[rt-devel] Admin: posting to list now restricted to members

Jesse jesse at fsck.com
Wed Dec 6 17:21:39 EST 2000

Since some members of the community don't seem to understand
proper nettiquite,  posting to rt-users and rt-devel has
now been restricted to list members.  If this isn't sufficient
to stem the tide of "Test" messages, we'll try a period of
list moderation.


jesse reed vincent -- root at eruditorum.org -- jesse at fsck.com 
70EBAC90: 2A07 FC22 7DB4 42C1 9D71 0108 41A3 3FB3 70EB AC90

Linux is like a Vorlon.  It is incredibly powerful, gives terse,
cryptic answers and has a lot of things going on in the background.

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