[rt-devel] Re: Localization

Tobias Brox tobiasb at tobiasb.funcom.com
Tue Apr 4 04:51:52 EDT 2000

> 	* Allowing the mail templates to be localized to whatever
> 	  language you want. exactly as they are now.

We should also have a "Language" field in the database.

This is what I find most important when it comes to l10n, because it is
the "external requestors", and not our support workers that needs
translations.  At least in our case, the email traffic is all the external
requestors will see ... at least as for now.

> 	* Using Locale::PGetText to localize the core, cli AND
> 	  web uis. Note that this would mean that _each user_ could
> 	  choose to use RT in whatever language they are most comfortable
> 	  working in.

Well, I haven't tried this, but according to the freeciv-devel
mailinglist, there are certain problems with gettext.  You never get all
those kasuses and endings right.  I.e., in a context like "4 tickets
shown" and "1 ticket shown", it's common to separate singularis and
pluralis, but that's not enough - after what I've heard languages like
Polish also have dualis, etc ... meaning the ending would be different for
1, 2, 4 and 46.

In other examples, some languages needs completely different adjustments
the original author didn't think of.  In examples like "This request is 
owned by you" vs "This request is owned by Jesse", there might be changes
in the rest of the sentence in different languages.

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