[rt-devel] announcement tickets

Daniel W Lowe rt at dan.ukshells.co.uk
Mon Dec 18 11:52:35 EST 2000

Everyone is always eager to see things added to rt for their own use, I know
I did back when we started using it.  However, I've made a modification,
very crude, which I think may have some mileage in the rt project.

We're a server hosting (colo) provider with the requirement to keep a
mailing list and announce maintenance, potential upstream disruption, that
kind of thing to the customer base.  We have a majordomo running with
customer announce lists, again very common.  When we make these announcement
mails at the moment we send out a regular email to the address, which is not

It would be nice to be able to create a ticket, requestor as the mal alias
to the list, and then the ticket and it's updates go to the customers.  This
works with rt as is, but there is one fairly major problem.  If a customer
replies to the ticket, and as they are not the requestor, the reply gets
sent out to the requestor, which is the list.  Therein lies the problem as
you can probably see!

Our solution is to create a specific queue for these requests, modify the
code to check the queue and not to forward incoming mail to the requestor if
it's in that queue.  This is probably a fairly straightforward modification
to the rt application for v2 if such functionality does not already exist.

I hope that's of some use.



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