[rt-devel] DBI information

Dylan Vanderhoof DylanV at semaphore.com
Wed Apr 12 19:29:24 EDT 2000

Hello All,
	I just started to take a look at the new rt files, and have some
interesting issues that will need to be dealt with if we're going to port to
Oracle/DB2/other enterprise DBs.  Looking at the schema.mysql file, it looks
like we shouldn't have a problem making a similar file for the other DBs.
MY question is, how abstract is the RT DBI code itself?  I was looking at
the files in lib/rt/database, and while it's close to being able to work
with these DBs, there is one real important thing missing off the bat.
	MySQL doesn't require the schema to be in there (As a matter of
fact, I think it all falles under a 'mysql.' schema) but the larger DBs do.
Is that something that there is a planned workaround for, or will we need to
re-write the lib files as well?
	The only other thing I can see, and I don't know how Oracle handles
this, is that DB2 will puke if you attempt to call a CHAR or VARCHAR column
without enclosing the values in 's.  Likewise, INT and similar numeric
columns will puke if you DO enclose them with anything.  If I recall
correctly, MySQL has no such restraints.  
	I'll keep searching through it and see what else I can see.

Dylan C. Vanderhoof
Internal Software Developer
Semaphore Corporation

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