[rt-devel] Daily use of WebRT, requests

Christopher LeFay christopherlefay at telepak.net
Wed Dec 20 10:30:58 EST 2000

Thank you,

WebRT is a great device- one that I use every day.   If you are continuing to develop and support WebRT, there are some very minor features that I would like to see incorporated.

First, my compatriots and I usually view the queue in a smaller font than the individual tickets.    This is because one scans the queue for pertinent information.    Side scrolling to see all columns is tedious and time consuming- ergo, reducing the font size is necessary.   However, when a ticket is opened, the font size and type is nearly illegible at the necessary size used in the queue.    This could be avoided by permanently reducing or enlarging one or the other (or incorporating the ability to make those decision by the administrator).

Second (and Last), combined screen filters for the queue and/or a user cookie associated with such would cut out another repetitive task.   When we look at the queue, we want to be able to quickly identify tickets that we are responsible for... so we filter by user.   We also need to have up-to-date information, so we set the queue to update at a set increment.   Unfortunately, this overrides the previous filter.   To avoid overriding the filter, it must be applied after the command to update.   All well and good.   However, if one were to view a ticket - then return to the queue - any filtering or settings would be discarded, requiring the user to re-enter them.   A cookie (or such) that would retain these settings would be of great help.

Thank you for you consideration, and for an excellent utility.

Take care,

Christopher LeFay
Technical Support Rep.
support at telepak.net

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