[Rt-commit] rt branch, 5.0/fix-old-attach-layout, created. rt-5.0.1-12-gb4eb56f696

Blaine Motsinger blaine at bestpractical.com
Fri Feb 12 20:31:11 EST 2021

The branch, 5.0/fix-old-attach-layout has been created
        at  b4eb56f69629064d97e20a5a17600d0831d075d1 (commit)

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
commit b4eb56f69629064d97e20a5a17600d0831d075d1
Author: Blaine Motsinger <blaine at bestpractical.com>
Date:   Fri Feb 12 19:28:46 2021 -0600

    Fix AddAttachment inputs for old-attach layout
    This commit restores a missing hidden input and moves the submit
    input outside of the label.

diff --git a/share/html/Ticket/Elements/AddAttachments b/share/html/Ticket/Elements/AddAttachments
index 352ca15ec3..4fa22f815a 100644
--- a/share/html/Ticket/Elements/AddAttachments
+++ b/share/html/Ticket/Elements/AddAttachments
@@ -164,9 +164,9 @@ jQuery( function() {
         <div class="hidden old-attach">
           <div class="custom-file">
             <input type="file" id="Attach" name="Attach" class="custom-file-input" />
-            <label class="custom-file-label" for="Attach">
-              <input type="submit" class="button" name="AddMoreAttach" value="<&|/l&>Add More Files</&>" />
-            </label>
+            <label class="custom-file-label" for="Attach"></label>
+            <input type="submit" class="button btn btn-primary form-control" name="AddMoreAttach" value="<&|/l&>Add More Files</&>" />
+            <input type="hidden" class="hidden" name="UpdateAttach" value="1" />


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