoryTabs:87
+msgid "General rights"
+msgstr "Allgemeine Rechte"
+#: share/html/Install/index.html:76
+msgid "Getting started"
+msgstr "Erste Schritte"
+#: sbin/rt-email-digest:89
+msgid "Give output even on messages successfully sent"
+msgstr "Ausgabe auch bei erfolgreich gesendeten Nachrichten"
+#. ($self->_FormatUser($New))
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1085 lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1238 lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1250
+msgid "Given to %1"
+msgstr "An %1 übergeben"
+#: share/html/Admin/Scrips/Modify.html:65 share/html/Elements/RT__CustomField/ColumnMap:88 share/html/Elements/RT__Scrip/ColumnMap:58 share/html/Elements/RT__Template/ColumnMap:69 share/html/Elements/ShortcutHelp:60 share/html/Elements/Tabs:121
+msgid "Global"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Configuration.html:219
+msgid "Global Attributes"
+msgstr "Globale Attribute"
+#: share/html/Articles/Topics.html:91
+msgid "Global Topics"
+msgstr "Globale Themen"
+#: share/html/Admin/Global/CustomFields/index.html:61
+msgid "Global custom field configuration"
+msgstr "Einstellungen globaler benutzerdefinierter Felder"
+#: share/html/Admin/Global/DashboardsInMenu.html:104
+msgid "Global dashboards in menu saved."
+msgstr "Globales Dashboard in Menü gespeichert"
+#. ($args{'Template'})
+#: lib/RT/Scrip.pm:163
+msgid "Global or queue specific template '%1' not found"
+msgstr "Globale oder Bereich spezifische Vorlage '%1' nicht gefunden"
+#. ($pane)
+#: share/html/Admin/Global/MyRT.html:100
+msgid "Global portlet %1 saved."
+msgstr "Globales Portlet %1 gespeichert"
+#. ($args{'Template'})
+#: lib/RT/Scrip.pm:161
+msgid "Global template '%1' not found"
+msgstr "Globale Vorlage '%1' nicht gefunden"
+#. ($self->Name)
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:1673
+msgid "Globally added custom field %1."
+msgstr "Benutzerdefiniertes Feld %1 global hinzugefügt."
+#. ($self->Name)
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:1713
+msgid "Globally removed custom field %1."
+msgstr "Benutzerdefiniertes Feld %1 global entfernt."
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/Keys.html:63
+msgid "GnuPG private key"
+msgstr "GnuPG's privater Schlüssels"
+#: share/html/Asset/Elements/CreateInCatalog:52 share/html/Asset/Elements/CreateLinkedTicket:106 share/html/m/_elements/menu:67
+msgid "Go"
+msgstr "Los"
+#: share/html/Elements/ShortcutHelp:76
+msgid "Go back / forward"
+msgstr "Gehe zurück / vor"
+#: share/html/SelfService/Elements/GotoTicket:49
+msgid "Go to Ticket"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/Admin/Groups/index.html:55
+msgid "Go to group"
+msgstr "Gehe zu Gruppe"
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/index.html:60
+msgid "Go to user"
+msgstr "Gehe zu Benutzer"
+#: share/html/Admin/Articles/Classes/index.html:71 share/html/Admin/CustomFields/index.html:69 share/html/Admin/CustomRoles/index.html:70 share/html/Admin/Groups/index.html:91 share/html/Admin/Queues/People.html:82 share/html/Admin/Queues/People.html:86 share/html/Admin/Queues/index.html:70 share/html/Admin/Scrips/index.html:56 share/html/Admin/Users/index.html:99 share/html/Approvals/index.html:54 share/html/Dashboards/Elements/SubscriptionRecipients:102 share/html/Dashboards/Elements/SubscriptionRecipients:112 share/html/Elements/RefreshHomepage:52 share/html/Ticket/Elements/EditPeople:55 share/html/Ticket/Elements/EditPeople:59
+msgid "Go!"
+msgstr "Los!"
+#: share/html/Elements/GotoTicket:49
+msgid "Goto ticket"
+msgstr "Gehe zu Ticket"
+#. ($self->RightName, $princ_obj->DisplayName)
+#: lib/RT/ACE.pm:288
+msgid "Granted right '%1' to %2."
+msgstr "Recht '%1' %2 gewährt."
+#: share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowSummary:93 share/html/Ticket/ModifyLinks.html:58
+msgid "Graph"
+msgstr "Diagramm"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Graphs/Elements/EditGraphProperties:48
+msgid "Graph Properties"
+msgstr "Diagrammeigenschaften"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/Chart:73
+msgid "Graphical charts are not available."
+msgstr "Grafische Diagramme sind nicht verfügbar"
+#: lib/RT/Record.pm:994 share/html/Asset/Elements/EditRoleMembers:74 share/html/Dashboards/Elements/SubscriptionRecipients:137 share/html/Search/Elements/SelectPersonType:59 share/html/Ticket/Elements/AddWatchers:75
+msgid "Group"
+msgstr "Gruppe"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:1161 share/html/Elements/Tabs:245 share/html/Elements/Tabs:357 share/html/Elements/Tabs:402 share/html/Elements/Tabs:418 share/html/Elements/Tabs:531
+msgid "Group Rights"
+msgstr "Gruppenrechte"
+#. ($new_member_obj->Object->Name)
+#: lib/RT/Group.pm:944
+msgid "Group already has member: %1"
+msgstr "Gruppe hat bereits Mitglieder: %1"
+#: share/html/Search/Chart.html:140
+msgid "Group by"
+msgstr "Gruppieren nach"
+#. ($create_msg)
+#: share/html/Admin/Groups/Modify.html:117
+msgid "Group could not be created: %1"
+msgstr "Gruppe konnte nicht erstellt werden: %1"
+#: lib/RT/Group.pm:359
+msgid "Group created"
+msgstr "Gruppe angelegt"
+#: lib/RT/Group.pm:710
+msgid "Group disabled"
+msgstr "Gruppe deaktiviert"
+#: lib/RT/Group.pm:712
+msgid "Group enabled"
+msgstr "Gruppe aktiviert"
+#: lib/RT/Group.pm:1168
+msgid "Group has no such member"
+msgstr "Gruppe hat kein solches Mitglied"
+#. ($value)
+#: lib/RT/Group.pm:415
+msgid "Group name '%1' is already in use"
+msgstr "Gruppe mit Namen '%1' ist bereits in Gebrauch"
+#: lib/RT/Group.pm:929
+msgid "Group not found"
+msgstr "Gruppe nicht gefunden"
+#: share/html/Search/Chart.html:141
+msgid "Group tickets by"
+msgstr "Gruppiere Tickets nach"
+#. ($_->Name)
+#. ($g->Name)
+#: share/html/Asset/Elements/ShowRoleMembers:78 share/html/Elements/ShowPrincipal:64
+msgid "Group: %1"
+msgstr "Gruppe: %1"
+#: share/html/Search/Chart.html:58
+msgid "Grouped search results"
+msgstr "Gruppierte Suchergebnisse"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:2047 lib/RT/CustomField.pm:218 share/html/Admin/Global/CustomFields/index.html:71 share/html/Admin/Groups/Members.html:88 share/html/Admin/Queues/People.html:109 share/html/Elements/Tabs:169 share/html/Elements/Tabs:306 share/html/Elements/Tabs:75
+msgid "Groups"
+msgstr "Gruppen"
+#: lib/RT/Group.pm:950
+msgid "Groups can't be members of their members"
+msgstr "Gruppen können nicht Mitglied eines ihrer Mitglieder sein"
+#: share/html/Admin/Groups/index.html:121
+msgid "Groups matching search criteria"
+msgstr "Gruppen die den Suchkriterien entsprechen"
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/MembershipsPage:55
+msgid "Groups the principal is member of (check box to delete)"
+msgstr "Gruppen bei den das Objekt Mitglied ist (markiere Kontrollkästchen zum löschen)"
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/MembershipsPage:69
+msgid "Groups the principal is not member of (check box to add)"
+msgstr "Gruppen bei den das Objekt nicht Mitglied ist (markiere Kontrollkästchen zum hinzufügen)"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowRequestor:120
+msgid "Groups this user belongs to"
+msgstr "Gruppen zu denen der Benutzer gehört"
+#: etc/initialdata:292 etc/upgrade/4.1.9/content:9
+msgid "HTML Autoresponse template"
+msgstr "AutomatischeAntwort Template in HTML"
+#: etc/initialdata:484 etc/upgrade/4.1.9/content:103
+msgid "HTML Ticket Resolved"
+msgstr "HTML-Ticket gelöst"
+#: etc/initialdata:461 etc/upgrade/4.1.9/content:91
+msgid "HTML Ticket status changed"
+msgstr "HTML-Ticketstatus geändert"
+#: etc/initialdata:425 etc/upgrade/4.1.9/content:78
+msgid "HTML admin comment template"
+msgstr "HTML-Administratorkommentarvorlage"
+#: etc/initialdata:382 etc/upgrade/4.1.9/content:57
+msgid "HTML admin correspondence template"
+msgstr "HTML-Administratorkorrespondenzvorlage"
+#: etc/initialdata:402 etc/upgrade/4.1.9/content:69
+msgid "HTML correspondence template"
+msgstr "HTML-Korrespondenzvorlage"
+#: etc/initialdata:337 etc/upgrade/4.1.9/content:35
+msgid "HTML transaction template"
+msgstr "HTML-Transaktionsvorlage"
+#: lib/RT/Tickets.pm:129
+msgid "HasMember"
+msgstr "hat Mitglieder"
+#: lib/RT/Attachment.pm:788
+msgid "Headers cleared"
+msgstr ""
+#: etc/upgrade/3.8.6/content:7
+msgid "Heading of a forwarded Ticket"
+msgstr "Kopf des weitergeleiteten Ticket"
+#: etc/upgrade/3.7.15/content:8
+msgid "Heading of a forwarded message"
+msgstr "Kopf einer weitergeleiteten Nachricht"
+#: share/html/Search/Chart.html:188
+msgid "Height"
+msgstr "Höhe"
+#: lib/RT/Asset.pm:87
+msgid "HeldBy"
+msgstr "GehaltenVon"
+#: lib/RT/Interface/CLI.pm:75 lib/RT/Interface/CLI.pm:75
+msgid "Hello!"
+msgstr "Hallo!"
+#: share/html/Install/Global.html:52
+msgid "Help us set up some useful defaults for RT."
+msgstr "Helfe uns nützliche Standard-Werte für RT zu setzen."
+#: share/html/Elements/ShowHistoryHeader:80
+msgid "Hide all quoted text"
+msgstr "Alle zitierten Texte verbergen"
+#: share/html/Elements/FoldStanzaJS:50
+msgid "Hide quoted text"
+msgstr "Zitierten Text verbergen"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Display.html:63
+msgid "Hide unset fields"
+msgstr "Nicht festgelegte Felder ausblenden"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:568
+msgid "Hide unset fields?"
+msgstr "Nicht festgelegte Felder ausblenden?"
+#: share/html/Elements/ShowHistoryHeader:63 share/html/Elements/Tabs:1031 share/html/Elements/Tabs:1051 share/html/Elements/Tabs:1069 share/html/Elements/Tabs:1175 share/html/Elements/Tabs:1243 share/html/Elements/Tabs:359 share/html/Elements/Tabs:376 share/html/Elements/Tabs:404 share/html/Elements/Tabs:782 share/html/Ticket/Elements/ClickToShowHistory:49 share/html/Ticket/Elements/DelayShowHistory:49 share/html/m/_elements/ticket_menu:64
+msgid "History"
+msgstr "Verlauf"
+#. ($id)
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/History.html:48
+msgid "History for article #%1"
+msgstr "Verlauf für Artikel #%1"
+#. ($asset->id, $asset->Name)
+#: share/html/Asset/History.html:48 share/html/SelfService/Asset/History.html:48
+msgid "History of Asset #%1: %2"
+msgstr "Verlauf von Anlage #%1: %2"
+#. ($GroupObj->Name)
+#: share/html/Admin/Groups/History.html:60
+msgid "History of the group %1"
+msgstr "Verlauf der Gruppe %1"
+#. ($QueueObj->Name)
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/History.html:60
+msgid "History of the queue %1"
+msgstr "Verlauf von Bereich %1"
+#. ($User->Format)
+#. ($UserObj->Name)
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/History.html:60 share/html/User/History.html:48
+msgid "History of the user %1"
+msgstr "Verlauf des Benutzers %1"
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__User/ColumnMap:81
+msgid "Home Phone"
+msgstr "Privat"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:414
+msgid "Home page refresh interval"
+msgstr "Aktualisierungsintervall der Startseite"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:551 share/html/m/_elements/header:69
+msgid "Homepage"
+msgstr "Startseite"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:146 share/html/Dashboards/Subscription.html:145
+msgid "Hour"
+msgstr "Stunde"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:146
+msgid "Hourly"
+msgstr "stündlich"
+#: share/html/Elements/SelectTimeUnits:53
+msgid "Hours"
+msgstr "Stunden"
+#. (6)
+#: lib/RT/Base.pm:125
+msgid "I have %quant(%1,concrete mixer,concrete mixers)."
+msgstr "Ich habe %quant(%1, Betonmischer)"
+#: share/html/Prefs/Elements/EditAboutMe:169
+msgid "I want to reset my secret token."
+msgstr "Ich möchte mein geheimes Passwort zurücksetzen."
+#: lib/RT/Date.pm:117
+msgid "ISO"
+msgstr ""
+#: lib/RT/Tickets.pm:1760 share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowBasics:50 share/html/m/ticket/show:215
+msgid "Id"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/Modify.html:63 share/html/Prefs/Elements/EditAboutMe:54 share/html/Prefs/Elements/ShowAboutMe:51
+msgid "Identity"
+msgstr "Identität"
+#: share/html/Admin/Articles/Classes/Modify.html:118
+msgid "If a Custom Field is selected, the Subject of your outgoing email will be overridden by this article."
+msgstr "Wenn ein benutzerdefiniertes Feld markiert ist wird der Betreff der ausgehenden E-Mail überschrieben mit diesem Artikel."
+#: lib/RT/Approval/Rule/Rejected.pm:54
+msgid "If an approval is rejected, reject the original and delete pending approvals"
+msgstr "Wenn eine Freigabe abgewiesen wird, weise das Original ab und lösche wartende Freigaben"
+#: share/html/Elements/LoginRedirectWarning:66
+msgid "If this is not what you expect, leave this page now without logging in."
+msgstr "Wenn das nicht ihren Erwartungen entspricht, verlassen sie diese Seite ohne einzuloggen."
+#: bin/rt-crontool:354
+msgid "If this tool were setgid, a hostile local user could use this tool to gain administrative access to RT."
+msgstr "Wenn dieses Programm setgid ist, könnte ein böswilliger lokaler Nutzer Administrator Rechte auf dem RT bekommen."
+#: share/html/Install/index.html:83
+msgid "If you already have a working RT server and database, you should take this opportunity to make sure that your database server is running and that the RT server can connect to it. Once you've done that, stop and start the RT server."
+msgstr "Wenn Du bereits einen funktionierenden RT Server und Datenbank hast, solltest Du die Gelegenheit nutzen und Dich vergewissern, dass der Datenbank Server läuft und RT sich damit verbinden kann. Wenn das erledigt ist, stoppe und starte den RT Server."
+#. (qq[<a href="$login_url">], '</a>')
+#: share/html/Errors/WebRemoteUser/Wrapper:75
+msgid "If you have an internal RT login, you may %1try it instead%2."
+msgstr "Wenn Sie einen internen RT Login haben können Sie %1diesen stattdessen versuchen%2."
+#. ($escaped_path, $action, $start, $end)
+#: share/html/Elements/CSRF:59
+msgid "If you really intended to visit %1 and %2, then %3click here to resume your request%4."
+msgstr "Wenn Sie wirklich %1 zum %2 öffnen wollen, Klicken Sie hier auf %3 um die %4-Anfrage zu bestätigen"
+#: share/html/Install/Finish.html:60
+msgid "If you've changed the Port that RT runs on, you'll need to restart the server in order to log in."
+msgstr "Wenn Sie den Port auf dem RT läuft geändert haben, müssen Sie den Webserver neu starten um sich anmelden zu können."
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/People.html:134 share/html/Ticket/Modify.html:68 share/html/Ticket/ModifyAll.html:138 share/html/Ticket/ModifyPeople.html:82
+msgid "If you've updated anything above, be sure to"
+msgstr "Wenn Sie oben etwas aktualisiert haben denken Sie an"
+#. ('<a href="http://search.cpan.org" target="_blank">CPAN</a>')
+#: share/html/Install/DatabaseType.html:61
+msgid "If your preferred database isn't listed in the dropdown below, that means RT couldn't find a <i>database driver</i> for it installed locally. You may be able to remedy this by using %1 to download and install DBD::MySQL, DBD::Oracle or DBD::Pg."
+msgstr "Wenn Deine bevorzugte Datenbank nicht in der Liste aufgeführt ist, konnte RT lokal keinen <i>Datenbank-Treiber</i> finden. Das Problem kann gelöst werden indem von %1 entweder DBD::MySQL, DBD::Oracle oder DBD::Pg installiert wird."
+#: lib/RT/Record.pm:1006
+msgid "Illegal value for %1"
+msgstr "Unerlaubter Wert für %1"
+#: share/html/Elements/ShowTransactionAttachments:277
+msgid "Image displayed inline above"
+msgstr "Bild inline angezeigt oben"
+#: share/html/Elements/ShowTransactionAttachments:273
+msgid "Image not shown because display is disabled in system configuration."
+msgstr "Bild nicht gezeigt weil Anzeige in der Systemkonfiguration deaktiviert ist."
+#: share/html/Elements/ShowTransactionAttachments:281
+msgid "Image not shown because sender requested not to inline it."
+msgstr "Bild nicht angezeigt weil Absender gebeten hat es nicht inline anzuzeigen."
+#: lib/RT/Record.pm:1009
+msgid "Immutable field"
+msgstr "Unveränderbares Feld"
+#: share/html/Elements/SelectStatus:54
+msgid "Inactive"
+msgstr "Inaktiv"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowRequestor:160 share/html/User/Elements/Portlets/InactiveTickets:54
+msgid "Inactive Tickets"
+msgstr "Inaktive Tickets"
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__Asset/ColumnMap:106
+msgid "Inactive tickets"
+msgstr "Inaktive Tickets"
+#: share/html/Articles/Elements/BeforeMessageBox:59
+msgid "Include Article:"
+msgstr "Diesen Artikel einfügen:"
+#: share/html/Search/Chart.html:194
+msgid "Include TicketSQL query"
+msgstr "TicketSQL Abfrage anzeigen"
+#: share/html/Admin/Articles/Classes/Modify.html:89
+msgid "Include article name"
+msgstr "Artikel Name hinzufügen"
+#: share/html/Admin/Articles/Classes/Modify.html:93
+msgid "Include article summary"
+msgstr "Artikel Zusammenfassung hinzufügen"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Elements/AddAttachments:173
+msgid "Include attachments"
+msgstr "Anhänge hinzufügen"
+#. ($cf->Name)
+#: share/html/Admin/Articles/Classes/Modify.html:101
+msgid "Include custom field '%1'"
+msgstr "Benutzerdefiniertes Feld '%1' einschließen"
+#: share/html/Search/Chart.html:191
+msgid "Include data table"
+msgstr "Daten Tabelle anzeigen"
+#: share/html/Admin/Assets/Catalogs/index.html:85
+msgid "Include disabled catalogs in listing."
+msgstr "Zeige deaktivierte Kataloge"
+#: share/html/Admin/Articles/Classes/index.html:70
+msgid "Include disabled classes in listing."
+msgstr "Deaktivierte Klassen anzeigen"
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomFields/index.html:64
+msgid "Include disabled custom fields in listing."
+msgstr "Zeige auch deaktivierte benutzerdefinierte Felder an"
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomRoles/index.html:69
+msgid "Include disabled custom roles in listing."
+msgstr "Zeige deaktivierte benutzerdefinierte Rollen"
+#: share/html/Admin/Groups/index.html:90
+msgid "Include disabled groups in listing."
+msgstr "Zeige auch deaktivierte Gruppen an."
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/index.html:69
+msgid "Include disabled queues in listing."
+msgstr "Zeige auch deaktivierte Bereiche an."
+#: share/html/Admin/Scrips/index.html:55
+msgid "Include disabled scrips in listing."
+msgstr "Enthält deaktivierte Skripts in Auflistung."
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/index.html:97
+msgid "Include disabled users in search."
+msgstr "Zeige deaktivierte Benutzer auch in der Suche an."
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomFields/Modify.html:152
+msgid "Include page"
+msgstr "Seite einbinden"
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/ShowSearchCriteria:140
+msgid "Include subtopics"
+msgstr "Unterthemen einbeziehen"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:276
+msgid "Include time in iCal feed events?"
+msgstr "Uhrzeit in iCal Feeds hinzufügen?"
+#. ($row->{filename})
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/UpgradeHistoryRow:64
+msgid "Index updates from %1"
+msgstr "Index Aktualisierungen von %1"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:628
+msgid "Individual messages"
+msgstr "Individuelle Nachricht"
+#: etc/initialdata:679 etc/upgrade/3.7.10/content:18
+msgid "Inform RT owner that user(s) have problems with public keys"
+msgstr "Informiere den RT Verwalter, dass Benutzer Probleme mit öffentlichen Schlüsseln haben"
+#: etc/initialdata:741 etc/upgrade/3.7.87/content:9
+msgid "Inform user that a dashboard he subscribed to is missing"
+msgstr "Informiere Benutzer, dass ein abonniertes Dashboard fehlt."
+#: etc/upgrade/3.7.10/content:43
+msgid "Inform user that a message he sent has invalid GnuPG data"
+msgstr "Informiere Benutzer das seine gesendete Nachricht ungültige GnuPG-Daten enthält"
+#: etc/initialdata:704
+msgid "Inform user that a message he sent has invalid encryption data"
+msgstr "Informieren Sie einen Benutzer, dass eine Nachricht, die er gesendet hat, fehlerhafte Verschlüsselungsdaten enthält"
+#: etc/initialdata:670 etc/upgrade/3.7.10/content:9
+msgid "Inform user that he has problems with public key and couldn't recieve encrypted content"
+msgstr "Informiere den Benutzer über Probleme mit seinem öffentlichen Schlüssel und dass er keine verschlüsselten Inhalt empfangen kann"
+#: etc/initialdata:716
+msgid "Inform user that his password has been reset"
+msgstr "Informiere Benutzer über sein zurückgesetztes Passwort"
+#: etc/initialdata:661 etc/upgrade/4.1.22/content:79
+msgid "Inform user that their unencrypted mail has been rejected"
+msgstr "Informieren Sie die Benutzer, dass ihre unverschlüsselte Mail abgewiesen wurde."
+#: etc/initialdata:692 etc/upgrade/3.7.10/content:31
+msgid "Inform user that we received an encrypted email and we have no private keys to decrypt"
+msgstr "Informiere Benutzer über eine empfange verschlüsselte E-Mail und dass wir keine privaten Schlüssel zum entschlüsseln haben"
+#: lib/RT/Tickets.pm:1806 share/html/Search/Elements/PickBasics:215
+msgid "Initial Priority"
+msgstr "Startpriorität"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:77 lib/RT/Tickets.pm:116 share/html/Elements/RT__Queue/ColumnMap:61 share/html/Elements/RT__Ticket/ColumnMap:159 share/html/Search/Elements/BuildFormatString:102
+msgid "InitialPriority"
+msgstr "Startpriorität"
+#: share/html/Install/Global.html:64 share/html/Install/Initialize.html:48 share/html/Install/Initialize.html:61
+msgid "Initialize Database"
+msgstr "Initialisiere Datenbank"
+#: lib/RT/ScripAction.pm:142
+msgid "Input error"
+msgstr "Eingabefehler"
+#. ($CF->FriendlyPattern)
+#. ($CustomField->FriendlyPattern)
+#. ($self->FriendlyPattern)
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:1755 lib/RT/CustomField.pm:1980 share/html/Elements/EditCustomFields:89 share/html/Elements/ValidateCustomFields:102
+msgid "Input must match %1"
+msgstr "Eingabe muss %1 entsprechen"
+#. ($row->{filename})
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/UpgradeHistoryRow:58
+msgid "Insert from %1"
+msgstr "Einfügen von %1"
+#. ($id->{error_message})
+#: lib/RT/Record.pm:321
+msgid "Internal Error: %1"
+msgstr "Interner Fehler: %1"
+#. ($txn_msg)
+#: lib/RT/Article.pm:219
+msgid "Internal error: %1"
+msgstr "Interner Fehler: %1"
+#. ($type)
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/EditRights:219
+msgid "Invalid %1"
+msgstr "Ungültige(r) %1"
+#. ('LoadSavedSearch')
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/Search.html:181
+msgid "Invalid %1 argument"
+msgstr "Ungültiges Argument für %1"
+#. ($_, $ARGS{$_})
+#. ('Administrator Email', $ARGS{OwnerEmail})
+#: share/html/Install/Global.html:89 share/html/Install/Sendmail.html:92
+msgid "Invalid %1: '%2' doesn't look like an email address"
+msgstr "%1 ungültig: %2 sieht nicht wie eine E-Mail-Adresse aus"
+#. ('WebPort')
+#: share/html/Install/Basics.html:81
+msgid "Invalid %1: it should be a number"
+msgstr "%1 ungültig: es sollte eine Zahl sein"
+#: lib/RT/Asset.pm:219
+msgid "Invalid Catalog"
+msgstr "Ungültiger Katalog"
+#: lib/RT/Article.pm:110
+msgid "Invalid Class"
+msgstr "Ungültige Klasse"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:339 lib/RT/CustomField.pm:819
+msgid "Invalid Custom Field values source"
+msgstr "Ungültige Quelle für benutzerdefinierte Feldwerte"
+#: lib/RT/Group.pm:536
+msgid "Invalid Group Name and Domain"
+msgstr "Ungültiger Gruppen-Name und Domain"
+#: lib/RT/Asset.pm:230
+msgid "Invalid Name (names may not be all digits)"
+msgstr "Ungültiger Name (Namen dürfen nicht nur Ziffern enthalten)"
+#: lib/RT/Catalog.pm:212
+msgid "Invalid Name (names must be unique and may not be all digits)"
+msgstr "Ungültiger Name (Namen müssen eindeutig sein und dürfen nicht nur Ziffern enthalten)"
+#. ($msg)
+#: lib/RT/Class.pm:312
+msgid "Invalid Queue, unable to apply Class: %1"
+msgstr "Ungültiger Bereich, kann Klasse nicht anwenden: %1"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:328
+msgid "Invalid Render Type"
+msgstr "Ungültiger Anzeigetyp"
+#. ($self->FriendlyType)
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:1281
+msgid "Invalid Render Type for custom field of type %1"
+msgstr "Ungültiger Anzeigetyp für ein benutzerdefiniertes Feld vom Typ %1"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:348 lib/RT/CustomField.pm:864
+msgid "Invalid custom field values canonicalizer"
+msgstr "ungültiger benutzerdefinierter Feldwerte Kanonisierer"
+#: lib/RT/Record.pm:1011
+msgid "Invalid data"
+msgstr "Ungültige Daten"
+#. ($ARGS{'PrivateKey'}, $email)
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/Keys.html:119
+msgid "Invalid key %1 for address '%2'"
+msgstr "Ungültiger Schlüssel %1 für Mailadresse '%2'"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:1745
+msgid "Invalid object"
+msgstr "Ungültiges Objekt"
+#. ($msg)
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:313 lib/RT/CustomField.pm:966
+msgid "Invalid pattern: %1"
+msgstr "Ungültiges Muster: %1"
+#. ($name)
+#. ($path)
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Elements/ShowPortlet/component:62 share/html/Elements/MyRT:93
+msgid "Invalid portlet %1"
+msgstr "Ungültiges Portlet %1"
+#: lib/RT/CustomRole.pm:405 lib/RT/Scrip.pm:139 lib/RT/Scrip.pm:307 lib/RT/Template.pm:274
+msgid "Invalid queue"
+msgstr "Ungültiger Bereich"
+#: lib/RT/CustomRole.pm:444 lib/RT/Scrip.pm:361
+msgid "Invalid queue id"
+msgstr "Ungültige Bereich id"
+#: lib/RT/ACE.pm:258
+msgid "Invalid right"
+msgstr "Ungültiges Recht"
+#. ($args{'RightName'})
+#: lib/RT/ACE.pm:123 lib/RT/ACE.pm:246
+msgid "Invalid right. Couldn't canonicalize right '%1'"
+msgstr "Ungültiges Recht. Konnte das Recht '%1' nicht anerkennen"
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:684
+msgid "Invalid syntax for email address"
+msgstr "Ungültige E-Mail-Adresse"
+#. ($key)
+#. ($self->loc($role))
+#: lib/RT/Record.pm:289 lib/RT/Record/Role/Roles.pm:604
+msgid "Invalid value for %1"
+msgstr "Ungültiger Wert für %1"
+#: lib/RT/Record.pm:1965
+msgid "Invalid value for custom field"
+msgstr "Ungültiger Wert für das benutzerdefinierte Feld"
+#: lib/RT/Record/AddAndSort.pm:195
+msgid "Is already added to the object"
+msgstr "Ist bereits dem Objekt zugeordnet"
+#: lib/RT/Attachment.pm:973
+msgid "Is not encrypted"
+msgstr "Ist nicht verschlüsselt"
+#: bin/rt-crontool:355
+msgid "It is incredibly important that nonprivileged users not be allowed to run this tool."
+msgstr "Es ist wichtig, dass nicht authorisierte Benutzer dieses Programm nicht starten können."
+#: bin/rt-crontool:356
+msgid "It is suggested that you create a non-privileged unix user with the correct group membership and RT access to run this tool."
+msgstr "Es wird empfohlen einen nicht priviligierten Unix User mit korrekten Gruppenrechten anzulegen um dieses Programm zu nutzen."
+#: share/html/Elements/AttachmentWarning:54
+msgid "It looks like you may have forgotten to add an attachment."
+msgstr "Wie es aussieht hast Du möglicherweise vergessen einen Anhang hinzuzufügen."
+#: bin/rt-crontool:316
+msgid "It takes several arguments:"
+msgstr "Es verarbeitet verschiedene Parameter:"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/EditFormat:127
+msgid "Italic"
+msgstr "Kursiv"
+#: lib/RT/Date.pm:91
+msgid "Jan"
+msgstr ""
+#: lib/RT/Group.pm:91
+msgid "Join or leave group"
+msgstr "Gruppe beitreten oder verlassen"
+#: lib/RT/Date.pm:97
+msgid "Jul"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:800
+msgid "Jumbo"
+msgstr "Alles"
+#: lib/RT/Date.pm:96
+msgid "Jun"
+msgstr ""
+#: lib/RT/Installer.pm:80
+msgid "Keep 'localhost' if you're not sure. Leave blank to connect locally over a socket"
+msgstr "Belassen Sie 'localhost, wenn Sie nicht sicher sind. Zur lokalen Verbindung über einen Socket leer lassen"
+#: share/html/Elements/ShortcutHelp:56
+msgid "Keyboard Shortcuts"
+msgstr "Tastaturkürzel"
+#. (ref $self)
+#: lib/RT/Search/Simple.pm:89
+msgid "Keyword and intuition-based searching"
+msgstr "Schlüsselwort und Vorschlagsbasierende Suche"
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:98
+msgid "Lang"
+msgstr "Sprache"
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/Modify.html:92 share/html/Dashboards/Subscription.html:168 share/html/Elements/RT__User/ColumnMap:136 share/html/Install/index.html:56 share/html/Prefs/Elements/EditAboutMe:69 share/html/Prefs/Elements/ShowAboutMe:67 share/html/SelfService/Prefs.html:63
+msgid "Language"
+msgstr "Sprache"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/EditFormat:118
+msgid "Large"
+msgstr "Groß"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:892
+msgid "Last"
+msgstr "Letzter"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Elements/EditDates:78 share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowDates:67 share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowDates:69 share/html/m/ticket/show:369
+msgid "Last Contact"
+msgstr "Letzter Kontakt"
+#: share/html/Elements/SelectDateType:52
+msgid "Last Contacted"
+msgstr "Zuletzt Kontaktiert"
+#: share/html/Asset/Elements/EditDates:59 share/html/Asset/Elements/ShowDates:59 share/html/Elements/ColumnMap:83 share/html/Elements/ColumnMap:88 share/html/Elements/SelectDateType:53
+msgid "Last Updated"
+msgstr "Zuletzt Aktualisiert"
+#: share/html/Elements/ColumnMap:93
+msgid "Last Updated By"
+msgstr "Zuletzt aktualisiert von"
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/ShowSearchCriteria:107
+msgid "Last updated"
+msgstr "Zuletzt aktualisiert"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/PickBasics:130
+msgid "Last updated by"
+msgstr "Zuletzt aktualisiert von"
+#: lib/RT/Graph/Tickets.pm:179 lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:96 lib/RT/Tickets.pm:138 share/html/Search/Elements/BuildFormatString:102
+msgid "LastUpdated"
+msgstr "Zuletzt aktualisiert"
+#: lib/RT/Graph/Tickets.pm:178 lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:83 lib/RT/Tickets.pm:112 share/html/Search/Elements/BuildFormatString:102
+msgid "LastUpdatedBy"
+msgstr "Zuletzt bearbeitet von"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/BuildFormatString:102
+msgid "LastUpdatedRelative"
+msgstr "Zuletzt aktualisiert (relativ)"
+#: lib/RT/Installer.pm:90
+msgid "Leave empty to use the default value for your database"
+msgstr "Leer lassen um den Standardwert für Ihre Datenbank zu benutzen"
+#: lib/RT/Installer.pm:104
+msgid "Leave this alone to use the default dba username for your database type"
+msgstr "Dies leer lassen um den Standard-Benutzernamen für deinen Datenbanktyp zu verwenden"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowBasics:102 share/html/m/ticket/show:236
+msgid "Left"
+msgstr "Verbleibend"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Graphs/Elements/ShowLegends:48
+msgid "Legends"
+msgstr "Legende"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:462
+msgid "Length in characters; Use '0' to show all messages inline, regardless of length"
+msgstr "Länge in Zeichen; Nutze '0' um alle Nachrichten inline darzustellen unabhängig von der Länge"
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/Modify.html:113
+msgid "Let this user access RT"
+msgstr "Diesem Benutzer RT Zugriff gewähren"
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/Modify.html:119
+msgid "Let this user be granted rights"
+msgstr "Diesem Benutzer Rechte zuweisen"
+#: share/html/Install/index.html:79 share/html/Install/index.html:87
+msgid "Let's go!"
+msgstr "Los geht's!"
+#: lib/RT/Tickets.pm:160 share/html/Admin/Assets/Catalogs/Elements/EditBasics:58 share/html/Admin/Queues/Modify.html:70
+msgid "Lifecycle"
+msgstr "Lebenszyklus"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/EditFormat:95
+msgid "Link"
+msgstr "Verknüpfung"
+#: lib/RT/Record.pm:1402
+msgid "Link already exists"
+msgstr "Beziehung existiert bereits"
+#. ($linkmsg)
+#: lib/RT/Record.pm:1424
+msgid "Link could not be created: %1"
+msgstr "Link konnte nicht erstellt werden: %1"
+#. ($msg)
+#: lib/RT/Record.pm:1559
+msgid "Link could not be deleted: %1"
+msgstr "Link konnte nicht gelöscht werden: %1"
+#: lib/RT/Record.pm:1546
+msgid "Link not found"
+msgstr "Beziehung nicht gefunden"
+#. ($Ticket->Id, $Ticket->Subject)
+#: share/html/Ticket/ModifyLinks.html:48
+msgid "Link ticket #%1: %2"
+msgstr "Verlinke Ticket #%1: %2"
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomFields/Modify.html:144
+msgid "Link values to"
+msgstr "Verknüpfe Werte mit"
+#: lib/RT/Tickets.pm:123
+msgid "Linked"
+msgstr "Verknüpft"
+#: lib/RT/Tickets.pm:125
+msgid "LinkedFrom"
+msgstr "verknüpft von"
+#: lib/RT/Tickets.pm:124
+msgid "LinkedTo"
+msgstr "verknüpft zu"
+#. ($self->loc(lc($remote_obj->RecordType)))
+#: lib/RT/Record.pm:1388
+msgid "Linking to a deleted %1 is not allowed"
+msgstr "Verknüpfung zu einem gelöschten %1 ist nicht erlaubt"
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/DefaultValues.html:110 share/html/Articles/Article/Display.html:82 share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/ShowSearchCriteria:117 share/html/Asset/Create.html:78 share/html/Asset/Elements/ShowSummary:56 share/html/Asset/ModifyLinks.html:57 share/html/Elements/Tabs:1071 share/html/Elements/Tabs:796 share/html/Ticket/Create.html:343 share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowSummary:96 share/html/Ticket/ModifyAll.html:82 share/html/m/ticket/create:387 share/html/m/ticket/show:393
+msgid "Links"
+msgstr "Beziehungen"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/SelectLinks:65
+msgid "Links to"
+msgstr "Verweist auf"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:85 lib/RT/CustomField.pm:89
+msgid "List"
+msgstr "Liste"
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/ShowSavedSearches:69 share/html/Articles/Article/Search.html:72 share/html/Search/Elements/EditSearches:80
+msgid "Load"
+msgstr "Laden"
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/ShowSavedSearches:67
+msgid "Load a saved search"
+msgstr "Eine gespeicherte Suche laden"
+#: share/html/Elements/ShowHistoryHeader:70
+msgid "Load all history"
+msgstr "Lade komplette Historie"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/EditSearches:78
+msgid "Load saved search"
+msgstr "Gespeicherte Suchanfragen laden"
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/Search.html:70
+msgid "Load saved search:"
+msgstr "Gespeicherte Suchanfragen laden"
+#. ($self->ObjectName, $self->Name)
+#: lib/RT/SharedSetting.pm:119
+msgid "Loaded %1 %2"
+msgstr "Geladen %1 %2"
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Configuration.html:245
+msgid "Loaded RT Extensions"
+msgstr "Geladene RT Erweiterungen"
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Configuration.html:200
+msgid "Loaded config files"
+msgstr "Geladenen Konfigurationsdateien"
+#. ($SavedSearch->{'Description'})
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/EditSearches:169
+msgid "Loaded original \"%1\" saved search"
+msgstr "Original gespeicherte Suche \"%1\" geladen"
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Configuration.html:261
+msgid "Loaded perl modules"
+msgstr "Geladene Perl-Module"
+#. ($SavedSearch->{'Description'})
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/EditSearches:171
+msgid "Loaded saved search \"%1\""
+msgstr "Gespeicherte Suche \"%1\" geladen"
+#: share/html/Elements/JavascriptConfig:73 share/html/Ticket/Elements/ClickToShowHistory:50 share/html/Ticket/Elements/DelayShowHistory:50 share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowAttachments:108 share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowRequestor:109
+msgid "Loading..."
+msgstr "Ladevorgang läuft ..."
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:574 share/html/SelfService/Prefs.html:60
+msgid "Locale"
+msgstr "Lokalisierung"
+#: lib/RT/Date.pm:122
+msgid "LocalizedDateTime"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/Modify.html:136 share/html/Prefs/Elements/EditAboutMe:122 share/html/Prefs/Elements/ShowAboutMe:108
+msgid "Location"
+msgstr "Adresse"
+#: lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm:854
+msgid "Logged in"
+msgstr "Angemeldet"
+#. ($username)
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:1217 share/html/Elements/Tabs:699
+msgid "Logged in as %1"
+msgstr "Angemeldet als %1"
+#: share/html/NoAuth/Logout.html:54
+msgid "Logged out"
+msgstr "Abgemeldet"
+#. ($level, $logger->{filename})
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/LoggingSummary:59
+msgid "Logging %1 level messages and higher to %2"
+msgstr "Protokollierung %1 Nachrichten und höher in %2"
+#. ($level)
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/LoggingSummary:52
+msgid "Logging %1 level messages and higher to STDERR, which will usually end up in your webserver's error logs."
+msgstr "Logge %1 Meldungen und höher nach STDERR, die in der Regel in der Fehler Logdatei des Webserver landen werden."
+#. ($level, $conf)
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/LoggingSummary:66
+msgid "Logging %1 level messages and higher to syslog with the following configuration: %2"
+msgstr "Schreibe Nachrichten der Stufe %1 und höher in's Syslog mit folgender Konfiguration: %2"
+#. ($level)
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/LoggingSummary:68
+msgid "Logging %1 level messages and higher to syslog."
+msgstr "Schreibe Nachrichten der Stufe %1 und höher in's Syslog"
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Configuration.html:212
+msgid "Logging summary"
+msgstr "Logging Zusammenfassung"
+#: share/html/Elements/Login:49 share/html/Elements/Login:62 share/html/Elements/Login:91 share/html/m/_elements/login:61 share/html/m/_elements/login:76
+msgid "Login"
+msgstr "Anmelden"
+#. ())
+#: share/html/Elements/Logo:52 share/html/Elements/Logo:56
+msgid "LogoAltText"
+msgstr "Alternativer Logo Text"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:1230 share/html/Elements/Tabs:736 share/html/NoAuth/Logout.html:48 share/html/m/_elements/menu:107
+msgid "Logout"
+msgstr "Abmelden"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:1656
+msgid "Lookup type mismatch"
+msgstr "Suchtyp unpassend"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:621 lib/RT/Config.pm:636
+msgid "Mail"
+msgstr "E-Mail"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Graphs/Elements/EditGraphProperties:58
+msgid "Main type of links"
+msgstr "Hauptsächliche Beziehungstypen"
+#. ($role->Name)
+#: share/html/Search/Bulk.html:103
+msgid "Make %1"
+msgstr "Mache %1"
+#: share/html/Search/Bulk.html:81
+msgid "Make Owner"
+msgstr "Besitzer festlegen"
+#: share/html/Search/Bulk.html:135
+msgid "Make SLA"
+msgstr "Erstelle SLA"
+#: share/html/Search/Bulk.html:132
+msgid "Make Status"
+msgstr "Status festlegen"
+#: share/html/Search/Bulk.html:144
+msgid "Make date Due"
+msgstr "Fälligkeitsdatum festlegen"
+#: share/html/Search/Bulk.html:140
+msgid "Make date Started"
+msgstr "Anfangsdatum festlegen"
+#: share/html/Search/Bulk.html:138
+msgid "Make date Starts"
+msgstr "Startdatum festlegen"
+#: share/html/Search/Bulk.html:142
+msgid "Make date Told"
+msgstr "Eingangsdatum festlegen"
+#: share/html/Search/Bulk.html:128
+msgid "Make priority"
+msgstr "Priorität festlegen"
+#: share/html/Search/Bulk.html:130
+msgid "Make queue"
+msgstr "Bereich festlegen"
+#: share/html/Search/Bulk.html:126
+msgid "Make subject"
+msgstr "Betreff festlegen"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:93
+msgid "Manage custom fields and custom field values"
+msgstr "Verwalte benutzerdefinierte Felder und Werte"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:103
+msgid "Manage custom roles"
+msgstr "Verwalte benutzerdefinierte Rollen"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:76
+msgid "Manage groups and group membership"
+msgstr "Gruppen und Gruppenmitglieder verwalten"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:122
+msgid "Manage properties and configuration which apply to all queues"
+msgstr "Eigenschaften und Einstellungen für alle Bereiche verwalten"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:84
+msgid "Manage queues and queue-specific properties"
+msgstr "Bereich und bereichspezifische Einstellungen verwalten"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Graphs/index.html:66
+msgid "Manage saved graphs"
+msgstr "Verwalte gespeicherte Diagramme"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:113
+msgid "Manage scrips"
+msgstr "Scrips verwalten"
+#: share/html/User/Elements/RelatedData:50
+msgid "Manage user data"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:68
+msgid "Manage users and passwords"
+msgstr "Benutzer und Passworte verwalten"
+#. ($old_lifecycle->Name, $new_lifecycle->Name)
+#: lib/RT/Record/Role/Status.pm:281
+msgid "Mapping between lifecycle %1 and %2 is incomplete. Contact your system administrator."
+msgstr "Die Abbildung der Lebenszyklen %1 und %2  ist unvollständig. benachrichtigen Sie Ihren Systemadministrator."
+#: lib/RT/Date.pm:93
+msgid "Mar"
+msgstr "Mär"
+#: share/html/SelfService/Display.html:157 share/html/Ticket/Display.html:210 share/html/m/ticket/show:125
+msgid "Marked all messages as seen"
+msgstr "Alle Nachrichten als gelesen markieren"
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Configuration.html:175
+msgid "Mason template search order"
+msgstr "Mason-Vorlagen-Suchreihenfolge"
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__CustomField/ColumnMap:77
+msgid "MaxValues"
+msgstr "Maximalwerte"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:249
+msgid "Maximum Created-LastUpdated"
+msgstr "Maximum Erstellt-Zuletzt aktualisiert"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:244
+msgid "Maximum Created-Resolved"
+msgstr "Maximum Erstellt-Erledigt"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:239
+msgid "Maximum Created-Started"
+msgstr "Maximum Erstellt-Begonnen"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:259
+msgid "Maximum Due-Resolved"
+msgstr "Maximum Fällig-Erledigt"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:264
+msgid "Maximum Started-Resolved"
+msgstr "Maximum Begonnen-Erledigt"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:254
+msgid "Maximum Starts-Started"
+msgstr "Maximum Beginnt-Begonnen"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:460
+msgid "Maximum inline message length"
+msgstr "Maximale interne Nachrichtenlänge"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:229
+msgid "Maximum time estimated"
+msgstr "Maximum Geschätzte Zeit"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:234
+msgid "Maximum time left"
+msgstr "Maximum Verbleibende Zeit"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:224
+msgid "Maximum time worked"
+msgstr "Maximum Gearbeitete Zeit"
+#: lib/RT/Date.pm:95
+msgid "May"
+msgstr "Mai"
+#: share/html/Elements/QuickCreate:65
+msgid "Me"
+msgstr "Ich"
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__Group/ColumnMap:56
+msgid "Member"
+msgstr "Mitglied"
+#. ($value)
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1141
+msgid "Member %1 added"
+msgstr "Mitglied %1 hinzugefügt"
+#. ($value)
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1183
+msgid "Member %1 deleted"
+msgstr "Mitglied %1 gelöscht"
+#. ($new_member_obj->Object->Name)
+#: lib/RT/Group.pm:1031
+msgid "Member added: %1"
+msgstr "Mitglied hinzugefügt: %1"
+#: lib/RT/Group.pm:1214
+msgid "Member deleted"
+msgstr "Mitglied gelöscht"
+#: lib/RT/Group.pm:1173
+msgid "Member not deleted"
+msgstr "Mitglied nicht gelöscht"
+#: lib/RT/Graph/Tickets.pm:180 lib/RT/Tickets.pm:126 share/html/Search/Elements/BuildFormatString:102 share/html/Ticket/Graphs/Elements/EditGraphProperties:139
+msgid "MemberOf"
+msgstr "Mitglied von"
+#: lib/RT/Graph/Tickets.pm:180 share/html/Elements/Tabs:400 share/html/Search/Elements/BuildFormatString:102 share/html/Ticket/Graphs/Elements/EditGraphProperties:139
+msgid "Members"
+msgstr "Mitglieder"
+#. ($value)
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1138
+msgid "Membership in %1 added"
+msgstr "Mitgliedschaft in %1 hinzugefügt"
+#. ($value)
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1180
+msgid "Membership in %1 deleted"
+msgstr "Mitgliedschaft in %1 gelöscht"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:375 share/html/Elements/Tabs:401
+msgid "Memberships"
+msgstr "Mitgliedschaft"
+#. ($object->Name)
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/MembershipsPage:138
+msgid "Memberships of the group %1"
+msgstr "Mitglieder der Gruppe %1"
+#. ($id)
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/MembershipsPage:140
+msgid "Memberships of the principal #%1"
+msgstr "Mitglieder von Principal #%1"
+#. ($object->Name)
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/MembershipsPage:136
+msgid "Memberships of the user %1"
+msgstr "Mitgliedschaft des Benutzers %1"
+#: share/html/Search/Bulk.html:213 share/html/Ticket/ModifyAll.html:88 share/html/Ticket/ModifyLinks.html:63
+msgid "Merge"
+msgstr "Vereinen"
+#: lib/RT/Ticket.pm:2053
+msgid "Merge Successful"
+msgstr "Vereinigung erfolgreich"
+#: lib/RT/Ticket.pm:1945
+msgid "Merge failed. Couldn't set EffectiveId"
+msgstr "Vereinigung fehlgeschlagen. Konnte EffectiveId nicht setzen"
+#: lib/RT/Ticket.pm:1951
+msgid "Merge failed. Couldn't set IsMerged"
+msgstr "Zusammenfügen fehlgeschlagen. Das Attribut IsMerged konnte nicht gesetzt werden."
+#: share/html/Ticket/Elements/EditMerge:54
+msgid "Merge into"
+msgstr "Vereinigen mit"
+#. ($value)
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1144
+msgid "Merged into %1"
+msgstr "Vereinigt mit %1"
+#: share/html/Search/Bulk.html:178 share/html/Ticket/Update.html:142 share/html/Ticket/Update.html:160 share/html/m/ticket/reply:107
+msgid "Message"
+msgstr "Nachricht"
+#: share/html/Elements/ShowTransactionAttachments:158
+msgid "Message body is not shown because it is too large."
+msgstr "Der Nachrichtenkörper wird nicht angezeigt, da er zu lang ist."
+#: share/html/Elements/ShowTransactionAttachments:150
+msgid "Message body is not shown because sender requested not to inline it."
+msgstr "Nachrichtentext nicht angezeigt, da der Absender es nicht Inline anzeigen lässt."
+#: share/html/Elements/ShowTransactionAttachments:298
+msgid "Message body not shown because it is not plain text."
+msgstr "Nachrichtentext nicht angezeigt, weil es kein Klartext ist."
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:331
+msgid "Message box height"
+msgstr "Höhe des Eingabefelds für den Nachrichtentext"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:322
+msgid "Message box width"
+msgstr "Breite des Eingabefelds für den Nachrichtentext"
+#: lib/RT/Ticket.pm:1727
+msgid "Message could not be recorded"
+msgstr "Nachricht konnte nicht gespeichert werden"
+#: sbin/rt-email-digest:286
+msgid "Message for user"
+msgstr "Nachricht für Benutzer"
+#: lib/RT/Ticket.pm:3215
+msgid "Message recorded"
+msgstr "Nachricht gespeichert"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:248
+msgid "Minimum Created-LastUpdated"
+msgstr "Minimum Erstellt-Zuletzt aktualisiert"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:243
+msgid "Minimum Created-Resolved"
+msgstr "Minimum Erstellt-Erledigt"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:238
+msgid "Minimum Created-Started"
+msgstr "Minimum Erstellt-Begonnen"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:258
+msgid "Minimum Due-Resolved"
+msgstr "Minimum Fällig-Erledigt"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:263
+msgid "Minimum Started-Resolved"
+msgstr "Minimum Begonnen-Erledigt"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:253
+msgid "Minimum Starts-Started"
+msgstr "Minimum Beginnt-Begonnen"
+#: lib/RT/Installer.pm:144
+msgid "Minimum password length"
+msgstr "Minimale Passwortlänge"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:228
+msgid "Minimum time estimated"
+msgstr "Minimum Geschätzte Zeit"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:233
+msgid "Minimum time left"
+msgstr "Minimum Verbleibende Zeit"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:223
+msgid "Minimum time worked"
+msgstr "Minimum Gearbeitete Zeit"
+#: share/html/Elements/SelectTimeUnits:50
+msgid "Minutes"
+msgstr "Minuten"
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/EditRightsCategoryTabs:68
+msgid "Miscellaneous"
+msgstr "Diverses"
+#: lib/RT/Record.pm:1013
+msgid "Missing a primary key?: %1"
+msgstr "%1: Fehlt ein Primärschlüssel?"
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/Modify.html:194 share/html/Prefs/Elements/EditAboutMe:90 share/html/Prefs/Elements/ShowAboutMe:96
+msgid "Mobile"
+msgstr "Mobil"
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__User/ColumnMap:91
+msgid "Mobile Phone"
+msgstr "Mobil"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:1032 share/html/Elements/Tabs:1054 share/html/m/_elements/ticket_menu:67
+msgid "Modify"
+msgstr "Bearbeiten"
+#. ($asset->id, $asset->Name, $Grouping || loc("Custom Fields"))
+#: share/html/Asset/ModifyCFs.html:48
+msgid "Modify %3 for asset #%1: %2"
+msgstr "Bearbeite %3 von Anlage #%1: %2"
+#: share/html/Admin/Groups/Members.html:108
+msgid "Modify Members"
+msgstr "Mitglieder ändern"
+#: lib/RT/Queue.pm:112
+msgid "Modify Scrip templates"
+msgstr "Scrip-Vorlagen ändern"
+#: lib/RT/Queue.pm:115
+msgid "Modify Scrips"
+msgstr "Scrips ändern"
+#. ($QueueObj->Name())
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/CustomField.html:63
+msgid "Modify a CustomField for queue %1"
+msgstr "Ändere ein benutzerdefiniertes Feld für den Bereich %1"
+#. ($id)
+#: share/html/Admin/Actions/Modify.html:48
+msgid "Modify action #%1"
+msgstr "Ändere Aktion #%1"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:203
+msgid "Modify and Create Classes"
+msgstr "Ändern und Erstellen von Klassen"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:208
+msgid "Modify and Create Custom Fields for Articles"
+msgstr "Ändern und Erstellen von benutzerdefinierten Feldern für Artikel"
+#. ($ArticleObj->Id)
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/Edit.html:168 share/html/Articles/Article/Edit.html:271
+msgid "Modify article #%1"
+msgstr "Artikel #%1 ändern"
+#: lib/RT/Class.pm:92
+msgid "Modify articles in this class"
+msgstr "Bearbeite Artikel in dieser Klasse"
+#. ($asset->id, $asset->Name)
+#: share/html/Asset/Modify.html:48
+msgid "Modify asset #%1: %2"
+msgstr "Bearbeite Anlage #%1: %2"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:229
+msgid "Modify asset catalogs"
+msgstr "Bearbeite Anlagen Kataloge"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:238
+msgid "Modify asset custom fields"
+msgstr "Bearbeite ANlagen benutzerdefinierte Felder"
+#: lib/RT/Catalog.pm:84
+msgid "Modify assets"
+msgstr "Bearbeite Anlagen"
+#. ($CF->Name)
+#. ($Class->Name)
+#. ($role->Name)
+#: share/html/Admin/Articles/Classes/Objects.html:148 share/html/Admin/CustomFields/Objects.html:154 share/html/Admin/CustomRoles/Objects.html:138
+msgid "Modify associated objects for %1"
+msgstr "Ändern der assoziierte Objekte von %1"
+#. ($id)
+#: share/html/Admin/Scrips/Objects.html:170
+msgid "Modify associated objects for scrip #%1"
+msgstr "Ändere zugehörige Objekte für Skript #%1"
+#. ($id)
+#: share/html/Admin/Conditions/Modify.html:48
+msgid "Modify condition #%1"
+msgstr "Ändere Zustand #%1"
+#: lib/RT/Catalog.pm:87 lib/RT/Class.pm:94 lib/RT/Queue.pm:109
+msgid "Modify custom field values"
+msgstr "Werte für benutzerdefiniertes Feld anpassen"
+#. ($TicketObj->Id, $TicketObj->Subject)
+#: share/html/Ticket/ModifyDates.html:48
+msgid "Modify dates for #%1: %2"
+msgstr "Ändere Daten für #%1: %2"
+#. ($asset->id, $asset->Name)
+#: share/html/Asset/ModifyDates.html:48
+msgid "Modify dates for asset #%1: %2"
+msgstr "Bearbeite Datumswerte für Anlage #%1: %2"
+#. ($TicketObj->Id)
+#: share/html/Ticket/ModifyDates.html:57
+msgid "Modify dates for ticket #%1"
+msgstr "Ändere Datumsangaben zu Ticket #%1"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:266
+msgid "Modify global article topics"
+msgstr "Globale Artikel Themen ändern"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:160
+msgid "Modify global custom fields"
+msgstr "Ändern der globalen benutzerdefinierten Felder"
+#: share/html/Admin/Global/GroupRights.html:48 share/html/Elements/Tabs:246
+msgid "Modify global group rights"
+msgstr "Ändere globale Gruppenrechte"
+#: share/html/Admin/Global/Topics.html:55
+msgid "Modify global topics"
+msgstr "Globale Themen ändern"
+#: share/html/Admin/Global/UserRights.html:48 share/html/Elements/Tabs:251
+msgid "Modify global user rights"
+msgstr "Ändere globale Benutzerrechte"
+#: lib/RT/Group.pm:97
+msgid "Modify group dashboards"
+msgstr "Gruppen-Dashboards ändern"
+#: lib/RT/Group.pm:90
+msgid "Modify group membership roster"
+msgstr "Liste der Gruppenmitglieder bearbeiten"
+#: lib/RT/Group.pm:89
+msgid "Modify group metadata or delete group"
+msgstr "Gruppen-Metadaten ändern oder Gruppe löschen"
+#. ($ClassObj->Name)
+#: share/html/Admin/Articles/Classes/GroupRights.html:48
+msgid "Modify group rights for Class %1"
+msgstr "Gruppenrechte für Klasse %1 bearbeiten"
+#. ($CustomFieldObj->Name)
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomFields/GroupRights.html:70
+msgid "Modify group rights for custom field %1"
+msgstr "Ändere Gruppenrechte für das benutzerdefinierte Feld %1"
+#. ($GroupObj->Name)
+#: share/html/Admin/Groups/GroupRights.html:48
+msgid "Modify group rights for group %1"
+msgstr "Ändere die Gruppenrechte der Gruppe %1"
+#. ($QueueObj->Name)
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/GroupRights.html:48
+msgid "Modify group rights for queue %1"
+msgstr "Ändere Gruppenrechte für den Bereich %1"
+#. ($asset->id, $asset->Name)
+#: share/html/Asset/ModifyLinks.html:48
+msgid "Modify links for asset #%1: %2"
+msgstr "Bearbeite Verknüpfungen für Anlage #%1: %2"
+#: lib/RT/Class.pm:96
+msgid "Modify metadata and custom fields for this class"
+msgstr "Metadaten und benutzerdefinierte Felder dieser Klasse ändern"
+#: lib/RT/System.pm:87
+msgid "Modify one's own RT account"
+msgstr "Eigenes RT Benutzerkonto ändern"
+#. ($asset->id, $asset->Name)
+#: share/html/Asset/ModifyPeople.html:48
+msgid "Modify people related to asset #%1: %2"
+msgstr "Bearbeite Personen verknüpft mit Anlage #%1: %2"
+#. ($Ticket->Id)
+#: share/html/Ticket/ModifyPeople.html:58
+msgid "Modify people related to ticket #%1"
+msgstr "Ändere Personen zu Ticket #%1"
+#. ($Ticket->id, $Ticket->Subject)
+#: share/html/Ticket/ModifyPeople.html:48
+msgid "Modify people related to ticket #%1: %2"
+msgstr "Personen im Zusammenhang mit Ticket #%1 ändern: %2"
+#: lib/RT/Dashboard.pm:87
+msgid "Modify personal dashboards"
+msgstr "Eigene Dashboards ändern"
+#: lib/RT/Queue.pm:107
+msgid "Modify queue watchers"
+msgstr "Beobachter eines Bereichs ändern"
+#. ($id)
+#: share/html/Admin/Scrips/Modify.html:48
+msgid "Modify scrip #%1"
+msgstr "Ändere Skrip #%1"
+#. ($QueueObj->Name)
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/Scrips.html:56
+msgid "Modify scrips for queue %1"
+msgstr "Ändere Scrips für den Bereich %1"
+#: share/html/Admin/Global/Scrips.html:53 share/html/Elements/Tabs:128
+msgid "Modify scrips which apply to all queues"
+msgstr "Ändere auf alle Bereiche angewandte Scrips"
+#: lib/RT/Dashboard.pm:82
+msgid "Modify system dashboards"
+msgstr "System-Dashboards ändern"
+#. (loc($TemplateObj->Name()))
+#: share/html/Admin/Global/Template.html:102
+msgid "Modify template %1"
+msgstr "Ändere Vorlage %1"
+#. (loc( $TemplateObj->Name()), $QueueObj->Name)
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/Template.html:114
+msgid "Modify template %1 for queue %2"
+msgstr "Vorlage %1 für Queue %2 bearbeiten"
+#: share/html/Admin/Global/Templates.html:53
+msgid "Modify templates which apply to all queues"
+msgstr "Ändere globale Vorlagen"
+#. ($ClassObj->Name)
+#: share/html/Admin/Articles/Classes/Modify.html:161
+msgid "Modify the Class %1"
+msgstr "Ändern der Klasse %1"
+#. ($Dashboard->Name)
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Queries.html:85
+msgid "Modify the content of dashboard %1"
+msgstr "Inhalt von Dashboard %1 ändern"
+#. ($Dashboard->Name)
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Modify.html:129
+msgid "Modify the dashboard %1"
+msgstr "Ändere das Dashboard %1"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:256
+msgid "Modify the default \"RT at a glance\" view"
+msgstr "Ändere die Standard-\"RT auf einen Blick\"-Ansicht"
+#. ($Group->Label)
+#. ($Group->Name)
+#: share/html/Admin/Groups/Members.html:117 share/html/Admin/Groups/Modify.html:124
+msgid "Modify the group %1"
+msgstr "Ändere Gruppe %1"
+#. ($Dashboard->Name)
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Subscription.html:380
+msgid "Modify the subscription to dashboard %1"
+msgstr "Ändere das Abonnement des Dashboards %1"
+#. ($UserObj->Name)
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/Modify.html:286 share/html/Admin/Users/Modify.html:296
+msgid "Modify the user %1"
+msgstr "Ändere Benutzer %1"
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/Search.html:82
+msgid "Modify this search..."
+msgstr "Diese Suche bearbeiten"
+#. ($Ticket->Id)
+#: share/html/Ticket/ModifyAll.html:60
+msgid "Modify ticket # %1"
+msgstr "Ändere Ticket # %1"
+#. ($TicketObj->Id)
+#: share/html/Ticket/Modify.html:58
+msgid "Modify ticket #%1"
+msgstr "Ändere Ticket #%1"
+#. ($TicketObj->Id, $TicketObj->Subject)
+#: share/html/Ticket/Modify.html:48
+msgid "Modify ticket #%1: %2"
+msgstr "Ändere Ticket #%1: %2"
+#: lib/RT/Queue.pm:132
+msgid "Modify ticket owner on owned tickets"
+msgstr "Ändere Ticket Besitzer von Tickets mit Besitzer"
+#: lib/RT/Queue.pm:128
+msgid "Modify tickets"
+msgstr "Ändere Tickets"
+#. ($ClassObj->Name)
+#: share/html/Admin/Articles/Classes/Topics.html:59
+msgid "Modify topic for %1"
+msgstr "Ändere Thema von %1"
+#: lib/RT/Class.pm:97
+msgid "Modify topic hierarchy associated with this class"
+msgstr "Themen-Hierarchie dieser Klasse ändern"
+#: lib/RT/Class.pm:93
+msgid "Modify topics for articles in this class"
+msgstr "Themen für Artikel in dieser Klasse ändern"
+#. ($ClassObj->Name)
+#: share/html/Admin/Articles/Classes/UserRights.html:48
+msgid "Modify user rights for class %1"
+msgstr "Benutzerrechte für Klasse %1 ändern"
+#. ($CustomFieldObj->Name)
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomFields/UserRights.html:68
+msgid "Modify user rights for custom field %1"
+msgstr "Ändere Benutzerrechte für benutzerdefinierte Felder von %1"
+#. ($GroupObj->Name)
+#: share/html/Admin/Groups/UserRights.html:48
+msgid "Modify user rights for group %1"
+msgstr "Ändere Benutzerrechte für die Gruppe %1"
+#. ($QueueObj->Name)
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/UserRights.html:48
+msgid "Modify user rights for queue %1"
+msgstr "Ändere Benutzerrechte für den Bereich %1"
+#. ($Ticket->Id)
+#: share/html/Ticket/ModifyPeople.html:61
+msgid "Modify who receives mail for ticket #%1"
+msgstr "Ändere wer E-Mails für Ticket #%1 erhält"
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Configuration.html:264
+msgid "Module"
+msgstr "Modul"
+#: lib/RT/Date.pm:107
+msgid "Mon"
+msgstr "Mo"
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Subscription.html:111
+msgid "Monday"
+msgstr "Montag"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:146
+msgid "Month"
+msgstr "Monat"
+#: lib/RT/Dashboard/Mailer.pm:417 lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:146
+msgid "Monthly"
+msgstr "monatlich"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowRequestor:61
+msgid "More about the requestors"
+msgstr "Mehr über die Auftraggeber"
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__Scrip/ColumnMap:140
+msgid "Move"
+msgstr "Verschieben"
+#: share/html/Admin/Articles/Elements/Topics:108
+msgid "Move here"
+msgstr "Hierher verschieben"
+#: share/html/Elements/ShortcutHelp:94
+msgid "Move up / down the list of results"
+msgstr "Bewege Dich hoch / runter in der Liste der Ergebnisse"
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__CustomRole/ColumnMap:74
+msgid "Multiple"
+msgstr "Mehrere"
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomRoles/Modify.html:82
+msgid "Multiple users (This cannot be modified after creation)"
+msgstr "Mehrere Benutzer (Dies kann nach der Erstellung nicht geändert werden)"
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomRoles/Modify.html:80
+msgid "Multiple users (Unchecking this box limits this role to a single user. This cannot be modified after creation)"
+msgstr "Mehrere Benutzer (Abwählen begrenzt diese Rolle auf einen einzelnen Benutzer. Dies kann nach der Erstellung nicht geändert werden)"
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:164
+msgid "Must specify 'Name' attribute"
+msgstr "Sie müssen das Attribut 'Name' angeben"
+#. ($friendly_status)
+#: share/html/SelfService/Elements/MyRequests:62
+msgid "My %1 tickets"
+msgstr "Meine %1 Tickets"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:685
+msgid "My Approvals"
+msgstr "Meine Freigaben"
+#: share/html/Elements/MyAssets:48 share/html/SelfService/Asset/index.html:48 share/html/SelfService/Asset/index.html:49
+msgid "My Assets"
+msgstr "Meine Anlagen"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:669
+msgid "My Day"
+msgstr "Mein Tag"
+#: share/html/SelfService/User/Elements/RelatedData:76
+msgid "My Personal Data"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:676
+msgid "My Reminders"
+msgstr "Meine Erinnerungen"
+#: etc/initialdata:890 share/html/SelfService/User/Elements/RelatedData:77
+msgid "My Tickets"
+msgstr "Meine Vorgänge"
+#: share/html/SelfService/User/Elements/RelatedData:78
+msgid "My Transactions"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/Approvals/index.html:48
+msgid "My approvals"
+msgstr "Meine Freigaben"
+#: share/html/SelfService/Closed.html:55
+msgid "My closed tickets"
+msgstr "Meine geschlossenen Tickets"
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Elements/SelectPrivacy:62 share/html/Dashboards/Elements/ShowDashboards:53
+msgid "My dashboards"
+msgstr "Meine Dashboards"
+#: share/html/SelfService/index.html:55
+msgid "My open tickets"
+msgstr "Meine offenen Tickets"
+#: share/html/Elements/MyReminders:50 share/html/Tools/MyReminders.html:48
+msgid "My reminders"
+msgstr "Meine Erinnerungen"
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/SelectSavedSearches:54 share/html/Elements/SavedSearches:54 share/html/Search/Elements/SearchPrivacy:55
+msgid "My saved searches"
+msgstr "Meine gespeicherten Suchanfragen"
+#: etc/RT_Config.pm:1313
+msgid "MyAdminQueues"
+msgstr "MyAdmin Warteschlangen"
+#: etc/RT_Config.pm:1313
+msgid "MyAssets"
+msgstr "Meine Anlagen"
+#: etc/RT_Config.pm:1313 etc/initialdata:909
+msgid "MyReminders"
+msgstr "Meine Erinnerungen"
+#: lib/RT/Installer.pm:68
+msgid "MySQL"
+msgstr ""
+#: etc/RT_Config.pm:1313
+msgid "MySupportQueues"
+msgstr "MySupport Warteschlangen"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/BuildFormatString:102
+msgid "NBSP"
+msgstr "festes Leerzeichen"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/BuildFormatString:102
+msgid "NEWLINE"
+msgstr "neue Zeile"
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:92 share/html/Admin/Actions/Elements/EditBasics:49 share/html/Admin/Actions/Elements/ShowBasics:49 share/html/Admin/Assets/Catalogs/Elements/EditBasics:50 share/html/Admin/Conditions/Elements/EditBasics:49 share/html/Admin/Conditions/Elements/ShowBasics:49 share/html/Admin/CustomFields/Modify.html:63 share/html/Admin/Elements/AddCustomFieldValue:54 share/html/Admin/Elements/EditCustomField:57 share/html/Admin/Elements/EditCustomFieldValues:58 share/html/Admin/Elements/ModifyTemplate:50 share/html/Admin/Groups/Modify.html:69 share/html/Admin/Tools/Configuration.html:222 share/html/Admin/Tools/Shredder/Elements/Object/RT--User:52 share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/EditBasics:50 share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/ShowSearchCriteria:63 share/html/Articles/Elements/NewestArticles:52 share/html/Articles/Elements/UpdatedArticles:52 share/html/Asset/Elements/AssetSearchBasics:60 share/html/Asset/Elements/EditBasics:56 share/html/Asset/Elements/ShowBasics:54 share/html/
 Asset/Search/Bulk.html:89 share/html/Dashboards/Modify.html:63 share/html/Elements/BulkCustomFields:51 share/html/Elements/RT__Article/ColumnMap:61 share/html/Elements/RT__Class/ColumnMap:56 share/html/Elements/RT__Dashboard/ColumnMap:56 share/html/Elements/RT__Group/ColumnMap:72 share/html/Elements/RT__SavedSearch/ColumnMap:56 share/html/Elements/RT__ScripAction/ColumnMap:62 share/html/Elements/RT__ScripCondition/ColumnMap:62 share/html/Elements/RT__Template/ColumnMap:56 share/html/Elements/RT__Transaction/ColumnMap:94 share/html/Elements/RT__User/ColumnMap:56
+msgid "Name"
+msgstr ""
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:201
+msgid "Name and email address"
+msgstr "Name und E-Mail-Adresse"
+#: lib/RT/Article.pm:117 lib/RT/User.pm:277
+msgid "Name in use"
+msgstr "Benutzername ist bereits in Gebrauch"
+#: lib/RT/Template.pm:282 lib/RT/Template.pm:732
+msgid "Name is required"
+msgstr "Ein Name wird benötigt"
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/ShowSavedSearches:55
+msgid "Name:"
+msgstr ""
+#: lib/RT/Dashboard/Mailer.pm:418 share/html/Elements/RT__Dashboard/ColumnMap:99 share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowDates:94 share/html/m/ticket/show:387
+msgid "Never"
+msgstr "Niemals"
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__Ticket/ColumnMap:272
+msgid "New"
+msgstr "Neu"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:1043
+msgid "New Article"
+msgstr "Neuer Artikel"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:597
+msgid "New Dashboard"
+msgstr "Neues Dashboard"
+#: share/html/Elements/BulkLinks:114 share/html/Elements/EditLinks:110
+msgid "New Links"
+msgstr "Neue Beziehungen"
+#: etc/initialdata:492 etc/upgrade/3.8.2/content:62
+msgid "New Pending Approval"
+msgstr "Neue wartende Freigaben"
+#: etc/initialdata:511 etc/upgrade/4.1.9/content:111
+msgid "New Pending Approval in HTML"
+msgstr "Neue ausstehende Genehmigung in HTML"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:604
+msgid "New Search"
+msgstr "Neue Suche"
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__Transaction/ColumnMap:80
+msgid "New Value"
+msgstr "Neuer Wert"
+#. ($self->loc($args{'Status'}))
+#: lib/RT/Asset.pm:251
+msgid "New assets cannot have status '%1'."
+msgstr "Neue Anlagen können nicht den Status '%1' haben."
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__Ticket/ColumnMap:267 share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowUpdateStatus:49
+msgid "New messages"
+msgstr "Neue Nachrichten"
+#: share/html/Elements/EditPassword:61
+msgid "New password"
+msgstr "Neues Passwort"
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:1005
+msgid "New password notification sent"
+msgstr "Neue Passworterinnerung wurde verschickt"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Elements/Reminders:119
+msgid "New reminder:"
+msgstr "Neue Erinnerung"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:1202 share/html/Elements/Tabs:1204 share/html/m/_elements/menu:70
+msgid "New ticket"
+msgstr "Neues Ticket"
+#: lib/RT/Ticket.pm:1895
+msgid "New ticket doesn't exist"
+msgstr "Neues Ticket existiert nicht"
+#. ($self->loc($args{'Status'}))
+#: lib/RT/Ticket.pm:294
+msgid "New tickets can not have status '%1' in this queue."
+msgstr "In diesem Bereich kann ein neues Ticket nicht den Status '%1' haben"
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomFields/Modify.html:175
+msgid "New values must be unique"
+msgstr "Neue Werte müssen eindeutig sein"
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/People.html:78 share/html/Ticket/Elements/EditPeople:52
+msgid "New watchers"
+msgstr "Neue Beobachter"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:889 share/html/Install/Basics.html:62 share/html/Install/DatabaseDetails.html:72 share/html/Install/DatabaseType.html:70 share/html/Install/Global.html:64 share/html/Install/Global.html:64 share/html/Install/Sendmail.html:63
+msgid "Next"
+msgstr "Nächste"
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:97
+msgid "NickName"
+msgstr "Spitzname"
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/Modify.html:82 share/html/Elements/RT__User/ColumnMap:66 share/html/Prefs/Elements/EditAboutMe:65 share/html/Prefs/Elements/ShowAboutMe:63
+msgid "Nickname"
+msgstr "Spitzname"
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__Template/ColumnMap:78 share/html/Elements/RT__Ticket/ColumnMap:269 share/html/Widgets/Form/Boolean:82
+msgid "No"
+msgstr "Nein"
+#. ($protocol)
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/ShowKeyInfo:58
+msgid "No %1 keys for this address"
+msgstr "Keine %1 Schlüssel für diese Adresse"
+#. ($self->ObjectName)
+#: lib/RT/SharedSetting.pm:243
+msgid "No %1 loaded"
+msgstr "No: %1 geladen"
+#. ($Articles_Content)
+#: share/html/SelfService/Article/Search.html:66
+msgid "No Articles match %1"
+msgstr "Kein Artikel enthält %1"
+#: share/html/Admin/Articles/Classes/GroupRights.html:62 share/html/Admin/Articles/Classes/UserRights.html:61
+msgid "No Class defined"
+msgstr "Keine Klasse definiert"
+#: share/html/Admin/Articles/Classes/index.html:54
+msgid "No Classes matching search criteria found."
+msgstr "Es wurden keine Klassen gefunden, die den Suchkriterien entsprechen."
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomFields/UserRights.html:62
+msgid "No Custom Field defined"
+msgstr "Kein benutzerdefiniertes Feld definiert"
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomFields/Modify.html:237 share/html/Admin/Elements/EditCustomField:122
+msgid "No CustomField"
+msgstr "Kein benutzerdefiniertes Feld"
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomFields/GroupRights.html:62
+msgid "No CustomField defined"
+msgstr "Kein benutzerdefiniertes Feld definiert"
+#: share/html/Admin/Groups/GroupRights.html:62 share/html/Admin/Groups/UserRights.html:63
+msgid "No Group defined"
+msgstr "Keine Gruppe definiert"
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__Transaction/ColumnMap:104
+msgid "No Name"
+msgstr "Kein Name"
+#: lib/RT/Tickets.pm:3204
+msgid "No Query"
+msgstr "Keine Suche"
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/GroupRights.html:67 share/html/Admin/Queues/UserRights.html:68
+msgid "No Queue defined"
+msgstr "Kein Bereich vorhanden"
+#: bin/rt-crontool:113
+msgid "No RT user found. Please consult your RT administrator."
+msgstr "Kein RT Benutzer gefunden. Bitte kontaktieren Sie Ihren RT Administrator"
+#: lib/RT/Attachment.pm:770
+msgid "No Search string provided"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/ResultsRSSView:103
+msgid "No Subject"
+msgstr "Kein Betreff"
+#: share/html/Admin/Articles/Classes/Modify.html:122
+msgid "No Subject Override"
+msgstr "Kein Betreff überschreiben"
+#: share/html/Admin/Global/Template.html:81 share/html/Admin/Queues/Template.html:85
+msgid "No Template"
+msgstr "Keine Vorlage"
+#: share/html/Approvals/Elements/Approve:90
+msgid "No action"
+msgstr "Keine Aktion"
+#: lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm:4142
+msgid "No asset ID specified."
+msgstr "Keine Anlagen ID angegeben."
+#: share/html/Asset/Search/Bulk.html:66 share/html/Asset/Search/index.html:73
+msgid "No assets matching search criteria found."
+msgstr "Keine Anlagen entsprechen den Suchkriterien"
+#: lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm:4126
+msgid "No catalog specified."
+msgstr "Kein Katalog angegeben."
+#: share/html/Admin/Assets/Catalogs/index.html:54
+msgid "No catalogs matching search criteria found."
+msgstr "Keine Kataloge entsprechen den Suchkriterien"
+#: lib/RT/Record.pm:1008
+msgid "No column specified"
+msgstr "Keine Spalte angegeben"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowRequestor:79
+msgid "No comment entered about this user"
+msgstr "Kein Kommentar zu diesem Benutzer angegeben"
+#: lib/RT/Attachment.pm:840
+msgid "No content matches found"
+msgstr ""
+#. ($Grouping)
+#: share/html/Asset/ModifyCFs.html:78
+msgid "No custom fields found for grouping '%1'"
+msgstr "Keine benutzerdefinierten Felder für Gruppe '%1' gefunden"
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomRoles/index.html:75
+msgid "No custom roles matching search criteria found."
+msgstr "Keine benutzerdefinierten Rollen entsprechen den Suchkriterien"
+#. (ref $self)
+#: lib/RT/Action.pm:163 lib/RT/Condition.pm:183 lib/RT/Search.pm:125 lib/RT/Search/ActiveTicketsInQueue.pm:75
+msgid "No description for %1"
+msgstr "Keine Beschreibung für %1 vorhanden"
+#. ($tname)
+#: lib/RT/Scrip.pm:326
+msgid "No global template %1"
+msgstr "Keine globale Vorlage %1"
+#: lib/RT/Users.pm:202
+msgid "No group specified"
+msgstr "Keine Gruppe angegeben"
+#: share/html/Admin/Groups/index.html:95
+msgid "No groups matching search criteria found."
+msgstr "Es wurden keine Gruppen gefunden, die den Suchkriterien entsprechen."
+#: lib/RT/Attachment.pm:791
+msgid "No header matches found"
+msgstr ""
+#: lib/RT/Attachment.pm:929
+msgid "No key suitable for encryption"
+msgstr "Kein passender Schlüssel für Verschlüsselung"
+#: share/html/Errors/WebRemoteUser/Deauthorized:48
+msgid "No longer authorized"
+msgstr "Nicht länger authorisiert"
+#: lib/RT/Ticket.pm:1652
+msgid "No message attached"
+msgstr "Keine Nachricht angefügt"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:2715 lib/RT/CustomField.pm:491
+msgid "No name provided"
+msgstr "Kein Name angegeben"
+#: lib/RT/Attachment.pm:911
+msgid "No need to encrypt"
+msgstr "Verschlüsselung nicht benötigt"
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:1074
+msgid "No password set"
+msgstr "Kein Passwort gesetzt"
+#: lib/RT/Queue.pm:169
+msgid "No permission to create queues"
+msgstr "Keine Erlaubnis Bereiche anzulegen"
+#. ($QueueObj->Name)
+#: lib/RT/Ticket.pm:275
+msgid "No permission to create tickets in the queue '%1'"
+msgstr "Kein Berechtigung um Tickets im Bereich '%1' anzulegen"
+#: share/html/SelfService/Display.html:149
+msgid "No permission to display that ticket"
+msgstr "Keine Berechtigung dieses Ticket anzuzeigen"
+#: lib/RT/Asset.pm:484 lib/RT/Asset.pm:499
+msgid "No permission to modify this asset"
+msgstr "Keine Berechtigung diese Anlage zu bearbeiten"
+#: lib/RT/Catalog.pm:335 lib/RT/Catalog.pm:350
+msgid "No permission to modify this catalog"
+msgstr "Keine Berechtigung diesen Katalog zu bearbeiten"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/EditSearches:246
+msgid "No permission to save system-wide searches"
+msgstr "Keine Berechtigung systemweite Suchanfragen zu speichern"
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:1656 lib/RT/User.pm:1680
+msgid "No permission to set preferences"
+msgstr "Keine Erlaubnis Einstellungen zu speichern"
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/Edit.html:278
+msgid "No permission to view Article"
+msgstr "Keine Erlaubnis diesen Artikel anzusehen"
+#: share/html/SelfService/Update.html:112
+msgid "No permission to view update ticket"
+msgstr "Keine Berechtigung dieses Ticket zu aktualisieren"
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/People.html:182 share/html/Admin/Queues/People.html:193
+msgid "No principals selected."
+msgstr "Keine Rolle ausgewählt."
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/Keys.html:69
+msgid "No private key"
+msgstr "Kein privater Schlüssel"
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/index.html:75
+msgid "No queues matching search criteria found."
+msgstr "Keine den Suchkriterien entsprechenden Bereiche gefunden"
+#: lib/RT/ACE.pm:200
+msgid "No right specified"
+msgstr "Kein Recht angegeben"
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/EditRightsCategoryTabs:60
+msgid "No rights found"
+msgstr "Keine Rechte gefunden"
+#. ($principal->Object->Name)
+#: lib/RT/Ticket.pm:550
+msgid "No rights to add '%1' as an AdminCc on this ticket"
+msgstr "Keine Berechtigung um '%1' als AdminCc dem Ticket hinzuzufügen"
+#: lib/RT/Attachment.pm:811
+msgid "No search string provided"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/Search/Bulk.html:271
+msgid "No search to operate on."
+msgstr "Keine Suche zu bearbeiten."
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__Ticket/ColumnMap:118
+msgid "No subject"
+msgstr "Kein Betreff"
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:2070
+msgid "No such key or it's not suitable for signing"
+msgstr "Kein oder unbrauchbarer Schlüssel für Unterzeichnung"
+#. ($tname, $queue->Name||$queue->id)
+#: lib/RT/Scrip.pm:324
+msgid "No template %1 in queue %2 or global"
+msgstr "Keine Vorlage %1 in Bereich %2 oder global"
+#: share/html/Search/Chart:167
+msgid "No tickets found."
+msgstr "Keine Tickets gefunden"
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:762 lib/RT/Transaction.pm:804
+msgid "No transaction type specified"
+msgstr "Kein Transaktionstyp angegeben"
+#: share/html/Elements/Crypt/SelectKeyForEncryption:49
+msgid "No usable keys."
+msgstr "Keine brauchbaren Schlüssel"
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/index.html:103 share/html/User/Search.html:58
+msgid "No users matching search criteria found."
+msgstr "Keine auf die Suchkriterien passende Benutzer gefunden"
+#: lib/RT/Record/Role/Roles.pm:553
+msgid "No valid PrincipalId"
+msgstr "Keine gültige PrincipalId"
+#: lib/RT/Record.pm:1005
+msgid "No value sent to _Set!"
+msgstr "An _Set wurde kein Wert gesendet!"
+#: share/html/Elements/QuickCreate:66
+msgid "Nobody"
+msgstr "Niemand"
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__Dashboard/ColumnMap:71
+msgid "None"
+msgstr "Keines"
+#: lib/RT/Record.pm:1010
+msgid "Nonexistant field?"
+msgstr "Nichtexistierendes Feld?"
+#: lib/RT/Scrip.pm:471
+msgid "Normal"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/EditScrips:75
+msgid "Not applied scrips"
+msgstr "Nicht angewendete Skrips"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:2752 lib/RT/CustomField.pm:532 lib/RT/CustomField.pm:610
+msgid "Not found"
+msgstr "Nicht gefunden"
+#: share/html/Elements/PersonalQuickbar:54
+msgid "Not logged in."
+msgstr "Nicht angemeldet."
+#: lib/RT/Date.pm:522 share/html/Elements/ShowReminders:74 share/html/Ticket/Elements/Reminders:207
+msgid "Not set"
+msgstr "Nicht angegeben"
+#: share/html/m/_elements/full_site_link:48
+msgid "Not using a mobile browser?"
+msgstr "Mobile Ansicht verlassen"
+#: share/html/Approvals/Elements/Approve:95
+msgid "Notes"
+msgstr "Bemerkungen"
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:1007
+msgid "Notification could not be sent"
+msgstr "Benachrichtigung konnte nicht verschickt werden"
+#: etc/initialdata:63
+msgid "Notify AdminCcs"
+msgstr "Benachrichtige AdminCCs"
+#: etc/initialdata:59
+msgid "Notify AdminCcs as Comment"
+msgstr "Benachrichtige AdminCCs als Kommentar"
+#: etc/initialdata:55 etc/upgrade/3.1.17/content:9
+msgid "Notify Ccs"
+msgstr "Benachrichtige CCs"
+#: etc/initialdata:51 etc/upgrade/3.1.17/content:5
+msgid "Notify Ccs as Comment"
+msgstr "Benachrichtige CCs als Kommentar"
+#: etc/initialdata:97
+msgid "Notify Other Recipients"
+msgstr "Benachrichtige andere Empfänger"
+#: etc/initialdata:93
+msgid "Notify Other Recipients as Comment"
+msgstr "Benachrichtige andere Empfänger als Kommentar"
+#: etc/initialdata:47
+msgid "Notify Owner"
+msgstr "Benachrichtige Besitzer"
+#: etc/initialdata:67 etc/upgrade/4.1.15/content:5
+msgid "Notify Owner and AdminCcs"
+msgstr "Benachrichtige Eigentümer und AdminCcs"
+#: etc/initialdata:43
+msgid "Notify Owner as Comment"
+msgstr "Benachrichtige Besitzer als Kommentar"
+#: etc/initialdata:592 etc/initialdata:605 etc/upgrade/3.8.2/content:111 etc/upgrade/4.1.9/content:164
+msgid "Notify Owner of their rejected ticket"
+msgstr "Besitzer über ihr abgewiesene Ticket informieren"
+#: etc/initialdata:620 etc/initialdata:632 etc/upgrade/3.8.2/content:124 etc/upgrade/4.1.9/content:179
+msgid "Notify Owner of their ticket has been approved and is ready to be acted on"
+msgstr "Informiere den Besitzer dass sein Ticket freigegeben wurde und weiter bearbeitet werden kann"
+#: lib/RT/Approval/Rule/Passed.pm:54
+msgid "Notify Owner of their ticket has been approved by some or all approvers"
+msgstr "Informiere den Besitzer dass sein Ticket freigegeben wurde."
+#: etc/initialdata:71 etc/upgrade/4.2.6/content:5
+msgid "Notify Owner or AdminCcs"
+msgstr "Benachrichtige Besitzer oder AdminCcs"
+#: etc/initialdata:89
+msgid "Notify Owner, Requestors, Ccs and AdminCcs"
+msgstr "Informiere Besitzer, Auftraggeber, Ccs und AdminCcs"
+#: etc/initialdata:85
+msgid "Notify Owner, Requestors, Ccs and AdminCcs as Comment"
+msgstr "Informiere Besitzer, Auftraggeber, Ccs und AdminCcs als Kommentar"
+#: etc/initialdata:494 etc/initialdata:512 etc/upgrade/3.8.2/content:64 etc/upgrade/4.1.9/content:112
+msgid "Notify Owners and AdminCcs of new items pending their approval"
+msgstr "Benachrichtige Besitzer und AdminCcs dass neue Tickets auf ihre Freigabe warten"
+#: etc/initialdata:562 etc/initialdata:576 etc/upgrade/3.8.2/content:97 etc/upgrade/4.1.9/content:148
+msgid "Notify Requestor of their ticket has been approved by all approvers"
+msgstr "Informiere den Auftraggeber dass sein Ticket von allen Entscheidern freigegeben wurde"
+#: etc/initialdata:532 etc/initialdata:546 etc/upgrade/3.8.2/content:83 etc/upgrade/4.1.9/content:132
+msgid "Notify Requestor of their ticket has been approved by some approver"
+msgstr "Informiere den Auftraggeber dass sein Ticket von einigen Entscheidern freigegeben wurde"
+#: etc/initialdata:39
+msgid "Notify Requestors"
+msgstr "Benachrichtige die Auftraggeber"
+#: etc/initialdata:80
+msgid "Notify Requestors and Ccs"
+msgstr "Benachrichtige die Auftraggeber und Ccs"
+#: etc/initialdata:75
+msgid "Notify Requestors and Ccs as Comment"
+msgstr "Benachrichtige die Auftraggeber und Ccs als Kommentar"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:496
+msgid "Notify me of unread messages"
+msgstr "Benachrichtige mich über ungelesene Nachrichten"
+#: lib/RT/Date.pm:101
+msgid "Nov"
+msgstr ""
+#: etc/RT_Config.pm:3539
+msgid "Now in-use"
+msgstr "Jetzt in Gebrauch"
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__CustomRole/ColumnMap:70
+msgid "Number"
+msgstr "Zahl"
+#: share/html/Elements/Modal:69
+msgid "OK"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/SelectAndOr:49
+msgid "OR"
+msgstr "ODER"
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Configuration.html:142
+msgid "Object"
+msgstr "Objekt"
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__Transaction/ColumnMap:60
+msgid "Object Id"
+msgstr "Objekt ID"
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__Transaction/ColumnMap:55
+msgid "Object Type"
+msgstr "Objekt Typ"
+#: lib/RT/Record.pm:335
+msgid "Object could not be created"
+msgstr "Objekt konnte nicht erstellt werden"
+#: lib/RT/Record.pm:130
+msgid "Object could not be deleted"
+msgstr "Objekt konnte nicht gelöscht werden"
+#: lib/RT/Record.pm:352 share/html/Admin/CustomFields/Modify.html:233
+msgid "Object created"
+msgstr "Objekt erstellt"
+#: lib/RT/Record.pm:128
+msgid "Object deleted"
+msgstr "Objekt gelöscht"
+#: lib/RT/Group.pm:255
+msgid "Object passed is not loaded"
+msgstr "Das übergebene Objekt ist nicht geladen"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:1694
+msgid "Object type mismatch"
+msgstr "Objekt Typ passt nicht"
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Shredder/Elements/SelectObjects:53
+msgid "Objects list is empty"
+msgstr "Objekt Liste ist leer"
+#: lib/RT/Date.pm:100
+msgid "Oct"
+msgstr "Okt"
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__Transaction/ColumnMap:75
+msgid "Old Value"
+msgstr "Alter Wert"
+#. ($self->CreatedAsString, $self->CreatorObj->Name)
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:425
+msgid "On %1, %2 wrote:"
+msgstr "Am %1, %2 schrieb:"
+#: etc/initialdata:226 etc/upgrade/3.7.1/content:5
+msgid "On Close"
+msgstr "Beim Schliessen"
+#: etc/initialdata:170
+msgid "On Comment"
+msgstr "Bei Kommentar"
+#: etc/initialdata:142
+msgid "On Correspond"
+msgstr "Bei Korrespondenz"
+#: etc/initialdata:131
+msgid "On Create"
+msgstr "Bei Erstellen"
+#: etc/initialdata:149 etc/upgrade/4.0.3/content:7
+msgid "On Forward"
+msgstr "Beim Weiterleiten"
+#: etc/initialdata:156 etc/upgrade/4.0.3/content:14
+msgid "On Forward Ticket"
+msgstr "Beim Weiterleiten des Tickets"
+#: etc/initialdata:163 etc/upgrade/4.0.3/content:21
+msgid "On Forward Transaction"
+msgstr "Beim Weiterleiten der Transaktion"
+#: etc/initialdata:191
+msgid "On Owner Change"
+msgstr "Bei Besitzerwechsel"
+#: etc/initialdata:184 etc/upgrade/3.1.17/content:18
+msgid "On Priority Change"
+msgstr "Bei Änderung der Priorität"
+#: etc/initialdata:199
+msgid "On Queue Change"
+msgstr "Bei Änderung des Bereichs"
+#: etc/initialdata:212 etc/upgrade/3.8.3/content:5
+msgid "On Reject"
+msgstr "Bei abweisen"
+#: etc/initialdata:231 etc/upgrade/3.7.1/content:10
+msgid "On Reopen"
+msgstr "Bei Wiedereröffnung"
+#: etc/initialdata:205
+msgid "On Resolve"
+msgstr "Beim Erledigen"
+#: etc/initialdata:176
+msgid "On Status Change"
+msgstr "Bei Statusänderungen"
+#: etc/initialdata:247 etc/upgrade/4.3.9/content:6
+msgid "On TimeWorked Change"
+msgstr "Bei TimeWorked Wechsel"
+#: etc/initialdata:136
+msgid "On Transaction"
+msgstr "Bei einer Transaktion"
+#: lib/RT/Record/Role/Roles.pm:376
+msgid "One, and only one, of Principal/PrincipalId/User/Group is required"
+msgstr "Einer, und nur einer, von Prinzipal/PrinzipalId/Benutzer/Gruppe wird benötigt"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Elements/UpdateCc:82 share/html/m/ticket/reply:105
+msgid "One-time Bcc"
+msgstr "Einmaliger Bcc"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Elements/UpdateCc:50 share/html/m/ticket/reply:103
+msgid "One-time Cc"
+msgstr "Einmaliger Cc"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:341
+msgid "Only for entry, not display"
+msgstr "Nur zur Eingabe, nicht zur Anzeige"
+#. (qq{<input size='15' class="datepicker" value='}.( $created_after->IsSet && $created_after->ISO(Timezone => 'user'))."' name='CreatedAfter' id='CreatedAfter' autocomplete='off' />")
+#: share/html/Approvals/Elements/PendingMyApproval:75
+msgid "Only show approvals for requests created after %1"
+msgstr "Zeige nur Freigaben für Tickets die nach dem %1 erstellt wurden"
+#. (qq{<input size='15' class="datepicker" value='}.($created_before->IsSet && $created_before->ISO(Timezone => 'user'))."' name='CreatedBefore' id='CreatedBefore' autocomplete='off' />")
+#: share/html/Approvals/Elements/PendingMyApproval:73
+msgid "Only show approvals for requests created before %1"
+msgstr "Zeige nur Freigaben für Tickets die vor dem %1 erstellt wurden"
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomFields/index.html:55
+msgid "Only show custom fields for:"
+msgstr "Nur Benutzerdefinierte Felder anzeigen für:"
+#: lib/RT/Ticket.pm:1905
+msgid "Only tickets can be merged"
+msgstr "Nur Tickets können zusammengefügt werden"
+#: etc/initialdata:111 etc/upgrade/4.2.4/content:5
+msgid "Open Inactive Tickets"
+msgstr "Inaktive Tickets öffnen"
+#: etc/RT_Config.pm:3490 etc/RT_Config.pm:3497 etc/RT_Config.pm:3579 etc/RT_Config.pm:3586
+msgid "Open It"
+msgstr "Öffnen"
+#: etc/initialdata:108
+msgid "Open Tickets"
+msgstr "Öffne Tickets"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Elements/PopupTimerLink:56 share/html/Ticket/Elements/PopupTimerLink:56
+msgid "Open Timer"
+msgstr "Öffne Stoppuhr"
+#: share/html/Elements/MakeClicky:67
+msgid "Open URL"
+msgstr "Adresse öffnen"
+#: etc/initialdata:112 etc/upgrade/4.2.4/content:6
+msgid "Open inactive tickets"
+msgstr "Inaktive Tickets öffnen"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:1207 share/html/SelfService/index.html:48
+msgid "Open tickets"
+msgstr "Offene Tickets"
+#: etc/initialdata:109
+msgid "Open tickets on correspondence"
+msgstr "Öffne Tickets bei Korrespondenz"
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Configuration.html:323
+msgid "Operating System"
+msgstr "Betriebssystem"
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Configuration.html:61
+msgid "Option"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/Prefs/MyRT.html:64
+msgid "Options"
+msgstr "Optionen"
+#: lib/RT/Installer.pm:71
+msgid "Oracle"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/Install/DatabaseDetails.html:149
+msgid "Oracle users cannot have empty passwords"
+msgstr "Oracle-Benutzer können keine leeren Passwörter haben"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/EditSort:55
+msgid "Order by"
+msgstr "Sortiert nach"
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:95 share/html/Admin/Users/Modify.html:139 share/html/Elements/RT__User/ColumnMap:76 share/html/Prefs/Elements/EditAboutMe:125 share/html/Prefs/Elements/ShowAboutMe:111
+msgid "Organization"
+msgstr "Organisation"
+#. ($approving->Id, $approving->Subject)
+#: share/html/Approvals/Elements/Approve:55
+msgid "Originating ticket: #%1"
+msgstr "Ursprüngliches Ticket: #%1"
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:979
+msgid "Outgoing email about a comment recorded"
+msgstr "Ausgehende E-Mail über einen Kommentar gespeichert"
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:983
+msgid "Outgoing email recorded"
+msgstr "Ausgehende E-Mail gespeichert"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:641
+msgid "Outgoing mail"
+msgstr "Ausgehende E-Mails"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:654
+msgid "Overview"
+msgstr "Übersicht"
+#: lib/RT/Queue.pm:127
+msgid "Own tickets"
+msgstr "besitze Ticket"
+#: lib/RT/Asset.pm:86 lib/RT/Graph/Tickets.pm:178 lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:81 lib/RT/Ticket.pm:101 lib/RT/Tickets.pm:113 lib/RT/Tickets.pm:1978 share/html/Elements/QuickCreate:62 share/html/Elements/RT__Ticket/ColumnMap:106 share/html/Elements/RT__Ticket/ColumnMap:281 share/html/Elements/RT__Ticket/ColumnMap:298 share/html/Search/Elements/PickBasics:128 share/html/Ticket/Elements/EditPeople:70 share/html/Ticket/Elements/Reminders:137 share/html/Ticket/Elements/Reminders:175 share/html/Ticket/Elements/Reminders:84 share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowPeople:50 share/html/m/_elements/ticket_list:96 share/html/m/ticket/create:258 share/html/m/ticket/reply:71 share/html/m/ticket/show:289
+msgid "Owner"
+msgstr "Besitzer"
+#. ($owner->Name)
+#: lib/RT/Ticket.pm:544
+msgid "Owner '%1' does not have rights to own this ticket."
+msgstr "Besitzer '%1' hat keine Rechte das Ticket zu besitzen"
+#. ($OldOwnerObj->Name, $NewOwnerObj->Name)
+#: lib/RT/Ticket.pm:2162
+msgid "Owner changed from %1 to %2"
+msgstr "Besitzer wurde von %1 zu %2 geändert"
+#. (map { $self->_FormatUser($_) } $Old, $New)
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1073 lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1257
+msgid "Owner forcibly changed from %1 to %2"
+msgstr "Besitzer mit Gewalt von %1 in %2 geändert"
+#: lib/RT/Tickets.pm:163
+msgid "OwnerGroup"
+msgstr "Eigentümer-Gruppe"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/BuildFormatString:102
+msgid "OwnerName"
+msgstr "Besitzername"
+#: share/html/Elements/CollectionListPaging:65
+msgid "Page"
+msgstr "Seite"
+#: share/html/Elements/CollectionListPaging:62
+msgid "Page 1 of 1"
+msgstr "Seite 1 von 1"
+#: share/html/dhandler:48
+msgid "Page not found"
+msgstr "Seite nicht gefunden"
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/Modify.html:199 share/html/Prefs/Elements/EditAboutMe:94 share/html/Prefs/Elements/ShowAboutMe:100
+msgid "Pager"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__User/ColumnMap:96
+msgid "Pager Phone"
+msgstr "Pager"
+#: share/html/Admin/Actions/Elements/EditBasics:70 share/html/Admin/Actions/Elements/ShowBasics:70 share/html/Admin/Conditions/Elements/EditBasics:70 share/html/Admin/Conditions/Elements/ShowBasics:70
+msgid "Parameters to Pass"
+msgstr "Zu übergebende Parameter"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/SelectLinks:60
+msgid "Parent"
+msgstr "Eltern"
+#: share/html/Elements/AddLinks:83 share/html/Elements/BulkLinks:127 share/html/Elements/BulkLinks:72 share/html/Elements/EditLinks:71 share/html/Elements/ShowLinks:76 share/html/Elements/ShowLinks:91 share/html/Search/Elements/BuildFormatString:102 share/html/m/ticket/create:395 share/html/m/ticket/show:437
+msgid "Parents"
+msgstr "Eltern"
+#: share/html/Elements/Login:75 share/html/m/_elements/login:73
+msgid "Password"
+msgstr "Passwort"
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1208 lib/RT/User.pm:1085
+msgid "Password changed"
+msgstr "Passwort geändert"
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:1051
+msgid "Password has not been set."
+msgstr "Das Passwort wurde nicht gesetzt"
+#. (RT->Config->Get('MinimumPasswordLength'))
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:399
+msgid "Password needs to be at least %quant(%1,character,characters) long"
+msgstr "Das Passwort muss mindestens %1 Zeichen lang sein"
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Configuration.html:128 share/html/Admin/Tools/Configuration.html:91
+msgid "Password not printed"
+msgstr "Passwort wird nicht angezeigt"
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:1084
+msgid "Password set"
+msgstr "Passwort erstellt"
+#. ($msg)
+#: share/html/Prefs/AboutMe.html:118 share/html/SelfService/Prefs.html:124
+msgid "Password: %1"
+msgstr "Passwort: %1"
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:1070
+msgid "Password: Permission Denied"
+msgstr "Passwort: Zugriff verweigert"
+#: etc/initialdata:714
+msgid "PasswordChange"
+msgstr "PasswortÄnderung"
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:1047
+msgid "Passwords do not match."
+msgstr "Passwörter verschieden"
+#: lib/RT/Installer.pm:183
+msgid "Path to sendmail"
+msgstr "Pfad zu sendmail"
+#: share/html/Helpers/TicketTimer:204 share/html/Helpers/TicketTimer:204
+msgid "Pause Timer"
+msgstr "Pausiere Stoppuhr"
+#. ($approvals)
+#: share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowDependencyStatus:54
+msgid "Pending %quant(%1,approval,approvals)."
+msgstr "Abhängig von %quant(%1,Freigabe,Freigaben)."
+#. ($depends)
+#: share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowDependencyStatus:59
+msgid "Pending %quant(%1,ticket,tickets)."
+msgstr "Abhängig von %quant(%1,Ticket,Tickets)."
+#: share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowDependencyStatus:52
+msgid "Pending approval."
+msgstr "Abhängige Freigabe."
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/DefaultValues.html:95 share/html/Asset/Create.html:74 share/html/Asset/Elements/AssetSearchPeople:48 share/html/Asset/Elements/ShowSummary:54 share/html/Asset/ModifyPeople.html:59 share/html/Asset/Search/Bulk.html:108 share/html/Elements/Tabs:1072 share/html/Elements/Tabs:791 share/html/Ticket/Elements/EditPeople:66 share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowSummary:62 share/html/Ticket/ModifyAll.html:76 share/html/m/ticket/show:285
+msgid "People"
+msgstr "Personen"
+#. ($QueueObj->Name)
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/People.html:195
+msgid "People related to queue %1"
+msgstr "Personen mit Bezug zu Bereich %1"
+#: etc/initialdata:102
+msgid "Perform a user-defined action"
+msgstr "Führe eine benutzerdefinierte Aktion aus"
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/ModifyTemplate:62
+msgid "Perl"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Configuration.html:300
+msgid "Perl configuration"
+msgstr "Perl-Konfiguration"
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Configuration.html:192
+msgid "Perl library search order"
+msgstr "Perl-Bibliothek-Suchreihenfolge"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:295
+msgid "Permanently wipeout data from RT"
+msgstr "Daten permanent aus dem RT löschen"
+#: lib/RT/ACE.pm:232 lib/RT/ACE.pm:238 lib/RT/ACE.pm:317 lib/RT/Article.pm:114 lib/RT/Article.pm:318 lib/RT/Article.pm:337 lib/RT/Article.pm:389 lib/RT/Article.pm:413 lib/RT/Article.pm:478 lib/RT/Article.pm:483 lib/RT/Asset.pm:227 lib/RT/Asset.pm:438 lib/RT/Asset.pm:595 lib/RT/Attachment.pm:899 lib/RT/Attachment.pm:900 lib/RT/Attachment.pm:959 lib/RT/Attachment.pm:960 lib/RT/Attribute.pm:166 lib/RT/Attribute.pm:172 lib/RT/Attribute.pm:377 lib/RT/Attribute.pm:387 lib/RT/Attribute.pm:400 lib/RT/Catalog.pm:209 lib/RT/Catalog.pm:443 lib/RT/Class.pm:131 lib/RT/Class.pm:166 lib/RT/Class.pm:305 lib/RT/Class.pm:355 lib/RT/CurrentUser.pm:137 lib/RT/CurrentUser.pm:143 lib/RT/CurrentUser.pm:149 lib/RT/CustomField.pm:1132 lib/RT/CustomField.pm:1660 lib/RT/CustomField.pm:1698 lib/RT/CustomField.pm:1751 lib/RT/CustomField.pm:1956 lib/RT/CustomField.pm:2116 lib/RT/CustomField.pm:278 lib/RT/CustomField.pm:295 lib/RT/CustomField.pm:306 lib/RT/CustomField.pm:660 lib/RT/CustomField.pm:687 lib/RT/Custo
 mFieldValue.pm:123 lib/RT/CustomFieldValue.pm:89 lib/RT/CustomRole.pm:314 lib/RT/CustomRole.pm:410 lib/RT/CustomRole.pm:447 lib/RT/CustomRole.pm:98 lib/RT/Group.pm:1144 lib/RT/Group.pm:1230 lib/RT/Group.pm:283 lib/RT/Group.pm:378 lib/RT/Group.pm:670 lib/RT/Group.pm:900 lib/RT/ObjectClass.pm:70 lib/RT/Queue.pm:1231 lib/RT/Queue.pm:308 lib/RT/Queue.pm:339 lib/RT/Queue.pm:370 lib/RT/Queue.pm:756 lib/RT/Record/Role/Links.pm:149 lib/RT/Record/Role/Links.pm:168 lib/RT/Record/Role/Status.pm:172 lib/RT/Record/Role/Status.pm:267 lib/RT/Reminders.pm:129 lib/RT/Scrip.pm:123 lib/RT/Scrip.pm:131 lib/RT/Scrip.pm:142 lib/RT/Scrip.pm:224 lib/RT/Scrip.pm:312 lib/RT/Scrip.pm:364 lib/RT/Scrip.pm:697 lib/RT/Scrip.pm:705 lib/RT/Scrip.pm:714 lib/RT/Scrip.pm:719 lib/RT/Scrip.pm:727 lib/RT/ScripAction.pm:108 lib/RT/ScripCondition.pm:119 lib/RT/SharedSetting.pm:113 lib/RT/SharedSetting.pm:205 lib/RT/SharedSetting.pm:247 lib/RT/SharedSetting.pm:279 lib/RT/Template.pm:109 lib/RT/Template.pm:119 lib/RT/Templat
 e.pm:124 lib/RT/Template.pm:263 lib/RT/Template.pm:268 lib/RT/Template.pm:277 lib/RT/Template.pm:318 lib/RT/Template.pm:483 lib/RT/Template.pm:757 lib/RT/Template.pm:774 lib/RT/Template.pm:792 lib/RT/Ticket.pm:1124 lib/RT/Ticket.pm:1330 lib/RT/Ticket.pm:1552 lib/RT/Ticket.pm:1597 lib/RT/Ticket.pm:1886 lib/RT/Ticket.pm:1910 lib/RT/Ticket.pm:2300 lib/RT/Ticket.pm:2306 lib/RT/Ticket.pm:2320 lib/RT/Ticket.pm:2325 lib/RT/Ticket.pm:2349 lib/RT/Ticket.pm:2566 lib/RT/Ticket.pm:2805 lib/RT/Ticket.pm:3167 lib/RT/Ticket.pm:780 lib/RT/Topic.pm:113 lib/RT/Topic.pm:141 lib/RT/Topic.pm:207 lib/RT/Topic.pm:88 lib/RT/Transaction.pm:758 lib/RT/Transaction.pm:798 lib/RT/User.pm:131 lib/RT/User.pm:1372 lib/RT/User.pm:1807 lib/RT/User.pm:2055 lib/RT/User.pm:2088 lib/RT/User.pm:421 lib/RT/User.pm:953 lib/RT/User.pm:988 share/html/Admin/Global/DashboardsInMenu.html:91 share/html/Admin/Global/MyRT.html:96 share/html/Articles/Article/Display.html:110 share/html/Articles/Article/History.html:64 share/html/Da
 shboards/Modify.html:95 share/html/SelfService/Article/Display.html:64 share/html/Ticket/Forward.html:117 share/html/Ticket/ShowEmailRecord.html:111 share/html/Ticket/ShowEmailRecord.html:112
+msgid "Permission Denied"
+msgstr "Zugriff verweigert"
+#: lib/RT/Record.pm:1380 lib/RT/Record.pm:1524 lib/RT/Record/Role/Roles.pm:472 lib/RT/Record/Role/Roles.pm:560
+msgid "Permission denied"
+msgstr "Zugriff verweigert"
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/Modify.html:181 share/html/Prefs/Elements/EditAboutMe:79 share/html/Prefs/Elements/ShowAboutMe:85
+msgid "Phone numbers"
+msgstr "Telefonnummern"
+#: share/html/Search/Chart.html:180
+msgid "Picture"
+msgstr "Bild"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:350
+msgid "Place signature above quote"
+msgstr "Unterschrift über dem Vorschlag platzieren"
+#: etc/initialdata:262
+msgid "Plain text Autoresponse template"
+msgstr "Klartext Autoantwort-Vorlage"
+#: etc/initialdata:411
+msgid "Plain text admin comment template"
+msgstr "Klartext Admin-Kommentar-Vorlage"
+#: etc/initialdata:371
+msgid "Plain text admin correspondence template"
+msgstr "Klartext-Administratorkorrespondenzvorlage"
+#: etc/initialdata:394
+msgid "Plain text correspondence template"
+msgstr "Klartext-Korrespondenzvorlage"
+#: etc/initialdata:318
+msgid "Plain text transaction template"
+msgstr "Klartext-Transaktionsvorlage"
+#: share/html/dhandler:51
+msgid "Please check the URL and try again."
+msgstr "Bitte die URL überprüfen und erneut versuchen"
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:1042
+msgid "Please enter your current password correctly."
+msgstr "Bitte gib dein aktuelles Passwort korrekt ein."
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:1044
+msgid "Please enter your current password."
+msgstr "Bitte gib dein aktuelles Passwort ein."
+#: share/html/SelfService/Elements/RequestUpdate:50
+msgid "Please indicate which user fields you would like updated"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/SelfService/Elements/RequestUpdate:59
+msgid "Please update my user information"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/Elements/CSRF:48 share/html/Elements/CSRF:51
+msgid "Possible cross-site request forgery"
+msgstr "Mögliche Website-übergreifende Anfragenfälschung"
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Elements/HiddenSearches:73
+msgid "Possible hidden searches"
+msgstr "eventuell nicht sichtbare Abfragen"
+#: lib/RT/Installer.pm:69
+msgid "PostgreSQL"
+msgstr ""
+#. ($m->interp->apply_escapes($Name, 'h'))
+#. ($m->interp->apply_escapes($name, 'h'))
+#: share/html/Elements/ShowSearch:99 share/html/m/tickets/search:81
+msgid "Predefined search %1 not found"
+msgstr "Vordefinierte Suche %1 nicht gefunden"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:1224 share/html/Elements/Tabs:709 share/html/Prefs/AboutMe.html:48 share/html/Prefs/Other.html:80 share/html/SelfService/Prefs.html:48
+msgid "Preferences"
+msgstr "Voreinstellungen"
+#. ($pane, $UserObj->Name)
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/MyRT.html:117
+msgid "Preferences %1 for user %2."
+msgstr "Voreinstellung %1 für Benutzer %2"
+#: share/html/Prefs/Search.html:96
+msgid "Preferences reset."
+msgstr "Voreinstellungen zurückgesetzt."
+#. ($pane)
+#. (loc('summary rows'))
+#: share/html/Prefs/MyRT.html:158 share/html/Prefs/MyRT.html:91
+msgid "Preferences saved for %1."
+msgstr "Voreinstellung für %1 gespeichert"
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/DashboardsInMenu.html:107 share/html/Prefs/DashboardsInMenu.html:104
+msgid "Preferences saved for dashboards in menu."
+msgstr "Einstellungen gespeichert für Dashboard in Menü"
+#. ($UserObj->Name)
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/DashboardsInMenu.html:75 share/html/Admin/Users/MyRT.html:75
+msgid "Preferences saved for user %1."
+msgstr "Voreinstellung für Benutzer %1 gespeichert"
+#: share/html/Prefs/DashboardsInMenu.html:79 share/html/Prefs/MyRT.html:102 share/html/Prefs/Other.html:103 share/html/Prefs/QueueList.html:106 share/html/Prefs/Search.html:119 share/html/Prefs/SearchOptions.html:85
+msgid "Preferences saved."
+msgstr "Voreinstellung gespeichert"
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:1684
+msgid "Preferences were not found"
+msgstr "Voreinstellungen wurden nicht gefunden"
+#. ($msg)
+#: share/html/Prefs/Other.html:88
+msgid "Preferred Key: %1"
+msgstr "Bevorzugter Schlüssel: %1"
+#: share/html/Prefs/Other.html:72
+msgid "Preferred key"
+msgstr "Bevorzugter Schlüssel"
+#: lib/RT/Action.pm:171
+msgid "Prepare Stubbed"
+msgstr "Prepare Stumpf ausgeführt"
+#. ('<span class="keyboard-shortcuts-key">?</span>')
+#: share/html/Search/Bulk.html:225 share/html/Search/Results.html:96
+msgid "Press %1 to view keyboard shortcuts."
+msgstr "Drücke %1 um Tastenkombinationen zu sehen."
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:884
+msgid "Prev"
+msgstr "Zurück"
+#. ($args{'PrincipalId'})
+#: lib/RT/ACE.pm:135 lib/RT/ACE.pm:220
+msgid "Principal %1 not found."
+msgstr "Rolle %1 nicht gefunden."
+#: sbin/rt-email-digest:87
+msgid "Print the resulting digest messages to STDOUT; don't mail them. Do not mark them as sent"
+msgstr "Gebe die zusammengefassten E-Mails nach STDOUT aus. Nicht oer E-Mail versenden. Nicht als versendet markieren."
+#: sbin/rt-email-digest:90
+msgid "Print this message"
+msgstr "Drucke diese Nachricht"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:79 lib/RT/Tickets.pm:118 lib/RT/Tickets.pm:1782 share/html/Admin/Queues/DefaultValues.html:58 share/html/Elements/RT__Queue/ColumnMap:69 share/html/Elements/RT__Ticket/ColumnMap:154 share/html/Search/Elements/BuildFormatString:102 share/html/Search/Elements/PickBasics:214 share/html/Ticket/Create.html:271 share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowBasics:109 share/html/m/_elements/ticket_list:99 share/html/m/ticket/create:342 share/html/m/ticket/show:241
+msgid "Priority"
+msgstr "Priorität"
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Modify.html:67 share/html/Search/Elements/EditSearches:53
+msgid "Privacy"
+msgstr "Datenschutz"
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/ShowSavedSearches:56
+msgid "Privacy:"
+msgstr "Privatsphäre:"
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/Keys.html:66
+msgid "Private Key"
+msgstr "Privater Schlüssel"
+#. ($EmailAddress)
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/ShowKeyInfo:110
+msgid "Private key(s) for %1"
+msgstr "Private Schlüssel für %1"
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/Modify.html:142 share/html/Admin/Queues/Modify.html:152 share/html/Elements/Tabs:383
+msgid "Private keys"
+msgstr "Private Schlüssel"
+#: lib/RT/Handle.pm:747 share/html/Admin/Users/Modify.html:119
+msgid "Privileged"
+msgstr "Privilegiert"
+#. (loc_fuzzy($msg))
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/Modify.html:308 share/html/Prefs/AboutMe.html:108
+msgid "Privileged status: %1"
+msgstr "Privilegierungsstatus: %1"
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/index.html:154
+msgid "Privileged users"
+msgstr "Privilegierte Benutzer"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:199
+msgid "Privileged: usernames; Unprivileged: names and email addresses"
+msgstr "Privilegierte: Benutzernamen; Nicht Privilegierte: Namen und E-Mail Adressen"
+#: bin/rt-crontool:173
+msgid "Processing without transaction, some conditions and actions may fail. Consider using --transaction argument"
+msgstr "Bearbeitung ohne Transaktion, einige Bedinungen and Aktionen könnten nicht funktionieren. Erwäge die Nutzung des --transaction Argumentes"
+#: lib/RT/Attachments.pm:273
+msgid "Provide a search string to search on"
+msgstr ""
+#: lib/RT/Handle.pm:760
+msgid "Pseudogroup for internal use"
+msgstr "Pseudogruppe für internen Gebrauch"
+#. ($line->{'Key'})
+#: share/html/Elements/CryptStatus:150
+msgid "Public key '0x%1' is required to verify signature"
+msgstr "Öffentlicher Schlüssel '0x%1' wird für die Prüfung der Signatur benötigt"
+#. ($EmailAddress)
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/ShowKeyInfo:108
+msgid "Public key(s) for %1"
+msgstr "Öffentliche(r) Schlüssel für %1"
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Subscription.html:69
+msgid "Queries"
+msgstr "Suchen"
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__SavedSearch/ColumnMap:61 share/html/Search/Edit.html:56 share/html/Search/Elements/Chart:90
+msgid "Query"
+msgstr "Suche"
+#: share/html/Search/Build.html:115
+msgid "Query Builder"
+msgstr "Suche erstellen"
+#: lib/RT/Graph/Tickets.pm:177 lib/RT/Record.pm:995 lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:75 lib/RT/Tickets.pm:109 lib/RT/Tickets.pm:1589 share/html/Elements/CreateTicket:53 share/html/Elements/QueueSummaryByLifecycle:57 share/html/Elements/QueueSummaryByStatus:51 share/html/Elements/QuickCreate:60 share/html/Elements/RT__Scrip/ColumnMap:56 share/html/Elements/RT__Scrip/ColumnMap:63 share/html/Elements/RT__Template/ColumnMap:66 share/html/Elements/RT__Template/ColumnMap:73 share/html/Elements/RT__Ticket/ColumnMap:102 share/html/Reports/CreatedByDates.html:90 share/html/Reports/ResolvedByDates.html:90 share/html/Reports/ResolvedByOwner.html:69 share/html/Search/Elements/PickBasics:83 share/html/SelfService/Create.html:61 share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowBasics:116 share/html/m/ticket/create:248 share/html/m/ticket/show:245
+msgid "Queue"
+msgstr "Bereich"
+#. ($Queue||'')
+#: share/html/Ticket/Create.html:442
+msgid "Queue %1 could not be loaded."
+msgstr "Bereich '%1' konnte nicht geladen werden."
+#. ($Queue)
+#. ($id)
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/CustomField.html:60 share/html/Admin/Queues/Scrips.html:54 share/html/Admin/Queues/Templates.html:58
+msgid "Queue %1 not found"
+msgstr "Bereich %1 nicht gefunden"
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/Modify.html:58
+msgid "Queue Name"
+msgstr "Name des Bereichs"
+#: lib/RT/Queue.pm:284
+msgid "Queue already exists"
+msgstr "Bereich existiert bereits"
+#: lib/RT/Queue.pm:189 lib/RT/Queue.pm:195
+msgid "Queue could not be created"
+msgstr "Bereich konnte nicht angelegt werden"
+#: lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm:3952 share/html/m/ticket/create:143
+msgid "Queue could not be loaded."
+msgstr "Bereich konnte nicht geladen werden"
+#: lib/RT/Queue.pm:212
+msgid "Queue created"
+msgstr "Bereich angelegt"
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__Ticket/ColumnMap:97
+msgid "Queue id"
+msgstr "Bereich Id"
+#: share/html/Elements/QueueList:50 share/html/Elements/Tabs:717 share/html/Prefs/QueueList.html:79
+msgid "Queue list"
+msgstr "Bereichsliste"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:303 share/html/SelfService/Display.html:112
+msgid "Queue not found"
+msgstr "Bereich nicht gefunden"
+#: lib/RT/Queue.pm:1240
+msgid "Queue's default service level has been changed"
+msgstr "Bereichs standard Service Level ist geändert worden"
+#: share/html/Elements/Crypt/SelectKeyForSigning:50 share/html/Elements/Crypt/SelectKeyForSigning:54
+msgid "Queue's key"
+msgstr "Bereichsschlüssel"
+#: lib/RT/Tickets.pm:151
+msgid "QueueAdminCc"
+msgstr "Bereich AdminCc"
+#: lib/RT/Tickets.pm:159
+msgid "QueueCF"
+msgstr "BereichCF"
+#: lib/RT/Tickets.pm:150
+msgid "QueueCc"
+msgstr "Bereich Cc"
+#: etc/RT_Config.pm:1313 etc/initialdata:913
+msgid "QueueList"
+msgstr "Bereichsliste"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/BuildFormatString:102
+msgid "QueueName"
+msgstr "Bereichsname"
+#: lib/RT/Tickets.pm:152
+msgid "QueueWatcher"
+msgstr "Bereichs-Beobachter"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:2048 lib/RT/CustomField.pm:217 share/html/Admin/Global/CustomFields/index.html:77 share/html/Elements/Tabs:174 share/html/Elements/Tabs:304 share/html/Elements/Tabs:83
+msgid "Queues"
+msgstr "Bereiche"
+#: share/html/Elements/MyAdminQueues:48
+msgid "Queues I administer"
+msgstr "Bereiche die ich verwalte"
+#: share/html/Elements/MySupportQueues:48
+msgid "Queues I'm an AdminCc for"
+msgstr "Bereiche in denen ich AdminCc bin"
+#: share/html/User/Elements/Portlets/CreateAsset:48
+msgid "Quick asset creation"
+msgstr "Schnelle Erstellung von Assets"
+#: share/html/Articles/Elements/QuickSearch:48 share/html/Elements/ShortcutHelp:68
+msgid "Quick search"
+msgstr "Schnellsuche"
+#: share/html/Elements/QuickCreate:49 share/html/User/Elements/Portlets/CreateTicket:48
+msgid "Quick ticket creation"
+msgstr "Schnelle Ticket Erstellung"
+#: etc/RT_Config.pm:1313 etc/initialdata:902
+msgid "QuickCreate"
+msgstr "SchnellErstellen"
+#: lib/RT/Date.pm:120
+msgid "RFC2616"
+msgstr ""
+#: lib/RT/Date.pm:119
+msgid "RFC2822"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:1002
+msgid "RSS"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/Admin/index.html:48
+msgid "RT Administration"
+msgstr ""
+#: lib/RT/Installer.pm:159
+msgid "RT Administrator Email"
+msgstr "RT Administrator E-Mail"
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Configuration.html:58
+msgid "RT Configuration"
+msgstr "RT Einstellungen"
+#: share/html/Elements/Error:69
+msgid "RT Error"
+msgstr "RT Fehler"
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/Portal:49
+msgid "RT Portal"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Configuration.html:139
+msgid "RT Size"
+msgstr "RT Größe"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:409 share/html/Admin/Global/MyRT.html:48 share/html/Admin/Global/MyRT.html:54 share/html/Admin/Users/MyRT.html:62 share/html/Elements/Tabs:255 share/html/Elements/Tabs:377 share/html/Elements/Tabs:712 share/html/Prefs/MyRT.html:57 share/html/Prefs/MyRT.html:81 share/html/index.html:4
+msgid "RT at a glance"
+msgstr "RT auf einen Blick"
+#. ($UserObj->Name)
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/MyRT.html:71
+msgid "RT at a glance for the user %1"
+msgstr "RT Übersicht für Benutzer %1"
+#: share/html/Install/Sendmail.html:53
+msgid "RT can communicate with your users about new tickets or new correspondence on tickets. Tell us where to find sendmail (or a sendmail compatible binary such as the one provided by postifx).  RT also needs to know who to notify when someone sends invalid email.  This must not be an address that feeds back into RT."
+msgstr "RT kann mit ihren Anwendern über neue Tickets oder neue Korrespondenz über Tickets kommunizieren. Sagen sie uns den Speicherort von sendmail (oder einem sendmail-kompatiblen Programm wie dem von postfix zur Verfügung gestellten). RT muss auch wissen, wer zu benachrichtigen ist, wenn ein ungültiges mail ankommt. Diese Adresse darf nicht zurück in RT fließen."
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomFields/Modify.html:155
+msgid "RT can include content from another web service when showing this custom field."
+msgstr "RT kann Inhalte anderer Webservices einbinden, wenn dieses benutzerdefinierte Feld angezeigt wird."
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomFields/Modify.html:147
+msgid "RT can make this custom field's values into hyperlinks to another service."
+msgstr "RT kann die Inhalte dieser benutzerdefinierten Felder in Hyperlinks zu anderen Diensten umwandeln."
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Configuration.html:110
+msgid "RT core variables"
+msgstr "RT Core Variablen"
+#. (RT->Config->Get('rtname'))
+#: share/html/Elements/Logo:59 share/html/m/_elements/header:49 share/html/m/_elements/login:49 share/html/m/index.html:48
+msgid "RT for %1"
+msgstr "RT für %1"
+#. ($strong_start, $strong_end, $Reason, $action)
+#: share/html/Elements/CSRF:55
+msgid "RT has detected a possible %1cross-site request forgery%2 for this request, because %3.  A malicious attacker may be trying to %1%4%2 on your behalf. If you did not initiate this request, then you should alert your security team."
+msgstr "RT hat eine mögliche %1Website-übergreifende Anfragenfälschung%2 für dieses Ticket aufgrund von %3 entdeckt. Ein Angreifer könnte unter ihrem Namen ein %1%4%2 durchführen. Wenn Sie diese Anfrage nicht gestellt haben, sollten Sie ihren Sicherheitsbeauftragten alarmieren."
+#: share/html/Install/index.html:71
+msgid "RT is an enterprise-grade issue tracking system designed to let you intelligently and efficiently manage tasks, issues, requests, defects or anything else that looks like an \"action item.\""
+msgstr "RT ist ein unternehmensweites Problemverfolgungssystem, mit dem Sie Aufgaben, Probleme, Anfragen, Fehler oder alles andere, was wie ein \"Action Item\" aussieht, intelligent und effizient verwalten können."
+#: share/html/Install/index.html:74
+msgid "RT is used by Fortune 100 companies, one-person businesses, government agencies, educational institutions, hospitals, nonprofits, NGOs, libraries, open source projects and all sorts of other organizations on all seven continents. (Yes, even Antarctica.)"
+msgstr "RT wird von Fortue-100-Firmen, Ein-Mann-Unternehmen, Regierungsstellen, Bildungseinrichtungen, Krankenhäusern, Vereinen, Nicht-Regierungs-Organisationen, Bibliotheken, Open-Source-Projekten  und vielen anderen Arten von Organisationen auf allen sieben Kontinenten genutzt. (Ja, sogar in Antarktika.)"
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Configuration.html:296
+msgid "RT upgrade history"
+msgstr "RT Upgrade Historie"
+#: lib/RT/Installer.pm:123
+msgid "RT will connect to the database using this user.  It will be created for you."
+msgstr "RT wird für die Verbindung zur Datenbank diesen Benutzer verwenden. Er wird für Sie erstellt."
+#: lib/RT/Installer.pm:152
+msgid "RT will create a user called \"root\" and set this as their password"
+msgstr "RT wird einen Benutzer \"root\" erstellen und diesem dieses Password geben"
+#. ('<tt>__id__</tt>', '<tt>__CustomField__</tt>')
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomFields/Modify.html:149 share/html/Admin/CustomFields/Modify.html:157
+msgid "RT will replace %1 and %2 with the record's id and the custom field's value, respectively."
+msgstr "RT wird %1 und %2 mit der Record-ID und dem Wert des benutzerdefinierten Feldes ersetzen."
+#: lib/RT/Installer.pm:138
+msgid "RT will use this string to uniquely identify your installation and looks for it in the subject of emails to decide what ticket a message applies to.  We recommend that you set this to your internet domain. (ex: example.com)"
+msgstr "RT verwendet diese Zeichenkette, um Ihre Installation eindeutig zu identifizieren und sucht sie im Betreff von E-Mails, um zu entscheiden, auf welches Ticket sich eine Nachricht bezieht. Wir empfehlen Ihnen, dies auf Ihre Internet-Domain einzustellen. (z.B.: example.com)"
+#: share/html/Install/DatabaseType.html:52
+msgid "RT works with a number of different databases. <b>MySQL</b>, <b>PostgreSQL</b>, <b>Oracle</b> and <b>SQLite</b> are all supported."
+msgstr "RT arbeitet mit verschiedenen Datenbanksystemen zusammen. Unterstützt werden <b>MySQL</b>, <b>PostgreSQL</b>, <b>Oracle</b> und <b>SQLite</b>."
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/LoggingSummary:86
+msgid "RT's logging configuration is summarized below:"
+msgstr "RT's Logging Konfiguration ist wie folgt zusammengefasst"
+#. ($address)
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/Modify.html:236
+msgid "RTAddressRegexp option in the config doesn't match %1"
+msgstr "RTAddressRegexp in den Einstellungen entspricht nicht %1"
+#: etc/RT_Config.pm:3498 etc/RT_Config.pm:3499 etc/RT_Config.pm:3587 etc/RT_Config.pm:3588
+msgid "Re-open"
+msgstr "Erneut öffnen"
+#: share/html/Elements/EditCustomFieldBinary:64 share/html/Elements/EditCustomFieldImage:54
+msgid "Reached maximum number, so new values will override old ones."
+msgstr "Maximale Anzahl erreicht, neue Werte werden alte Werte überschreiben."
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/Modify.html:77 share/html/Elements/RT__User/ColumnMap:61 share/html/Prefs/Elements/EditAboutMe:62 share/html/Prefs/Elements/ShowAboutMe:59
+msgid "Real Name"
+msgstr "Echter Name"
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:96
+msgid "RealName"
+msgstr "Vollständiger Name"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:606
+msgid "Recently Viewed"
+msgstr "Zuletzt angesehen"
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Subscription.html:195 share/html/Ticket/Update.html:132
+msgid "Recipients"
+msgstr "Empfänger"
+#: share/html/Tools/MyDay.html:72
+msgid "Record all updates"
+msgstr "Alle Aktualisierungen speichern"
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__Group/ColumnMap:64
+msgid "Recursive member"
+msgstr "Rekursives Mitglied"
+#: etc/RT_Config.pm:3542
+msgid "Recycle"
+msgstr "Wiederholen"
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/ShowSearchCriteria:124
+msgid "Refer to"
+msgstr "Referenzieren auf"
+#. ($value)
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1135
+msgid "Reference by %1 added"
+msgstr "Referenz von %1 hinzugefügt"
+#. ($value)
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1177
+msgid "Reference by %1 deleted"
+msgstr "Referenz von %1 gelöscht"
+#. ($value)
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1132
+msgid "Reference to %1 added"
+msgstr "Referenz auf %1 hinzugefügt"
+#. ($value)
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1174
+msgid "Reference to %1 deleted"
+msgstr "Referenz auf %1 gelöscht"
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/EditLinks:85 share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/ShowLinks:73 share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/ShowSearchCriteria:128 share/html/Elements/AddLinks:95 share/html/Elements/BulkLinks:139 share/html/Elements/BulkLinks:99 share/html/Elements/EditLinks:95 share/html/Elements/ShowLinks:79 share/html/Elements/ShowLinks:94 share/html/Search/Elements/SelectLinks:64 share/html/m/ticket/create:398 share/html/m/ticket/show:456
+msgid "Referred to by"
+msgstr "Bezogen von"
+#: lib/RT/Graph/Tickets.pm:180 lib/RT/Tickets.pm:132 share/html/Search/Elements/BuildFormatString:102 share/html/Ticket/Graphs/Elements/EditGraphProperties:139
+msgid "ReferredToBy"
+msgstr "Bezogen von"
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/EditLinks:59 share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/ShowLinks:50 share/html/Elements/AddLinks:91 share/html/Elements/BulkLinks:135 share/html/Elements/BulkLinks:90 share/html/Elements/EditLinks:87 share/html/Elements/ShowLinks:78 share/html/Elements/ShowLinks:93 share/html/Search/Elements/SelectLinks:63 share/html/m/ticket/create:397 share/html/m/ticket/show:445
+msgid "Refers to"
+msgstr "Bezieht sich auf"
+#: lib/RT/Graph/Tickets.pm:180 lib/RT/Tickets.pm:128 share/html/Search/Elements/BuildFormatString:102 share/html/Ticket/Graphs/Elements/EditGraphProperties:139
+msgid "RefersTo"
+msgstr "Bezieht sich auf"
+#: share/html/Elements/RefreshHomepage:48
+msgid "Refresh"
+msgstr "Aktualisieren"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:424
+msgid "Refresh home page every %quant(%1,minute,minutes)."
+msgstr "Aktualisiere Homepage jede %Anzahl(%1,Minute,Minuten)."
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:430
+msgid "Refresh home page every %quant(%1,second,seconds)."
+msgstr "Aktualisiere Homepage jede %Anzahl(%1,Minute,Minuten)."
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:388
+msgid "Refresh search results every %quant(%1,minute,minutes)."
+msgstr "Aktualisiere Suchergebnisse jede %Anzahl(%1,Minute,Minuten)."
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:394
+msgid "Refresh search results every %quant(%1,second,seconds)."
+msgstr "Aktualisiere Suchergebnisse jede %Anzahl(%1,Sekunde,Sekunden)."
+#. ($value/60)
+#: share/html/Elements/Refresh:60
+msgid "Refresh this page every %quant(%1,minute,minutes)."
+msgstr "Seite alle %1 Minuten aktualisieren."
+#. ($value)
+#: share/html/Elements/Refresh:62
+msgid "Refresh this page every %quant(%1,second,seconds)."
+msgstr "Aktualisiere diese Seite jede %Anzahl(%1,Sekunde,Sekunden)."
+#: etc/RT_Config.pm:1313 etc/initialdata:921
+msgid "RefreshHomepage"
+msgstr "Homepage aktualisieren"
+#: lib/RT/Record.pm:1412
+msgid "Refused to add link which would create a circular relationship"
+msgstr "Verknüpfung hinzufügen abgelehnt da es zu einer kreisförmigen Beziehung führen würde"
+#: etc/RT_Config.pm:3492 etc/RT_Config.pm:3496 etc/RT_Config.pm:3581 etc/RT_Config.pm:3585
+msgid "Reject"
+msgstr "Abweisen"
+#: etc/RT_Config.pm:1992
+msgid "Related tickets"
+msgstr "Zugehörige Tickets"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:187
+msgid "Remember default queue"
+msgstr "Standard-Bereich merken"
+#: etc/initialdata:437 etc/upgrade/4.1.16/content:6 share/html/Elements/ShowReminders:51 share/html/Ticket/Elements/Reminders:82
+msgid "Reminder"
+msgstr "Erinnerung"
+#. ($subject)
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1296
+msgid "Reminder '%1' added"
+msgstr "Erinnerung '%1' hinzugefügt"
+#. ($subject)
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1326
+msgid "Reminder '%1' completed"
+msgstr "Erinnerung '%1' erledigt"
+#. ($subject)
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1311
+msgid "Reminder '%1' reopened"
+msgstr "Erinnerung '%1' wieder geöffnet"
+#. ($args->{'NewReminder-Subject'}, loc("Created"))
+#. ($old_subject || $reminder->Subject, $_)
+#: lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm:3094 lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm:3112
+msgid "Reminder '%1': %2"
+msgstr "Erinnerung '%1': %2"
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1298
+msgid "Reminder added"
+msgstr "Erinnerung hinzugefügt"
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1328
+msgid "Reminder completed"
+msgstr "Erinnerung beendet"
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1313
+msgid "Reminder reopened"
+msgstr "Erinnerung wieder geöffnet"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:804 share/html/Ticket/Elements/Reminders:79 share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowSummary:75 share/html/Ticket/Reminders.html:56 share/html/m/ticket/show:339
+msgid "Reminders"
+msgstr "Erinnerungen"
+#. ($Ticket->Id, $Ticket->Subject)
+#: share/html/Ticket/Reminders.html:48
+msgid "Reminders for ticket #%1: %2"
+msgstr "Erinnerungen für Ticket #%1: %2"
+#: share/html/Elements/JavascriptConfig:72
+msgid "Remove"
+msgstr "Entfernen"
+#. ($role->Name)
+#. (loc($rname))
+#: share/html/Asset/Search/Bulk.html:127 share/html/Search/Bulk.html:117
+msgid "Remove %1"
+msgstr "entferne %1"
+#: share/html/Search/Bulk.html:95
+msgid "Remove AdminCc"
+msgstr "Entferne AdminCC"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Elements/Bookmark:68
+msgid "Remove Bookmark"
+msgstr "Lesezeichen entfernen"
+#: share/html/Search/Bulk.html:91
+msgid "Remove Cc"
+msgstr "Entferne CC"
+#: share/html/Search/Bulk.html:87
+msgid "Remove Requestor"
+msgstr "Entferne Auftraggeber"
+#: share/html/User/Elements/RelatedData:71
+msgid "Remove User Information"
+msgstr ""
+#: lib/RT/Class.pm:391
+msgid "Removed Subject Override"
+msgstr "Betreff überschreiben entfernt"
+#. ($self->Name, $object->Name)
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:1711
+msgid "Removed custom field %1 from %2."
+msgstr "Benutzerdefiniertes Feld %1 von %2 entfernt"
+#. ($principal->Object->Name)
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1374
+msgid "Removed from group '%1'"
+msgstr "Aus Gruppe '%1' entfernt"
+#. ($principal->Object->Name)
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1361
+msgid "Removed group '%1'"
+msgstr "Gruppe '%1' entfernt"
+#. ($principal->Object->Name)
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1358
+msgid "Removed user '%1'"
+msgstr "Entfernter Benutzer '%1'"
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomFields/Modify.html:77
+msgid "Render Type"
+msgstr "Anzeigetyp"
+#: share/html/User/Elements/RelatedData:79
+msgid "Replace User"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/User/Elements/RelatedData:80
+msgid "Replace this user's activity records with \"Nobody\" user"
+msgstr ""
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:212
+msgid "Replaces the owner dropdowns with textboxes"
+msgstr "Ersetzt die Besitzer Auswahlliste durch ein Eingabefeld"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:222
+msgid "Replaces the queue dropdowns with textboxes"
+msgstr "Ersetzt die Dropdown-Listen der Warteschlange durch Textfelder."
+#: share/html/SelfService/User/Elements/RelatedData:65
+msgid "Replies you sent"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/Elements/ShowTransaction:180 share/html/Elements/Tabs:808 share/html/m/_elements/ticket_menu:69
+msgid "Reply"
+msgstr "Antworten"
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/Modify.html:91
+msgid "Reply Address"
+msgstr "Antwortadresse"
+#: share/html/Elements/ShortcutHelp:132
+msgid "Reply to current ticket"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/Search/Bulk.html:157 share/html/Ticket/ModifyAll.html:104 share/html/Ticket/Update.html:80 share/html/m/ticket/reply:95
+msgid "Reply to requestors"
+msgstr "Antwort an Auftraggeber"
+#: share/html/Elements/ShortcutHelp:102
+msgid "Reply to ticket"
+msgstr "Antworte zu Ticket"
+#: lib/RT/Queue.pm:125
+msgid "Reply to tickets"
+msgstr "Ticket beantworten"
+#: etc/RT_Config.pm:3545
+msgid "Report stolen"
+msgstr "Bericht gestolen"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:632 share/html/Reports/index.html:48
+msgid "Reports"
+msgstr "Berichte"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:633
+msgid "Reports summarizing ticket resolution and status"
+msgstr "Berichte mit einer Zusammenfassung der Ticketauflösung und des Status"
+#: share/html/SelfService/Elements/RequestUpdate:49
+msgid "Request user information update"
+msgstr ""
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:85 lib/RT/Ticket.pm:102 lib/RT/Tickets.pm:145
+msgid "Requestor"
+msgstr "Auftraggeber"
+#: lib/RT/Tickets.pm:164
+msgid "RequestorGroup"
+msgstr "AuftraggeberGruppe"
+#: lib/RT/Graph/Tickets.pm:178 lib/RT/Tickets.pm:146 share/html/Elements/QuickCreate:71 share/html/Elements/RT__Ticket/ColumnMap:276 share/html/Search/Elements/BuildFormatString:102 share/html/SelfService/Create.html:71 share/html/Ticket/Create.html:149 share/html/Ticket/Elements/EditPeople:96 share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowPeople:77 share/html/m/_elements/ticket_list:94 share/html/m/ticket/create:268 share/html/m/ticket/show:294
+msgid "Requestors"
+msgstr "Auftraggeber"
+#: etc/initialdata:241 etc/upgrade/4.3.8/content:10
+msgid "Require Due set according to SLA"
+msgstr "Erfordere Fälligkeitssatz nach SLA"
+#: etc/initialdata:236 etc/upgrade/4.3.8/content:5
+msgid "Require Starts set according to SLA"
+msgstr "Erfordere Starts, die gemäß SLA festgelegt sind."
+#. ('Object')
+#: lib/RT/Attribute.pm:154
+msgid "Required parameter '%1' not specified"
+msgstr "Benötigter Parameter '%1' nicht angegeben"
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Theme.html:113 share/html/Elements/Submit:114 share/html/Prefs/Search.html:71
+msgid "Reset"
+msgstr "Zurücksetzen"
+#: share/html/Admin/Assets/Catalogs/DefaultValues.html:64 share/html/Admin/Queues/DefaultValues.html:134
+msgid "Reset Custom Field Values to Default"
+msgstr "Benutzerdefinierte Feldwerte auf den Standard zurücksetzen"
+#: share/html/Prefs/MyRT.html:71
+msgid "Reset RT at a glance"
+msgstr "RT auf einen Blick zurücksetzen"
+#: share/html/Prefs/DashboardsInMenu.html:64
+msgid "Reset dashboards in menu"
+msgstr "Dashboards in Menü zurücksetzen"
+#: share/html/Prefs/Elements/EditAboutMe:172
+msgid "Reset secret authentication token"
+msgstr "Geheimen Authentifikationstoken zurück setzen"
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/DashboardsInMenu.html:56 share/html/Admin/Users/MyRT.html:56 share/html/Prefs/DashboardsInMenu.html:67 share/html/Prefs/MyRT.html:74 share/html/Prefs/Search.html:75
+msgid "Reset to default"
+msgstr "Zurücksetzen"
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Theme.html:70
+msgid "Reset to default RT Logo"
+msgstr "Auf Standard RT Logo zurücksetzen"
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Theme.html:114
+msgid "Reset to default RT Theme"
+msgstr "auf Standard RT Design zurücksetzen"
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/Modify.html:184 share/html/Prefs/Elements/EditAboutMe:82 share/html/Prefs/Elements/ShowAboutMe:88
+msgid "Residence"
+msgstr "Privat"
+#: etc/RT_Config.pm:3491 etc/RT_Config.pm:3495 etc/RT_Config.pm:3580 etc/RT_Config.pm:3584 share/html/Search/Elements/EditFormat:104
+msgid "Resolve"
+msgstr "Erledigen"
+#. ($t->id, $t->Subject)
+#: share/html/m/ticket/reply:172
+msgid "Resolve ticket #%1 (%2)"
+msgstr "Erledige Ticket #%1 (%2)"
+#: etc/initialdata:474 lib/RT/Graph/Tickets.pm:179 lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:93 lib/RT/Tickets.pm:137 share/html/Elements/RT__Ticket/ColumnMap:224 share/html/Elements/RT__Ticket/ColumnMap:257 share/html/Elements/SelectDateType:51 share/html/Search/Elements/BuildFormatString:102
+msgid "Resolved"
+msgstr "Erledigt"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:637
+msgid "Resolved by owner"
+msgstr "Vom Eigentümer gelöst"
+#: etc/initialdata:483 etc/upgrade/4.1.9/content:102
+msgid "Resolved in HTML"
+msgstr "Gelöst in HTML"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:642
+msgid "Resolved in date range"
+msgstr "Aufgelöst im Datumsbereich"
+#: share/html/Reports/ResolvedByDates.html:54
+msgid "Resolved tickets in period, grouped by owner"
+msgstr "Gelöste Tickets im Zeitraum, gruppiert nach Verantwortlichen"
+#: share/html/Reports/ResolvedByOwner.html:52
+msgid "Resolved tickets, grouped by owner"
+msgstr "Gelöste Tickets, gruppiert nach Verantwortlichen"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/BuildFormatString:102
+msgid "ResolvedRelative"
+msgstr "Erledigt (relativ)"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/EditFormat:102
+msgid "Respond"
+msgstr "Antworten"
+#: share/html/Prefs/SearchOptions.html:65
+msgid "Restore Default Preferences"
+msgstr "Wiederherstellen der Standardeinstellungen"
+#: share/html/Elements/ListActions:51 share/html/Search/Elements/NewListActions:48
+msgid "Results"
+msgstr "Ergebnisse"
+#: share/html/Helpers/TicketTimer:204
+msgid "Resume Timer"
+msgstr "Wiederaufnahme-Timer"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Crypt.html:55
+msgid "Return back to the ticket"
+msgstr "Zum Ticket zurückkehren"
+#: share/html/Elements/ShortcutHelp:72
+msgid "Return home"
+msgstr "Rückkehr zum Anfang"
+#: share/html/Elements/EditPassword:66
+msgid "Retype Password"
+msgstr "Passwort wiederholen"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/EditSearches:62
+msgid "Revert"
+msgstr "Zurücksetzen"
+#. ($right, $self->PrincipalObj->DisplayName)
+#: lib/RT/ACE.pm:339
+msgid "Revoked right '%1' from %2."
+msgstr "Widerrufen des Rechts'%1' von %2."
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:451
+msgid "Rich text (HTML) shows formatting such as colored text, bold, italics, and more"
+msgstr "Rich-Text (HTML) zeigt Formatierungen wie farbigen Text, fett, kursiv und mehr"
+#: lib/RT/ACE.pm:156
+msgid "Right Loaded"
+msgstr "Recht geladen"
+#: lib/RT/ACE.pm:343
+msgid "Right could not be revoked"
+msgstr "Recht konnte nicht zurückgezogen werden"
+#: lib/RT/ACE.pm:311
+msgid "Right not loaded."
+msgstr "Recht nicht gefunden."
+#. ($object_type)
+#: lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm:2686 lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm:2786
+msgid "Rights could not be granted for %1"
+msgstr "Rechte für %1 konnten nicht gewährt werden"
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/EditRightsCategoryTabs:89
+msgid "Rights for Administrators"
+msgstr "Rechte für Administratoren"
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/EditRightsCategoryTabs:88
+msgid "Rights for Staff"
+msgstr "Rechte für Bearbeiter"
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomRoles/Modify.html:58
+msgid "Role Name"
+msgstr "Rollennname"
+#: lib/RT/CustomRole.pm:291 lib/RT/CustomRole.pm:298
+msgid "Role already exists"
+msgstr "Rolle bereits vorhanden"
+#. ($args{Type})
+#. ($type)
+#: lib/RT/Record/Role/Roles.pm:479 lib/RT/Record/Role/Roles.pm:564
+msgid "Role group '%1' not found"
+msgstr "Rollen Gruppe '%1' nicht gefunden"
+#: lib/RT/Group.pm:544
+msgid "Role group exists already"
+msgstr "Rollen gruppe existiert bereits"
+#: lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm:4088 share/html/Admin/Assets/Catalogs/Roles.html:55 share/html/Elements/Tabs:1157
+msgid "Roles"
+msgstr "Rollen"
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Subscription.html:177
+msgid "Rows"
+msgstr "Zeilen"
+#: share/html/Prefs/MyRT.html:66
+msgid "Rows per box"
+msgstr "Zeilen pro Fenster"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/EditSort:91
+msgid "Rows per page"
+msgstr "Zeilen pro Seite"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:100 lib/RT/Tickets.pm:108 share/html/Elements/RT__Ticket/ColumnMap:263 share/html/Search/Elements/BuildFormatString:102 share/html/Search/Elements/PickBasics:111 share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowBasics:59
+msgid "SLA"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/Modify.html:104
+msgid "SLA Enabled (Unchecking this box disables SLA for this queue)"
+msgstr "SLA aktiviert (Wenn Sie dieses Kontrollkästchen deaktivieren, wird das SLA für diese Warteschlange deaktiviert)."
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/Keys.html:75
+msgid "SMIME Certificate"
+msgstr "SMIME Zertifikat"
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:100
+msgid "SMIMECertificate"
+msgstr "SMIME Zertifikat"
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Queries.html:53 share/html/Admin/Tools/Queries.html:62 share/html/Elements/Tabs:288
+msgid "SQL Queries"
+msgstr "SQL-Abfragen"
+#. ($m->interp->apply_escapes($level, 'h'), qq[<strong><a href="$url">], '</a></strong>')
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/LoggingSummary:80
+msgid "SQL queries are logged at the %1 level and also available in the %2query tool%3."
+msgstr "SQL Abfragen werden mit dem %1 Level geloggt und sind außerdem im %2Abfrage Tool%3 verfügbar."
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/LoggingSummary:82
+msgid "SQL queries are not logged."
+msgstr "SQL Abfragen werden nicht geloggt."
+#: lib/RT/Installer.pm:70
+msgid "SQLite"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/Install/DatabaseType.html:58
+msgid "SQLite is a database that doesn't need a server or any configuration whatsoever. RT's authors recommend it for testing, demoing and development, but it's not quite right for a high-volume production RT server."
+msgstr "SQLite ist eine Datenbank, die keinen Server oder eine Konfiguration benötigt. Die Autoren von RT empfehlen es für Test, Demo und Entwicklung, aber es ist nicht ganz das Richtige für einen hochvolumigen Produktions-RT-Server."
+#: lib/RT/Date.pm:112
+msgid "Sat"
+msgstr "Sa"
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Subscription.html:116
+msgid "Saturday"
+msgstr "Samstag"
+#: share/html/Admin/Assets/Catalogs/Modify.html:59 share/html/Admin/Assets/Catalogs/Roles.html:64 share/html/Admin/Tools/Theme.html:115 share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/ShowSavedSearches:62 share/html/Asset/ModifyPeople.html:71 share/html/Prefs/MyRT.html:68 share/html/Prefs/QueueList.html:67 share/html/Prefs/Search.html:67 share/html/Search/Elements/EditSearches:73 share/html/Ticket/Elements/Reminders:125 share/html/Widgets/SelectionBox:210 share/html/m/ticket/show:345
+msgid "Save"
+msgstr "Speichern"
+#: share/html/Admin/Actions/Modify.html:62 share/html/Admin/Articles/Classes/GroupRights.html:57 share/html/Admin/Articles/Classes/Modify.html:134 share/html/Admin/Articles/Classes/UserRights.html:56 share/html/Admin/Assets/Catalogs/DefaultValues.html:63 share/html/Admin/Assets/Catalogs/GroupRights.html:55 share/html/Admin/Assets/Catalogs/UserRights.html:55 share/html/Admin/Conditions/Modify.html:62 share/html/Admin/CustomFields/GroupRights.html:56 share/html/Admin/CustomFields/Modify.html:198 share/html/Admin/CustomFields/UserRights.html:55 share/html/Admin/CustomRoles/Modify.html:100 share/html/Admin/Global/GroupRights.html:54 share/html/Admin/Global/Template.html:103 share/html/Admin/Global/UserRights.html:54 share/html/Admin/Groups/GroupRights.html:55 share/html/Admin/Groups/Modify.html:99 share/html/Admin/Groups/UserRights.html:55 share/html/Admin/Queues/DefaultValues.html:133 share/html/Admin/Queues/GroupRights.html:59 share/html/Admin/Queues/Modify.html:164 share/html/Admin/Q
 ueues/People.html:134 share/html/Admin/Queues/Template.html:115 share/html/Admin/Queues/UserRights.html:60 share/html/Admin/Scrips/Modify.html:89 share/html/Admin/Scrips/Modify.html:93 share/html/Admin/Users/Keys.html:80 share/html/Admin/Users/Modify.html:235 share/html/Articles/Article/Edit.html:91 share/html/Dashboards/Modify.html:72 share/html/Dashboards/Subscription.html:208 share/html/Prefs/Other.html:76 share/html/Prefs/QueueList.html:66 share/html/Prefs/Search.html:67 share/html/Prefs/SearchOptions.html:61 share/html/SelfService/Prefs.html:85 share/html/Ticket/Modify.html:68 share/html/Ticket/ModifyAll.html:137 share/html/Ticket/ModifyDates.html:60 share/html/Ticket/ModifyLinks.html:67 share/html/Ticket/ModifyPeople.html:82 share/html/Ticket/Reminders.html:63
+msgid "Save Changes"
+msgstr "Änderungen speichern"
+#: share/html/Prefs/Elements/EditAboutMe:161
+msgid "Save Preferences"
+msgstr "Einstellungen speichern"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/EditSearches:66
+msgid "Save as New"
+msgstr "Als neu speichern"
+#: share/html/Asset/Modify.html:66 share/html/Asset/ModifyCFs.html:62 share/html/Asset/ModifyDates.html:61 share/html/Asset/ModifyLinks.html:61
+msgid "Save asset"
+msgstr "Asset speichern"
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/ShowSavedSearches:59
+msgid "Save new"
+msgstr "Speichern als"
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/ShowSavedSearches:54
+msgid "Save this search"
+msgstr "Diese Suche speichern"
+#. ($self->loc( $self->ObjectName ), $name)
+#: lib/RT/SharedSetting.pm:215
+msgid "Saved %1 %2"
+msgstr "Gespeichert %1 %2"
+#: share/html/Admin/Global/MyRT.html:73 share/html/Admin/Users/MyRT.html:101 share/html/Dashboards/Queries.html:129 share/html/Prefs/MyRT.html:142
+msgid "Saved Search"
+msgstr "Gespeicherte Suche"
+#: share/html/Elements/SavedSearches:48 share/html/Elements/Tabs:719
+msgid "Saved Searches"
+msgstr "Gespeicherte Suchanfragen"
+#: share/html/Search/Chart.html:225
+msgid "Saved charts"
+msgstr "Gespeicherte Grafiken"
+#. ($m->interp->apply_escapes($SavedSearch, 'h'))
+#: share/html/Elements/ShowSearch:74
+msgid "Saved search %1 not found"
+msgstr "Gespeicherte Suche %1 nicht gefunden"
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/ShowSavedSearches:48 share/html/Articles/Article/Search.html:69 share/html/Search/Elements/EditSearches:136 share/html/Widgets/SavedSearch:190
+msgid "Saved searches"
+msgstr "Gespeicherte Suchanfragen"
+#: etc/RT_Config.pm:1313
+msgid "SavedSearches"
+msgstr "Gespeicherte Suchen"
+#. ($row->{filename})
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/UpgradeHistoryRow:60
+msgid "Schema updates from %1"
+msgstr "Schema Aktualisierungen von %1"
+#. ($scrip->id)
+#: share/html/Helpers/PreviewScrips:100
+msgid "Scrip #%1"
+msgstr ""
+#: lib/RT/Scrip.pm:209
+msgid "Scrip Created"
+msgstr "Scrip angelegt"
+#: lib/RT/Scrip.pm:372
+msgid "Scrip is not added"
+msgstr "Scrip nicht hinzugefügt"
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/EditScrips:53 share/html/Elements/Tabs:112 share/html/Elements/Tabs:127 share/html/Elements/Tabs:346 share/html/Elements/Tabs:466
+msgid "Scrips"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/Ticket/Update.html:189
+msgid "Scrips and Recipients"
+msgstr "Scrips und Empfänger"
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/EditScrips:54
+msgid "Scrips normally run after each individual change to a ticket."
+msgstr "Skrips laufen normalerweise nach jeder individuellen Änderung am Ticket."
+#: share/html/Admin/Assets/Catalogs/index.html:86 share/html/Admin/Tools/Shredder/index.html:63 share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/ShowSearchCriteria:144 share/html/Asset/Search/index.html:81 share/html/Asset/Search/index.html:90 share/html/Elements/FindAsset:51 share/html/Elements/GotoUser:58 share/html/Elements/ShortcutHelp:86 share/html/Elements/SimpleSearch:56 share/html/Elements/Tabs:1042 share/html/Elements/Tabs:600 share/html/Elements/Tabs:657 share/html/Elements/Tabs:663 share/html/Search/Simple.html:58 share/html/m/_elements/menu:64
+msgid "Search"
+msgstr "Suchen"
+#. ($search->Name)
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/Search.html:227
+msgid "Search %1 updated"
+msgstr "Suchanfrage %1 aktualisiert"
+#: share/html/Articles/Elements/GotoArticle:50 share/html/SelfService/Article/Search.html:48 share/html/SelfService/Elements/SearchArticle:49
+msgid "Search Articles"
+msgstr "Suche Artikel"
+#: share/html/Asset/Elements/Search:49 share/html/Asset/Search/index.html:78
+msgid "Search Assets"
+msgstr "Suche Assets"
+#: share/html/Prefs/SearchOptions.html:48
+msgid "Search Preferences"
+msgstr "Sucheinstellungen"
+#: share/html/Articles/Elements/BeforeMessageBox:55 share/html/SelfService/Article/Search.html:53
+msgid "Search for Articles matching"
+msgstr "Artikel suchen"
+#: share/html/Approvals/Elements/PendingMyApproval:57
+msgid "Search for approvals"
+msgstr "Suche nach Freigaben"
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/Search.html:48
+msgid "Search for articles"
+msgstr "Suche nach Artikeln"
+#: share/html/Search/Simple.html:100
+msgid "Search for tickets"
+msgstr "Suche nach Tickets"
+#. (@strong)
+#: share/html/Search/Simple.html:63
+msgid "Search for tickets by entering %1id%2 numbers, subject words %1\"in quotes\"%2, %1queues%2 by name, Owners by %1username%2, Requestors by %1email address%2, and ticket %1statuses%2.  Searching for %1 at domainname.com%2 will return tickets with requestors from that domain."
+msgstr "Suche nach Tickets durch Eingabe der %1Ticket ID%2 Nummern, Betreff %1\"in Anführungszeichen\"%2, %1Bereiche%2 nach Name, Besitzer anhand des %1Benutzernamens%2, Auftraggeber anhand der %1E-Mail Adresse%2 sowie Tickets anhand des %1Status%2. Die Suche nach %1 at domainname.com%2 liefert alle Tickets mit Auftraggeber aus der Domain."
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:711
+msgid "Search options"
+msgstr "Suchoptionen"
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/Search.html:85
+msgid "Search results"
+msgstr "Suchergebnisse"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:378
+msgid "Search results refresh interval"
+msgstr "Aktualisierungsintervall für Ergebnisse"
+#: share/html/Search/index.html:48
+msgid "Searches"
+msgstr "Suchanfragen"
+#. ($fulltext_keyword)
+#: share/html/Search/Simple.html:73
+msgid "Searching the full text of every ticket can take a long time, but if you need to do it, you can search for any word in full ticket history by typing <b>%1<i>word</i></b>."
+msgstr "Volltext-Suche nimmt für jedes Ticket viel Zeit in Anspruch. Wenn Sie die Volltext-Suche dennoch benötigen können sie nach jedem Wort in der kompletten Ticket-Historie suchen durch Eingabe von <b>%1<i>Gesuchtes Wort</i></b>."
+#: share/html/Prefs/Elements/EditAboutMe:164
+msgid "Secret authentication token"
+msgstr "Geheimer Authentifikationstoken"
+#: bin/rt-crontool:352
+msgid "Security:"
+msgstr "Sicherheit:"
+#: share/html/Elements/ShowCustomFields:136 share/html/m/ticket/show:194
+msgid "See also:"
+msgstr "Siehe auch:"
+#: lib/RT/Class.pm:89
+msgid "See articles in this class"
+msgstr "Artikel in dieser Klasse sehen"
+#: lib/RT/Catalog.pm:82
+msgid "See assets"
+msgstr "Siehe Assets"
+#: lib/RT/Catalog.pm:79
+msgid "See catalogs"
+msgstr "Siehe Kataloge"
+#: lib/RT/Class.pm:90
+msgid "See changes to articles in this class"
+msgstr "Änderungen an Artikeln in dieser Klasse sehen"
+#: lib/RT/Class.pm:87
+msgid "See that this class exists"
+msgstr "Sehen, dass diese Klasse existiert"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:106 share/html/Elements/Tabs:1148 share/html/Elements/Tabs:116 share/html/Elements/Tabs:131 share/html/Elements/Tabs:139 share/html/Elements/Tabs:147 share/html/Elements/Tabs:155 share/html/Elements/Tabs:202 share/html/Elements/Tabs:218 share/html/Elements/Tabs:232 share/html/Elements/Tabs:241 share/html/Elements/Tabs:324 share/html/Elements/Tabs:343 share/html/Elements/Tabs:347 share/html/Elements/Tabs:467 share/html/Elements/Tabs:474 share/html/Elements/Tabs:481 share/html/Elements/Tabs:484 share/html/Elements/Tabs:487 share/html/Elements/Tabs:495 share/html/Elements/Tabs:501 share/html/Elements/Tabs:507 share/html/Elements/Tabs:513 share/html/Elements/Tabs:525 share/html/Elements/Tabs:536 share/html/Elements/Tabs:71 share/html/Elements/Tabs:79 share/html/Elements/Tabs:87 share/html/Elements/Tabs:96
+msgid "Select"
+msgstr "Auswählen"
+#: share/html/Admin/Global/CustomFields/index.html:96 share/html/Elements/Tabs:190
+msgid "Select Custom Fields for Articles in all Classes"
+msgstr "Benutzerdefinierte Felder für Artikel in allen Klassen wählen"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:195
+msgid "Select Custom Fields for Assets in all Catalogs"
+msgstr "Benutzerdefinierte Felder für Assets in allen Katalogen auswählen"
+#: share/html/Install/DatabaseDetails.html:73
+msgid "Select Database Type"
+msgstr "Datenbank Typ wählen"
+#: share/html/Admin/Articles/Classes/index.html:48 share/html/Admin/Articles/Classes/index.html:52
+msgid "Select a Class"
+msgstr "Wähle eine Klasse"
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomFields/index.html:94
+msgid "Select a Custom Field"
+msgstr "Wählen Sie ein benutzerdefiniertes Feld aus"
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomRoles/index.html:93
+msgid "Select a Custom Role"
+msgstr "Wählen Sie eine benutzerdefinierte Rolle aus"
+#: share/html/Admin/Scrips/index.html:48
+msgid "Select a Scrip"
+msgstr "Scrip auswählen"
+#: share/html/Admin/Assets/Catalogs/index.html:52
+msgid "Select a catalog"
+msgstr "Wählen Sie einen Katalog aus"
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Theme.html:84
+msgid "Select a color for the section"
+msgstr "Wähle eine Farbe für diesen Bereich"
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomRoles/index.html:73
+msgid "Select a custom role"
+msgstr "Wählen Sie eine benutzerdefinierte Rolle aus"
+#: share/html/Admin/Groups/index.html:114 share/html/Admin/Groups/index.html:97
+msgid "Select a group"
+msgstr "Wählen Sie eine Gruppe aus"
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/index.html:73 share/html/m/ticket/select_create_queue:55
+msgid "Select a queue"
+msgstr "Bereich auswählen"
+#: share/html/SelfService/CreateTicketInQueue.html:50
+msgid "Select a queue for your new ticket"
+msgstr "Wählen Sie einen Bereich für Ihr neues Ticket"
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Theme.html:79
+msgid "Select a section"
+msgstr "Wählen Sie eine Sektion aus"
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/index.html:105 share/html/Admin/Users/index.html:48 share/html/User/Search.html:60
+msgid "Select a user"
+msgstr "Wählen Sie einen Benutzer aus"
+#. ($included_topic->Name)
+#: share/html/Articles/Elements/BeforeMessageBox:114
+msgid "Select an Article from %1"
+msgstr "Wähle einen Artikel aus %1"
+#: share/html/Articles/Elements/BeforeMessageBox:66
+msgid "Select an Article to include"
+msgstr "Wähle einen Artikel der eingefügt werden soll"
+#: share/html/Install/index.html:59
+msgid "Select another language"
+msgstr "Andere Sprache wählen"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:84 lib/RT/CustomField.pm:87
+msgid "Select box"
+msgstr "Auswahlbox"
+#: share/html/Admin/Global/CustomFields/index.html:78 share/html/Elements/Tabs:175
+msgid "Select custom fields for all queues"
+msgstr "Benutzerdefinierte Felder für alle Bereiche auswählen"
+#: share/html/Admin/Global/CustomFields/index.html:72 share/html/Elements/Tabs:170
+msgid "Select custom fields for all user groups"
+msgstr "Wählen Sie benutzerdefinierte Felder für alle Benutzergruppen aus"
+#: share/html/Admin/Global/CustomFields/index.html:67 share/html/Elements/Tabs:165
+msgid "Select custom fields for all users"
+msgstr "Wählen Sie benutzerdefinierte Felder für alle Benutzer aus"
+#: share/html/Admin/Global/CustomFields/index.html:84 share/html/Elements/Tabs:180
+msgid "Select custom fields for tickets in all queues"
+msgstr "Wählen Sie benutzerdefinierte Felder für Tickets in allen Bereichen aus"
+#: share/html/Admin/Global/CustomFields/index.html:91 share/html/Elements/Tabs:185
+msgid "Select custom fields for transactions on tickets in all queues"
+msgstr "Wählen Sie benutzerdefinierte Felder für Transaktionen zu Tickets in allen Bereichen aus"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:173
+msgid "Select date"
+msgstr "Datum auswählen"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:183
+msgid "Select datetime"
+msgstr "Datum-Zeit auswählen"
+#: share/html/Admin/Scrips/Objects.html:65
+msgid "Select global scrip stage:"
+msgstr "Globale Skrip Phase wählen"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:172
+msgid "Select multiple dates"
+msgstr "Mehrere Datumsangaben wählen"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:182
+msgid "Select multiple datetimes"
+msgstr "Mehrere Datums- und Zeitangaben wäglen"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:75
+msgid "Select multiple values"
+msgstr "Mehrere Werte auswählen"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:76
+msgid "Select one value"
+msgstr "Einen Wert auswählen"
+#: share/html/Prefs/QueueList.html:52
+msgid "Select queues to be displayed on the \"RT at a glance\" page"
+msgstr "Wähle Bereiche aus, welche auf der Startseite angezeigt werden"
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/SelectStageForAdded:53
+msgid "Select scrip stage for newly added queues:"
+msgstr "Skrip Phase für neu hinzugefügte Bereiche wählen"
+#. ()
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/ExtractIntoClass.html:63 share/html/Articles/Article/ExtractIntoTopic.html:52
+msgid "Select topics for this article"
+msgstr "Wähle Themen für diesen Artikel"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:174
+msgid "Select up to %quant(%1,date,dates)"
+msgstr "Bis zu %1 Datumsangaben wählen"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:184
+msgid "Select up to %quant(%1,datetime,datetimes)"
+msgstr "Bis zu %1 Datums-/Zeitangaben wählen"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:77
+msgid "Select up to %quant(%1,value,values)"
+msgstr "Wählen Sie bis zu %1 Werte aus"
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/EditCustomFields:55
+msgid "Selected Custom Fields"
+msgstr "Ausgewählte Benutzerdefinierte Felder"
+#: share/html/Admin/Articles/Classes/Objects.html:65
+msgid "Selected Queues"
+msgstr "Gewählte Bereiche"
+#: lib/RT/Crypt.pm:692
+msgid "Selected key either is not trusted or doesn't exist anymore."
+msgstr "Ausgewählter Schlüssel ist nicht vertrauenswürdig oder existiert nicht mehr."
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomFields/Objects.html:67 share/html/Admin/CustomRoles/Objects.html:56 share/html/Admin/Scrips/Objects.html:75
+msgid "Selected objects"
+msgstr "Ausgewählte Objekte"
+#: share/html/Widgets/SelectionBox:208
+msgid "Selections modified. Please save your changes"
+msgstr "Auswahl wurde geändert. Bitte speichere deine Änderungen"
+#: etc/initialdata:117
+msgid "Send Forward"
+msgstr "Weiterleiten"
+#: etc/initialdata:118
+msgid "Send forwarded message"
+msgstr "Weitergeleitete Nachricht senden"
+#: etc/initialdata:90
+msgid "Send mail to owner and all watchers"
+msgstr "Sende eine E-Mail an den Besitzer und alle Beobachter"
+#: etc/initialdata:86
+msgid "Send mail to owner and all watchers as a \"comment\""
+msgstr "Sende eine E-Mail an den Besitzer und alle Beobachter als \"Kommentar\""
+#: etc/initialdata:81
+msgid "Send mail to requestors and Ccs"
+msgstr "Sende eine E-Mail an die Auftraggeber und Ccs"
+#: etc/initialdata:76
+msgid "Send mail to requestors and Ccs as a comment"
+msgstr "Sende eine E-Mail an die Auftraggeber und Ccs als Kommentar"
+#: lib/RT/Interface/Email.pm:1441
+msgid "Sending the previous mail has failed.  Please contact your admin, they can find more details in the logs."
+msgstr "Der Versand der letzten E-Mail ist fehlgeschlagen. Bitte kontaktieren Sie Ihren Administrator, dieser kann weitere Informationen in den Logdateien finden."
+#: etc/initialdata:40
+msgid "Sends a message to the requestors"
+msgstr "Schickt eine Nachricht an die Auftraggeber"
+#: etc/initialdata:94 etc/initialdata:98
+msgid "Sends mail to explicitly listed Ccs and Bccs"
+msgstr "Sendet eine E-Mail an ausdrücklich aufgeführte CCs und BCCs"
+#: etc/initialdata:56 etc/upgrade/3.1.17/content:10
+msgid "Sends mail to the Ccs"
+msgstr "Sendet eine E-Mail an alle CCs"
+#: etc/initialdata:52 etc/upgrade/3.1.17/content:6
+msgid "Sends mail to the Ccs as a comment"
+msgstr "Sendet eine E-Mail an alle CCs als Kommentar"
+#: etc/initialdata:68 etc/upgrade/4.1.15/content:6
+msgid "Sends mail to the Owner and administrative Ccs"
+msgstr "Sendet E-Mails an den Eigentümer und die administrativen Ccs"
+#: etc/initialdata:72 etc/upgrade/4.2.6/content:6
+msgid "Sends mail to the Owner if set, otherwise administrative Ccs"
+msgstr "Sendet eine E-Mail an den Besitzer, falls gesetzt, ansonsten administrative Ccs."
+#: etc/initialdata:64
+msgid "Sends mail to the administrative Ccs"
+msgstr "Sendet eine E-Mail an administrative CCs"
+#: etc/initialdata:60
+msgid "Sends mail to the administrative Ccs as a comment"
+msgstr "Sendet eine E-Mail an administrative CCs als Kommentar"
+#: etc/initialdata:44 etc/initialdata:48
+msgid "Sends mail to the owner"
+msgstr "Sendet eine E-Mail an den Besitzer"
+#: lib/RT/Date.pm:99
+msgid "Sep"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/LinkEntryInstructions:49
+msgid "Separate multiple entries with spaces."
+msgstr "Mehrere Einträge durch Leerzeichen trennen."
+#: etc/initialdata:124 etc/upgrade/4.3.8/content:22
+msgid "Set due date according to SLA"
+msgstr "Fälligkeitsdatum nach SLA festlegen"
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:2080
+msgid "Set private key"
+msgstr "Privaten Schlüssel setzen"
+#: etc/initialdata:120 etc/upgrade/4.3.8/content:18
+msgid "Set starts date according to SLA"
+msgstr "Startdatum nach SLA festlegen"
+#: etc/initialdata:125 etc/upgrade/4.3.8/content:23
+msgid "Set the due date according to an agreement"
+msgstr "Setze das Fälligkeitsdatum gemäß einer Vereinbarung"
+#: etc/initialdata:121 etc/upgrade/4.3.8/content:19
+msgid "Set the starts date according to an agreement"
+msgstr "Setze das Startdatum gemäß einer Vereinbarung"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:708
+msgid "Settings"
+msgstr "Einstellungen"
+#: share/html/Articles/Elements/NeedsSetup:49
+msgid "Setup needed"
+msgstr "Konfiguration notwendig"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:200
+msgid "Short usernames"
+msgstr "Kurze Benutzernamen"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:642
+msgid "Should RT send you mail for ticket updates you make?"
+msgstr "Soll RT Ihnen E-Mails für ihre eigenen Aktualisierungen senden?"
+#: share/html/Elements/ShowTransaction:152 share/html/Elements/Tabs:748
+msgid "Show"
+msgstr "Anzeigen"
+#: lib/RT/System.pm:89
+msgid "Show Admin menu"
+msgstr "Administrator Menü anzeigen"
+#: lib/RT/System.pm:90
+msgid "Show Approvals tab"
+msgstr "Registerkarte \"Freigaben\" anzeigen"
+#: lib/RT/System.pm:88
+msgid "Show Articles menu"
+msgstr "Artikel Menü anzeigen"
+#: lib/RT/System.pm:91
+msgid "Show Assets menu"
+msgstr "Siehe Anlagen-Menü"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/EditFormat:54
+msgid "Show Columns"
+msgstr "Zeige Spalten"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:1122 share/html/Elements/Tabs:976
+msgid "Show Results"
+msgstr "Zeige Ergebnisse"
+#. ($Level)
+#: share/html/Ticket/Graphs/Elements/EditGraphProperties:154
+msgid "Show Tickets Properties on %1 level"
+msgstr "Zeige Ticket Eigenschaften der %1 Ebene"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowAttachments:116
+msgid "Show all"
+msgstr "Alle anzeigen"
+#: share/html/Elements/ShowHistoryHeader:78 share/html/Elements/ShowHistoryHeader:79
+msgid "Show all quoted text"
+msgstr "Alle zitierten Texte anzeigen"
+#: share/html/Approvals/Elements/PendingMyApproval:65
+msgid "Show approved requests"
+msgstr "Zeige freigegebene Tickets"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Graphs/Elements/EditGraphProperties:71
+msgid "Show as well"
+msgstr "Zeige auch"
+#: share/html/Elements/ShowHistoryHeader:89
+msgid "Show brief headers"
+msgstr "Kurze Kopfzeilen anzeigen"
+#: share/html/Approvals/Elements/PendingMyApproval:68
+msgid "Show denied requests"
+msgstr "Zeige abgelehnte Tickets"
+#: share/html/Elements/ShowHistoryHeader:94
+msgid "Show full headers"
+msgstr "Alle Kopfzeilen anzeigen"
+#: lib/RT/System.pm:92
+msgid "Show global templates"
+msgstr "Zeige globale Vorlagen"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:480
+msgid "Show history"
+msgstr "Verlauf anzeigen"
+#: lib/RT/System.pm:84
+msgid "Show history of public user properties"
+msgstr "Verlauf der öffentlichen Benutzer-Einstellungen anzeigen"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Graphs/Elements/EditGraphProperties:102
+msgid "Show link descriptions"
+msgstr "Zeige Verknüpfung Beschreibungen"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:522
+msgid "Show no tickets for the Requestor"
+msgstr "Zeige keine Ticktes des Auftraggebers"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:471
+msgid "Show oldest history first"
+msgstr "Zeige ältesten Eintrag zuerst"
+#: share/html/Approvals/Elements/PendingMyApproval:62
+msgid "Show pending requests"
+msgstr "Zeige anhängige Tickets"
+#: share/html/Elements/FoldStanzaJS:50 share/html/Elements/FoldStanzaJS:50
+msgid "Show quoted text"
+msgstr "Zitierten Text anzeigen"
+#: share/html/Approvals/Elements/PendingMyApproval:71
+msgid "Show requests awaiting other approvals"
+msgstr "Zeige Tickets die auf Freigabe warten"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:532
+msgid "Show simplified recipient list on ticket update"
+msgstr "Zeige vereinfachte Empfängerliste bei Ticket Updates"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:519
+msgid "Show the Requestor's 10 highest priority active tickets"
+msgstr "Zeige die 10 aktivsten Tickets mit höchster Priorität des Ticketerstellers an"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:520
+msgid "Show the Requestor's 10 highest priority inactive tickets"
+msgstr "Zeige die 10 inaktivsten Tickets mit höchster Priorität des Ticketerstellers an"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:521
+msgid "Show the Requestor's 10 highest priority tickets"
+msgstr "Zeige die 10 dringendsten Tickets des Auftraggebers"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Elements/ClickToShowHistory:50
+msgid "Show ticket history"
+msgstr "Zeige Ticket-Verlauf"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Display.html:62
+msgid "Show unset fields"
+msgstr "Nicht festgelegte Felder anzeigen"
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Shredder/index.html:74 share/html/Elements/Tabs:1019 share/html/Elements/Tabs:294
+msgid "Shredder"
+msgstr "Reißwolf"
+#. ($path_tag)
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Shredder/Elements/Error/NoStorage:55
+msgid "Shredder needs a directory to write dumps to. Please ensure that the directory %1 exists and that it is writable by your web server."
+msgstr "Der Reißwolf benötigt ein Verzeichnis um SQL-Dumps zu speichern. Bitte stellen Sie sicher, dass das Verzeichnis '%1' existiert und dass dieses für den Webserver beschreibbar  ist."
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Queries.html:184
+msgid "Sidebar"
+msgstr "Seitenleiste"
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__Queue/ColumnMap:92
+msgid "Sign"
+msgstr "Signieren"
+#. ("<b>","</b>","<i>","</i>")
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/Modify.html:125
+msgid "Sign all auto-generated mail.  %1Caution%2: Enabling this option alters the signature from providing %3authentication%4 to providing %3integrity%4."
+msgstr "Signiere alle automatisch generierten E-Mails. %1Achtung%2: Aktivieren dieser Option ändert die Bereitstellung der Signatur von %3Authentifizierung%3 zu %3Integrität%4."
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/Modify.html:120
+msgid "Sign by default"
+msgstr "Standardmäßig unterzeichnen"
+#: lib/RT/Queue.pm:122
+msgid "Sign up as a ticket Requestor or ticket or queue Cc"
+msgstr "Als Auftraggeber eines Ticket oder Ticket- bzw. Bereich-Cc eintragen"
+#: lib/RT/Queue.pm:123
+msgid "Sign up as a ticket or queue AdminCc"
+msgstr "Als Ticket- oder Bereich-AdminCc eintragen"
+#. ($columnsplit,    $m->scomp('/Widgets/Form/Boolean:InputOnly',        Name => 'Sign', CurrentValue => $self->{'Sign'}    ),)
+#: share/html/Elements/Crypt/SignEncryptWidget:64
+msgid "Sign%1%2"
+msgstr "Signiere %1 %2"
+#. ($columnsplit,    $m->scomp('/Widgets/Form/Boolean:InputOnly',        Name => 'Sign', CurrentValue => $self->{'Sign'}    ),    $m->scomp('SelectKeyForSigning', User => $session{'CurrentUser'}->UserObj ),)
+#: share/html/Elements/Crypt/SignEncryptWidget:57
+msgid "Sign%1%2 using %3"
+msgstr "Signiere %1%2 mit %3"
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/Modify.html:223 share/html/Prefs/Elements/EditAboutMe:101
+msgid "Signature"
+msgstr "E-Mail-Signatur"
+#: lib/RT/Queue.pm:319
+msgid "Signing"
+msgstr "Signieren"
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/ModifyTemplate:65
+msgid "Simple"
+msgstr "Einfach"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:603
+msgid "Simple Search"
+msgstr "Vereinfachte Suche"
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__CustomRole/ColumnMap:74
+msgid "Single"
+msgstr "Einzelne"
+#: lib/RT/Installer.pm:137
+msgid "Site name"
+msgstr "Name der Website"
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Configuration.html:143 share/html/Search/Elements/EditFormat:114
+msgid "Size"
+msgstr "Größe"
+#: share/html/Elements/PersonalQuickbar:52
+msgid "Skip Menu"
+msgstr "Überspringe Menü"
+#: sbin/rt-email-digest:282
+msgid "Skipping disabled user"
+msgstr "Überspringe deaktivierten Benutzer"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/EditFormat:117
+msgid "Small"
+msgstr "Klein"
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomFields/Modify.html:158
+msgid "Some browsers may only load content from the same domain as your RT server."
+msgstr "Einige Browser können evtl. nur Inhalte der gleichen Domain wie die des RT Server anzeigen."
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomFields/Objects.html:112
+msgid "Something wrong. Contact system administrator"
+msgstr "Irgendwas läuft falsch. Setze Dich mit dem System Administrator in Verbindung"
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/AddCustomFieldValue:53 share/html/Admin/Elements/EditCustomFieldValues:57
+msgid "Sort"
+msgstr "Sortieren"
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/Modify.html:87
+msgid "Sort Order"
+msgstr "Sortierreihenfolge"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/DisplayOptions:48
+msgid "Sorting"
+msgstr "Sortierung"
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Configuration.html:266 share/html/Admin/Tools/Configuration.html:63
+msgid "Source"
+msgstr "Quelle"
+#: sbin/rt-email-digest:85
+msgid "Specify whether this is a daily or weekly run."
+msgstr "Gib an ob dieses ein täglicher oder wöchentlicher Durchlauf ist"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:985
+msgid "Spreadsheet"
+msgstr "Tabellenkalkulation"
+#. ($level)
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/LoggingSummary:73
+msgid "Stack traces are added to message levels %1 and higher."
+msgstr "Stack traces werden zu allen Nachrichten mit Level %1 oder höher hinzugefügt."
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/LoggingSummary:75
+msgid "Stack traces are not logged."
+msgstr "Stack traces werden nicht geloggt."
+#: share/html/Admin/Scrips/Create.html:61 share/html/Elements/RT__Queue/ColumnMap:105 share/html/Elements/RT__Scrip/ColumnMap:169
+msgid "Stage"
+msgstr "Phase"
+#: etc/RT_Config.pm:3494 etc/RT_Config.pm:3583
+msgid "Stall"
+msgstr "Zurückstellen"
+#. (map { "<strong>$_</strong>" } 'queue:"Example Queue"', 'owner:email at example.com')
+#: share/html/Search/Simple.html:85
+msgid "Start the search term with the name of a supported field followed by a colon, as in %1 and %2, to explicitly specify the search type."
+msgstr "Beginne den Suchebegriff mit dem Namen eines unterstützen Feldes gefolgt von einem Doppelpunkt, wie in %1 und %2, um explizit die Art der Suche anzugeben."
+#: lib/RT/Graph/Tickets.pm:179 lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:92 lib/RT/Tickets.pm:135 share/html/Elements/RT__Ticket/ColumnMap:201 share/html/Elements/RT__Ticket/ColumnMap:234 share/html/Elements/SelectDateType:50 share/html/Search/Elements/BuildFormatString:102 share/html/Ticket/Elements/EditDates:63 share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowDates:60 share/html/m/ticket/show:365
+msgid "Started"
+msgstr "Begonnen"
+#. ($Now->AsString)
+#: share/html/Helpers/TicketTimer:221
+msgid "Started at %1."
+msgstr "Gestartet um %1."
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/BuildFormatString:102
+msgid "StartedRelative"
+msgstr "Begonnen (relativ)"
+#: lib/RT/Graph/Tickets.pm:179 lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:91 lib/RT/Tickets.pm:134 share/html/Admin/Queues/DefaultValues.html:81 share/html/Elements/RT__Ticket/ColumnMap:196 share/html/Elements/RT__Ticket/ColumnMap:229 share/html/Elements/SelectDateType:54 share/html/Search/Elements/BuildFormatString:102 share/html/Ticket/Create.html:305 share/html/Ticket/Elements/EditDates:50 share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowDates:55 share/html/m/ticket/create:380 share/html/m/ticket/show:361
+msgid "Starts"
+msgstr "Beginnt"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/BuildFormatString:102
+msgid "StartsRelative"
+msgstr "Beginnt (relativ)"
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/Modify.html:160 share/html/Elements/RT__User/ColumnMap:116 share/html/Prefs/Elements/EditAboutMe:145 share/html/Prefs/Elements/ShowAboutMe:127
+msgid "State"
+msgstr "Bundesland"
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Configuration.html:183
+msgid "Static file search order"
+msgstr "Statische Datei Such Reihenfolge"
+#: lib/RT/Graph/Tickets.pm:177 lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:73 lib/RT/Tickets.pm:107 lib/RT/Tickets.pm:1621 share/html/Asset/Elements/AssetSearchBasics:55 share/html/Asset/Elements/EditBasics:64 share/html/Asset/Elements/ShowBasics:62 share/html/Asset/Search/Bulk.html:97 share/html/Elements/RT__Class/ColumnMap:66 share/html/Elements/RT__CustomField/ColumnMap:56 share/html/Elements/RT__CustomRole/ColumnMap:56 share/html/Elements/RT__Group/ColumnMap:82 share/html/Elements/RT__Queue/ColumnMap:56 share/html/Elements/RT__Scrip/ColumnMap:110 share/html/Elements/RT__Ticket/ColumnMap:111 share/html/Elements/RT__Ticket/ColumnMap:121 share/html/Elements/RT__User/ColumnMap:146 share/html/Search/Elements/BuildFormatString:102 share/html/Search/Elements/PickBasics:97 share/html/SelfService/Update.html:62 share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowBasics:54 share/html/Ticket/Graphs/Elements/ShowLegends:51 share/html/Tools/MyDay.html:67 share/html/m/_elements/ticket_list:95 share/html/m/ticket/create:250 share/ht
 ml/m/ticket/reply:63 share/html/m/ticket/show:219
+msgid "Status"
+msgstr ""
+#. ($self->loc($args{'Status'}))
+#: lib/RT/Asset.pm:244
+msgid "Status '%1' isn't a valid status for assets."
+msgstr "Der Status'%1' ist kein gültiger Status für Anlagen."
+#. ($self->loc($new), $self->loc($lifecycle->Type))
+#: lib/RT/Record/Role/Status.pm:163
+msgid "Status '%1' isn't a valid status for this %2."
+msgstr "Status '%1' ist kein gültiger Status für diesen %2."
+#. ($self->loc($args{'Status'}))
+#: lib/RT/Ticket.pm:287
+msgid "Status '%1' isn't a valid status for tickets in this queue."
+msgstr "Der Status '%1' ist ein ungültiger Status für Tickets in diesem Bereich"
+#: etc/initialdata:449
+msgid "Status Change"
+msgstr "Statusänderung"
+#: etc/initialdata:460 etc/upgrade/4.1.9/content:90
+msgid "Status Change in HTML"
+msgstr "Statusänderung in HTML"
+#. ("'" . $self->loc( $canon->($self->OldValue) ) . "'",                    "'" . $self->loc( $canon->($self->NewValue) ) . "'")
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:911
+msgid "Status changed from %1 to %2"
+msgstr "Status von %1 auf %2 geändert"
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/EditRightsCategoryTabs:90
+msgid "Status changes"
+msgstr "Statusänderungen"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:856
+msgid "Steal"
+msgstr "Stehlen"
+#: lib/RT/Queue.pm:131
+msgid "Steal tickets"
+msgstr "Tickets stehlen"
+#. (1, 7)
+#. (2, 7)
+#. (3, 7)
+#. (4, 7)
+#. (5, 7)
+#. (6, 7)
+#. (7, 7)
+#: share/html/Install/Basics.html:48 share/html/Install/DatabaseDetails.html:48 share/html/Install/DatabaseType.html:48 share/html/Install/Finish.html:48 share/html/Install/Global.html:48 share/html/Install/Initialize.html:48 share/html/Install/Sendmail.html:48
+msgid "Step %1 of %2"
+msgstr "Schritt %1 von %2"
+#. ($self->_FormatUser($Old))
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1079 lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1243
+msgid "Stolen from %1"
+msgstr "Gestohlen von %1"
+#: share/html/Helpers/TicketTimer:195
+msgid "Stopwatch"
+msgstr "Stoppuhr"
+#: share/html/Search/Chart.html:182 share/html/Search/Elements/EditFormat:123
+msgid "Style"
+msgstr "Darstellung"
+#: lib/RT/Graph/Tickets.pm:177 lib/RT/Tickets.pm:140 lib/RT/Tickets.pm:1731 share/html/Admin/Tools/Shredder/Elements/Object/RT--Ticket:52 share/html/Elements/QuickCreate:57 share/html/Elements/RT__Ticket/ColumnMap:116 share/html/Elements/SelectAttachmentField:49 share/html/Search/Bulk.html:161 share/html/Search/Elements/BuildFormatString:102 share/html/SelfService/Create.html:87 share/html/SelfService/Elements/RequestUpdate:58 share/html/SelfService/Update.html:73 share/html/Ticket/Create.html:222 share/html/Ticket/Elements/Reminders:133 share/html/Ticket/Elements/Reminders:164 share/html/Ticket/Forward.html:65 share/html/Ticket/ModifyAll.html:111 share/html/Ticket/Update.html:156 share/html/m/ticket/create:229 share/html/m/ticket/reply:99
+msgid "Subject"
+msgstr "Betreff"
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/Modify.html:83
+msgid "Subject Tag"
+msgstr "Betreffskennzeichnung"
+#. ($self->Data)
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1107
+msgid "Subject changed to %1"
+msgstr "Betreff wurde auf %1 geändert"
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__Queue/ColumnMap:87
+msgid "SubjectTag"
+msgstr "Betreff Tag"
+#: share/html/Elements/Submit:99 share/html/SelfService/Elements/RequestUpdate:66
+msgid "Submit"
+msgstr "Übermitteln"
+#: share/html/Helpers/TicketTimer:205 share/html/Helpers/TicketTimer:205
+msgid "Submit Timer"
+msgstr "Timer absenden"
+#: share/html/Helpers/TicketTimer:148
+msgid "Submitting"
+msgstr "Sendevorgang"
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Subscription.html:210
+msgid "Subscribe"
+msgstr "Abonnieren"
+#. ($Dashboard->Name)
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Subscription.html:383
+msgid "Subscribe to dashboard %1"
+msgstr "Dashboard %1 abbonnieren"
+#: lib/RT/Dashboard.pm:78
+msgid "Subscribe to dashboards"
+msgstr "Dashboard abonnieren"
+#. ($Dashboard->Name)
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Subscription.html:361
+msgid "Subscribed to dashboard %1"
+msgstr "Dashboard %1 abonniert"
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Subscription.html:88 share/html/Elements/RT__Dashboard/ColumnMap:61 share/html/Elements/Tabs:746
+msgid "Subscription"
+msgstr "Abonnement"
+#. ($msg)
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Subscription.html:364
+msgid "Subscription could not be created: %1"
+msgstr "Abonnement konnte nicht erstellt werden: %1"
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Subscription.html:344
+msgid "Subscription updated"
+msgstr "Abonnement aktualisiert"
+#: lib/RT/Attachment.pm:1001
+msgid "Successfuly decrypted data"
+msgstr "Erfolgreich entschlüsselte Daten"
+#: lib/RT/Attachment.pm:952
+msgid "Successfuly encrypted data"
+msgstr "Erfolgreich verschlüsselte Daten"
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/Display.html:54 share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/EditBasics:54 share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/ShowSearchCriteria:67 share/html/Elements/RT__Article/ColumnMap:66 share/html/Elements/Tabs:1174
+msgid "Summary"
+msgstr "Zusammenfassung"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:245
+msgid "Summary of Created-LastUpdated"
+msgstr "Übersicht von Erstellt-Zuletzt aktualisiert"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:240
+msgid "Summary of Created-Resolved"
+msgstr "Übersicht von Erstellt-Erledigt"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:235
+msgid "Summary of Created-Started"
+msgstr "Übersicht von Erstellt-Begonnen"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:255
+msgid "Summary of Due-Resolved"
+msgstr "Übersicht von Fällig-Erledigt"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:260
+msgid "Summary of Started-Resolved"
+msgstr "Übersicht von Begonnen-Erledigt"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:250
+msgid "Summary of Starts-Started"
+msgstr "Übersicht von Beginnt-Begonnen"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:225
+msgid "Summary of time estimated"
+msgstr "Übersicht von Geschätzte Zeit"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:230
+msgid "Summary of time left"
+msgstr "Übersicht von Verbleibende Zeit"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:220
+msgid "Summary of time worked"
+msgstr "Übersicht von Gearbeitete Zeit"
+#: lib/RT/Date.pm:106
+msgid "Sun"
+msgstr "So"
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Subscription.html:117
+msgid "Sunday"
+msgstr "Sonntag"
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Subscription.html:187
+msgid "Suppress if empty (Check this to avoid sending mail if all searches have no results)"
+msgstr "Unterdrücke, wenn leer (Aktivieren Sie dies, um das Versenden von E-Mails zu vermeiden, wenn alle Suchanfragen ohne Ergebnis sind)."
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:631
+msgid "Suspended"
+msgstr "Ausgesetzt"
+#: lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm:4040
+msgid "System"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/EditActions:52
+msgid "System Actions"
+msgstr "System-Aktionen"
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/EditConditions:52
+msgid "System Conditions"
+msgstr "System-Zustände"
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Configuration.html:50 share/html/Elements/Tabs:276
+msgid "System Configuration"
+msgstr "Systemeinstellungen"
+#: lib/RT/Installer.pm:200 share/html/Elements/SelectTimezone:63 share/html/Prefs/Elements/ShowAboutMe:71 share/html/Prefs/Elements/ShowAboutMe:79
+msgid "System Default"
+msgstr "Systemvorgabe"
+#: lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm:2686 lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm:2786 share/html/Admin/Elements/EditRightsCategoryTabs:60
+msgid "System Error"
+msgstr "Systemfehler"
+#. ($msg)
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:272 lib/RT/Transaction.pm:278
+msgid "System Error: %1"
+msgstr "System Fehlerr: %1"
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/index.html:48
+msgid "System Tools"
+msgstr "System Werkzeuge"
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:926
+msgid "System error"
+msgstr "Systemfehler"
+#: lib/RT/ACE.pm:141 lib/RT/ACE.pm:209 lib/RT/ACE.pm:291
+msgid "System error. Right not granted."
+msgstr "Systemfehler. Recht nicht gewährt."
+#: lib/RT/CustomRole.pm:137 lib/RT/Handle.pm:811
+msgid "SystemRolegroup for internal use"
+msgstr "SystemRolegroup für internen Gebrauch"
+#: etc/initialdata:862 share/html/Elements/Tabs:853 share/html/Search/Elements/EditFormat:101
+msgid "Take"
+msgstr "Übernehmen"
+#: lib/RT/Queue.pm:130
+msgid "Take tickets"
+msgstr "Tickets übernehmen"
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1063 lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1235
+msgid "Taken"
+msgstr "Übernommen"
+#: share/html/Install/DatabaseDetails.html:53
+msgid "Tell us a little about how to find the database RT will be using"
+msgstr "Erzählen Sie uns ein wenig darüber, wie Sie die Datenbank finden, die RT verwenden wird."
+#: share/html/Admin/Scrips/Elements/EditBasics:64 share/html/Elements/RT__Scrip/ColumnMap:93
+msgid "Template"
+msgstr "Vorlage"
+#. ($id)
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/EditTemplates:113
+msgid "Template #%1 deleted"
+msgstr "Vorlage #%1 gelöscht"
+#: lib/RT/Scrip.pm:170
+msgid "Template '%1' is not global"
+msgstr "Vorlage '%1' ist nicht global"
+#: lib/RT/Scrip.pm:172
+msgid "Template '%1' is not global nor queue specific"
+msgstr "Vorlage '%1' ist weder global, noch bereichs-spezifisch"
+#. ($args{'Template'})
+#. ($value)
+#: lib/RT/Scrip.pm:167 lib/RT/Scrip.pm:844
+msgid "Template '%1' not found"
+msgstr "Vorlage '%1' nicht gefunden"
+#: lib/RT/Template.pm:845
+msgid "Template compiles"
+msgstr "Vorlage wird kompiliert"
+#: lib/RT/Template.pm:812
+msgid "Template does not include Perl code"
+msgstr "Vorlage beinhaltet keinen Perl code"
+#: lib/RT/Template.pm:487
+msgid "Template is empty"
+msgstr "Vorlage ist leer"
+#: lib/RT/Template.pm:322
+msgid "Template is in use"
+msgstr "Vorlage ist in Verwendung"
+#: lib/RT/Scrip.pm:156 lib/RT/Scrip.pm:839
+msgid "Template is mandatory argument"
+msgstr "Vorlage ist zwingend erforderlich"
+#: lib/RT/Template.pm:467
+msgid "Template parsed"
+msgstr "Vorlagen eingelesen"
+#: lib/RT/Template.pm:567
+msgid "Template parsing error"
+msgstr "Vorlagen Analyse Fehler"
+#. ($Text::Template::ERROR)
+#: lib/RT/Template.pm:553 lib/RT/Template.pm:587 lib/RT/Template.pm:823
+msgid "Template parsing error: %1"
+msgstr "Fehler beim Parsen der Vorlage: %1"
+#. ($msg)
+#: share/html/Admin/Scrips/Objects.html:137
+msgid "Template: %1"
+msgstr "Vorlage: %1"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:151 share/html/Elements/Tabs:342
+msgid "Templates"
+msgstr "Vorlagen"
+#. ($QueueObj->Name)
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/Templates.html:60
+msgid "Templates for queue %1"
+msgstr "Vorlagen für Bereich %1"
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Theme.html:95
+msgid "Text"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/Elements/ShowTransactionAttachments:154
+msgid "Text file is not shown because it is disabled in preferences."
+msgstr "Text-Datei wird nicht angezeigt, weil es in den Einstellungen deaktiviert ist."
+#: lib/RT/Record.pm:1004
+msgid "That is already the current value"
+msgstr "Das ist bereits der aktuelle Wert"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:1791 share/html/Elements/ValidateCustomFields:120
+msgid "That is not a unique value"
+msgstr "Dies ist kein eindeutiger Wert"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:696
+msgid "That is not a value for this custom field"
+msgstr "Dies ist kein gültiger Wert für dieses benutzerdefinierte Feld"
+#: lib/RT/Record/Role/Roles.pm:468 lib/RT/Record/Role/Roles.pm:541
+msgid "That role is invalid for this object"
+msgstr "Diese Rolle ist für dieses Objekt ungültig."
+#: lib/RT/Ticket.pm:2461
+msgid "That ticket has unresolved dependencies"
+msgstr "Dieses Ticket hat ungelöste Abhängigkeiten"
+#: lib/RT/Action/CreateTickets.pm:434 lib/RT/Ticket.pm:2374
+msgid "That user already owns that ticket"
+msgstr "Dieses Ticket gehört bereits diesem Benutzer"
+#: lib/RT/Ticket.pm:2364
+msgid "That user does not exist"
+msgstr "Dieser Benutzer existiert nicht"
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:448
+msgid "That user is already privileged"
+msgstr "Dieser Benutzer ist bereits privilegiert"
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:474
+msgid "That user is already unprivileged"
+msgstr "Dieser Benutzer ist bereits unprivilegiert"
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:467
+msgid "That user is now privileged"
+msgstr "Dieser Benutzer ist jetzt privilegiert"
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:493
+msgid "That user is now unprivileged"
+msgstr "Dieser Benutzer ist jetzt unprivilegiert"
+#: lib/RT/Ticket.pm:2369
+msgid "That user may not own tickets in that queue"
+msgstr "Diesem Benutzer dürfen keine Tickets aus diesen Bereich gehören"
+#: lib/RT/Link.pm:262
+msgid "That's not a numerical id"
+msgstr "Dies ist keine numerische ID"
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/Display.html:51 share/html/SelfService/Display.html:58 share/html/Ticket/Create.html:267 share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowSummary:52 share/html/m/ticket/create:337 share/html/m/ticket/show:209
+msgid "The Basics"
+msgstr "Grundlagen"
+#: lib/RT/Ticket.pm:103
+msgid "The CC of a ticket"
+msgstr "Der Cc eines Ticket"
+#. ($Value)
+#: lib/RT/Article.pm:577
+msgid "The Class of the Article identified by %1 is not applied to the current Queue"
+msgstr "Die Klasse des Artikel %1 ist nicht dem aktuellen Bereich zugeordnet."
+#: lib/RT/Installer.pm:114
+msgid "The DBA's database password"
+msgstr "DBA Datenbank Password"
+#: lib/RT/Ticket.pm:104
+msgid "The administrative CC of a ticket"
+msgstr "Der administrative Cc eines Ticket"
+#: share/html/Ticket/ModifyPeople.html:63
+msgid "The checked users may receive email related to this ticket depending on the action taken. Uncheck users to stop sending email to them about this ticket."
+msgstr "Die ausgewählten Benutzer erhalten E-Mails zu diesem Ticket je nach gewähltem Aktualisierungstyp. Deaktivieren Sie die Benutzer um das senden von E-Mails zu diesem Ticket zu verhindern."
+#: etc/initialdata:29 etc/upgrade/4.3.10/content:10
+msgid "The default catalog"
+msgstr "Der Standardkatalog"
+#: lib/RT/Installer.pm:81
+msgid "The domain name of your database server (like 'db.example.com')."
+msgstr "Der Domain-Name des Datenbank Server (z.B. 'db.example.com')."
+#: bin/rt-crontool:362
+msgid "The following command will find all active tickets in the queue 'general' and set their priority to 99 if they are overdue:"
+msgstr "Das folgende Kommando wird Tickets im Bereich 'general' finden und ihre Priorität auf 99 setzen wenn sie überfällig sind:"
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Elements/Deleted:53
+msgid "The following queries have been deleted and each will be removed from the dashboard once its pane is updated."
+msgstr "Die folgenden Abfragen wurden gelöscht und werden aus dem Dashboard entfernt, sobald die Seite aktualisiert wird."
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Elements/HiddenSearches:74
+msgid "The following queries may not be visible to all users who can see this dashboard."
+msgstr "Die folgenden Abfragen sind möglicherweise nicht für alle Benutzer sichtbar, die dieses Dashboard sehen können."
+#: lib/RT/Crypt/GnuPG.pm:1752
+msgid "The key has been disabled"
+msgstr "Der Schlüssel wurde deaktiviert"
+#: lib/RT/Crypt/GnuPG.pm:1758
+msgid "The key has been revoked"
+msgstr "Der Schlüssel wurde entfernt"
+#: lib/RT/Crypt/GnuPG.pm:1763
+msgid "The key has expired"
+msgstr "Der Schlüssel ist abgelaufen"
+#: lib/RT/Crypt/GnuPG.pm:1796
+msgid "The key is fully trusted"
+msgstr "Der Schlüssel ist voll vertrauenswürdig"
+#: lib/RT/Crypt/GnuPG.pm:1801
+msgid "The key is ultimately trusted"
+msgstr "Der Schlüssel ist ulitmativ vertrauenswürdig"
+#: lib/RT/Record.pm:1007
+msgid "The new value has been set."
+msgstr "Der neue Wert wurde gesetzt."
+#: lib/RT/Ticket.pm:101
+msgid "The owner of a ticket"
+msgstr "Der Besitzer eines Ticket"
+#: share/html/dhandler:50
+msgid "The page you requested could not be found"
+msgstr "Die angefragte Seite konnte nicht gefunden werden"
+#: lib/RT/Ticket.pm:102
+msgid "The requestor of a ticket"
+msgstr "Der Auftraggeber eines Ticket"
+#. (RT::Installer->ConfigFile)
+#: share/html/Install/Finish.html:64
+msgid "The settings you've chosen are stored in %1."
+msgstr "Die von Ihnen gewählten Einstellungen wurden in %1 gespeichert."
+#: share/html/Elements/Crypt/KeyIssues:53
+msgid "The system is unable to sign outgoing email messages. This usually indicates that the passphrase was mis-set, or that GPG Agent is down. Please alert your system administrator immediately. The problem addresses are:"
+msgstr "Das System kann ausgehende E-Mails nicht signieren. Normalerweise ist dies ein Hinweis auf ein falsches Passwort oder das der GPG Agent nicht läuft. Bitte informieren Sie umgehend den Systemadministrator. Die Adressen mit Problemen sind:"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:231 share/html/Admin/Tools/Theme.html:49 share/html/Elements/Tabs:281
+msgid "Theme"
+msgstr "Design"
+#: lib/RT/Crypt.pm:719
+msgid "There are several keys suitable for encryption."
+msgstr "Es sind mehrere Schlüssel für die Verschlüsselung vorhanden"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowUpdateStatus:50
+msgid "There are unread messages on this ticket."
+msgstr "Es gibt ungelesene Nachrichten für dieses Ticket."
+#: lib/RT/Crypt/GnuPG.pm:1791
+msgid "There is marginal trust in this key"
+msgstr "Dem Schlüssel kann nur geringfügig getraut werden"
+#. ($Group->Name)
+#: share/html/Admin/Groups/Modify.html:147
+msgid "There is more than one group with the name '%1'.  This may cause inconsistency in parts of the admin interface, and therefore it's recommended you rename the conflicting groups."
+msgstr "Es gibt bereits eine Gruppe mit dem Namen '%1', um Konflikte und Inkosistenzen im Admin-Bereich zu Vermeiden sollten Sie die betroffenen Gruppen umbenennen."
+#: lib/RT/Crypt.pm:711
+msgid "There is no key suitable for encryption."
+msgstr "Es wurde kein passender Schlüssel für die Verschlüsselung gefunden"
+#. ($old_lifecycle->Name, $new_lifecycle->Name)
+#: lib/RT/Record/Role/Status.pm:278
+msgid "There is no mapping for statuses between lifecycle %1 and %2. Contact your system administrator."
+msgstr "Es gibt keine Status Zuordnung zwischen Lebenszyklus %1 und %2. Kontaktiere den Administrator."
+#: lib/RT/Crypt.pm:715
+msgid "There is one suitable key, but trust level is not set."
+msgstr "Es wurde ein Schlüssel gefunden aber ohne Vertrauensstellung"
+#. ("<i>".$m->interp->apply_escapes($msg, "h")."</i>")
+#: share/html/Search/Results.html:59
+msgid "There was an error parsing your search query: %1.  Your RT admin can find more information in the error logs."
+msgstr "Während der Suche nach '%1' ist ein Fehler aufgetreten. Ihr Administrator kann nähere Informationen in den Logdateien finden."
+#: share/html/Install/Basics.html:53
+msgid "These configuration options cover some of the basics needed to get RT up and running.  We need to know the name of your RT installation and the domain name where RT will live.  You will also need to set a password for your default administrative user."
+msgstr "Diese Konfigurationsoptionen decken einige der Grundlagen ab, die für die Inbetriebnahme von RT erforderlich sind. Wir müssen den Namen Ihrer RT-Installation und den Domänennamen, in dem RT leben wird, kennen. Sie müssen auch ein Passwort für Ihren Standard-Administrationsbenutzer festlegen."
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:335 lib/RT/CustomField.pm:815
+msgid "This Custom Field can not have list of values"
+msgstr "Dieses benutzerdefinierte Feld darf keine Liste von Werten beinhalten."
+#: lib/RT/Class.pm:360
+msgid "This class does not apply to that object"
+msgstr "Diese Klasse ist nicht diesem Objekt zugeordnet"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:344 lib/RT/CustomField.pm:860
+msgid "This custom field can not have a canonicalizer"
+msgstr "Dieses benutzerdefinierte Feld kann keinen Canonicalizer haben."
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:1703
+msgid "This custom field cannot be added to that object"
+msgstr "Dieses benutzerdefinierte Feld kann nicht zu diesem Objekt hinzugefügt werden."
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:1272 lib/RT/CustomField.pm:322
+msgid "This custom field has no Render Types"
+msgstr "Dieses benutzerdefinierte Feld hat keine Anzeigetypen"
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Configuration.html:52
+msgid "This feature is only available to system administrators"
+msgstr "Dieses Feature ist nur für Systemadministratoren verfügbar"
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Queries.html:55 share/html/Admin/Tools/Theme.html:244
+msgid "This feature is only available to system administrators."
+msgstr "Diese Funktion steht nur für Systemadministratoren zur Verfügung."
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Queries.html:67
+msgid "This server process has recorded no SQL queries."
+msgstr "Dieser Server Prozess hat keine SQL Abfragen aufgezeichnet."
+#: share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowDependencyStatus:57
+msgid "This ticket cannot be resolved until it is approved."
+msgstr "Dieses Ticket kann nicht abgeschlossen werden, bis es bestätigt wurde."
+#. ($depends)
+#: share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowDependencyStatus:60
+msgid "This ticket cannot be resolved until its %numerate(%1,dependency is,dependencies are) resolved."
+msgstr "Dieses Ticket kann nicht erledigt werden bis die %numerate(%1,Abhängigkeit erledigt ist,Abhängigkeiten erledigt sind)."
+#: bin/rt-crontool:353
+msgid "This tool allows the user to run arbitrary perl modules from within RT."
+msgstr "Dieses Werkzeug erlaubt es Benutzern beliebige Perl-Module von RT aus aufzurufen."
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:394
+msgid "This transaction appears to have no content"
+msgstr "Diese Transaktion scheint keinen Inhalt zu haben"
+#. ($Rows, $Description)
+#: share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowRequestorTickets:57
+msgid "This user's %1 highest priority %2 tickets"
+msgstr "Die %1 dringendsten %2 Tickets dieses Benutzers"
+#: share/html/User/Search.html:53
+msgid "This will search for users by looking in the following fields:"
+msgstr "Die Suche nach Benutzern erfolgt in folgenden Feldern:"
+#: share/html/Asset/Elements/CreateInCatalog:52
+msgid "This will take you to a partially prefilled asset creation form."
+msgstr "Sie gelangen auf ein teilweise vorgefülltes Formular zur Anlagenerstellung."
+#: share/html/Asset/Elements/CreateLinkedTicket:106
+msgid "This will take you to a partially prefilled ticket creation form."
+msgstr "Sie gelangen dann zu einem teilweise vorgefertigten Formular zur Ticketerstellung."
+#: lib/RT/Date.pm:110
+msgid "Thu"
+msgstr "Do"
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Subscription.html:114
+msgid "Thursday"
+msgstr "Donnerstag"
+#: lib/RT/Record.pm:992 share/html/Admin/Tools/Shredder/Elements/Object/RT--Ticket:52 share/html/Elements/ShortcutHelp:123 share/html/Elements/ShowReminders:53
+msgid "Ticket"
+msgstr ""
+#. ($Ticket->Id, $Ticket->Subject)
+#: share/html/Ticket/ModifyAll.html:48
+msgid "Ticket #%1 Jumbo update: %2"
+msgstr "Ticket #%1 Alles aktualisieren: %2"
+#. ($id)
+#: share/html/Ticket/Graphs/index.html:117
+msgid "Ticket #%1 relationships graph"
+msgstr "Ticket #%1 Verbindungsdiagramm"
+#. ($link->BaseObj->Id, $link->BaseObj->Subject)
+#: share/html/Approvals/Elements/ShowDependency:69
+msgid "Ticket #%1: %2"
+msgstr ""
+#. ($T::Tickets{$template_id}->Id)
+#. ($T::Tickets{$template_id}->id)
+#. ($ticket->Id)
+#: lib/RT/Action/CreateTickets.pm:1097 lib/RT/Action/CreateTickets.pm:1106 lib/RT/Action/CreateTickets.pm:334 lib/RT/Action/CreateTickets.pm:453 lib/RT/Action/CreateTickets.pm:465
+msgid "Ticket %1"
+msgstr ""
+#. ($self->Id, $QueueObj->Name)
+#: lib/RT/Ticket.pm:568 lib/RT/Ticket.pm:586
+msgid "Ticket %1 created in queue '%2'"
+msgstr "Ticket %1 wurde im Bereich '%2' angelegt"
+#. ($Ticket->Id, $_)
+#. ($id, $msg)
+#: share/html/Search/Bulk.html:340 share/html/Tools/MyDay.html:90 share/html/Tools/MyDay.html:93 share/html/Tools/MyDay.html:99
+msgid "Ticket %1: %2"
+msgstr ""
+#. ($Ticket->Id, $Ticket->Subject)
+#: share/html/Ticket/History.html:48
+msgid "Ticket History #%1: %2"
+msgstr "Ticket Historie #%1: %2"
+#: etc/initialdata:475
+msgid "Ticket Resolved"
+msgstr "Ticket erledigt"
+#: share/html/Elements/CollectionList:202
+msgid "Ticket Search"
+msgstr "Ticket suchen"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:2045 lib/RT/CustomField.pm:215 share/html/Admin/Global/CustomFields/index.html:89 share/html/Elements/Tabs:184
+msgid "Ticket Transactions"
+msgstr "Ticket Transaktionen"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Update.html:65
+msgid "Ticket and Transaction"
+msgstr "Ticket und Transaktion"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:299 lib/RT/Config.pm:335 lib/RT/Config.pm:345 lib/RT/Config.pm:354
+msgid "Ticket composition"
+msgstr "Ticket erstellen"
+#: lib/RT/Tickets.pm:1900
+msgid "Ticket content"
+msgstr "Ticket Inhalt"
+#: lib/RT/Tickets.pm:1945
+msgid "Ticket content type"
+msgstr "Ticket Inhaltstyp"
+#: lib/RT/Ticket.pm:424 lib/RT/Ticket.pm:437 lib/RT/Ticket.pm:449 lib/RT/Ticket.pm:576
+msgid "Ticket could not be created due to an internal error"
+msgstr "Ticket konnte aufgrund eines internen Fehlers nicht erstellt werden"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Create.html:370 share/html/m/ticket/create:76
+msgid "Ticket could not be loaded"
+msgstr "Ticket konnte nicht geladen werden"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:219
+msgid "Ticket count"
+msgstr "Ticket Anzahl"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:445 lib/RT/Config.pm:455 lib/RT/Config.pm:511 lib/RT/Config.pm:527 lib/RT/Config.pm:536
+msgid "Ticket display"
+msgstr "Ticket Anzeige"
+#: share/html/Elements/ShowLinks:81
+msgid "Ticket in"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/Ticket/Display.html:73
+msgid "Ticket metadata"
+msgstr "Ticket Metadaten"
+#: etc/initialdata:450
+msgid "Ticket status changed"
+msgstr "Ticket Status geändert"
+#: share/html/User/Elements/RelatedData:66
+msgid "Ticket transactions this user created"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/ExtractFromTicket.html:63
+msgid "Ticket update"
+msgstr "Ticket Aktualisierung"
+#. (ref $self)
+#: lib/RT/Search/FromSQL.pm:80
+msgid "TicketSQL search module"
+msgstr "TicketSQL-Suchmodul"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:2044 lib/RT/CustomField.pm:214 share/html/Admin/Global/CustomFields/index.html:83 share/html/Elements/Tabs:1206 share/html/Elements/Tabs:179 share/html/Elements/Tabs:351 share/html/Elements/Tabs:602
+msgid "Tickets"
+msgstr ""
+#. ($self->loc( $args{'TYPE'} ),            $args{'BASE'},)
+#: lib/RT/Tickets.pm:2102
+msgid "Tickets %1 %2"
+msgstr ""
+#. ($self->loc( $args{'TYPE'} ),            $args{'TARGET'})
+#: lib/RT/Tickets.pm:2059
+msgid "Tickets %1 by %2"
+msgstr "Tickets %1 von %2"
+#: share/html/m/_elements/menu:76
+msgid "Tickets I own"
+msgstr "Meine Tickets"
+#: share/html/Reports/CreatedByDates.html:93
+msgid "Tickets created after"
+msgstr "Tickets erstellt nach"
+#: share/html/Reports/CreatedByDates.html:96
+msgid "Tickets created before"
+msgstr "Tickets erstellt vor"
+#: share/html/Reports/ResolvedByDates.html:93
+msgid "Tickets resolved after"
+msgstr "Tickets aufgelöst nach"
+#: share/html/Reports/ResolvedByDates.html:96
+msgid "Tickets resolved before"
+msgstr "Tickets aufgelöst nach"
+#: share/html/Approvals/Elements/ShowDependency:50
+msgid "Tickets which depend on this approval:"
+msgstr "Tickets die von dieser Freigabe abhängen:"
+#: share/html/User/Elements/RelatedData:62
+msgid "Tickets with this user as a requestor"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/SelfService/User/Elements/RelatedData:61
+msgid "Tickets with you as a requestor"
+msgstr ""
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:146
+msgid "Time"
+msgstr "Zeit"
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__Ticket/ColumnMap:192 share/html/Search/Elements/PickBasics:193 share/html/Ticket/Create.html:281 share/html/m/ticket/create:353
+msgid "Time Estimated"
+msgstr "Geschätzte Zeit"
+#: lib/RT/Tickets.pm:1875 share/html/Elements/RT__Ticket/ColumnMap:187 share/html/Search/Elements/PickBasics:194 share/html/Ticket/Create.html:291 share/html/m/ticket/create:365
+msgid "Time Left"
+msgstr "Verbleibende Zeit"
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__Transaction/ColumnMap:85
+msgid "Time Taken"
+msgstr "Benötigte Zeit"
+#: lib/RT/Tickets.pm:1852 share/html/Elements/RT__Ticket/ColumnMap:182 share/html/Search/Elements/PickBasics:192 share/html/Ticket/Create.html:286 share/html/m/ticket/create:359
+msgid "Time Worked"
+msgstr "Gearbeitete Zeit"
+#: share/html/Helpers/TicketTimer:224
+msgid "Time estimated"
+msgstr "Geschätzte Zeit"
+#: share/html/Elements/Footer:54
+msgid "Time to display"
+msgstr "Zeit zum anzeigen"
+#: lib/RT/Graph/Tickets.pm:177 lib/RT/Tickets.pm:121 share/html/Search/Elements/BuildFormatString:102
+msgid "TimeEstimated"
+msgstr "Geschätzte Zeit"
+#: lib/RT/Graph/Tickets.pm:177 lib/RT/Tickets.pm:119 share/html/Search/Elements/BuildFormatString:102
+msgid "TimeLeft"
+msgstr "Verbleibende Zeit"
+#: lib/RT/Graph/Tickets.pm:177 lib/RT/Tickets.pm:120 share/html/Search/Elements/BuildFormatString:102
+msgid "TimeWorked"
+msgstr "Gearbeitete Zeit"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/BuildFormatString:102
+msgid "Timer"
+msgstr ""
+#. ($Ticket->Id, $Ticket->Subject)
+#: share/html/Helpers/TicketTimer:63
+msgid "Timer for #%1: %2"
+msgstr "Timer für #%1: %2"
+#: lib/RT/Installer.pm:189 lib/RT/User.pm:103 share/html/Admin/Users/Modify.html:96 share/html/Elements/RT__User/ColumnMap:150 share/html/Prefs/Elements/EditAboutMe:73 share/html/Prefs/Elements/ShowAboutMe:75 share/html/SelfService/Prefs.html:67
+msgid "Timezone"
+msgstr "Zeitzone"
+#: share/html/Admin/Articles/Classes/Modify.html:105 share/html/Search/Elements/EditFormat:110
+msgid "Title"
+msgstr "Spaltenüberschrift"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Forward.html:68
+msgid "To"
+msgstr "An"
+#. ('<a href="mailto:sales at bestpractical.com">sales at bestpractical.com</a>')
+#: share/html/Elements/Footer:59
+msgid "To inquire about support, training, custom development or licensing, please contact %1."
+msgstr "Kontaktieren Sie bitte %1 für Unterstützung, Schulung, angepasste Entwicklungen oder bei Lizenzfragen."
+#. ($count)
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Queries.html:86
+msgid "Toggle %quant(%1,query,queries)"
+msgstr "Umschalten %quant(%1,Abfrage,Abfragen)"
+#: share/html/Elements/ShortcutHelp:111
+msgid "Toggle highlighted ticket's checkbox"
+msgstr "Aktivieren Sie das Kontrollkästchen des markierten Tickets."
+#. ()
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Queries.html:130
+msgid "Toggle stack trace"
+msgstr "Umschalten Stack Trace"
+#: lib/RT/Graph/Tickets.pm:179 lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:95 lib/RT/Tickets.pm:133 share/html/Elements/RT__Ticket/ColumnMap:206 share/html/Elements/RT__Ticket/ColumnMap:239 share/html/Search/Elements/BuildFormatString:102
+msgid "Told"
+msgstr "Letzter Kontakt"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/BuildFormatString:102
+msgid "ToldRelative"
+msgstr "Letzter Kontakt (relativ)"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:271 share/html/Elements/Tabs:666 share/html/Tools/index.html:48
+msgid "Tools"
+msgstr "Werkzeuge"
+#: share/html/Admin/Articles/Elements/Topics:56
+msgid "Topic Name"
+msgstr "Name des Themas"
+#: lib/RT/Article.pm:399
+msgid "Topic membership added"
+msgstr "Themen-Mitgliedschaft hinzugefügt"
+#: lib/RT/Article.pm:434
+msgid "Topic membership removed"
+msgstr "Themen-Mitgliedschaft gelöscht"
+#: share/html/Admin/Articles/Elements/Topics:135 share/html/Admin/Articles/Elements/Topics:147 share/html/Admin/Articles/Elements/Topics:169
+msgid "Topic not found"
+msgstr "Thema nicht gefunden"
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/Display.html:86 share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/EditTopics:50 share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/ShowSearchCriteria:132 share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/ShowTopics:50 share/html/Elements/RT__Article/ColumnMap:80 share/html/Elements/Tabs:265 share/html/Elements/Tabs:529 share/html/Elements/Tabs:655
+msgid "Topics"
+msgstr "Themen"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:1010
+msgid "Total"
+msgstr "Summe"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:246
+msgid "Total Created-LastUpdated"
+msgstr "Gesamt Erstellt-Zuletzt aktualisiert"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:241
+msgid "Total Created-Resolved"
+msgstr "Gesamt Erstellt-Erledigt"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:236
+msgid "Total Created-Started"
+msgstr "Gesamt Erstellt-Begonnen"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:256
+msgid "Total Due-Resolved"
+msgstr "Gesamt Fällig-Erledigt"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:261
+msgid "Total Started-Resolved"
+msgstr "Gesamt Begonnen-Erledigt"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:251
+msgid "Total Starts-Started"
+msgstr "Gesamt Beginnt-Begonnen"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowBasics:80
+msgid "Total Time Worked"
+msgstr "Gesamtarbeitszeit"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:226
+msgid "Total time estimated"
+msgstr "Gesamt Geschätzte Zeit"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:231
+msgid "Total time left"
+msgstr "Gesamt Verbleibende Zeit"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:221
+msgid "Total time worked"
+msgstr "Gesamt Gearbeitete Zeit"
+#: etc/initialdata:317
+msgid "Transaction"
+msgstr "Transaktion"
+#. ($self->Data)
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1284
+msgid "Transaction %1 purged"
+msgstr "Transaktion %1 eliminiert"
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:175
+msgid "Transaction Created"
+msgstr "Transaktion erstellt"
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/DefaultValues.html:126
+msgid "Transaction Custom Fields"
+msgstr "Benutzerdefinierte Felder bei Transaktionen"
+#: etc/initialdata:336 etc/upgrade/4.1.9/content:34
+msgid "Transaction in HTML"
+msgstr "Transaktion in HTML"
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:135
+msgid "Transaction->Create couldn't, as you didn't specify an object type and id"
+msgstr "Transaction->Create fehlgeschlagen, da Objekttyp und ID nicht angegeben wurden"
+#: lib/RT/Tickets.pm:158
+msgid "TransactionCF"
+msgstr "TransaktionCF"
+#: lib/RT/Tickets.pm:144
+msgid "TransactionDate"
+msgstr "Verlauf Datum"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:354
+msgid "Transactions"
+msgstr "Transaktionen"
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1414
+msgid "Transactions are immutable"
+msgstr "Transaktionen sind unveränderbar"
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/ShowKeyInfo:64
+msgid "Trust"
+msgstr "Vertrauen"
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Theme.html:112
+msgid "Try"
+msgstr "Vorschau"
+#: share/html/Elements/JavascriptConfig:74
+msgid "Try again"
+msgstr "Erneut versuchen"
+#: lib/RT/Date.pm:108
+msgid "Tue"
+msgstr "Di"
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Subscription.html:112
+msgid "Tuesday"
+msgstr "Dienstag"
+#: lib/RT/Tickets.pm:157
+msgid "TxnCF"
+msgstr ""
+#: lib/RT/Tickets.pm:110 lib/RT/Tickets.pm:1707 share/html/Admin/CustomFields/Modify.html:69 share/html/Admin/Elements/EditCustomField:67 share/html/Admin/Elements/ModifyTemplate:58 share/html/Elements/RT__Ticket/ColumnMap:176 share/html/Elements/RT__Transaction/ColumnMap:65 share/html/Search/Elements/BuildFormatString:102 share/html/Ticket/Elements/AddWatchers:56 share/html/Ticket/Elements/AddWatchers:73 share/html/Ticket/Elements/AddWatchers:89
+msgid "Type"
+msgstr "Typ"
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/LinkEntryInstructions:48
+msgid "Type <b>a:</b> before article numbers and <b>t:</b> before ticket numbers."
+msgstr "Gebe <b>a:</b> vor Artikel Id's und <b>t:</b> vor Ticket Id's ein."
+#. ($self->FriendlyTypeComposite( $old ),        $self->FriendlyTypeComposite( $composite ),)
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:1222
+msgid "Type changed from '%1' to '%2'"
+msgstr "Typ geändert von '%1' nach '%2'"
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/EditScrips:71
+msgid "Un-apply selected scrips"
+msgstr "Zuordnung von markieten Skripts aufheben"
+#. ($self->loc($type), $msg)
+#: lib/RT/Record/Role/Links.pm:128
+msgid "Unable to add %1 link: %2"
+msgstr "%1 Link kann nicht hinzugefügt werden: %2"
+#. ($cf->Name, $msg)
+#: lib/RT/Class.pm:388 lib/RT/Class.pm:392
+msgid "Unable to add Subject Override: %1 %2"
+msgstr "Kann Betreff überschreiben nicht hinzufügen: %1 %2"
+#: lib/RT/Article.pm:402
+msgid "Unable to add topic membership"
+msgstr "Fehler beim hinzufügen in dieses Thema"
+#. ($t->TopicObj->Name)
+#: lib/RT/Article.pm:430
+msgid "Unable to delete topic membership in %1"
+msgstr "Themen-Mitgliedschaft für %1 konnte nicht gelöscht werden"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/EditSearches:292
+msgid "Unable to determine object type or id"
+msgstr "Konnte Objekt Typ oder Id nicht feststellen"
+#. ($id)
+#: lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm:4147
+msgid "Unable to find asset #%1"
+msgstr "Die Anlage #%1 konnte nicht gefunden werden."
+#. ($id)
+#: lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm:4131
+msgid "Unable to find catalog %1"
+msgstr "Katalog %1 konnte nicht gefunden werden."
+#. ($Catalog)
+#: share/html/Asset/Create.html:115
+msgid "Unable to find catalog '%1'"
+msgstr "Katalog '%1' konnte nicht gefunden werden."
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/Edit.html:193
+msgid "Unable to load article"
+msgstr "Artikel kann nicht geladen werden"
+#: share/html/Elements/JavascriptConfig:69
+msgid "Unable to open shortcut help. Reason:"
+msgstr "Die Shortcut-Hilfe konnte nicht geöffnet werden. Grund:"
+#. ($msg)
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Theme.html:370
+msgid "Unable to set UserCSS: %1"
+msgstr "Benutzerdefiniertes CSS konnte nicht gesetzt werden: %1"
+#. ($msg)
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Theme.html:329
+msgid "Unable to set UserLogo: %1"
+msgstr "Benutzerdefiniertes Logo konnte nicht gesetzt werden: %1"
+#. ($msg)
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/EditSearches:280
+msgid "Unable to set privacy id: %1"
+msgstr "Kann Privatsphäre Id nicht setzen: %1"
+#. (loc('Permission Denied'))
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/EditSearches:289
+msgid "Unable to set privacy object or id: %1"
+msgstr "Kann nicht Privatsphären Objekt oder Id setzen: %1"
+#. ($msg)
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/EditSearches:272
+msgid "Unable to set privacy object: %1"
+msgstr "Kann nicht Privatsphären Objekt setzen: %1"
+#: share/html/Helpers/TicketTimer:156
+msgid "Unable to submit time. Please add it to the ticket manually. Reason:"
+msgstr "Die Zeit kann nicht übertragen werden. Bitte fügen Sie sie manuell dem Ticket hinzu. Grund:"
+#. ($id)
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Subscription.html:349
+msgid "Unable to subscribe to dashboard %1: Permission Denied"
+msgstr "Kann nicht Dashboard %1 abbonieren: Zugriff verweigert"
+#: share/html/Errors/WebRemoteUser/NoInternalUser:48 share/html/Errors/WebRemoteUser/NoRemoteUser:48
+msgid "Unauthorized"
+msgstr "Nicht berechtigt"
+#. (RT->Config->Get('WebPath')."/Ticket/ModifyPeople.html?id=".$TicketObj->Id,)
+#: share/html/Helpers/PreviewScrips:85 share/html/Helpers/ShowSimplifiedRecipients:140
+msgid "Uncheck boxes to disable notifications to the listed recipients <b>for this transaction only</b>; persistent squelching is managed on the <a href=\"%1\">People page</a>."
+msgstr "Abwählen um Benachrichtigung der aufgelisteten Empfänger <b>nur für diese Transaktion</b> zu deaktivieren. Dauerhaftes deaktivieren kann auf der <a href=\"%1\">Personen Seite</a> verwaltet werden."
+#: etc/RT_Config.pm:3500 etc/RT_Config.pm:3589
+msgid "Undelete"
+msgstr "Wiederherstellen"
+#: share/html/Errors/WebRemoteUser/UserAutocreateDefaultsOnLogin:49
+msgid "Unfortunately, RT couldn't automatically setup an account for you. Your RT administator will find more information in the logs."
+msgstr "Leider konnte RT nicht automatisch einen Zugang für Sie einrichten. Ihr RT Administrator findet mehr Informationen in den Logdateien."
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/Modify.html:87 share/html/Elements/RT__User/ColumnMap:131
+msgid "Unix login"
+msgstr "Unix Login"
+#: lib/RT/Crypt/GnuPG.pm:1775 lib/RT/Crypt/GnuPG.pm:1780
+msgid "Unknown (no trust value assigned)"
+msgstr "Unbekannt (kein Vertrauenswert zugewiesen)"
+#: lib/RT/Crypt/GnuPG.pm:1785
+msgid "Unknown (this value is new to the system)"
+msgstr "Unbekannt (dieser Wert ist neu für das System)"
+#. ($ContentEncoding)
+#: lib/RT/Record.pm:870
+msgid "Unknown ContentEncoding %1"
+msgstr "Unbekannte Inhaltskodierung (Content-Encoding) %1"
+#. ($key)
+#: lib/RT/Interface/Web/QueryBuilder/Tree.pm:277
+msgid "Unknown field: %1"
+msgstr "Unbekanntes Feld: %1"
+#. ($status_str)
+#: share/html/Search/Simple.html:81
+msgid "Unless you specify a specific status, only tickets with active statuses (%1) are searched."
+msgstr "Solange sie keinen spezifischen Status auswählen, werden nur Ticket mit aktivem Status (%1) angezeigt"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Graphs/Elements/EditGraphProperties:65
+msgid "Unlimit"
+msgstr "nicht begrenzt"
+#: share/html/Elements/SelectResultsPerPage:60
+msgid "Unlimited"
+msgstr "unbegrenzt"
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__Dashboard/ColumnMap:58
+msgid "Unnamed dashboard"
+msgstr "Unbenanntes Dashboard"
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/SelectSavedSearches:60 share/html/Elements/RT__SavedSearch/ColumnMap:58 share/html/Search/Elements/SelectSearchesForObjects:65
+msgid "Unnamed search"
+msgstr "Unbenannte Suche"
+#: etc/initialdata:894
+msgid "Unowned Tickets"
+msgstr "Tickets ohne Besitzer"
+#: share/html/m/_elements/menu:79
+msgid "Unowned tickets"
+msgstr "Tickets ohne Besitzer"
+#: lib/RT/Handle.pm:748
+msgid "Unprivileged"
+msgstr "Unprivilegiert"
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/EditCustomFields:71
+msgid "Unselected Custom Fields"
+msgstr "Nichtausgewähltes benutzerdefiniertes Feld"
+#: share/html/Admin/Articles/Classes/Objects.html:82
+msgid "Unselected Queues"
+msgstr "Abgewählte Bereiche"
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomFields/Objects.html:84 share/html/Admin/CustomRoles/Objects.html:74 share/html/Admin/Scrips/Objects.html:92
+msgid "Unselected objects"
+msgstr "Nicht ausgewählte Objekte"
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:2064
+msgid "Unset private key"
+msgstr "Privaten Schlüssel zurück setzen"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:859
+msgid "Untake"
+msgstr "Entnehmen"
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1059 lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1247
+msgid "Untaken"
+msgstr "Zurückgegeben"
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/EditScrips:72 share/html/Admin/Elements/EditScrips:96 share/html/Admin/Elements/MembershipsPage:83 share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/ShowSavedSearches:58 share/html/Articles/Elements/NewestArticles:62 share/html/Articles/Elements/UpdatedArticles:63 share/html/Asset/Search/Bulk.html:173 share/html/Asset/Search/Bulk.html:71 share/html/Elements/RT__Ticket/ColumnMap:313 share/html/Search/Bulk.html:217 share/html/Search/Bulk.html:74 share/html/Search/Elements/EditSearches:71 share/html/Widgets/SelectionBox:201
+msgid "Update"
+msgstr "Aktualisieren"
+#: share/html/Search/Chart.html:220
+msgid "Update Chart"
+msgstr "Aktualisiere Diagramm"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Graphs/Elements/EditGraphProperties:122
+msgid "Update Graph"
+msgstr "Diagramm aktualisieren"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:593
+msgid "Update This Menu"
+msgstr "Dieses Menü anpassen"
+#: share/html/SelfService/Update.html:96 share/html/Ticket/Update.html:184 share/html/m/ticket/reply:146
+msgid "Update Ticket"
+msgstr "Anfrage aktualisieren"
+#: share/html/Search/Bulk.html:154 share/html/Ticket/ModifyAll.html:97 share/html/Ticket/Update.html:74 share/html/m/ticket/reply:89
+msgid "Update Type"
+msgstr "Aktualisierungstyp"
+#: share/html/Search/Build.html:106
+msgid "Update format and Search"
+msgstr "Format aktualisieren und suchen"
+#: share/html/Search/Bulk.html:237
+msgid "Update multiple tickets"
+msgstr "Mehrere Tickets aktualisieren"
+#: lib/RT/Action/CreateTickets.pm:474 lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm:2425
+msgid "Update not recorded."
+msgstr "Aktualisierung nicht gespeichert."
+#: share/html/Ticket/ModifyAll.html:94
+msgid "Update ticket"
+msgstr "Aktualisiere Ticket"
+#. ($Ticket->id)
+#. ($t->id)
+#: share/html/SelfService/Update.html:107 share/html/SelfService/Update.html:49 share/html/m/ticket/reply:48
+msgid "Update ticket #%1"
+msgstr "Aktualisiere Ticket #%1"
+#. ($t->id, $t->Subject)
+#: share/html/m/ticket/reply:174
+msgid "Update ticket #%1 (%2)"
+msgstr "Aktualisiere Ticket #%1 (%2)"
+#. ($TicketObj->id, $TicketObj->Subject)
+#: share/html/Ticket/Update.html:280
+msgid "Update ticket #%1: %2"
+msgstr "Aktualisiere Ticket #%1: %2"
+#: lib/RT/Action/CreateTickets.pm:472 lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm:2425
+msgid "Update type was neither correspondence nor comment."
+msgstr "Aktualisierungstyp war weder Korrespondenz noch Kommentar."
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/BuildFormatString:102
+msgid "UpdateStatus"
+msgstr "Aktualisierungsstatus"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:2123 lib/RT/Tickets.pm:161 share/html/Articles/Article/Display.html:70 share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/EditBasics:78 share/html/Elements/SelectDateType:56 share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowDates:93 share/html/m/ticket/show:386
+msgid "Updated"
+msgstr "Aktualisiert"
+#. ($count)
+#: lib/RT/Attachments.pm:389
+msgid "Updated %quant(%1,ticket's,tickets') attachment content"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/PickBasics:131
+msgid "Updated by"
+msgstr "Aktualisiert von"
+#. ($desc)
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/EditSearches:294
+msgid "Updated saved search \"%1\""
+msgstr "Gespeicherte Suche \"%1\" aktualisiert"
+#: lib/RT/Tickets.pm:162
+msgid "UpdatedBy"
+msgstr "Aktualisiert von"
+#. ($row->{'from'}, $row->{'to'})
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/UpgradeHistoryRow:56
+msgid "Upgrade from %1 to %2"
+msgstr "Upgrade von %1 zu %2"
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Theme.html:71
+msgid "Upload"
+msgstr "Hochladen"
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Theme.html:61
+msgid "Upload a new logo"
+msgstr "Ein neues Logo hochladen"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:140
+msgid "Upload multiple files"
+msgstr "Hochladen mehrerer Dateien"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:130
+msgid "Upload multiple images"
+msgstr "Hochladen mehrerer Bilder"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:141
+msgid "Upload one file"
+msgstr "Hochladen einer Datei"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:131
+msgid "Upload one image"
+msgstr "Hochladen eines Bildes"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:142
+msgid "Upload up to %quant(%1,file,files)"
+msgstr "Hochladen von bis zu %1 Dateien"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:132
+msgid "Upload up to %quant(%1,image,images)"
+msgstr "Hochladen von bis zu %1 Bildern"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Elements/AddAttachments:158
+msgid "Uploading..."
+msgstr "Hochladevorgang..."
+#: sbin/rt-email-digest:79
+msgid "Usage:"
+msgstr "Benutzung:"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:286
+msgid "Use a two column layout for create and update forms?"
+msgstr "Zweispaltiges Layout für Erstellungs- und Änderungsmaske verwenden?"
+#. (loc($role), $addr)
+#: share/html/Asset/Elements/CreateLinkedTicket:101
+msgid "Use asset %1 as ticket Requestor: %2"
+msgstr "Anlage %1 als Ticket-Ersteller verwenden: %2"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:211
+msgid "Use autocomplete to find owners?"
+msgstr "Benutze Auto-Vervollständigung um Besitzer zu finden?"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:221
+msgid "Use autocomplete to find queues?"
+msgstr "Auto-Vervollständigen nutzen, um Warteschlangen zu finden?"
+#. ($DefaultValue? loc('Yes'): loc('No'))
+#: share/html/Widgets/Form/Boolean:68
+msgid "Use default (%1)"
+msgstr "Standardwert verwenden (%1)"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:359
+msgid "Use dropzone if available"
+msgstr "Dropzone verwenden, falls vorhanden"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:272
+msgid "Use other RT administrative tools"
+msgstr "Benutze andere administrative RT Tools"
+#. (join ', ', map loc(ref($ValuesLabel{$_}) ? @{ $ValuesLabel{$_ }} : $ValuesLabel{$_} || $_), grep defined,            @DefaultValue)
+#: share/html/Widgets/Form/Select:125
+msgid "Use system default (%1)"
+msgstr "Systemstandard verwenden (%1)"
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/ExtractFromTicket.html:58
+msgid "Use the dropdown menus to select which ticket updates you want to extract into a new article."
+msgstr "Benutzen Sie die Dropdown-Liste um die Aktualisierungen des Ticket zu wählen, die sie in einen neuen Artikel extrahieren möchten."
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__ScripAction/ColumnMap:72 share/html/Elements/RT__ScripCondition/ColumnMap:72 share/html/Elements/RT__Template/ColumnMap:81
+msgid "Used by scrips"
+msgstr "Genutzt von Skrips"
+#: lib/RT/Record.pm:993 share/html/Admin/Elements/ShowKeyInfo:85 share/html/Admin/Tools/Shredder/Elements/Object/RT--User:52 share/html/Dashboards/Elements/SubscriptionRecipients:123
+msgid "User"
+msgstr "Benutzer"
+#. ($User->Name)
+#: share/html/User/Summary.html:77
+msgid "User %1 is currently disabled."
+msgstr "Der Benutzer %1 ist momentan deaktiviert."
+#. ($User->Name)
+#: share/html/User/Summary.html:74
+msgid "User %1 is currently disabled. Edit the user and select \"Let this user access RT\" to enable."
+msgstr "Benutzer %1 ist aktuell deaktiviert. Bearbeite den Benutzer und markiere \"Diesem Benutzer RT Zugriff gewähren\" um ihn zu aktivieren."
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/ShowKeyInfo:80
+msgid "User (created - expire)"
+msgstr "Benutzer (Angelegt - abgelaufen)"
+#: share/html/User/Elements/RelatedData:98
+msgid "User Data"
+msgstr ""
+#: etc/initialdata:101 etc/initialdata:219
+msgid "User Defined"
+msgstr "Benutzerdefiniert"
+#: share/html/Admin/Scrips/Elements/EditCustomCode:48
+msgid "User Defined conditions and results"
+msgstr "Benutzerdefinierte Bedingungen und Ergebnisse"
+#: lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm:4058
+msgid "User Groups"
+msgstr "Benutzergruppen"
+#: share/html/User/Elements/Portlets/ExtraInfo:48
+msgid "User Information"
+msgstr "Benutzerinformationen"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:1162 share/html/Elements/Tabs:250 share/html/Elements/Tabs:358 share/html/Elements/Tabs:403 share/html/Elements/Tabs:419 share/html/Elements/Tabs:532
+msgid "User Rights"
+msgstr "Benutzerrechte"
+#: share/html/User/Search.html:48
+msgid "User Search"
+msgstr "Benutzersuche"
+#: share/html/Asset/Elements/ShowRoleMembers:62 share/html/Elements/Tabs:385
+msgid "User Summary"
+msgstr "Benutzer Übersicht"
+#: share/html/User/Elements/RelatedData:99
+msgid "User Tickets"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/User/Elements/RelatedData:100
+msgid "User Transactions"
+msgstr ""
+#. ($cf->Name, ref $args{'Object'},                    $args{'Object'}->id)
+#: lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm:3353
+msgid "User asked for an unknown update type for custom field %1 for %2 object #%3"
+msgstr "Benutzer hat einen unbekannten Aktualisierungstyp für das benutzerdefinierte Feld %1 bei %2-Objekt #%3 verlangt"
+#. ($msg)
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/Modify.html:288
+msgid "User could not be created: %1"
+msgstr "Benutzer konnte nicht angelegt werden: %1"
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:257
+msgid "User created"
+msgstr "Benutzer angelegt"
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:1387
+msgid "User disabled"
+msgstr "Benutzer deaktiviert"
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:1389
+msgid "User enabled"
+msgstr "Benutzer aktiviert"
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/Keys.html:56
+msgid "User has empty email address"
+msgstr "Benutzer hat eine leere E-Mail-Adresse"
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:640 lib/RT/User.pm:648 lib/RT/User.pm:660
+msgid "User loaded"
+msgstr "Benutzer geladen"
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:384
+msgid "User successfully anonymized"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/Admin/Groups/index.html:151
+msgid "User-defined groups"
+msgstr "Benutzerdefinierte Gruppe"
+#. ($User->Format)
+#: share/html/User/Summary.html:48
+msgid "User: %1"
+msgstr "Benutzer: %1"
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/Modify.html:67 share/html/Elements/Login:70 share/html/Ticket/Elements/AddWatchers:58 share/html/m/_elements/login:69
+msgid "Username"
+msgstr "Benutzername"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:196
+msgid "Username format"
+msgstr "Format der Benutzernamen"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:2046 lib/RT/CustomField.pm:216 lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm:4116 share/html/Admin/Global/CustomFields/index.html:66 share/html/Admin/Groups/Members.html:73 share/html/Admin/Queues/People.html:91 share/html/Elements/Tabs:164 share/html/Elements/Tabs:305 share/html/Elements/Tabs:626 share/html/Elements/Tabs:67 share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowBasics:86
+msgid "Users"
+msgstr "Benutzer"
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/index.html:125
+msgid "Users matching search criteria"
+msgstr "Auf diese Kriterien zutreffende Benutzer"
+#. ($txn->id)
+#: bin/rt-crontool:165
+msgid "Using transaction #%1..."
+msgstr "Benutze Transaktion #%1..."
+#: lib/RT/Tickets.pm:3245
+msgid "Valid Query"
+msgstr "Gültige Suche"
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomFields/Modify.html:128
+msgid "Validation"
+msgstr "Validierung"
+#: share/html/Admin/Articles/Classes/Modify.html:109 share/html/Admin/Tools/Configuration.html:114 share/html/Admin/Tools/Configuration.html:223 share/html/Admin/Tools/Configuration.html:311 share/html/Admin/Tools/Configuration.html:62
+msgid "Value"
+msgstr "Wert"
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomFields/Modify.html:191 share/html/Admin/Elements/EditCustomField:81
+msgid "Values"
+msgstr "Werte"
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Configuration.html:113 share/html/Admin/Tools/Configuration.html:310
+msgid "Variable"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Configuration.html:249 share/html/Admin/Tools/Configuration.html:265
+msgid "Version"
+msgstr ""
+#: lib/RT/Queue.pm:113
+msgid "View Scrip templates"
+msgstr "Scrip-Templates sehen"
+#: lib/RT/Queue.pm:116
+msgid "View Scrips"
+msgstr "Scrips sehen"
+#: lib/RT/Catalog.pm:86 lib/RT/Class.pm:91 lib/RT/Queue.pm:108
+msgid "View custom field values"
+msgstr "Werte von benutzerdefinierten Feldern sehen"
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:226
+msgid "View custom fields"
+msgstr "Benutzerdefinierte Felder sehen"
+#: lib/RT/Queue.pm:120
+msgid "View exact outgoing email messages and their recipients"
+msgstr "Rohform der ausgehenden E-Mails mit ihren Empfängern anzeigen"
+#: lib/RT/Group.pm:94
+msgid "View group"
+msgstr "Zeige Gruppe"
+#: lib/RT/Group.pm:95
+msgid "View group dashboards"
+msgstr "Gruppen-Dashboards sehen"
+#: share/html/Elements/ShortcutHelp:98
+msgid "View highlighted ticket"
+msgstr "Hervorgehobenes Ticket ansehen"
+#: lib/RT/Dashboard.pm:85
+msgid "View personal dashboards"
+msgstr "Eigene Dashboards sehen"
+#: lib/RT/Queue.pm:103
+msgid "View queue"
+msgstr "Zeige Bereich"
+#: lib/RT/Group.pm:93
+msgid "View saved searches"
+msgstr "Zeige gespeicherte Suchen"
+#: lib/RT/Dashboard.pm:80
+msgid "View system dashboards"
+msgstr "System-Dashboards sehen"
+#: lib/RT/Queue.pm:119
+msgid "View ticket private commentary"
+msgstr "Vertrauliche Ticket Kommentare sehen"
+#: lib/RT/Queue.pm:118
+msgid "View ticket summaries"
+msgstr "Zeige Ticket Übersicht"
+#: lib/RT/Date.pm:118
+msgid "W3CDTF"
+msgstr ""
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/Search.html:196
+msgid "WARNING: Saving search to user-level privacy"
+msgstr "Warnung: Speichere Suche in Benutzer Privatsphäre"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:313
+msgid "WYSIWYG composer height"
+msgstr "Höhe des WYSIWYG-Editors"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:295
+msgid "WYSIWYG message composer"
+msgstr "WYSIWYG-Editor für Nachrichtentext"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:304
+msgid "WYSIWYG use browser right-click menu"
+msgstr "Für WYSIWYG nutzen Sie das Rechtsklick-Menü des Browsers"
+#: share/html/Elements/CryptStatus:187
+msgid "Warning! This is NOT signed!"
+msgstr "Warnung! Dies ist NICHT signiert!"
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Subscription.html:367
+msgid "Warning: This dashboard has no recipients"
+msgstr "Warnung: Dieses Dashboard hat keine Empfänger."
+#: share/html/Ticket/Elements/EditMerge:49
+msgid "Warning: merging is a non-reversible action! Enter a single ticket number to be merged into."
+msgstr "Vorsicht: Die Vereinigung kann nicht rückgängig gemacht werden! Nummer des Tickets, dem dieses hinzugefügt werden soll."
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:88 lib/RT/Tickets.pm:149
+msgid "Watcher"
+msgstr "Beobachter"
+#: lib/RT/Tickets.pm:167
+msgid "WatcherGroup"
+msgstr "Beobachter Gruppe"
+#: share/html/Elements/Tabs:340
+msgid "Watchers"
+msgstr "Beobachter"
+#: share/html/Install/DatabaseDetails.html:64
+msgid "We are able to find your database and connect as the DBA.  You can click on 'Customize Basics' to continue customizing RT."
+msgstr "Wir sind in der Lage, Ihre Datenbank zu finden und uns als DBA zu verbinden. Sie können auf 'Grundlagen anpassen' klicken, um mit der Anpassung von RT fortzufahren."
+#: lib/RT/CustomField.pm:2151
+msgid "We can't currently render as a List when basing categories on another custom field.  Please use another render type."
+msgstr "Wir können aktuell nicht als Liste anzeigen wenn Kategorien auf ein anderes Benutzerdefiniertes Felde basiert. Bitte benutze einen andere Anzeigetyp."
+#: share/html/Install/DatabaseDetails.html:55
+msgid "We need to know the name of the database RT will use and where to find it.  We also need to know the username and password of the user RT should use. RT can create the database and user for you, which is why we ask for the username and password of a user with DBA privileges.  During step 6 of the installation process we will use this information to create and initialize RT's database."
+msgstr "Wir müssen den Namen der Datenbank wissen, die RT verwenden wird, und wo wir sie finden. Wir müssen auch den Benutzernamen und das Passwort des Benutzers kennen, den RT verwenden soll. RT kann die Datenbank und den Benutzer für Sie anlegen, weshalb wir nach dem Benutzernamen und dem Passwort eines Benutzers mit DBA-Rechten fragen. Während Schritt 6 des Installationsprozesses werden wir diese Informationen verwenden, um die RT-Datenbank zu erstellen und zu initialisieren."
+#: lib/RT/Installer.pm:216
+msgid "Web port"
+msgstr "Web Port"
+#: lib/RT/Date.pm:109
+msgid "Wed"
+msgstr "Mi"
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Subscription.html:113
+msgid "Wednesday"
+msgstr "Mittwoch"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:146
+msgid "WeekOfYear"
+msgstr "Kalenderwoche"
+#: lib/RT/Dashboard/Mailer.pm:416
+msgid "Weekly"
+msgstr "Wöchentlich"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:630
+msgid "Weekly digest"
+msgstr "Wöchentliche Übersicht"
+#: share/html/Install/index.html:48
+msgid "Welcome to RT!"
+msgstr "Willkommen im RT"
+#: share/html/Tools/MyDay.html:76
+msgid "What I did today"
+msgstr "Was ich heute gemacht habe"
+#: share/html/Install/index.html:67
+msgid "What is RT?"
+msgstr "Was ist RT?"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:516
+msgid "What tickets to display in the \"More about requestor\" box"
+msgstr "Welche Tickets in der \"Mehr über die Auftraggeber\" Box angezeigt werden sollen"
+#: lib/RT/Installer.pm:160
+msgid "When RT can't handle an email message, where should it be forwarded?"
+msgstr "Wenn RT eine E-Mail nicht bearbeiten kann, wohin soll sie weitergeleitet werden?"
+#: share/html/Install/Global.html:54
+msgid "When RT sends an email it sets the From: and Reply-To: headers so users can add to the conversation by just hitting Reply in their mail client.  It uses different addresses for Replies and Comments.  These can be changed for each of your queues.  These addresses will need to be configured to use the <tt>rt-mailgate</tt> program."
+msgstr "Wenn RT eine E-Mail sendet, setzt es die Kopfzeilen From: und Reply-To:, so dass Benutzer dem Gespräch hinzufügen können, indem sie einfach auf Reply in ihrem Mail-Client klicken. Es verwendet verschiedene Adressen für Antworten und Kommentare. Diese können für jede Ihrer Warteschlangen geändert werden. Diese Adressen müssen konfiguriert werden, um das Programm <tt>rt-mailgate</tt> zu verwenden."
+#: etc/initialdata:248 etc/upgrade/4.3.9/content:7
+msgid "When TimeWorked Change"
+msgstr "Wenn sich TimeWorked ändert"
+#: etc/initialdata:132
+msgid "When a ticket is created"
+msgstr "Wenn einTicket erstellt wurde"
+#: lib/RT/Approval/Rule/NewPending.pm:54
+msgid "When an approval ticket is created, notify the Owner and AdminCc of the item awaiting their approval"
+msgstr "Benachrichtige den Besitzer und den AdminCc wenn eine von ihnen freizugebendes Ticket erstellt wurde"
+#: etc/initialdata:137
+msgid "When anything happens"
+msgstr "Wenn irgendetwas passiert"
+#: share/html/Admin/Articles/Classes/Modify.html:85
+msgid "When inserting articles in this class into emails:"
+msgstr "Wenn Artikel in dieser Klasse in E-Mails eingefügt werden:"
+#: share/html/Install/DatabaseDetails.html:58
+msgid "When you click on 'Check Database Connectivity' there may be a small delay while RT tries to connect to your database"
+msgstr "Beim Klick auf \"Datenbankverbindung prüfen\" kann es zu einer kurzen Wartezeit kommen während RT eine Verbindung zu ihrer Datenbank herstellt."
+#: etc/initialdata:227 etc/upgrade/3.7.1/content:6
+msgid "Whenever a ticket is closed"
+msgstr "Immer wenn ein Ticket geschlossen wird"
+#: etc/initialdata:157 etc/upgrade/4.0.3/content:15
+msgid "Whenever a ticket is forwarded"
+msgstr "Immer, wenn ein Ticket weitergeleitet wird"
+#: etc/initialdata:213 etc/upgrade/3.8.3/content:6
+msgid "Whenever a ticket is rejected"
+msgstr "Immer wenn ein Ticket abgewiesen wird"
+#: etc/initialdata:232 etc/upgrade/3.7.1/content:11
+msgid "Whenever a ticket is reopened"
+msgstr "Immer wenn einTicket wieder geöffnet wird"
+#: etc/initialdata:206
+msgid "Whenever a ticket is resolved"
+msgstr "Immer wenn einTicket erledigt wird"
+#: etc/initialdata:150 etc/upgrade/4.0.3/content:8
+msgid "Whenever a ticket or transaction is forwarded"
+msgstr "Immer, wenn ein Ticket oder eine Transaktion weitergeleitet wird"
+#: etc/initialdata:192
+msgid "Whenever a ticket's owner changes"
+msgstr "Immer wenn der Besitzer eines Ticket wechselt"
+#: etc/initialdata:185 etc/upgrade/3.1.17/content:19
+msgid "Whenever a ticket's priority changes"
+msgstr "Immer wenn sich die Priorität eines Ticket ändert"
+#: etc/initialdata:200
+msgid "Whenever a ticket's queue changes"
+msgstr "Immer wenn ein Ticket den Bereich wechselt"
+#: etc/initialdata:177
+msgid "Whenever a ticket's status changes"
+msgstr "Immer wenn sich der Status eines Ticket ändert"
+#: etc/initialdata:164 etc/upgrade/4.0.3/content:22
+msgid "Whenever a transaction is forwarded"
+msgstr "Immer, wenn eine Transaktion weitergeleitet wird"
+#: etc/initialdata:220
+msgid "Whenever a user-defined condition occurs"
+msgstr "Immer wenn eine benutzerdefinierte Bedingung auftritt"
+#: etc/initialdata:171
+msgid "Whenever comments come in"
+msgstr "Immer wenn ein neuer Kommentar eingeht"
+#: etc/initialdata:143
+msgid "Whenever correspondence comes in"
+msgstr "Immer wenn neue Korrespondenz eingeht"
+#: lib/RT/Installer.pm:182
+msgid "Where to find your sendmail binary."
+msgstr "Wo befindet sich Dein sendmail"
+#: share/html/Search/Chart.html:184
+msgid "Width"
+msgstr "Breite"
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Shredder/Elements/SelectObjects:63
+msgid "Wipeout"
+msgstr "rauslöschen"
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/Modify.html:189 share/html/Prefs/Elements/EditAboutMe:86 share/html/Prefs/Elements/ShowAboutMe:92
+msgid "Work"
+msgstr "Arbeit"
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__User/ColumnMap:86
+msgid "Work Phone"
+msgstr "Arbeit"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowBasics:73 share/html/Tools/MyDay.html:62 share/html/m/ticket/reply:81 share/html/m/ticket/show:230
+msgid "Worked"
+msgstr "Gearbeitet"
+#. (sprintf("%.2f", $duration / 60), $duration)
+#. (sprintf("%.2f", $minutes / 60), $minutes)
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1279 share/html/Helpers/AddTimeWorked:90
+msgid "Worked %quant(%1,hour,hours) (%quant(%2,minute,minutes))"
+msgstr "%quant(%1,Stunde,Stunden) (%quant(%2,Minute,Minuten)) gearbeitet"
+#. ($duration)
+#. ($minutes)
+#. (0)
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1277 share/html/Helpers/AddTimeWorked:64 share/html/Helpers/AddTimeWorked:87
+msgid "Worked %quant(%1,minute,minutes)"
+msgstr "%quant(%1,Minute,Minuten) gearbeitet"
+#: lib/RT/Report/Tickets.pm:146
+msgid "Year"
+msgstr "Jahr"
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__Template/ColumnMap:78 share/html/Widgets/Form/Boolean:78
+msgid "Yes"
+msgstr "Ja"
+#. ($ARGS{User})
+#: share/html/Errors/WebRemoteUser/NoInternalUser:49
+msgid "You (%1) are not authorized to use RT."
+msgstr "Sie (%1) sind nicht berechtigt RT zu verwenden."
+#. ($edit, $subscription)
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Render.html:96
+msgid "You <a href=\"%1\">may edit this dashboard</a> and <a href=\"%2\">your subscription</a> to it in RT."
+msgstr "Sie können <a href=\"%1\">dieses Dashboard</a> und <a href=\"%2\">Ihr Abonnement</a> dazu im RT bearbeiten."
+#: lib/RT/Ticket.pm:2344 lib/RT/Ticket.pm:2417
+msgid "You already own this ticket"
+msgstr "Sie sind bereits Besitzer dieses Ticket"
+#: share/html/Elements/Crypt/KeyIssues:64
+msgid "You are going to encrypt outgoing email messages, but there are problems with recipients' public keys/certificates. You have to fix the problems with the keys/certificates, disable sending a message to the recipients with problems, or disable encryption."
+msgstr "Sie wollen ausgehende E-Mail Nachrichten verschlüsseln aber es gibt Probleme mit den öffentlichen Schlüsseln/Zertifikaten der Empfänger. Sie müssen das Problem mit den Schlüsseln/Zertifikaten lösen, das senden einer Nachricht an den Empfänger mit den Problemen deaktivieren oder die Verschlüsselung deaktivieren."
+#: share/html/Elements/Crypt/KeyIssues:62
+msgid "You are going to encrypt outgoing email messages, but there is a problem with a recipient's public key/certificate. You have to fix the problem with the key/certificate, disable sending a message to that recipient, or disable encryption."
+msgstr "Sie wollen ausgehende E-Mail Nachrichten verschlüsseln aber es gibt Probleme mit dem öffentlichen Schlüssel/Zertifikat des Empfänger. Sie müssen das Problem mit dem Schlüssel/Zertifikat lösen, das senden einer Nachricht an diesen Empfänger deaktivieren oder die Verschlüsselung deaktivieren."
+#: share/html/Errors/WebRemoteUser/NoRemoteUser:49
+msgid "You are not authorized to use RT."
+msgstr "Sie sind nicht berechtigt RT zu verwenden"
+#. (RT->Config->Get('WebPath') ."/$DisplayPath/Display.html?id=". $Ticket->id. "#txn-".$txn->id, RT->Config->Get('WebPath') ."/$DisplayPath/Display.html?id=". $Ticket->id ."&MarkAsSeen=1&Anchor=txn-" . $txn->id)
+#: share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowUpdateStatus:54
+msgid "You can <a href=\"%1\">jump to the first unread message</a> or <a href=\"%2\">jump to the first unread message and mark all messages as seen</a>."
+msgstr "Springe zur <a href=\"%1\"> ungelesenen Nachricht</a> oder springe zur <a href=\"%2\"> ungelesenen Nachricht und markiere alle Nachrichten als gelesen</a>."
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Theme.html:86
+msgid "You can also click on the logo above to get colors!"
+msgstr "Sie können auch auf das Logo oben klicken um die Farben zu bekommen!"
+#: share/html/Prefs/Search.html:54
+msgid "You can also edit the predefined search itself"
+msgstr "Du kannst die vordefinierte Suche auch selbst editieren"
+#: share/html/Admin/Scrips/Objects.html:110
+msgid "You can change template if needed"
+msgstr "Sie können die Vorlage ändern wenn nötig"
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/ExtractFromTicket.html:59
+msgid "You can insert ticket content into any freeform, text or wiki field."
+msgstr "Sie können Ticket Inhalt in jedem Freiform, Text oder Wiki Feld einfügen."
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:1036
+msgid "You can not set password."
+msgstr "Du kannst kein Passwort setzen"
+#: lib/RT/Ticket.pm:2336
+msgid "You can only reassign tickets that you own or that are unowned"
+msgstr "Sie können nur eigene oder Tickets ohne Besitzer zuweisen"
+#: lib/RT/Ticket.pm:2288
+msgid "You can only steal a ticket owned by someone else"
+msgstr "Sie können nur ein Ticket stehlen bei dem jemand anderes der Besitzer ist."
+#: lib/RT/Ticket.pm:2332
+msgid "You can only take tickets that are unowned"
+msgstr "Sie können nur Tickets übernehmen die keinen Besitzer haben"
+#. ($fulltext_keyword)
+#: share/html/Search/Simple.html:71
+msgid "You can search for any word in full ticket history by typing <b>%1<i>word</i></b>."
+msgstr "Sie können nach jedem Wort im vollständigen Ticket-Verlauf suchen, indem Sie <b>%1<i>word</i></b> eintippen."
+#. ($self->loc($old), $self->loc($new))
+#: lib/RT/Record/Role/Status.pm:167
+msgid "You can't change status from '%1' to '%2'."
+msgstr "Sie dürfen den Status nicht von '%1' nach '%2' ändern."
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Shredder/Elements/Error/NoRights:50
+msgid "You don't have <b>SuperUser</b> right."
+msgstr "Sie haben keine b>SuperUser</b> Rechte."
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/PreCreate.html:54
+msgid "You don't have permission to create Articles in any Class"
+msgstr "Keine Berechtigung Artikel in irgendeiner Klasse zu erstellen."
+#. ($catalog->Name || $catalog->id)
+#: share/html/Asset/Create.html:119
+msgid "You don't have permission to create assets in catalog %1."
+msgstr "Sie haben keine Berechtigung, Anlagen im Katalog %1 anzulegen."
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/Search.html:58
+msgid "You don't have permission to view Articles in any Class"
+msgstr "Keine Berechtigung Artikel in irgendeiner Klasse zu sehen."
+#: lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm:4150
+msgid "You don't have permission to view this asset."
+msgstr "Sie haben keine Berechtigung, diese Anlage anzuzeigen."
+#: lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm:4134
+msgid "You don't have permission to view this catalog."
+msgstr "Sie haben keine Berechtigung, diesen Katalog anzuzeigen."
+#. ('SLA', '%ServiceAgreements', 'docs/customizing/sla.pod')
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/Modify.html:240
+msgid "You enabled %1 but %2 hasn't been configured in RT_SiteConfig.pm, please check '%3' for more help"
+msgstr "Sie haben %1 aktiviert, aber %2 wurde nicht in RT_SiteConfig.pm konfiguriert, bitte überprüfen Sie'%3' für weitere Hilfe."
+#: share/html/NoAuth/Logout.html:55
+msgid "You have been logged out of RT."
+msgstr "Sie wurden von RT abgemeldet."
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/Modify.html:153
+msgid "You have enabled encryption support but have not set a comment address for this queue."
+msgstr "Sie haben Verschlüsselung aktiviert aber nicht eine Kommentar Adresse für diesen Bereich eingestellt."
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/Modify.html:143
+msgid "You have enabled encryption support but have not set a correspondence address for this queue."
+msgstr "Sie haben Verschlüsselung aktiviert aber nicht eine Antwort Adresse für diesen Bereich eingestellt."
+#: share/html/SelfService/Display.html:114
+msgid "You have no permission to create tickets in that queue."
+msgstr "Sie haben keine Berechtigung Tickets in diesem Bereich zu erstellen."
+#: share/html/Elements/AddLinks:63
+msgid "You may enter links to Articles as \"a:###\", where ### represents the number of the Article."
+msgstr "Links zu Artikel können Sie mit \"a:###\" hinzufügen, wobei ### für die Nummer des Artikels steht"
+#: share/html/Install/Basics.html:85
+msgid "You must enter an Administrative password"
+msgstr "Sie müssen ein Administrator Password eingeben"
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/EditActions:80
+msgid "You must have ShowScrips/ModifyScrips rights to work with actions."
+msgstr "Sie müssen über die Rechte ShowScrips/ModifyScrips verfügen, um mit Aktionen arbeiten zu können"
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/EditConditions:80
+msgid "You must have ShowScrips/ModifyScrips rights to work with conditions."
+msgstr "Sie müssen über die Rechte ShowScrips/ModifyScrips verfügen, um mit Bedingungen arbeiten zu können."
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Queries.html:65
+msgid "You must set StatementLog to true to enable this query history page."
+msgstr "Sie müssen StatementLog auf wahr setzen um diese Abfrage Verlauf Seite zu aktivieren."
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/Modify.html:154
+msgid "You must set a comment address for this queue in order to configure a private key."
+msgstr "Sie müssen eine Kommentar Adresse für diesen Bereich festlegen um einen privaten Schlüssel zu konfigurieren."
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/Modify.html:144
+msgid "You must set a correspondence address for this queue in order to configure a private key."
+msgstr "Sie müssen eine Antwort Adresse für diesen Bereich festlegen um einen privaten Schlüssel zu konfigurieren."
+#. ('<tt>root</tt>')
+#: share/html/Install/Finish.html:56
+msgid "You should be taken directly to a login page. You'll be able to log in with username of %1 and the password you set earlier."
+msgstr "Sie werden nun zur Anmeldeseite weitergeleitet. Hier können Sie sich mit ihrem Benutzernamen für %1 und dem zuvor von ihnen festgelegten Passwort anmelden."
+#: share/html/Install/DatabaseType.html:55
+msgid "You should choose the database you or your local database administrator is most comfortable with."
+msgstr "Sie sollten eine Datenbank wählen mit der Sie oder Ihr Datenbank-Administrator bestens vertraut ist."
+#: share/html/Errors/WebRemoteUser/Deauthorized:49
+msgid "You were logged out of RT by your authentication system.  This may be a temporary hiccup, in which case refreshing this page may help."
+msgstr "Sei wurden vom Authentifizierungsystemaus aus dem RT ausgeloggt . Das ist vielleicht nur ein vorübergehende Schluckauf wobei in diesem Fall ein aktualisieren der Seite vielleicht hilft."
+#. (loc("Let's go!"))
+#: share/html/Install/index.html:79
+msgid "You're seeing this screen because you started up an RT server without a working database. Most likely, this is the first time you're running RT.  If you click \"%1\" below, RT will guide you through setting up your RT server and database."
+msgstr "Sie sehen diesen Bildschirm, weil Sie einen RT-Server ohne funktionierende Datenbank gestartet haben. Höchstwahrscheinlich ist dies das erste Mal, dass Sie RT ausführen. Wenn Sie unten auf \"%1\" klicken, führt Sie RT durch die Einrichtung Ihres RT-Servers und Ihrer Datenbank."
+#: share/html/NoAuth/Logout.html:59
+msgid "You're welcome to login again"
+msgstr "Sie können sich gerne wieder anmelden"
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:1280
+msgid "Your password is not set."
+msgstr "Sie haben kein Passwort gesetzt."
+#. ($valid_image_types)
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Theme.html:65
+msgid "Your system supports automatic color suggestions for: %1"
+msgstr "Ihr System unterstützt automatische Farbvorschläge für: %1"
+#: lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm:829
+msgid "Your username or password is incorrect"
+msgstr "Ihr Benutzername oder Passwort ist falsch"
+#: share/html/Admin/Users/Modify.html:166 share/html/Elements/RT__User/ColumnMap:121 share/html/Prefs/Elements/EditAboutMe:149 share/html/Prefs/Elements/ShowAboutMe:131
+msgid "Zip"
+msgstr "PLZ"
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__CustomField/ColumnMap:163
+msgid "[Down]"
+msgstr "[runter]"
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__CustomField/ColumnMap:160
+msgid "[Up]"
+msgstr "[hoch]"
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1337
+msgid "[a hidden catalog]"
+msgstr "[ein versteckter Katalog]"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/EditSort:61
+msgid "[none]"
+msgstr "[keine]"
+#: share/html/Elements/JavascriptConfig:68
+msgid "\\b(re)?attach"
+msgstr ""
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:1003
+msgid "a custom field"
+msgstr "ein benutzerdefiniertes Feld"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowRequestorTicketsActive:48
+msgid "active"
+msgstr "aktiv"
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/ShowSearchCriteria:100 share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/ShowSearchCriteria:108 share/html/Elements/SelectDateRelation:59
+msgid "after"
+msgstr "nach dem"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:484
+msgid "after clicking a link"
+msgstr "nachdem ein Link angeklick wurde"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:483
+msgid "after the rest of the page loads"
+msgstr "nachdem der Rest der Seite geladen wurde"
+#: etc/RT_Config.pm:3509
+msgid "allocated"
+msgstr "zugeordnet"
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/ShowSearchCriteria:102 share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/ShowSearchCriteria:111
+msgid "and before"
+msgstr "und vor dem"
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/ShowSearchCriteria:59 share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/ShowSearchCriteria:64 share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/ShowSearchCriteria:68 share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/ShowSearchCriteria:74 share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/ShowSearchCriteria:86
+msgid "and not"
+msgstr "und nicht"
+#: share/html/Search/Chart.html:148 share/html/Search/Chart.html:156 share/html/Search/Chart.html:171 share/html/Search/Chart.html:174
+msgid "and then"
+msgstr "und dann"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:486
+msgid "as you scroll"
+msgstr "während Sie scrollen"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/SelectChartType:54
+msgid "bar"
+msgstr "Balken"
+#: share/html/Elements/SelectDateRelation:57
+msgid "before"
+msgstr "vor dem"
+#: etc/initialdata:886 share/html/Admin/Global/MyRT.html:86
+msgid "body"
+msgstr "Hauptteil"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Graphs/Elements/EditGraphProperties:54
+msgid "bottom to top"
+msgstr "unten nach oben"
+#: share/html/Admin/Articles/Classes/Objects.html:63
+msgid "check this box to apply this Class globally to all Queues."
+msgstr "Markieren Sie diese Box um diese Klasse global allen Bereichen zuzuordnen"
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomFields/Objects.html:64
+msgid "check this box to apply this Custom Field to all objects."
+msgstr "Markieren Sie diese Box, um das benutzerdefinierte Feld an alle Objekte zu binden."
+#: share/html/Admin/Scrips/Objects.html:72
+msgid "check this box to apply this scrip to all objects."
+msgstr "Markieren Sie diese Box um dieses Skrip allen Objekten zuzuordnen"
+#: share/html/Admin/Articles/Classes/Objects.html:58
+msgid "check this box to remove this Class globally and be able to choose specific Queues."
+msgstr "Markieren Sie diese Box um diese Klasse global zu entfernen und in der Lage zu sein bestimmte Bereiche auszuwählen."
+#: share/html/Admin/CustomFields/Objects.html:59
+msgid "check this box to remove this Custom Field from all objects and be able to choose specific objects."
+msgstr "markiere diese Box um das benutzerdefinierte Feld von allen Objekten zu entfernen, danach können spezifische Objekte ausgewählt werden"
+#: share/html/Admin/Scrips/Objects.html:60
+msgid "check this box to remove this scrip from all objects and be able to choose specific objects."
+msgstr "Markieren Sie diese Box um dieses Skrip von allen Objekten zu entfernen und in der Lage zu sein bestimmte Objekte auszuwählen."
+#: share/html/Ticket/Elements/UpdateCc:61 share/html/Ticket/Elements/UpdateCc:90
+msgid "check to add"
+msgstr "Auswählen zum Hinzufügen"
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Shredder/Elements/SelectObjects:57
+msgid "click to check/uncheck all objects at once"
+msgstr "Klicken zum markieren/demarkieren aller Objekte auf einmal"
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Configuration.html:83
+msgid "core config"
+msgstr "Core Einstellung"
+#: lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm:1678 lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm:1687
+msgid "create a ticket"
+msgstr "Ticket erstellen"
+#. ($hour)
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__Dashboard/ColumnMap:96
+msgid "daily at %1"
+msgstr "täglich um %1"
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Subscription.html:97
+msgid "daily, on"
+msgstr "täglich, am"
+#: lib/RT/Dashboard.pm:97
+msgid "dashboard"
+msgstr "Dashboard"
+#: share/html/Prefs/DashboardsInMenu.html:74
+msgid "dashboards in menu"
+msgstr "Dashboards im Menü"
+#: etc/RT_Config.pm:3464 etc/RT_Config.pm:3515
+msgid "deleted"
+msgstr "gelöscht"
+#: share/html/Elements/SelectCustomFieldOperator:61 share/html/Elements/SelectMatch:58 share/html/Search/Elements/PickBasics:74
+msgid "doesn't match"
+msgstr "enthält nicht"
+#: share/html/Ticket/ShowEmailRecord.html:69
+msgid "download"
+msgstr "herunterladen"
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Queries.html:91
+msgid "duration"
+msgstr "Dauer"
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:770
+msgid "email delivery suspended"
+msgstr "E-Mail Zustellung ausgesetzt"
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:762
+msgid "email disabled for ticket"
+msgstr "E-Mail deaktiviert für Ticket"
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:271
+msgid "empty name"
+msgstr "Leerer Name"
+#: share/html/Elements/SelectEqualityOperator:61
+msgid "equal to"
+msgstr "gleich"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/EditQuery:93
+msgid "error: can't move down"
+msgstr "Fehler: Kann nicht hinunter verschieben"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/EditQuery:110 share/html/Search/Elements/EditQuery:116
+msgid "error: can't move left"
+msgstr "Fehler: Kann nicht nach links verschieben"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/EditQuery:92
+msgid "error: can't move up"
+msgstr "Fehler: Kann nicht hinauf verschieben"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/EditQuery:188
+msgid "error: nothing to delete"
+msgstr "Fehler: Nichts zu löschen"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/EditQuery:102 share/html/Search/Elements/EditQuery:129 share/html/Search/Elements/EditQuery:150
+msgid "error: nothing to move"
+msgstr "Fehler: Nichts zu verschieben"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/EditQuery:208
+msgid "error: nothing to toggle"
+msgstr "Fehler: Nichts zum Umschalten"
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Subscription.html:119
+msgid "every"
+msgstr "alle"
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Shredder/index.html:169
+msgid "executed plugin successfuly"
+msgstr "Plugin erfolgreich ausgeführt"
+#: share/html/Helpers/PreviewScrips:129 share/html/Helpers/ShowSimplifiedRecipients:130
+msgid "explicit one-time Bcc"
+msgstr "explizit einmalig Bcc"
+#: share/html/Helpers/PreviewScrips:126 share/html/Helpers/ShowSimplifiedRecipients:128
+msgid "explicit one-time Cc"
+msgstr "explizit einmalig Cc"
+#: lib/RT/Crypt/GnuPG.pm:1797
+msgid "full"
+msgstr "voll"
+#: share/html/Elements/SelectCustomFieldOperator:61 share/html/Elements/SelectEqualityOperator:61 share/html/Elements/SelectIPRelation:61
+msgid "greater than"
+msgstr "größer als"
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/EditRights:61
+msgid "group"
+msgstr "Gruppe"
+#. ($principal->Object->Name)
+#: lib/RT/Transaction.pm:856
+msgid "group %1"
+msgstr "Gruppe %1"
+#. ($self->Name)
+#: lib/RT/Group.pm:116
+msgid "group '%1'"
+msgstr "Gruppe '%1'"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Elements/UpdateCc:146
+msgid "hide suggestions"
+msgstr "verdecke Empfehlungen"
+#: lib/RT/Date.pm:121 share/html/Elements/Tabs:1007
+msgid "iCal"
+msgstr ""
+#: lib/RT/Tickets.pm:115 share/html/Admin/Tools/Shredder/Elements/Object/RT--Attachment:53 share/html/Admin/Tools/Shredder/Elements/Object/RT--Ticket:52 share/html/Admin/Tools/Shredder/Elements/Object/RT--User:52 share/html/Search/Elements/BuildFormatString:102 share/html/Search/Elements/PickBasics:56
+msgid "id"
+msgstr "ID"
+#: lib/RT/Config.pm:485
+msgid "immediately"
+msgstr "sofort"
+#. ($Class->Name)
+#. ($class->Name)
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/PreCreate.html:59 share/html/Articles/Article/Search.html:62
+msgid "in class %1"
+msgstr "in Klasse %1"
+#: etc/RT_Config.pm:3510
+msgid "in-use"
+msgstr "in Gebrauch"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowRequestorTicketsInactive:48
+msgid "inactive"
+msgstr "Inaktiv"
+#. ($inc)
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/EditRights:246
+msgid "includes %1"
+msgstr "beinhaltet %1"
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Queries.html:90
+msgid "index"
+msgstr "Index"
+#. ($due)
+#: lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm:3087
+msgid "invalid due date: %1"
+msgstr "Ungültiges Fällig Datum: %1"
+#: share/html/Elements/SelectBoolean:55 share/html/Elements/SelectCustomFieldOperator:61 share/html/Elements/SelectIPRelation:61 share/html/Elements/SelectMatch:59 share/html/Search/Elements/PickBasics:167 share/html/Search/Elements/PickCFs:82
+msgid "is"
+msgstr "ist"
+#: share/html/Elements/SelectBoolean:59 share/html/Elements/SelectCustomFieldOperator:61 share/html/Elements/SelectIPRelation:61 share/html/Elements/SelectMatch:60 share/html/Search/Elements/PickCFs:83
+msgid "isn't"
+msgstr "ist nicht"
+#: lib/RT/Crypt/GnuPG.pm:1753
+msgid "key disabled"
+msgstr "Schlüssel deaktiviert"
+#: lib/RT/Crypt/GnuPG.pm:1764
+msgid "key expired"
+msgstr "Schlüssel abgelaufen"
+#: lib/RT/Crypt/GnuPG.pm:1759
+msgid "key revoked"
+msgstr "Schlüssel widerrufen"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Graphs/Elements/EditGraphProperties:52
+msgid "left to right"
+msgstr "links nach rechts"
+#: share/html/Elements/SelectCustomFieldOperator:61 share/html/Elements/SelectEqualityOperator:61 share/html/Elements/SelectIPRelation:61
+msgid "less than"
+msgstr "kleiner als"
+#: lib/RT/Crypt/GnuPG.pm:1792
+msgid "marginal"
+msgstr "geringfügig"
+#: share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/ShowSearchCriteria:64 share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/ShowSearchCriteria:68 share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/ShowSearchCriteria:74 share/html/Articles/Article/Elements/ShowSearchCriteria:79 share/html/Elements/SelectCustomFieldOperator:61 share/html/Elements/SelectMatch:57 share/html/Search/Elements/PickBasics:73
+msgid "matches"
+msgstr "enthält"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Graphs/Elements/EditGraphProperties:64
+msgid "maximum depth"
+msgstr "maximale Tiefe"
+#: share/html/Tools/MyDay.html:62
+msgid "minutes"
+msgstr "Minuten"
+#: lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm:1680
+msgid "modify RT's configuration"
+msgstr "Konfiguration von RT ändern"
+#: lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm:1683
+msgid "modify a dashboard"
+msgstr "Dashboard bearbeiten"
+#: lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm:1686
+msgid "modify or access a search"
+msgstr "Gespeicherte Suche bearbeiten oder laden"
+#: lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm:1685
+msgid "modify your preferences"
+msgstr "Eigene Einstellungen bearbeiten"
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Subscription.html:131
+msgid "monthly"
+msgstr "monatlich"
+#. ($Subscription->SubValue('Dom'), $hour)
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__Dashboard/ColumnMap:93
+msgid "monthly (day %1) at %2"
+msgstr "monatlich (%1. Tag) um %2"
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/ShowKeyInfo:72 share/html/Admin/Elements/ShowKeyInfo:75 share/html/Admin/Elements/ShowKeyInfo:82 share/html/Admin/Elements/ShowKeyInfo:83 share/html/Dashboards/Subscription.html:141
+msgid "never"
+msgstr "niemals"
+#: etc/RT_Config.pm:3462 etc/RT_Config.pm:3506
+msgid "new"
+msgstr "neu"
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__Group/ColumnMap:60 share/html/Elements/RT__Group/ColumnMap:68 share/html/Elements/RT__Queue/ColumnMap:93 share/html/Elements/RT__Queue/ColumnMap:97
+msgid "no"
+msgstr "nein"
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:760
+msgid "no email address set"
+msgstr "keine E-Mail Adresse gesetzt"
+#: lib/RT/Crypt/GnuPG.pm:1769 share/html/Admin/Elements/EditQueueWatchers:50 share/html/Dashboards/Subscription.html:73 share/html/Ticket/Elements/EditWatchers:51
+msgid "none"
+msgstr "keine"
+#: share/html/Asset/Elements/AssetSearchBasics:62 share/html/Asset/Elements/AssetSearchBasics:66 share/html/Asset/Elements/AssetSearchBasics:79 share/html/Asset/Elements/AssetSearchCFs:63 share/html/Asset/Elements/AssetSearchPeople:57 share/html/Asset/Elements/AssetSearchPeople:75
+msgid "not"
+msgstr "nicht"
+#: share/html/Elements/SelectEqualityOperator:61
+msgid "not equal to"
+msgstr "ungleich"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Graphs/Elements/EditGraphProperties:84
+msgid "nothing"
+msgstr "nichts"
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Shredder/index.html:157
+msgid "objects were successfuly removed"
+msgstr "Objekte wurden erfolgreich entfernt"
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Subscription.html:109 share/html/Elements/SelectDateRelation:58
+msgid "on"
+msgstr "am"
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Subscription.html:131
+msgid "on day"
+msgstr "an Tag"
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__CustomField/ColumnMap:81
+msgid "one"
+msgstr "ein"
+#: etc/RT_Config.pm:3463 share/html/SelfService/Elements/MyRequests:75
+msgid "open"
+msgstr "offen"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Graphs/Elements/EditGraphProperties:155
+msgid "open/close"
+msgstr "Öffnen/Schliessen"
+#: share/html/Widgets/Form/Select:79
+msgid "other..."
+msgstr "andere..."
+#: share/html/Elements/CSRF:75 share/html/Elements/LoginRedirectWarning:57
+msgid "perform actions"
+msgstr "Aktionen ausführt"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/SelectChartType:55
+msgid "pie"
+msgstr "Torte"
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Shredder/index.html:177
+msgid "plugin returned empty list"
+msgstr "Plugin lieferte eine leere Liste zurück"
+#: share/html/Search/Chart.html:184 share/html/Search/Chart.html:188
+msgid "px"
+msgstr ""
+#. ($queue->Name, $self->Name)
+#: lib/RT/Group.pm:124
+msgid "queue %1 %2"
+msgstr "Bereich %1 %2"
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:766
+msgid "receives daily digests"
+msgstr "erhält tägliche Übersicht"
+#: lib/RT/User.pm:768
+msgid "receives weekly digests"
+msgstr "erhält wöchentliche Übersicht"
+#: etc/RT_Config.pm:3513
+msgid "recycled"
+msgstr "wiederverwertet"
+#: etc/RT_Config.pm:3464
+msgid "rejected"
+msgstr "abgewiesen"
+#: share/html/Admin/Queues/DefaultValues.html:67
+msgid "requires running rt-crontool"
+msgstr "erfordert laufendes rt-crontool"
+#: etc/RT_Config.pm:3464
+msgid "resolved"
+msgstr "erledigt"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Graphs/Elements/EditGraphProperties:55
+msgid "right to left"
+msgstr "rechts nach links"
+#: lib/RT/SavedSearch.pm:80
+msgid "search"
+msgstr "Suchen"
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Shredder/index.html:179
+msgid "see object list below"
+msgstr "Siehe nachstehende Objektliste"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Elements/UpdateCc:145 share/html/Ticket/Elements/UpdateCc:57 share/html/Ticket/Elements/UpdateCc:86
+msgid "show suggestions"
+msgstr "Vorschläge anzeigen"
+#: etc/initialdata:905 share/html/Admin/Global/MyRT.html:87
+msgid "sidebar"
+msgstr "Seitenleiste"
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Configuration.html:80
+msgid "site config"
+msgstr "Site-Einstellungen"
+#: etc/RT_Config.pm:3463
+msgid "stalled"
+msgstr "zurückgestellt"
+#: share/html/Admin/Tools/Queries.html:92
+msgid "statement"
+msgstr "Aussage"
+#: etc/RT_Config.pm:3514
+msgid "stolen"
+msgstr "gestohlen"
+#: share/html/Prefs/MyRT.html:86
+msgid "summary rows"
+msgstr "Zusammenfassungszeile"
+#. ($self->Name)
+#: lib/RT/Group.pm:119
+msgid "system %1"
+msgstr "System %1"
+#. ($self->Name)
+#: lib/RT/Group.pm:135
+msgid "system group '%1'"
+msgstr "Systemgruppe '%1'"
+#: share/html/Search/Elements/SelectChartType:56
+msgid "table"
+msgstr "Tabelle"
+#: lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm:1590
+msgid "the Referrer header supplied by your browser (%1) is not allowed by RT's configured hostname (%2)"
+msgstr "Der \"Referrer-Header\", der durch Ihren Browser (%1) angegeben wurde, ist aufgrund des angegebenen RT Hostnamens (%2) nicht erlaubt."
+#: lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm:1583
+msgid "the Referrer header supplied by your browser (%1) is not allowed by RT's configured hostname (%2) or whitelisted hosts (%3)"
+msgstr "Der \"Referrer-Header\", der durch Ihren Browser (%1) angegeben wurde, ist aufgrund des angegebenen RT Hostnamens (%2) nicht erlaubt und auch nicht als Whitelisted-Host gelistet (%3)."
+#: share/html/Elements/Error:70
+msgid "the calling component did not specify why"
+msgstr "die aufrufende Komponente gab nicht an warum"
+#: lib/RT/Installer.pm:168
+msgid "the default addresses that will be listed in From: and Reply-To: headers of comment mail."
+msgstr "Die Standard-Adressen die in From: und Reply-To: Kopfzeilen von Kommentar-E-Mails eingetragen werden."
+#: lib/RT/Installer.pm:176
+msgid "the default addresses that will be listed in From: and Reply-To: headers of correspondence mail."
+msgstr "Die Standard-Adressen die in From: und Reply-To: Kopfzeilen von Antwort-E-Mails eingetragen werden."
+#. ($self->Instance, $self->Name)
+#: lib/RT/Group.pm:127
+msgid "ticket #%1 %2"
+msgstr "Ticket #%1 %2"
+#: share/html/Ticket/Graphs/Elements/EditGraphProperties:51
+msgid "top to bottom"
+msgstr "oben nach unten"
+#: lib/RT/Crypt/GnuPG.pm:1802
+msgid "ultimate"
+msgstr "ultimativ"
+#. ($self->Id)
+#: lib/RT/Group.pm:138
+msgid "undescribed group %1"
+msgstr "unbeschriebene Gruppe %1"
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__CustomField/ColumnMap:81
+msgid "unlimited"
+msgstr "unlimitiert"
+#: lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm:1679 lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm:1684 lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm:1688
+msgid "update a ticket"
+msgstr "Ticket aktualisieren"
+#: lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm:1681
+msgid "update an approval"
+msgstr "Freigabe aktualisieren"
+#: lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm:1682
+msgid "update an article"
+msgstr "Artikel aktualisieren"
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/EditRights:64
+msgid "user"
+msgstr "Benutzer"
+#. ($user->Object->Name)
+#: lib/RT/Group.pm:113
+msgid "user %1"
+msgstr "Benutzer %1"
+#: share/html/Admin/Elements/EditRights:218
+msgid "username"
+msgstr "Benutzername"
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Subscription.html:109
+msgid "weekly"
+msgstr "wöchentlich"
+#. (loc($day), $hour)
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__Dashboard/ColumnMap:90
+msgid "weekly (on %1) at %2"
+msgstr "wöchentlich (am %1) um %2"
+#: share/html/Dashboards/Subscription.html:125
+msgid "weeks"
+msgstr "Wochen"
+#. ("<strong>$consequence</strong>")
+#: share/html/Elements/LoginRedirectWarning:64
+msgid "which may %1 on your behalf."
+msgstr "was %1 in ihrem Namen."
+#: lib/RT/Installer.pm:217
+msgid "which port your web server will listen to, e.g. 8080"
+msgstr "Der Port des Webserver, z.B. 8080"
+#: share/html/Elements/ShowTransactionAttachments:73
+msgid "with headers"
+msgstr "mit Kopfzeilen"
+#: share/html/Elements/RT__Group/ColumnMap:60 share/html/Elements/RT__Group/ColumnMap:68 share/html/Elements/RT__Queue/ColumnMap:93 share/html/Elements/RT__Queue/ColumnMap:97
+msgid "yes"
+msgstr "ja"
+#: lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm:1575
+msgid "your browser did not supply a Referrer header"
+msgstr "Ihr Browser unterstützt keinen \"Referrer-Header\""


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