[rt-devel] Rt and Oracle

Aryeh "Cody" Sherr asherr at cs.unm.edu
Wed Apr 12 12:06:23 EDT 2000

Oracle supports auto increment with triggers. It also has support for
character and large objects both, at least in 8 and 8i. I don't know about


On Wed, 12 Apr 2000, Dylan Vanderhoof wrote:

>I can't speak for Oracle, but I know that DB2 has support for the BLOB type,
>althought it akes fairly excessive use of binds.  I'll have to de some
>research for that.
>Also, I have a trigger for DB2 that will likely work with Oracle as well
>with some tweaking to emulate MySQL's AUTO_INCREMENT column variable.
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>> Other issues that need to be dealt with is the fact that the Attachments
>> table uses MySQL's blob support which may or may not be easily portable. 
>Another issue is the primary keys.  MySQL has "autoincrement" which means
>that a NULL value might be issued for the primary key, and MySQL will find
>the number itself and return it.  Different engines do have different ways
>of handling this, as well as different ways of returning the number.
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