[rt-devel] Remote linking

Tobias Brox tobiasb at tobiasb.funcom.com
Tue Apr 25 09:38:44 EDT 2000

> Interesting. I'm actually hoping to have a better inter-instance communication
> story at some point in the future. But the auto-linking could be quite cool.

...we don't need it right now right here, but it would be übercool, and
from time to time I see activity from users that it might already be   
needed.  It's important to think about how it should be done already, so
we won't find ourselves banging the head against the wall (or needing to
redesign the whole idea about "links") when we (or somebody) suddently
need to implement it.  So, I don't think we should priority this for 2.0,
but we should absolutely supply a hacker guide about how we thought it
could be implemented for 2.0.

> what links were you thinking of?

...when RT gets a mail that actually originates from another RT instance,
a "RefersTo" link is automagically set.  With a lot of luck and right
access permissions, a webuser watching one ticket at instance A can just
follow this link, and continue tracking the issue at the remote RT

ATOH, maybe some kind of "Merge" is better suited when two RT instances
keep sending mail to each other on the same ticket (which will have two
different ticket IDs).

When somebody makes a link into another instance, there should be links
both ways (BASE points to TARGET at both BASE and TARGET RT instance) -
and RT should launch an email to set up the remote link.

> Hrm. If it became instancedomain/instancename then DNS srv records could
> be used for glue. I don't think that would suck too badly

Hmm ... correct me if I'm wrong; the srv records is some old stuff that is
ment to be something of the same as the mx record, just more general - a
genious idea but unfortunately almost nobody knows about this record, and
absolutely nobody uses it.

I like the idea about using it, ATOH it might be confusing to those who
doen't know the record and/or don't have access to a DNS.

Tobias Brox 
aka TobiX
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